Left Coast Chuck; A Tribute I think you’ll want to read

A Tribute…

….republished today to remind us how some of our blogging friends today are special to us and how important good memories are:

Front Page Magazine is where I started getting interested in politics while living in Paris, France. The internet was a great way to stay in touch with America and internet politics most captured my attention. Politics hadn’t really interested me before, I’d always figured we had a great country and would always have a great country. Today, I know we have a great country…….to save.

9/11 happened while I lived in Paris. Over night, I went from pleasantly coasting through Politics 101 to a crash course (you should pardon the expression) in Advanced Politics with a double major in Islamofascism.  9/11 drew me with more interest to FPM and to where I met a lot of great people. This is how I got to know a fellow with the screen name of Left Coast Chuck.

Chuck was a mild mannered gentleman who told me how much he liked my comments and often responded to them, as I did to his. He was a staunch conservative, free market, America-loving, wonderfully sweet man of faith; nothing worn on his sleeve, but you felt it. He had values which echoed those of our forefathers; he was a flag waving, gun totin’ patriot. He and I had a nice cozy situation with another great conservative commenter, Lorena Meadows. The three of us hit it off and posted to each other a lot.

Then, one day, Lorena wrote me asking if I’d seen any postings from Chuck and I told her I hadn’t. I reminded her that, months before, he’d said he was very ill. She reminded me then that he’d come back recently, after a week off, saying he’d been taken ill again. So, we worried. But, there was a country to save and there are probably 15 posters (Imp being one of them) I enjoyed and bantered with on a regular basis. Life went on at FPM, but I would occasionally scan the screen names for Left Coast Chuck and wouldn’t see him.

One day, I got this post from the screen name “Left Coast kid”.

“To ZinLA and Lorena Meadows, Left Coast Chuck was my dad, and as you know he has been ill recently. My dad had asked me to tell you if anything were to happen to him, and unfortunately I have to tell you that he has passed away, on Nov. 4. unexpectedly. We were told that he would have up to 2 years left so we were not prepared for this. Forgive me for waiting to notify you, but things have been very difficult with dealing with this through his birthday NOV. 19 and the holidays. He considered you his friends and admired you, and I would like to thank you for all your kindness, and prayers, and friendship you showed him. It meant more than you know! He was a great man, my hero, and I miss him more than words can say. Thank you again, Jamie”

I have an FPM file I’ve kept over the years of kind, crazy, or otherwise meaningful comments I’ve had written to me. There are only about twenty, but they’re important to me. This one certainly is.

We’d never met, never spoken on the telephone, but Chuck couldn’t leave without Lorena and me knowing that he’d not be coming back. A man who was a stranger for all intents and purposes wanted to thank us for our friendship. This man with such great values and such kindness imposed it upon his child to tell his closest pals at FPM he was gone and wouldn’t be coming back. He didn’t want us to worry.

I was very fond of Left Coast Chuck. I’ll never forget him. It’s fine to write about politics, get upset about what’s going on, hate the Left, call Islam for what it is, complain, whine and rant and rave; this is fun and keeps the heart pumping, but it didn’t work for Chuck. And no comment I get (save for some of the many I got when Mr. Z died) will top his kid Jamie’s. Not because he told us his dad had died, but that his dad had wanted him to tell us goodbye and thanks. He wanted us to know why we wouldn’t hear from him again.

I still think of Left Coast Chuck, and I remind myself that it’s men like him who made this country great and it’s men like him for whom we have to save it. Get busy. For my friend, Mr. Left Coast Chuck.  (end of 2008 tribute.)

Z TODAY:  So, that was posted because I’d thought of doing so, and because my dear commenter/buddy Bob suggested this yesterday:  “I hope the week and month pass by with just good memories for you. In the end that’s all we really have of one another.”

Bob wrote this because I’d mentioned some personal things about Mr. Z in my comments section yesterday, but it was how good memories are all we really have of one another which struck me as so important and so wise.   Left Coast Chuck’s memory, though I never met him, and never spoke to him, will never leave me…nor will his kindness in telling his son not to let me have to keep wondering about him……..he was gone.

I just found the comment from “”Left Coast KID,” as Jamie called himself,  in my computer files and see it was dated 2005, so Chuck’s been gone 11 years!   I also saw a comment from Imp from about that time, so I’ve known him for about that long!


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17 Responses to Left Coast Chuck; A Tribute I think you’ll want to read

  1. I sense, but do not know, the loss my step-mom feels at the loss of her husband, my dad, who has been gone several years now.
    The same with my older sister who lost my brother-in-law suddenly last year.
    I feel ill-prepared to offer any condolences or comments on your sense of loss.
    Just know that you are in our prayers.


  2. Silverfiddle says:

    I echo Ed’s wise comment, since that is what I am feeling but could not have put it as well has he did.


  3. Sparky says:

    Such a sweet post. How sad to lose such a dear Patriot. The world is a sadder place. Wish I had known him too but at least we can through you. Deepest sympathies to you and his family. May the pain of separation lighten and the wounds heal with the passing of time.
    It’s so hard to say goodbye to the one’s we love. Our friends are closer than family in most cases. I know y’all here are to me. That’s why it’s so important to know Christ as our Saviour. He takes some of sting out the goodbyes because when we believe in Him, we know that this world is temporary but He is forever. Someday we’ll all say that temporary ‘goodbye’ to each other and leave this veil of tears but in Christ we’ll meet again on ‘the other side’ and never have to part again. What a glorious day that will be!
    Hope you have a blessed day Z.


  4. Z,
    I can relate!

    Over the years of my blogging, I lost one friend whose loss still haunts me: Alexander Münch. Do you remember him? He sometimes commented at my blog.

    Alex was a friend! When Mr. AOW was in the nursing home in the fall of 2009, Alex phoned me by appointment on my cell phone all the way from Israel. In broken English, Alex offered great words of encouragement to Mr. AOW.

    Alex passed away in 2012 on what would have been my parents’ 62nd anniversary. I still had Alex’s cell phone number and phoned his twin sons Amnon and Jonathan to offer condolences and to chat for a brief time. We had memories to share!

    We can make great friends on the web! Friends whom we hold forever in our hearts. I hate it when any of those friends pass away.

    BTW, The Merry Widow arrives here on November 14 to help me. I bought her a one-way ticket because I have no idea as to how long my recovery period will be after ureteral repair (or kidney removal). She is coming here several days in advance of my scheduled surgery. Thank God!


  5. Kid says:

    Like a pet can love you regardless if you’re handsome, pretty, or ugly,​ fat, skinny, or covered with barnacles, an internet friend can love you too just because of who you are. I’m sure you’ll never run out of those kinds of friends Z.


  6. geeez2014 says:

    Oh, but my point was that we get to know people through blogging in ways that are deeper than one would think!
    I am not grieving anymore! Left Coast Chuck died in 2005, and this post of mine was originally published in 2008~

    Thank you for all your lovely comments….I do appreciate your kindnesses, but I also want us all to think about how people we never met in person, never even spoke to, can affect our lives….

    AOW, I do remember that name…how kind of him to have called. I must have missed the information that you are going to have the kidney removed. I know TMW will be an amazing help! Hug her from me!
    AOW, you were there then, at FPM….didn’t we have great conversations? WHen they changed their commenting page format, it all CHANGED 😦


  7. geeez2014 says:

    I’m going to add something to the Tribute to make sure people see my point here…


  8. Silverfiddle says:

    Z: I can’t speak for others, but I had in mind the anniversary of your husband’s passing and your upcoming wedding anniversary. As Ed said so well, all I can do is offer you support and say you are in my thoughts and prayers. I do know from other family members that you never “get over” such a loss.


  9. Bob says:

    That’s a great story, Z. I almost feel like I knew the man. My wife and I are remembering 13 years ago this Oct 27 when our son died. As the years pass, the memories keep getting sweeter as they should. I know you feel that about Mr Z who I would have loved to have known, and feel the same way about Left Coast Chuck.

    Off Topic: I watched a good bit of Donald Trump’s West Palm Beach speech this morning, and am wondering where this Donald Trump was in the beginning of the campaign. Sure, his speech was all about calling out the Corrupt Clintons, or the Criminal Clintons, on their shenanigans. It was a very good speech delivered with the aid of a teleprompter. If he keeps this up he might have a chance.

    Last night on the way to the grocery store I radio-surfed onto a local Christian station and paused while listening to a sermon. The message to me was that no matter what happens our lives are in God’s hands. Maybe this belief is what going to our God and our guns is all about to liberals. Guess I need to get a couple of guns, too, Having said that, I have decided to take an attitude that God is in charge, but we still need to hold ourselves accountable for this election. We must exert all the influence we can for the outcome we wish, and we should do it prayerfully.


  10. geeez2014 says:

    I only mentioned in passing Mr. Z, but thanks for the very nice sentiments…

    I really hope all of us remember that it’s our blogging friends who are providing us good memories, friendships, connections, that we’d have never had were it not for our blogs….Left Coast Chuck was a perfect example…
    And how Imp and AOW are something like 12 year friends of mine…maybe a bit longer; I can’t remember if I blogged on FrontPageMag in Paris or not, but I think that’s where I started!?



  11. I see where I misread your point to some degree, but I won’t recant my statement 🙂
    i’ve become invested to some degree in relationships online with many people I’ve never met, and some I’ve made it a point to meet (I’m looking at you Mr. and Mrs. AOW and OldNFO).
    I probably have more stimulating conversation here, at my blog, AOW, Western Hero and a few others than in “meatspace”. It’s a broader exposure.
    Sometimes people drop off (like the colonel) and some drop dead, and that’s that.
    Chuck left instructions and that in itself speaks volumes of his concern.


  12. geeez2014 says:

    Ed “recant”? I appreciated your comment, but I badly want people to know this was about Left Coast Chuck and blogging…and how personal relationships can get. And how lovely that is. Not about me and my loss of Mr. Z…but I loved what you wrote…just wanted to be clear..
    Nobody can take away from the pain of MY loss, or those you listed, or the sweetness of the AOW’s, or YOUR relationship, for that matter!


  13. Imp says:

    A fine tribute…I remember him well … as I do Lorena and another that I so sorely miss….you know her too. I look forward to 15 more years as your friend too Ms. Z….If I can last that long…LOL


  14. geeez2014 says:

    Imp, ya, I miss her, too…..she can’t be well or she’d have contacted me; it worries me.
    I saw a date in an fpm comment of when you weren’t feeling well and it’s been a good amount of years! that’s encouraging…
    And I hope we’re friends for MANY more years, too!


  15. Imp says:

    Thanks…finally found a good, responsible and caring Doc. Keeps me ticking!


  16. Z,
    I wasn’t there at FPM very much. I couldn’t figure out the format for commenting. Remember, I was a real newbie in 2005.

    I may not have to have my kidney removed because it seems to be functioning well as compared to back in June. The decision will be made shortly.


  17. Ed,
    It was wonderful meeting you and Scherie. A few months later, my health wouldn’t have permitted me to do so.


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