Tell me what Bret Baier’s show covered last night, please…I didn’t see it.

ALSO,  I did mistakenly watch Megyn Kelly for one of the last times I’ll watch her, sadly.  She had Michael Moore on and was playing BIG TIME to him.   “Always good to see you…”  WHY?  Really, Megyn?  Good to see MICHAEL MOORE?

Ya, his movie’s anti-Trump but he has a few minutes which, if edited or cut off, sound like he’s pro Trump;  His conclusion, and hers, really, was that Trump and his son saw one short part of it and are Tweeting “I AGREE” (I paraphrase)….as if the Trumps are too stupid to have watched the whole thing before they commented….

Her sucking up to Moore bugged me…did any of you see it and think she sucked up to him?  She can’t WAIT to slam Trump, which I understand totally because I’m certainly no fan of this man, but FOX is THE only channel where conservatives can at least see honest news from both sides, we don’t have to be submitted to FOX MSNBC, DO WE?

I like the idea that Michael Moore CLEARLY thinks that the way Trump’s edited his precious film leaves people  thinking Moore is PRO TRUMP!   LOVE LOVE LOVE IT and I think that’s the only reason Moore went on Megyn Kelly last night, now that I think of it…he knows this is the place to catch Conservatives and SET THEM STRAIGHT.  I don’t think it’ll work.

Looks to me like Kelly’s collecting interesting ‘types’ which Americans want to see in interviews…and that she doesn’t care if it’s FOX or not…she cares about being the next Barbara Walters;  that’s my take, anyway.



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4 Responses to FOX LAST NIGHT…

  1. bocopro says:

    Ack shoe ally, MM is a member of that fast-growing community which I avoid as I would a leper colony. I find him revolting to look at, disgusting to hear, ignorant on issues, and intolerant on challenges. Charter members of that club include Nancy Peloosi, DingleBarry Soetoro, Alan Colmes, and Joy Behar.

    He is an Olympic-class hypocrite, a classic example of what not to become as an adult, and a serious threat to the nation’s carbohydrate reserves. I’d call him a malodorous troll, but that would be to dishonor and besmirch malodorous trolls.

    Megyn Kelly is quite obviously auditioning for an anchor position at CNN and preparing the groundwork for salary increase negotiations. Her self-appraisal figure would be considerably greater than anything I’d ever pay her if I were a network exec.

    I rarely watch Fox these days (sorry, Bret) and get my news from OAN if I want to see integrated visuals and hear it read instead of reading it myself on line. Almost NEVER watch ABCNNBCBS. Did for a while several months ago, but realized I prefer OAN’s unabashedly conservative attitude. No snark, no innuendo, no hortatory in their news programs. Their commentary slots, however, are as much over the top sometimes as MadCow’s.


  2. I didn’t take notes, but remember that the failure of Obamacare, Doug band and “Bill Clinton Inc,” were topics.
    Opened with e-mail scandal and Clinton secrecy and how in the dark her top aides were and why.
    Then Doug band and “Bill Clinton Inc,” and Chelsea’s opposition.
    Then Trump polls being a tossup now.
    Then Texas voter fraud and machine problems geared towards dems.
    Then a focus on Iraq and an American vet fighting there (Mosul) and how he doesn’t see any other Americans on the ground.
    Then more Clinton corruption: Raytheon and Heather Podesta.
    Then the special panel going over it again, the panel being pro Trump.
    But I didn’t take notes.
    I just fast forwarded through the DVR for your benefit.


  3. geeez2014 says:

    Bocopro…I don’t read OAN but have their link on my blog roll so I did take a look….haven’t checked out the commentaries. There are SO MANY big conservative blogs which make me CRINGE…I’ll check out the commentaries, which I suppose are also what I’d call Opinion Sections? Too bad that happens…Breitbart’s become less than what Andrew wanted it to be, too….over the top many times…Andrew would hate it, believe me.
    It’s WND and Free Republic and other “few facts but plenty of hyperbole” sites which make us look REALLY bad… I read an article the other day which said the Left puts out ridiculous stories and laugh as Conservatives snatch them up and publish them….we all know of those cases. I almost always check but I’ve been caught a few times.

    Ed, thanks….I caught the last ten minutes after all last night and thought it wasn’t the same show I’d been told about because the emails I got to WATCH THE BAIER SHOW TONIGHT made me think it was going to be ONLY about the Clinton scandals…I see it wasn’t, so what I saw WAS the show everybody touted.

    Interesting to see RAYTHEON listed…one of THE crookedest, NASTIEST, self-serving, horrible companies going… should hear the European attitude toward Raytheon when it’s on HUGE bid lists …I know this first hand. Nobody trusts them. Now we can imagine why they’d be associated with the Clintons in some way.


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