What’s the BIG SURPRISE??

STOP THE PRESSES!  Kellyanne Conway actually said “WE ARE BEHIND” on Sunday morning TV and “GASP!”  CNN’S ON IT!!….with panelists discussing this astonishing statement.   But, wait…most of the polls show him behind, so why is this SO fascinating to the leftwing media that they spent the afternoon hashing it over?   They call it an “Ominous Sign!”  WHY?  It’s not good to be behind 2 weeks before an election, who says this isn’t OMINOUS?   IS THIS NEWS enough to discuss it all day long?  No, it’s nothing new, it’s clear as the nose on our faces, but the Leftwing media can’t miss a trick in slamming Trump, can it….

Then there’s FOX featuring Judith Miller complimenting Michelle Obama for calling Trumps’ hideous bus tapes with Billy Bush “inappropriate..”    Wait…who doesn’t know that’s inappropriate?  Michelle Obama has a wonderful mind because she calls Trump out on the awful things he said?   That’s something she deserves raves for?   (Has ANYBODY ever asked why that conversation was taped, by the way?  One blogger suggested it was done to screw Trump when he ran for office but this was before he ever thought of running, so…uh..noooo)

ASTONISHING NEWS DAY!…two BIG “enlightened surmisals”:   TRUMP IS BEHIND.. check.  TRUMP SAID INAPPROPRIATE THINGS AND MICHELLE OBAMA MENTIONED IT…check.   And CNN is stunned and  FOX is regaling us to those ‘facts,’ too?

Am I missing something!?   Those things seem so obvious, yet days will be spent discussing statements that point out what couldn’t BE more clear?  We all know that the media is biased, but they’re stooped to lows even I didn’t believe could happen!!  (which is REALLy going some!)



MEANWHILE: THIS made me laugh out loud!   They finally mention this governor of W. Virginia is a Democrat…sort of…but imagine if it was a Republican who owed millions in taxes?   It’d be IN THE TITLE HEADLINE!!


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20 Responses to What’s the BIG SURPRISE??

  1. The media are still catching the “clues that don’t matter” instead of the “clues that matter”. You would think having a college degree would give them the smarts for catching the “clues that matter” but nooooooo. They are so clueless it isn’t funny anymore but seriously making them look like they have lost parts of their brains, :(.


  2. John M. Berger says:

    I’m still hoping for a “BIG SUPRISE” come November!


  3. bocopro says:

    The surprise will come when Billary plumps her ample derriere behind that Resolute Desk and reveals her true nature. The far left ignoranti will realize that she hasn’t the slightest intention of fixing anything other than her bank accounts and her legacy, just as our other “First” has done. The rest of us see her for what she is – a greedy, bitter, deceitful, arrogant, dangerous fraud who has never succeeded at anything other than hanging onto the coattails of rising stars on the political horizon.

    Her first order of business as PotUS will be to decriminalize her past, effectively pardoning herself.
    Next she’ll send Huma out for a roll of duct tape for Slick’s mouth and a chastity block for his, uh . . . you know.
    Then she’ll get down to the serious business of state and issue a schedule of rates and fees for personal appearances and speeches.
    Immediately after publishing that, she’ll go to work whittling at the 2nd Amendment.
    Executive Order #1 will be to disband the Tea Party.
    After that it’s a nice tall glass of Absolut Wotka followed by a ritual burning of the 1st Amendment.
    Defanging the already rusted-out and demoralized military HAS to be high on her list.
    Somewhere along the line I’m sure she’ll delegitimize conservative talk radio.
    To show she’s a global-unity team player, she’ll cede all control of the Internet to the U.N.
    To show her willingness to work with Muslim leaders, she’ll abandon Israel.
    And just to make sure they get the message, she’ll denounce Christianity.

    We live in a time when politics has replaced patriotism.
    Hubris has replaced honor.
    Deceit has replaced duty.
    Envy has replaced ethics.
    Insincerity has replaced integrity.
    Cop-out has replaced code.

    Trump is a symbol of enthusiasm and energy.
    Hillary is a symbol of deception and frumpery.
    Maybe he said to grab ‘em by the pudenda.
    But she always grabs ‘em by the assets.
    DJT would promote miniskirts.
    HRC will have us all in maxidresses.
    DJT would appreciate bikinis.
    HRC will go with muumuus.
    Trump would steer us back toward Pride Mountain on Recovery Road
    Clinton will get us lost somewhere near WTF Cape on Highway Uppa U.S.

    No surprises for anyone who’s paying attention to anything other than the propaganda from ABCNNBCBS.


  4. FB says:

    If the American people want a corrupt candidate, we know they want a banana republic.


  5. Linda says:

    I hate it that even FOX seems to not support Trump! What happened to them?


  6. geeez2014 says:

    Lafayette, it’s not that they’ve lost their brains, they just don’t want us to know the truth…that’s what I believe, anyway!

    JMB: I think the big surprise in November is losing America to Hillary Clinton 😦

    Bocopro; you say “We live in a time when politics has replaced patriotism.” and I could NOT agree more…it’s AWFUL…Just yesterday I was saying that nobody puts AMERICA first, just party or pocketbook.
    While I read your comment, I suddenly had the feeling they’ll have CHELSEA give those pricey speeches and pocket the money for “The Clinton Foundation”…..i.e. Their bank accounts.
    If ONLY the truth about Haiti could have got out, that Haitians are furious at the Clintons..
    But, Trump has to spend time defending himself after each attack.

    MY GOD, what WILL HE DO today, after the NY Times HORRIBLE article printing Tweet after nasty Tweet of his? OMG

    FB… GOOD POINT! I DO believe the media kNOW they’re corrupt…but the media’s agenda is theirs as far as socialism, etc….In THIS case the media is as DUMB as Lafayette suggests (above in Comments)

    Linda…LONG story 🙂


  7. geeez2014 says:

    And Bocopro..your whole comment is so right and so fun to read, thanks!


  8. geeez2014 says:


    Amazon came at around 10 pm with a package for my Chinese student who lives with me….so my student, Chris, went into his room to put some lamp together that he’d bought FROM CHINA… I went in to see how the construction of this lamp was going (it was in pieces with Chinese instructions) and he said “a piece is missing”….I said “Well,you know, you DID buy it in CHINA! What can you expect?” It was REALLY funny when it dawned on him what I’d said..(His English is rough)….he actually repeated “Yes, it’s CHINA!” laughing his head off. Cracked me UP.


  9. Mal says:

    Linda, FOX still has Sean Hannity on Trumps side. I have noticed Megyn Kelly has been a bit less critical of Trump of late. Perhaps she got the message she was losing listeners, ’cause she was.


  10. geeez2014 says:

    OH, my! Hillary’s promising ‘shovel ready’ like Obama did, and never DID….it was THE ONE THING I agreed with on his platform when he ran…to spend some money on infrastructure in this country, putting our people to work, getting things rebuilt, including the electric grid, etc…NOTHING like that happened….and now, by the way, we are in DIRE DANGER from hackers and what they’ll do to America given half a chance…which they now do have.

    So, there was Hillary this morning promising rebuilding infrastructure……here we DO go again …and nobody on the Left says ‘Wait…are you REALLY going to do this? And how’re you going to PAY FOR THIS?” stupid people


  11. Imp says:

    Ask the people in upstate NY she screwed. Not one job out of the 200K she “promised”. She’s a lying POS thru and thru. And NY is less free than many other states too. Taxes galore….completely corrupt too.


  12. Sparky says:

    You’ve nailed why we’ve stopped watching the news on TV. Even Fox will take one subject and run it slap into the ground. I can’t take it anymore. All our news is gleaned from conservative news on the internet.
    As for Trump being ahead, he’s very popular down this way, but I’ve said that before. I don’t know about the pagans in the NE or on the Left Coast. They’ll probably want more of the anti-Christ policies to keep lining their pockets. We really need to split into two, maybe three, sovereign countries. But that’s another post, isn’t it …. ? 😉


  13. geeez2014 says:

    Imp; and NY will go totally Hillary..maybe Libs just aren’t aware?

    Sparks…you are SO right. EVERY channel will get a story that appeals to their agenda, then they have 239847 different “consultants and experts” interviewed by each of their hosts…over and OVER and over, the same story with a slightly different slant….just to SELL AD SPACE.

    There are SO many good Christian Republicans around me in Santa Monica that it’s hard to imagine how Left the country thinks we are. I keep saying, over and over again, how VERY close our elections are, but nobody seems to care or pay attention………We have had EXCELLENT governors like George Deukmejian and Pete Wilson…..Arnold was elected as a Conservative and then was dissuaded from that by his ULTRA Leftwing chief of staff….why he had her is probably his ex wife, who’d make sure he didn’t stay conservative……..or married, for that matter 🙂



  14. geeez2014 says:

    That’s how close it is…except in the whackadoo Bay Area….where they treat the homeless like endangered species.


  15. geeez2014 says:

    FB…ya, FOX covered that this morning intensively….I haven’t seen a thing on CNN but haven’t had the TV on much today….
    Don’t worry…this will be lost in the Trump scandal ether, too……….typical.

    SO much smoke…SO SO much smoke, but Hillary never gets “FIRE” yelled at HER, does she.
    This story’s a stretch but, on top of ALL the other stuff, it’s probably scandalous.


  16. Kid says:

    It is so biased, that we have gotten to the point of wondering how stupid people are. I don’t have the asnwer to that question, but we will have it early November.


  17. John M. Berger says:

    “We really need to split into two, maybe three, sovereign countries. But that’s another post, isn’t it …. ? ”

    Just tell me how we can do it. If you have a real plan; count me in.

    In the meantime enjoy the ride!

    Your BIKER friend



  18. Jim Justice will win the governor race, imho. He does have a reputation for paying his bills late. But since he’s a Democrat that won’t be held against him. I could be wrong, since the House of Delegates and the WV State Senate flipped and became Republican majorities in 2014. Maybe the voters will elect Bill Cole, who is currently a State Senator and the President of the WV Senate. He’s also a car dealer, I believe.

    It’s surprising how many government employees and officials are delinquent taxpayers. One would think that would disqualify them from running for office and for retaining their positions.


  19. Mal says:

    JMB , the problem with splitting into 2 or 3 countries is eventually the next generation will have some of their children who become liberals, and it starts all over again. Originally, the folks that came to “the new world” all would be considered Republicans today ’cause they all had the same mindset. Its always the following generations that cause the change.


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