Megyn Kelly

I had a completely different post scheduled for today on voter fraud but I changed my mind after seeing Megyn Kelly’s show last night.

HERE is an overview of what happened…. I don’t want an all-Right interview;  I like a little back and forth on each topic, but last night was the end for me.    I suppose it’s because I watch a lot of CNN so I can see what many Americans are being fed, but I have watched FOX more (always have) because they offer a more unbiased argument of most subjects, having really bright leftwingers on panelists versus the really dull witted Conservatives CNN has on like they have to fill their quota in order to appear unbiased.

FOX leans Right, no doubt about it, but Megyn Kelly is going over a line against Trump.   I agree with much of what she says but we Conservatives need SOMEWHERE to go to not hear the same old typical “GET TRUMP” harangues and what she did to Gingrich was too much.  And this won’t be the end of it.  Like our buddy Ed Bonderenka said in COMMENTS last night, “MSNBC already showed it”…Of course they did!  The Left thrives on any Conservative infighting…that’s pretty much all the Left has.

Kelly supposedly is losing viewers so there’s something else going on.  NO channel likes to lose viewers and HER SHOW IS.    She let her temper get a hold of her last night and came off churlish and petulant against Gingrich, who made several excellent points.  Even my aunt, who’s a huge Megyn Kelly fan, emailed that “She went way over the line tonight, but I still like her.”  Well, she got it half right 🙂

I’ve been reading some comments on big sites and many people are saying they’ve stopped watching FOX but that’s ridiculous because there are still MANY FOX people who are not harder on Trump than they are Hillary.  On the other hand, why should we reward FOX by continuing to watch anybody there when they’ve let us lose the ONE DARNED PLACE WE COULD GO FOR SOME FAIRNESS TO OUR SIDE?



Here are some of my blog comments made  last night on my article below this in the heat of my having just seen the interview:

  1. geeez2014 says:

    Am watching the Kelly/Gingrich argument now…..Kelly says “But your candidate loves the polls…” …as if that negates the information Gingrich was giving her, which was based on many years of experience.  I have never had less respect for Megyn Kelly than I do now.

    She is absolutely TROLLING to get him NOT ELECTED. Gingrich did a BANG UP job…..excellent.

    Then she says SHE’s not taking a position on Trump and WOMEN? WHAT? Then he says “I think that’s exactly the bias people are upset by!” GOOD JOB, GINGRICH!!! WOWZIR!

  2. geeez2014 says:

    Gingrich should be out stumping for Trump

  3. geeez2014 says:

    I doubt Gingrich will be on her show any time soon

  4. geeez2014 says:

    “You can take your anger issues and go work on them” she said to GINGRICH and he says “You can, TOO!!”

    HOLY COW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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56 Responses to Megyn Kelly

  1. I was surprised (pleasantly) when she challenged the marine general on Hillary’s foreign policy wisdom, mentioning Libya and Iran (forgetting Egypt).
    Maybe having him on was “man bites dog”, but she could have had another general of stayre to challenge him.


  2. Stature. Not stayre. Sheesh.


  3. Link to video of Kelly Gingrich here:
    I listened (as I supposed did Silverfiddle) to Hewitt play the audio this morning and Kelley actually sounded more rational than last night.
    Gingrich was speaking about media bias in general and I think their focus diverged.
    She was justifying having to cover something because it’s news,
    Did he attack her personally? Or was he saying the media in general was preoccupied with sex.?


  4. Linda says:

    We quit watching Megan a long time ago. Sometimes we watch for a short time, but have lost so much respect for her. I heard that Hannity was going to get her time slot, but so far,it hasn’t happened. I wish he was on during ‘her’ time.She is NOT fair and balanced!


  5. bocopro says:

    Megyn Kelly looks good. Ham & eggs looks good.
    Megyn Kelly is a well-educated person. Barry Soetoro is a well-educated person.
    Megyn Kelly is a powerful woman. Vladimir Putin is a powerful man.
    Megyn Kelly is a political commentator. Michael Moore is a political commentator.

    I have hypercholesterolaemia, so I don’t eat ham & eggs.
    I have my own master’s degree and can make up my own mind.
    I’ve had power and realize how insidiously corrupting it can be.
    If I disagree with commentary, I stop listening to it.

    For some reason, Fox is digging around looking for a new identity. I can’t listen to most of the commentators on Fox these days — Bret Baier and Brit Hume being the welcome exceptions. Hannity would have to make an abrupt about-face to catch up with Glenn Beck. Shep Smith has about as much business reporting news as I have teaching string theory. O’Reilly make a lotta sense sometimes, but I can’t handle his condescending arrogance.

    So . . . I READ the news on line, much as we used to do before TV and got a newspaper twice a day. At least there you could separate the editorial opinion from the facts.

    Time for some changes in the lineup at Fox, methinks.


  6. Boco: total agreement.
    Hume and Baier.
    We spend almost two hours each night watching Baier, rewinding, discusssing what was said.


  7. fredd says:

    I also agree with Boco. Megyn Kelly has rubbed me the wrong way for quite awhile now, starting with her question for Donald Trump in the first GOP debate. She hates his guts, and it clearly shows. And now that she clearly hates Newt’s guts, she has indeed crossed the line.

    I watched Glenn Beck slowly crash and burn. Ditto with Greta Van Susterin. Michael Savage is clearly radioactive politically, and I suspect that Megyn Kelly is going down that road with these guys and will be the next one to get the ax at Fox. Fox may lean right, but they are a business first, and business men running the show watch the ratings like hawks, and don’t like the way things are going with Megyn Kelly. Which spells the end for her at Fox, sooner rather than later.

    Which is fine with me.


  8. Sparky says:

    Fox is starting to lean very much to the Left. I don’t know why or what their motives are. Bret Baier and Brit Hume are the only two commentators I care to listen too anymore, and I’ve even quit listening to them. The only truly Conservative Right Thinking news now is to be found on the internet. So, bye bye Fox. It was nice knowing ya.


  9. Silverfiddle says:

    I don’t watch any of it, so I doesn’t bother me what they do, but here are my observations:

    Fox is trending to the center, from what I can gather. Their rightwing conservative demographic is shrinking and aging. Kelly is aiming at being the centrist Rachel Maddow. Say what you will about Maddow, she’s a smart woman, is capable of excellent reporting, and she presents herself well. If only she weren’t so damned lefty-skewed.

    Many are openly speculating that Trump’s campaign has from the beginning been a launching pad for Trump TV, which will take FOX’s place on the right as FOX drifts to the center. Many further speculate that Trump TV will get Baer, Hannity, etc to jump ship and join them.


  10. Silverfiddle says:

    Ed, I only catch maybe one segment of Hewitt on my way to work, if I want some political commentary–half the time he’s talking smack about sports, so I tune back to the college music station.

    I have deleted my Yahoo account and twitter feed, so all I have left right now are these blogs (I only stay because of the great blogger buddies I’ve “met.”)

    I can’t listen to the radio at work, but talk radio just grates on me. Larry Elder and Mark Levin are great guys doing great work, but I find them all unlistenable.

    I do listen to downloaded Savage podcasts when I’m working out or riding my bike, driving to and from work. Fredd accurately describes his reputation as “Radioactive,” but he is far from that on the radio. He stays out of the Democrat-Republican trench warfare, and only touches on politics when its the dominant topic of the day. His best stuff is non-political. Its talk radio jazz.


  11. Kid says:

    Savage is the only person I could listen to and they took him off here.

    I read where Kelly was going off about these women accusers. That’s unacceptable since nothing has been provne and sure seems unlikely to be true. Someone with Trumps money, women making hay with sex harrassment lawsuits and none of these bimbos makes a peep until 3 weeks before the election?


  12. geeez2014 says:

    Ed, thanks for the link, etc. I need to say I’m extremely sensitive to bias from either side. I don’t like rightwing bias that isn’t supported by facts and I hate leftwing bias that isn’t supported by facts and, as a special ‘bonus’ for them, is bringing America down.
    My bias meter registered Kelly as being beyond anti-Trump and into the MSNBC realm.

    Silverfiddle, you have watched Maddow and feel she’s ‘capable of excellent reporting” Every single time I’ve watched her, she’s been so BITTER that she can’t get out of the way in order to report a story. SO nasty she makes a mockery of what she’s reporting…that’s my take every time I’ve seen her, anyway.

    fredd, Beck crashed and burned himself….do you believe FOX is responsible for that?

    Brit and Bret are my absolute favorites but I also LOVE NEIL CAVUTO…..he’s honest, he’s sincere, he’s hilarious, he’s GOOD. And Brit will probably not continue that show after the election, he was only put in as a sub for Greta.

    Boco; Shep Smith…I literally can’t watch the man.

    Linda and Sparky, there are reports that Hannity’s numbers have surpassed Kelly’s since all this Trump stuff started with her.

    LOOK: I understand her anger at Trump! I don’t for a second believe he hasn’t been a sexual predator…!! He SAID HE DOES IT on the bus (anybody YET know why that conversation on a bus was TAPED??? I’ve never ever heard the explanation for that)… BUT, nothing has been PROVEN, and that’s what Gingrich was getting at.

    When a rightwinger gets allegations, it’s TRUE, when a leftwinger gets allegations, it’s ridiculous to even talk about, a waste of time, wrong…and a rightwing conspiracy. And we all know THIS IS NOT TRUE.

    Kid’s right.



  13. Silverfiddle says:

    Kid: has savage


  14. Kid says:

    SF, Thanks.

    Z, I think sexual predator mayu be a bit strong. I took his ‘you can grab em’, as it all being consensual activity.


  15. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, you make a good point….I do believe that, if it wasn’t consensual, it certainly was plain stupid on the part of most of the women…What woman lets a man maul her, kiss her, etc., on an AIRPLANE for FIFTEEN MINUTES without saying or doing something against it? And that’s what that very old claim said.

    Plus, if a man is THAT RICH, and you felt he hit on you inappropriately as they’re saying, WHY NOT SUE? Or at least make a huge fuss and get your 15 minutes in the sun? Right?

    WHY NOW? I believe Hillary’s people started gathering this stuff 1.5 years ago…………just in case. And, sadly, it’s worked.

    But I’ll never believe Trump wasn’t a philanderer….


  16. geeez2014 says:

    RE: Savage…even a lot of conservatives thought he was over the top 20 years ago……he made such wild predictions he made ME cringe from time to time…but reality is catching up with him, sadly! He was really a prophet.


  17. Kid says:

    Z, thanks. The clintons are paying them, just like they paid the charity navigator 2 mil for a glowing rating, and loretta lynch and comey, and …
    That’s what the foundation money is used for, a slush fund.

    We’ll we’ve all been bad boys at one time or another, especially when the hormones are flowing.


  18. geeez2014 says:

    I was just thinking about how some people think Megyn’s going to be let go for too much controversy at FOX.

    I believe she’s more about her career than FOX…..though she did beautifully stick up for it when Gingrich made some comment about the media being ‘establishment’…she said “FOX? I don’t THINK so” or something like that.

    My feeling is she wants to be the next Barbara Walters…Remember that interview she did with Trump, one on one, for an hour? Somehow, they managed a truce for that $$$$$


  19. Imp says:

    @Z….”Savage is the only person I could listen to and they took him off here.”

    TuneIn iPhone app too.


  20. Imp says:

    Imagine (roll dream sequence music) a world without the Clinton’s: No highest tax increase in history; No NAFTA,; No lowering red line on credit apps for home ownership which led to the collapse of the housing market; No Bosnia, No 9/11; No Iraq, No Arab Spring; No Refugees; No open borders; No globalism; No drip of corruption and so forth. In the last 35-years no person or group has caused more destruction to our nation and the planet than the Clinton’s. If they are not the anti-Christ then God help us.

    And now…without Mayhem Kelly.


  21. fredd says:

    Z: how you could conclude that I think that Fox caused Glenn Beck’s departure from reason eludes me. Glen went nuts because he is basically a nut to begin with, regardless of who employed him.


  22. Kid says:

    IMP, the beast will finish the job.


  23. Mal says:

    We both watched it last night and again on your post here. Newt was really pissed and you can’t blame him. When she ended by telling Newt he needed anger management, he told her SHE is the one that needs it. She acts like she suffers from PMS and definitely doesn’t belong in the media.


  24. bocopro says:

    Back around 1945 or so, my uncles who were coming back from WWII told me never to hit a woman unless she hits you first, and then if she hits you like a man would, do the same to her, just don’t get carried away when she falls down and starts bawling . . . but watch out for that knife if you turn your back.

    No, I didn’t have a true father. My biofather was in prison at the time and my grandfather was more of a filo-sofer than a fighter. Uncles who’ve been shot at by strangers in strange uniforms have a purty realistic perspective on things.

    My grandmother believed that a man wasn’t mature until he’d demonstrated his ability to butcher a hog, pluck a chicken, make breakfast, balance a checkbook, fire and clean a weapon, change a diaper, tune an engine, grow a vegetable garden, mend a fence, and deliver a baby.

    ‘Course having raised 8 kids during the Great Depression had a profound influence on her perspectives, too. On the subject of fighting, she said never treat a girl like a punching bag, but don’t let her treat you like one either. The entire family told me that if I came home with a bloody nose, they expected to see blood on my knuckles as well.

    Different times. Oh, and if ya got about 8 minutes, check out this little clip:

    “Trump is the necessary antidote for the poison of political correctness that is destroying western societies’ immune systems and making us weaker. We can’t afford to get any weaker, no matter how virtuous it makes us sound or feel”

    Wow! Just . . . Wow. The rest of it is equally profound, IMO.


  25. Imp says:

    The way they’re on Trump reminds me of the exact same way they in Venezuela are treating the “opposition candidate” trying to get the commie reds out of power. I wonder how long it’d take for us to have a Revolt if we had to dumpster dive, fight for toilet paper, a sack of beans or rice and riot over food?


  26. geeez2014 says:

    Fredd…No….I didn’t think YOU suggested that, I wondered if you thought that might be what happened…that’s all. As I read what you read again it’s clear you mean it was HE who crashed and burned, but I wonder if they gave him too much rope and he hanged himself or …? He’s NEVER regained his huge original popularity since he left FOX, has he? I haven’t kept track.

    Imp; I don’t think for a second a country as big as ours could have a ‘revolt’….I’d like to see how you’d envision this happening since you mention it quite often, and so do others…

    bocopro…my sound on my videos isn’t working; am dealing with my computer guru AGAIN this evening….eager to see what you posted..thanks


  27. geeez2014 says:



  28. Imp says:

    @Z..”as big as ours could have a ‘revolt’….”

    It’s happening now. The way is should be first….later, who knows? If DT loses, which I think he will…there will be a viable stronger 3rd party. The Repubs are dead to millions.


  29. Mal says:

    I’ve wondered about that possibility also, Imp. Do you really think it would happen? Don’t forget, the GOP would still be there, diluting the votes, thus handing it to the Left. That being said, however, there probably would be enough disgruntled voters from both parties including the independents that it might be a viable move.


  30. geeez2014 says:

    So the BIG REVOLT is a third party? boring..


  31. Imp says:

    @Z…well I assumed you were thinking that I was advocating a violent revolution? We’ve had a couple in our history, don’t forget. People haven’t changed that much in their desires for a good life and for their families. It’s in our DNA and when threatened, we’ll react. We’re being threatened every day now…illegals, no jobs, health care collapsing, taxes rising, trillions in debt, instability and violence in just about every islamic shit hole on the planet, quality of life slipping, domestic black terrorism, muslim intransigence and corruption everywhere we look…in our politicians, in our institutions…in how the law is applied unequally. The first amendment is under assault….as well as the second and the 4th and the 8th.

    But….a 3rd party revolt especially with the millions of independents and pissed off conservatives….is the kind of revolution we need now if we really want change. And get back to our basics. Personally…I’d back secession.


  32. Kid says:

    Secession is the only way.


  33. Imp says:

    Let me add too….this disgusting, liberal insane slobbering, fawning over every mestizo, illegal, low IQ parasite dung that crosses our borders illegally…then demanding their “rights” and then demanding we provide for them….while we can find money for that or for illegal transgender safe places and camps…and then have our troops be told to return their signing bonuses or have Vets wait 2 years for care…while their fooking administrators get promotions and Vets die…. HAS ME PISSED OFF AND ANGRY TO NO END….AND THAT ALONE WOULD BE JUSTIFICATION FOR THE FIRST SHOT TO BE FIRED. Go ahead…flame me. I mean.. W T F?


  34. Imp says:

    America’s Moment Of Truth


  35. Kid says:

    Been watching that situation IMP. Am 100% BEHIND understanding the insanity of it. Who the F would enlist these days ? I think that is the intention.


  36. Imp says:

    Even O’Reilly knows how corrupt and compromised Comey and our “Justice” system is…


  37. Imp says:

    2/3rd of Americans don’t trust the hoofed beast…yet they’ll vote for it? Talk about polarized? 70% believe the country is headed in the wrong direction…and after 8 years of the Magic Muslim Ovomit…are willing to see them continued by the beast? I’m gobsmacked that blacks….as screwed as they have been by this black fraud…..are voting for the beast? Good for you AA’s…you’l be on the bottom of the shitpile for another 100 years.


  38. geeez2014 says:

    Imp…O’Reilly…was that tonight in the first few minutes, or???

    I was sorry to hear we even offer signing bonuses…STUPID me always thinks those who sign up love their country enough to sign up and that’s why they did it. I was heartsick to hear about this situation on many levels.


  39. Kid says:

    Nothing wrong with singing bonuses. It takes far less $$ to give a TRAINED operator a signing bonus than it takes to train another to take his (ok or her) place.


  40. Imp says:

    No Z….that was a great segment from last night. Look…offering reup or signing bonuses has been going on for years. Some MOS’s are so important to the military that offering 20K say for a pilot to reup after training them for more than 2 years at a cost of millions…or intelligence or Cyber specialties or Drone operator / pilots or language experts….. and many more MOS’s…is smart. Really smart. These Pentagon dweebs know these people could make much more in the private sector….so we want and need to keep them.

    So…finally some 4 star azzhat did the right thing.


  41. Imp says:

    Oh..and ‘love” don’t pay their bills. They have shitty pay and families to support too. The fact that they’re enlisted proves a love for the country…and lately there’s little respect and gratitude for them and what they do, either. It’s been going on since the 60’s and 70’s. I took a lot of sheet too when I was in uniform back in the 60’s.


  42. Imp says:

    Does anyone besides bocopro know that it takes a full year to train a pilot before he’s allowed to make a carrier landing? One of the most difficult feats for an aviator I might add.


  43. geeez2014 says:

    Imp, this makes sense “These Pentagon dweebs know these people could make much more in the private sector….so we want and need to keep them” But, in general, it’s what mercenaries do.


  44. Imp says:

    @Z..Mercenaries? That’s absurd and I’m offended you could even categorize those who reup with such a nasty connotation or label. Mercenaries are privare contractors. Usually like Blackwater members or CIA operatives. They’re the guys who get 200K a year to do some real skullduggery. Here’s an idea…a draft then. Women included. No bonuses…mandatory military service at a starter pay of 1000 per month.

    As If offering an incentive or a bonus to stay is any different than IBM or Microsoft offering stock options or other incentives to join them? We need to keep well trained people in the service and that’s how any large entity does it. Are they supposed to risk their lives for a lousy 20K a year? When they know they have an incentive to leave and go into the private contractor arena? Please.
    In the first place…these guys did volunteer. Many with college degrees. And any corporation would have loved to have them. So their patriotism came first…..bonuses always come last…after a 4 or 6 year commitment.


  45. Kid says:

    Z, I don’t figure how “mercernaries’ entered this conversation. Re-up Signing bonuses are – again – very cost effectve in contrast to starting from scratch with a replacement operators.
    Been happening for a long long time just because of the math.


  46. Kid says:

    Carrier landings. Not the one I was looking for as ‘that one’ had additional challenges, but this will do.

    Can you imagine being in the cockpit of a 40 thousand lb aircraft planning to land on an aircraft carrier traversing a less than glasslike surface ocean ?


  47. Kid says:

    PS, I didn’t even See ‘the ball’ in this vid which is a horizontal light bar that flashes green if you are on glide slope or red if you are not. Are you kidding me ? These guys are amazing.


  48. Imp says:

    @Kid…amazing? They are indeed….for common mercenaries.


  49. geeez2014 says:

    Imp, stop it. I didn’t know till this week that we actually pay bonuses to our men to fight our wars….I get it now…you don’t have to be insulting.


  50. geeez2014 says:

    Dennis Miller “Nice to be in Chicago, where a death certificate is considered voter ID!” LOVE HIM…


  51. Kid says:

    Dennis Miller puts it (wit) out at light speed. If I’m lucky, I have 2 or 3 Dennis Miller moments a year.


  52. FB says:

    Compared to 4 years ago when Fox was on all the time, I have totally stopped. Maybe 10 min here and there. I do only YouTube now at nights and watch clips of many outlets, youtubers and some are FoxNews but not that much. What I can’t wait for is Breitbart TV. I think they have a huge opportunity to eclipse Fox News.


  53. FB says:

    And Megyn is the typical attention and money seeker whose principles would change according to management or audience. Many people like this in the TV business.


  54. FB says:

    Michael Savage is great. Everything he says is true. He’s harsh and depressing but his analysis is based on things I’ve seen in France 20 years ago. He gets leftism and the chaos it brings. I listen to him every day. On top of it his NY attitude makes me laugh.


  55. Imp says:

    @Z…how is it “insulting” when I’m informing a woman who’s already very smart…smarter? 🙂


  56. Mal says:

    Yeah, z. They’ve had mercenaries fighting for quite some time now. I have a 4 pack DVD about mercenaries (all fiction, of course!) called “The Substitute” where they come back and take jobs as subs for teachers at troubled high schools (and one University). Very entertaining as no one knows their background, making it exciting to watch.


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