Patriotism or Self Enrichment?

THIS is the kind of thing that’s going to bring us down.  I know we’ve had spies for years, but how can we survive such vital secrets getting out?   This man clearly puts himself before his country’s safety.

TSA workers….think they’re all loyal to America and can’t be paid off?  This is why El Al in Israel does so well…they’re all patriotic Israelis, they have the guts to truly vet the employees, not just hire because bodies are needed. How’s a country stay safe?

Voter fraud….that’s probably happened since voting began in America and all other countries (unless it can’t happen there, as it can’t happen in Germany because of their methodology).   Who doesn’t think there’ll be some fraud during this election?   I’ve personally seen voter fraud and I’ve personally heard about it from first-hand observers. How does a country stay a democracy?

How does a country get back love and appreciation and protection from its people?




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52 Responses to Patriotism or Self Enrichment?

  1. Kid says:

    bill clinton sold missle technology to the Chinese while in the white house. And how much did China pay bubba for throwing the doors open to Chinese goods ? I’d say we are not very secure. Even if someone doesn’t sell it to someone, they’ll hack in and get it.

    How does the country get back. I’d say it’s going ot have to hit rock bottom first. We will take another exponential leapfrog slide down if clinton gets in.


  2. When we hang traitors, we might see less treason.


  3. geeez2014 says:

    Oh, Ed….that is so true….obviously, we don’t ‘hang’ anymore, but at least to NAIL THEM, to EXPOSE IT and have the media TELL THE TRUTH when stories are revealed! Fire them, throw them in PRISON….you are so right.
    A bigger problem is that our Left doesn’t understand treason….to us, it’s treason to work against the country, to them it’s okay for Hillary to do all she’s done and we only get obfuscation.
    Right now, the Left’s busy ‘reminding’ America that it’s only “optics” that make Hillary look bad in all she’s done with foreign countries and money…because she wasn’t Sec of State during much of it…BUT FOX is, at least, reminding them she had declared herself for the presidency.

    Kid…I agree with you about the exponential leapfrog slide……and the Left walks happily to the gangplank on the muddy and murky pond.


  4. John M. Berger says:

    ” I’d says it’s going ot have to hit rock bottom first. We will take another exponential leapfrog slide down if clinton gets in.”
    Well, if we haven’t yet reached “rock bottom” I shudder to think what “rock bottom” will be like. Another thing: “if clinton gets in” her myriad of scandals will NOT magically disappear. I can see the same type of strife that we saw in Nixon’s econd term, albeit his transgressions paled beside hers. I believe that a HRC Presidency will be anything but smooth!


  5. geeez2014 says:

    JMB, anything but smooth…particularly on US.
    Kid…ya, that’s the Left jumping into the Clinton Hole.

    EVERYBODY: I like to watch the Al Smith dinner every year and Trump disappointed me AGAIN….he didn’t realize it’s supposed to be a friendly thing, self-deprecating, funny night…..he acted like the debate again. “She hates Catholics!” (with Cardinal Dolan and many other Catholics there..”She is CORRUPT!” First time booing every happened at an Al Smith dinner….her lefty buddies were in full swing and Trump deserved it…that’s not the night to go ugly. But, she was bad, too. Kind of a metaphor, really…there IS no dignity or class or appropriate behavior anymore in this election…in America, frankly. Sad.


  6. Kid says:

    JMB, I would envision rock bottom as hainvg totally unmanageable debt and social security and entitlement obligations, a shredded constitution, especially in regard to the Bill of RIghts, a completely failed health care system, such that in England, they have a goal of gettiong patients into a hospital within 18 weeks (A Goal mind you- excludes emergencies), people dying on waiting lists all over the country like in Canada (They might be a little better now), the moslem vermin getting to critical mass and massive raping and terrorism going on like over in the EU countries, a totally useless media and a population of people without the slightest clue of what to do about it because they haven’t been educated and don’t have the slightest idea of what America is even supposed to be. Kind of like Lord of The Flies. Got a way to go I’d say. I could see it coming to pass in say 20 years.


  7. John M. Berger says:

    “JMB, I would envision rock bottom …………………………………………………………………..”

    Yes, that’s certainly the trajectory that we are on-AAAAAHHHHHH!!!!


  8. Baysider says:

    What is Germany’s voting methodology?


  9. Kid says:

    There is some 3rd world country where when you vote you stick your finger into some indelible red ink that takes a while to wear off. Finger red, no more voting for you.
    If you don’t have any fingers I guess you put your hand in. No hand, arm, no arms, then nose, no nose, then hell you can vote as much as you want.


  10. geeez2014 says:

    Baysider, in Germany they vote on a Saturday so there’s not a problem with people working far from where they live and voting near work (“Just sign the provisional ballot book!” which NEVER gets looked at according to our friend Wendy, who knows), then possibly voting again when they do make it to their neighborhood.
    And they use their ID card, vote, and that’s IT. That card cannot ‘vote’ again. Done.

    Kid, sounds like that 3rd world country’s better than ours!


  11. geeez2014 says:

    Get a load of THIS ‘load’…..Trump’s father, the Left’s finally found, was arrested for having been in a Klan riot trying to prevent a Catholic governor in NY!! I’m wondering if any of them know Robert Byrd was a recruiter for the Klan before coming to HIS senses? I’ve never heard a bit of condemnation for that, have you?
    SO, the Daily Beast suggests that Trump ‘disgraced’ the Al Smith dinner because his father hated Catholics, so he must.
    The fun NEVER STOPS on the Left, does it…the basta***s


  12. geeez2014 says:

    Another thing the Leftist media will NOT COVER…..oh, except to suggest that “There are too many investigations, and people are getting weary of this…” and “Cruz is a zealot and it’s ridiculous to believe there’s anything to this story..ridiculous! Not true!” (Oh, OK) (not)


  13. geeez2014 says:

    When you guys go to Western Hero, do you see a place where Comments are welcomed? I have NADA..??


  14. geeez2014 says:

    Oh, the IRONY!
    Michelle Obama accuses Trump… “When a presidential candidate threatens to ignore our voices and reject the outcome of this election, he is threatening the very idea of America itself,”

    WHO is ‘threatening the very idea of America itself?” TRUMP or HER HUSBAND?
    MY GOSH!!


  15. Silverlady says:

    Ed, I’ll donate the rope!


  16. Mal says:

    What I’m afraid of is the “rock bottom” we hit may be too deep to ever get out! As for voter fraud, it can be corrected by voting via SSN online. That way, no double voting or going to different precincts, etc. With the computer age, this should be a snap to accomplish, and at a fraction of the cost of our present system. But it would have to be implemented by the GOP ’cause the Left certainly won’t want it.


  17. geeez2014 says:

    I am discovering I can’t comment at Western Hero or Adrienne’s Corner and the only thing I think they have in common is DISQUS, which I am set up for…..I’m not even seeing the COMMENTS opportunity…nothing there.

    ANybody know how to solve this?


  18. Kid says:

    Possible workaround. See if you can paste this address into your browser and see if it will take you there.


  19. Kid says:

    Or just click on link, (duh)


  20. geeez2014 says:

    Ya, I did that…and I DID see “COMMENTS”…what’s that about? I even went thru my Chrome AND FireFox and coudln’t get in.

    What did you do, and how can I do that, Kid? Thanks!! XX


  21. geeez2014 says:

    BUMMER, Kid…when I DO click on COMMENTS, it won’t download! GEEEEZ!


  22. Kid says:

    I don’t have a permenent fix. Did a search – variety of problems people ask about but nothing so specific to your problem that I’d pass along.

    I went there, clicked on comments and copied and pasted the link here, thinking you could click on it and get into the comments for that last post.

    I guess I could keep doing that for each new post you want to comment on for a nominal fee 😉

    Well, I’ve been to Adrienne’s, couldn’t see the comment link, went back later and it was there, so don’t know. Hope it clears up.


  23. Kid says:

    Oh, so that link Doesn’t take you to her comment section ? That’s all it is supposed to do. nothing to download.


  24. Bob says:

    Hey, guys. Voter fraud is an American tradition, at least in the Democrat Party. Who could ever forget Lynden B Johnson’s first election for the US Senate in Texas? LBJ won by 87 votes when he should have been down 20,000. This is not a myth.

    Then, there’s the John F Kennedy win in 1960 against Richard Nixon. Say what you will about Nixon, I think Tricky Dick was a better person that JFK or any in his family, and you will never convince me that the election in Illinois was not rigged. In Chicago they bury their evidence, and then vote them in elections.

    With all this rich history, it never ceases to amaze me that the Democrats get away with several kinds of voter fraud. In the last several elections the Missouri Democrats have gone to Federal Judges on election day to keep the polls open longer to get their vote in and counted. Of course this always happens in the black ghettos of the poor in St Louis where there’s always the danger that some black person did not remember that it was election day.

    When the Democrats call for voter fraud against Republicans, or in battle ground states, the Feds always believe the Dems, and investigate the Republicans. When the New Black Panthers take up intimidating positions around a poll in Philadelphia, the Feds don’t see any problem.

    The deck is stacked against the good guys. The Democrats may not have invented voter fraud, but they have written the book on it as witnessed by the recent video releases of Hillary’s bad boy dirty tricks team.


  25. Sparky says:

    What Ed said about hanging them. Totally agree! I don’t think we’ll ever be ‘safe’ again but I’m a gloomy gus tonight.
    And then we have this East coast Internet service attacks ‘coming in waves . When we catch them, hang ’em HIGH!


  26. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, by ‘download’, I meant OPEN the Comments section, read them, comment. When I clicked on your link at least I DID see “4 COMMENTS” but that was as far as I could get.
    I’ll keep trying if you say you had a time you couldn’t see it, either. The fact that she and Western Hero are DISQUS makes me wonder if it’s that??? Thanks

    BOB…The desk is stacked…they’re winning and there is NO WAY we’ll take our country back. I’m convinced of this…it’s been coming a LONG time and we let it happen and they pushed, and now it’s here. It’s laughable to see the CNN folks talk over Conservatives who mention anything they don’t like…they JUMP in, tell CNN’s version, smugly laughing and seeming so superior, and then it’s DONE.
    There’s no pretense anymore about a leftwing media bias……it’s VERY OBVIOUS.

    Sparky, this internet service thing is BAD. THey’re saying this could only be a ‘dry run’ and it’s the beginning of REAL TROUBLE.
    God help America


  27. geeez2014 says:

    KID…I just got into Adrienne AND Western Hero AND was able to comment…after a whole afternoon of not being able to.
    Thanks for helping.


  28. Imp says:

    @Mal…”With the computer age, this should be a snap to accomplish..”

    Bad idea…we’ll have to buy PC’s for them and train them. Over ID is way cheeper.


  29. bunkerville says:

    All of this registering by mail and then voting by mail is nonsense. In my State, a friend can ask for my ballot. Guess where it goes one can only guess.


  30. Imp says:

    With DemRats…..their lawlessness will never be compromised or questioned….

    Out this morning:
    New Rasmussen poll shows a Majority of US Voters (53%) think Hillary should be indicted!

    Entire population of poll:

    53% of all voters believe the FBI should have sought a criminal indictment against HRC.

    Of groups:

    96% of Trump voters think she should be indicted.
    85% of all Republicans think she should be indicted.
    55% of Independents think she should be indicted.
    22% of Democrats think she should be indicted.
    78% of all Democrats think she should NOT be indicted.


  31. geeez2014 says:

    BUnkerville…I’ll never understand not voting ON ELECTION DAY…anything else is stupid and invites trouble….I agree, absentee ballots by mail are a terrible idea.
    We’ve given away our sovereignty ……it’s NUTS.

    Imp; too bad most of those folks will vote for her anyway


  32. Kid says:

    Z, Unfortunate. Yea, It’s Disqus.. Too bad that didn’t work.

    All – This latest take down of social media on the East Coast is Totally due to the fact that the Routers have default passwords and the owners of said Routers don’t bother to change the defaut password, and the hackers have a smooth ride into performing denial of service attacks (overwhelm the websites) which this was. It would be SO easy to avoid but apparently, our government as well as the prive sector IT departments are full of knuckle dragging morons.


  33. Kid says:

    Z, Ok, Good deal. That was my experiance. Not able to see comment link then a couple hours later, all was well.


  34. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, REALLY? All it takes is time to change default passwords from time to time? WHAT THE…???
    And thanks SO much for trying to help…I thought it was my computer, considering the troubles I’ve had lately. I appreciate you.


  35. Kid says:

    Thank you Z. Yes, it would be SO easy to avoid much of this hacking stuff. Seriously.
    And I’m saying just change the password Once from the default router password. One time would eliminate 99% of it….

    You’re welcome.


  36. Kid says:

    Voting, As Mal says- punch in an SS# and your vote and that’s it. yea that would work if it’s an honest system. Even the lowest of the low have to have an SS# to get welfare/Wic right?

    Still I’d be wary of the tallying of votes.
    Even if all votes required a Voter ID card… the votes at my locale have to be transmitted to a higher summation tally source and how can you guarantee there is not some corruption at the middle man level. ? Maybe I’m being stupid here, but my local vote collection point sends 100 Trump votes and 98 clinton satan beast votes. Who is to say that at the next transmission point that doesn’t turn into 100 clinton beast votes and 98 rump votes. ?
    I just have so little faith in the process even if the individual recorded votes are as clear as country water. SO many middlemen getting the lower level votes to the summation totals. Seems too many opportunities for corruption.

    I like MAL’s idea of plug in a SS# and your vote and tally them all up, but anything internet is subject to compromise. I think the only way to go is vote on one day and have your index finger dipped in red indelible ink……


  37. Imp says:

    @Z…”I’ll never understand not voting ON ELECTION DAY…anything else is stupid and invites trouble…”

    I have one simple rule Z….I ask if that person voted. Once they say NO….I tell them then…to STFU…never bitch to me again about anything political…..that they have been derelict in their one duty as a citizen. I tell them to stick their “politics’ up their arse…as they have NO business complaining….and they are not a citizen I want to associate with. I’ve met and known way too many of these azzholes that never exercise their one true opportunity to change or participate in this “democracy”. The silence is deafening. Insulting these asshats is my revenge.


  38. Imp says:

    @Ms. Z…”Kid, REALLY? All it takes is time to change default passwords from time to time? WHAT THE…???”

    Yes…it’s that simple. Say I have a password of…12345678? Cause it’s something I can remember easily and I use it won all my accounts and logins. So now I do this….87654321Imp? I do this frequently. Run them forward…and then Backwards. My daughter is savvy and cool….she’d do this….123?456?78.


  39. Imp says:

    Z…want to know what the most common default password and login is for new routers and WIFI extenders? admin and “password”. Seriously. And 99% don’t change it. As well as..….for a common router…or… Yup


  40. geeez2014 says:

    YES, Imp! I had no internet for 2 days and they had me , over the phone, try different things, and the user name was ADMIN and the PASSWORD was PASSWORD!! Cracked me up! But, that’s not an important site, I don’t think.
    You think even Amazon and big companies like that are easy to HACK? How could they leave themselves so vulnerable??


  41. Baysider says:

    How to countries get back the affection of their people?
    Bad countries change.
    Good countries stop raising ingrates.


  42. FB says:

    The voting system in the US is honestly a joke. No voter ID, some weird machines, some ballots that always end un lost in some car trunks. You’d never hear about this in France. Granted an election in the US is filled with elections, propositions, etc… But still it’s a joke for the most powerful country on the planet.


  43. geeez2014 says:

    FB…TOTAL joke. Sending in ballots, no voter ID, machines that can be hacked into, ballots stuck places they shouldn’t be and, particularly, that ‘provisional ballot book’ which is used a lot and is totally fraudulent when used improperly…
    So, the French voting system is much like Germany, yes? Voter ID, that card gets swiped upon voting and it cancels out a chance to VOTE AGAIN, which is also common here…thanks to the provisional books.

    Baysider; then we’re doomed, as suspected.


  44. FB says:

    In France, last time I voted, which is a long time ago now, you’d just show your national ID card. Then they cote the votes publicly by opening each envelope with one person calling the candidate name in the envelope, then someone watching behind that person’s back to make sure it’s the right name. If things are too close, they re-verify everything.


  45. FB says:

    they count, not they cote. 5 hours of sleep and I can’t spell.


  46. Mal says:

    Imp and Kid, what I meant about using SSN as voter I.D. is voting could be controlled on a national level using our SSN. That way, it could tell if they had already voted. There could be polling places also for those who don’t have a PC. It would still be controlled on a national level against fraud. It would also have to be programmed so dead people would be deleted from the list, and date of birth would have to be entered on the site to avoid under age voting. Don’t you believe this would be a viable option?


  47. Kid says:

    MAL, I believe it is as viable an option as what we have now. To avoid it being hacked, every time someone voted a line would print out on a government printer (with redundent hardware included), SSN, date and time of voting. When it’s over look at the two stacks of printer paper and it’s gonna be easy to see whjich candidate has more votes. If the computer data says something else, you might have to re-verify. Using Oracle databases would allow you to have complete security of the data as well. Someone Could hack it but the database would record the incident and all of the user details.

    I think that covers the basics

    I’m assuming all the welfare etc people have SSN’s else they couldn’t get their earned incomce refund right? Or even their WIC check or food cards. I like it.


  48. Kid says:

    seperate printers for each candidate.


  49. Kid says:

    PS – public computers could be placed all over – libraries, supermarkets, adult shops… Oops, where people could go and punch in their vote.

    Anyway, Drop dead fraud proof voting is possible. If it wasn’t many things on this Earth simply would not br viable. Air travel for example.


  50. Mal says:

    Well, Kid, there IS the hacking issue to consider. I guess there really is no real secure way to protect the integrity of polling. We never had this issue that I can remember in my early years. If there was, we never ever heard about it. Trump seems to be our last hope of ever cleaning up all the dirty politics. If he loses, we all lose and our country probably would never be the same again.
    But we have to think positive. HE WILL WIN! PERIOD!

    (i hope)


  51. Kid says:

    Mal, my thoughts lean heavily toward we could do it right, even electronically IF We Wanted To.

    My comment about air travel. IF it is important enough, it can be done. Look at all the hacking opportunities in the airline industry including the planes in the air as well. Somehow, integrity is maintained. IMP could tell us a lot more about that I’m sure.

    And I remember a story about ballot stuffing, and stolen ballot boxes and a town that used guns to solve that problem. Wish I could find it as it was interesting, but little hope of that now. I read it too long ago.


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