Al Qaeda…why NOT???

Here is the once great America, threatened again by Al Qaeda, supposedly planning attacks on the East Coast and/or Texas for November 7, the day before our elections.

THIS is the world Obama and his loony lefties have left us with.   Will this happen?  Who knows.   Would it have been tried had we men and women in our government who hadn’t helped our foreign policies go so weak, so politically correct, so Islam-oriented?

All I know is that I’d take this information and completely smash a city anywhere in the Middle East where these threats are coming from.  Period.  Why not?  They threaten us and what do WE do….The CIA and FBI get involved….the bloggers get upset and blog, the TV news channels have 89 ‘experts’ weighing in….”hoorah, THAT’LL HELP US!” (not)  Meanwhile, evil jihadists are loading guns, preparing airborne poisons, building bombs, surveilling shopping malls……some match for us, huh?

I’m SICK with embarrassment for this once-great country….sick of leftwingers who’ve maligned our leaders who HAD fought hard to prevent future hits, sick of leftwingers who go overseas and dimish US, sick of leftwingers capitalizing financially on Arab countries, sick of leftwingers desirous of bringing in unvetted Muslims into this country……

We can’t even get VOTING RIGHT, for goodness sake!  We have different methodologies in different states, we use useless provisional ballots which are just cheat sheets, oiiwe have Republicans kicked out by judges because they wanted to monitor voting precincts, we have voting machines taking Republican votes and transforming them into Democrat votes, right down the ballot…..WE CAN’T EVEN PROTECT VOTERS’ RIGHTS!   And we have a party so racist that they believe minorities can’t get proper ID or find a precinct??  And if we insist they are smarter and give ways to GET IDs, then WE are racists!

Sure, Al-Qaeda!  YOU are smarter than WE are, that is FOR SURE…YOU know Americans with a Democrat leadership would never hit back without warning we’re coming!  YOU know Americans are nice people and cringe at anything that smacks of collateral damage though they know full and well that you thrive on any collateral damage deaths you can do HERE on American soil.   So, how long will you wait until another 9/11?  What’s taken you so long?


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22 Responses to Al Qaeda…why NOT???

  1. bocopro says:

    Worst thing about our voting is hardened loyalties based on nothing in particular. What we have is a nation in which only half the eligible voters bother to vote. Of those who do, 45% vote Democrat because that’s the way Daddy or Granpap or somebody neat always did, another 45% vote Republican ’cause that’s the way their family always did it, and 10% wind up up making the final decision.

    What that boils down to is 5% of the voter-eligible population determining who’s gonna be in charge for the next 4 years, and often they haven’t made up their minds before leaving the house for the precinct. Their choice as often as not boils down to the last song they heard on the radio or how well their breakfast is sitting on their bellies or the quality of sex last night or whether it’s raining or not while they’re looking for a place to park.

    There are those who will vote for HIllary even if she’s in federal lockup, and there are those who will vote for Trump if he openly admits to being a transgender ponzi-scheme operator. Then there are those who haven’t voted FOR anyone since JFK (who was NOT a very good PotUS) but have voted AGAINST somebody or other all their lives. I’m among those, BTW, having voted for George Wallace as a rejection of Humphrey and Nixon and against both Gore and Kerry even though I considered Dubya inadequate for the job.

    That, of course, explains how we got Slick, TWICE, and DingleBarry, TWICE.

    Nous sommes perdus, mes amis. Estamos perdidos. A greedy hard-core felon or a thin-skinned rookie egotist. Quel choix, huh?


  2. Did you see Bev Harris’s expose on fractional voting? Extremely troubling:


  3. bocopro says:

    Here’s ‘nuther’n:

    I blame Tiger Woods and Kobe Bryant for all this. Makes as much sense as anything I hear from mass media.

    I’m not sure I’d believe some of those talking heads if they told me that people in China eat a lotta rice.


  4. geeez2014 says:

    bocopro…my ‘hardened loyalty’ is based on the Constitution and my belief in self-reliance, that ALL Americans can make it here, that taxes are strangling our economy, etc etc….
    You voted for George Wallace? I don’t much agree with most of your comment but I respect it
    and appreciate your having taken the time. Make note of that ‘mainerepublic’ link and let’s see if the numbers are what happens election night. I doubt they will.

    Adrienne…I can’t watch. It’s all too troubling…
    As I’ve said before, what scares me even MORE than a Hillary presidency is the fact that our media is so dishonest that it won’t even cover this stuff, like your link. A media like ours now is THird World Country stuff and they should be totally ashamed.
    Instead, there’s Obama slamming FOX? What, for having all sides represented? JERK.


  5. geeez2014 says:

    Any comments on the Al Qaeda threats?


  6. geeez2014 says:

    I’m listening to Trump right now (so painfu), and he’s RIGHT in talking about that utterly ridiculous Clinton/Lynch meeting on the tarmac….Does Loretta Lynch PLAY GOLF? I googled it…she doesn’t. She also has no grandchildren. she doesn’t even have children! And that’s what they spoke about for 39 MINUTES?


  7. bocopro says:

    In my 16 years’ teaching young adults at our local university, I came to realize that the average American knows very little about the Constitution. Ask a hundred people which document begins with “We the People” and which begins with “When in the Course of human Events” and which with “Four score and seven years ago” and you’ll find that 90 of ’em will get it wrong one way or another.

    Then ask ’em to discuss the Bill of Rights, and I doubt you’d find ONE that can tell you what each of the 10 is about. Even many who know the basic concept of the 2nd Amendment believe that the central government grants the right to bear arms and can therefore take it away, which is NOT how it reads; it says “the right to bear arms shall not be infringed,” clearly indicating that the right pre-exists the document.

    Most can’t tell you what a bicameral legislature is or even name the three branches of government and what each is designed to do. Most can’t name both their own senators. And apparently nobody in the stratosphere of the federal gummint knows the purpose of having a central government and believe it is there to manage problems with transgender issues, same-sex marriage rules, abortion rights, and other responsibilities of the sovereign states.

    Tell a hundred people that our central government derives its just powers from the consent of the governed, and that whenever that government becomes destructive of the ends of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it and establish a new one and at least half of ’em will say, “Wher’d’ju hear dat?”

    I took that oath to support and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic, and bear true faith and allegiance to it, and did precisely that for 24 years. My vote this cycle will be to preserve the integrity of the SCotUS.


  8. geeez2014 says:

    They may not know the Constitution as you describe, and you’re right about most of them, but many of the high schoolers I frequently talk to at the school I’m associated with resonate with Trump’s message of a greater America and what that entails…which fascinates me. And that’s an inherent love of country and the Constitution…whether they’re conscious of it, or can recite it, or not.

    And yes, the SCOTUS is what must be voted about in this cycle…NO DOUBT ABOUT IT.


  9. Z-man says:

    While we get a lot of these predictions and warnings by the gov’t that never happen I’d take it seriously. For the longest time Al-Qaeda has resented ISIS taking the spotlight off of them and a major attack on Election Day would throw our whole democratic process off-kilter for a while. Al-Qaeda is a far more controlled group than ISIS. While ISIS is happy with lone wolves causing assorted mayhem Al-Qaeda is more about the next major well-planned attack. I have to say though personally speaking I still don’t like Trump;)


  10. geeez2014 says:

    Z-man! HI! I don’t like Trump either, BELIEVE ME….If you’ve been around, you’d know that about me 🙂
    Al-Qaeda’s been quiet…..they’re just ramping up.

    I just happened to see an Israeli News channel and watched some of it. ISIS is growing there, fighting in Egypt, and threatening the Israeli border. Of course, THAT country knows what to do when IT’S threatened, unlike us.
    Also, we don’t hear here how bad the Palestinian problem is for Israel these days.
    AND, there are schools being named in Palestine after terrorists like the ones who killed Israeli athletes in Munich years ago; And worse.
    We don’t hear , in my opinion, because our media doesn’t want us to think Islamic jihadists are bad people !! Man.


  11. Mal says:

    As i watched a Hillary commercial on TV. this a.m. that must’ve run at least a full minute or more showing Trump’s embarrassing past, I couldn’t help thinking “Hey! He said and did all this stuff while he was a Democrat!” Remember he even admitted that he was, and played the game by contributing to both sides, including Hillary’s, for business reasons. The only thing they can use against him now are the bad things he SAYS. But they conveniently don’t mention that. I do believe he will win and by a larger margin than we could imagine.


  12. Imp says:

    @bocopro: “Even many who know the basic concept of the 2nd Amendment believe that the central government grants the right to bear arms and can therefore take it away..”

    I find it utterly amazing that one constitutional right….in order to exercise it…one must make an appeal to the government for permission to allow one to use it. Imagine that being applied to the 1st amendment, the 4th or the 8th?


  13. Mal says:

    I agree, Imp. I have long wondered how they can legally keep adding restrictions to the right to bear arms, like requiring we pay for a license, training classes. Or to open carry or not open carry.
    How about defending the right to arm bears?



  14. geeez2014 says:

    Some lib on FOX just said Trump is under FBI investigation for his ties to Russia? I thought the FBI came out the other day and said there’s no connection? Ya, just found this and I’m right:

    Of course, the lib just passes off the information, true or not, and the FOX people didn’t know or didn’t have time because God forbid a commercial is superimposed by TRUTH, right? GeeeZ!!


  15. Kid says:

    We have accomplished less than nothing in the ME. All we did was stomp some cockroaches that no one cares about, and who will be easily replaced, breaking the ME open like an urn full of deadly poisonous cockroaches.

    In hindsight, we should have:

    1. sealed off all the exits to Tora Bora, went in and killed osammi and whoever else was there. I believe we have missles that can even go into caves and do the same thing an airburst wepaon does (initially expolde a very volitile gas over a wide area, then ignite it resulting in one heck of an explosion. We built Tora Bora for God’s sake.

    2. Waited until Mecca was full of them and either nuke the place or hit it with enough MOABs and Daisy Cutter to totally destroy it and everyone there.

    3. Close all the mosques in America and declare islam a cult.

    What are we doing now? Arming and financing Al Queerda in Syria.


  16. Kid says:

    bocopro – I only vote against democrats. I’ll admit if it were a clinton bush election, I’d have voted for jill stein becuase she is going to make the entire world just like Sesame Street.

    Have you seen the Watters wold vids where college students have no idea who fought the civil war, when why or how.

    Politicians have no right to tell me or anyone they are disallowed from being able to protect their very life.


  17. geeez2014 says:

    I was slightly optimistic yesterday (as optimistic as I can be about Trump, anyway) but don’t have a shred of optimism for him winning now. Not after seeing more and more polls, watching him preach to his choir again instead of at least hoping to woo the indies….he just LOVES him those big cheering crowds, doesn’t he? You know, those crowds he knew loved him, anyway, so why even bother?
    His ground game stinks and the media’s finding any shred of criticism it can and headlining it now..Melania actually DID work 10 gigs before legal (as if now the media’s only for LEGAL work, as they support Sanctuary Cities?), Don Trump Jr was angry at the media for having asked the guy he helped with car trouble if that was planned…etc……..he’s criticized in the headline but then the actual article does tell the truth.. typical.

    i’m so SICK of it…but I’m sure we have Pres Hillary Clinton Tuesday night.


  18. bocopro says:

    “Pres Hillary Clinton Tuesday night.” And a presidential pardon on Wodensdaeg. Either that or martial law as soon as Soetoro’s private army suppresses the perfectly reasonable demonstrations.

    Has it all been just a complex ruse to justify his setting himself up as PotUS for Life?

    I haven’t the slightest desire or intent for listening to Wolf, Megyn, Rachel, Shepard, Rivera, Rove, et al. explain anything to me on Tuesday night, or Wednesday morn, or EVER.


  19. I listened to an hour of Trump in Tampa this morning AND ACTUALLY ENJOYED IT!.
    Then I heard excerpts of Shrillary on the news,
    I never want to hear the that voice again.


  20. FB says:

    Interesting video on Huma Abedine on youtube. Of course it’s youtube so caution applies

    But overall the connection with the Saudis and the Clintons. The connection with the Saudis and the Bushes. The connection between the Clintons and the Bushes. Too many coincidences.

    I’m at the point where I believe Islam is the tool for domination of us, serfs.


  21. FB says:

    Did you guys see this too. Another interesting coincidence. Murder suicide of a NY FBI agent. But of course, there was fire. Much easier to erase stuff with a fire.


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