God bless America

I hear everybody talking
on the right and on the left,
They’re holding out their promises
while we all hold our breath,
and if I did not know better
I would be scared to death,
But God is on the throne.
I know that it all matters
and there’s so much at stake
And I know we all need wisdom
for decisions we must make
But there’s only one who’s making promises that He won’t break
And He is on the throne.

He is faithful and true,
everything He says He’ll do,
And everything we go through,
He will go with us.
All the kingdoms of man
are in the palm of His hand
So I will not fear, I’ll say it loud and clear, so my own heart can hear it
God is on the throne.

Well I’ve got my fears and worries
like everybody else
I love this country and it’s broken
and in desperate need of help
So I’m praying to the one
who has the power to make us well
‘Cause He is on the throne

Kingdoms rise and kingdoms fall,
only one stands through it all
It’s the kingdom of
the God of grace and love
And I’m not worried because I know
God is on the throne.




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47 Responses to God bless America

  1. bocopro says:

    Back when I was in high school, a guy named Lloyd Price wrote and sang a song titled “Personality.” Heard it today as the theme for some insipid commercial, and it triggered that li’l obsession of mine to rewrite song lyrics to parody politics.

    Here’s a karaoke for it with original lyrics on screen:

    Price’s cut is in the right-hand column if you wanna play it.

    And here’s my version:


    Oh-oh- over and over
    We wanted to jail you
    Over and over, and your partners too
    Over and over, but we turned out fools
    Yeah oh-oh-over and over
    CNN’s your tool

    ‘Cause you’ve got – (culpability)
    Spin – (culpability) cheat – (culpability)
    Hype – (culpability) grift – (culpability)
    Lies – (culpability)
    Plus you got a great big bank account
    So over – and over
    We’ve all been a fool for you
    Now over and over
    What more can they do

    ‘Cause you’ve got – (culpability)
    Cash – (culpability) files – (culpability)
    Aides – (culpability) dirt – (culpability)
    Pills (culpability)
    Plus you got a great big P A C
    So over – and over
    We’ve all been a fool for you
    Yeah, media over and over
    What more can they do

    Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-over and over
    We said we can’t trust you
    Over and over, you just can’t speak the truth
    Over and over, you make law your tool
    So oh-oh-over and over
    The Left’s a fool for you

    ‘Cause you’ve got – (culpability)
    Press – (culpability) – sneaks (culpability)
    Frauds – (culpability) – fakes (culpability)
    Creeps – (culpability)
    Plus you got a false foundation
    So over – and over
    The law has been a fool for you
    Yeah, over and over
    Nothin we can do

    ‘Cause you got (full immunity)
    Wolf (full immunity) – Bern (full immunity)
    Mooch (full immunity) – Chris (full immunity)
    Liz – (full immunity)
    Plus you got the whole of Hollywood
    So over – and over
    The world is a fool for you
    Now, over, it’s over
    USA is through.


  2. geeez2014 says:

    Ed, when a friend sent this last night, I knew that had to be my post for today; I’m SO TIRED of being angry and sarcastic and insulting and negative in every way….and I’m so tired, even, of having friends remind me “God is in control”, frankly, as if I don’t know that when I voice my feelings…
    BUT, what has to be remembered is that He’s in control if (when) we lose, too. And we might be losing because He has another plan.

    A friend just emailed me a picture sent by a friend who works at a magazine kiosk in NYC….It shows a picture of MADAM PRESIDENT on the cover of NEWSWEEK, but NEWSWEEK stopped publishing print magazines last year, so I’m really curious if that’s a hoax…

    pray pray pray….Pray God’s Will is OURS 🙂


  3. geeez2014 says:

    Bocopro…excellent! I know the melody of PERSONALITY and you did well! BRAVO!


  4. geeez2014 says:

    Juan Williams is talking about Trump polarizing in this campaign…”If he can bring out MORE White voters…” And I’m thinking “Do you remember when Obama begged Blacks to VOTE? He did this last week, TOO! That’s not polarizing” WHAT THE?………


  5. geeez2014 says:

    Ravi Zacharias is so wise and always stuns me with saying just the right thing at the right time; On FB this morning:

    “The LORD has established His throne in Heaven, and His Kingdom rules over all.”
    — Psalm 103:19

    God bless Ravi, God bless America.


  6. geeez2014 says:

    By the way: I GUARANTEE that should Trump lose, and the electoral map pretty much says he will, the BILLY BUSH/TRUMP conversation in the bus will have lost it for him. I can’t tell you how many men “I could never look my daughter in the face if I voted for him now” and women “how can we vote for a man like that?” are not voting for him BECAUSE OF THAT. I know quite a few, and if I DO, the country’s probably full of them.

    And not ONE PERSON (except two high school girls I spoke to yesterday…why them and not the media?) has asked in public “WHO TAPED THAT CONVERSATION 11 YEARS AGO?”

    The Elect. map looks lousy for Trump; big time lousy.

    He had a MUCH better chance until that video…MUCH MUCH better chance.


  7. geeez2014 says:

    Krauthammer’s on now talking about populism as if it’s bad.


  8. Adrienne S says:

    God doesn’t micro-manage. He knows what will happen, but he expects us to do our duty. It’s called free will.

    I tried numerous times to comment yesterday. Hopefully this one will post.



  9. geeez2014 says:

    I sub’d yesterday…one teen told me she’d been at a wedding in PA 2 weeks ago and she saw TRUMP signs EVERYWHERE, and bumper stickers.
    Another had been in Ohio and she said all she saw were CLINTON signs…


  10. geeez2014 says:

    UGH, I was right…what’s happening is white Republican women aren’t voting in large numbers.
    Hence, the Billy Bush/Trump bus audio…….no doubt about it. None.
    And Barbara Bush came out for Clinton 2 days ago. I can’t comment because it wouldn’t be nice.


  11. geeez2014 says:

    FUnny, I couldn’t bring myself to put an FB post up about Trump…not that I’m a fan, but I’d vote for anybody against Hillary…. Nor did I criticize anybody in ‘comments’ for their support of a woman like Hillary.
    But so many people put such insulting things up…such ‘rejoicing in Hillary’ posts….as if nobody feels differently….


  12. geeez2014 says:

    MY MOTHER sent me this email just now and I think she has the right idea!

    “Today is the day to watch Hallmark channel. Love, MOM”

    HA!! My very wise mother!


  13. Imp says:

    ” are not voting for him BECAUSE OF THAT….

    Meanwhile thousands of emails destroyed, enormous corruption revealed, media complicity… The FBI investigation, Comey stating that she lied…and has been since March 2015 when she claimed to not have transferred secret info illegally…refused to turn over the server….illegally “bleached'” 1000’s more emails….Creamer, thugs and Podesta criminality…..and she get the friggin crown?


  14. geeez2014 says:

    Imp…not saying I agree….but I’m telling you what I’ve heard a LOT. Very sad….
    To many women, the horrible insult, and the AWFUL way he responded “Would I DO HER” (I paraphrase, but that was basically his hideous answer) really affected MANY women…and men.
    They’re not thinking about America’s future, but they’re thinking CHARACTER, which I believe the media did, knowing Hillary was polished enough to cover hers better….that, and having the media.

    EVERYBODY: SO many headline news pages are headlining how TRUMP SAYS PROUDLY HOW TOM BRADY VOTED FOR HIM as if that’s newsworthy…and kind of insulting him for it. Meanwhile, Hillary has PUNK FOUL MOUTHED hip hoppers doing concerts for her and they’re SILENT..or bragging about it.


  15. geeez2014 says:

    I also think the turn out is up largely due to the scandals…Trump’s awful words about women, heard for ourselves…and Hillary’s wikileaks scandals brought out.

    It’s which one strikes people worse that will win it for either. Hillary’s got the E. College….so sad.


  16. geeez2014 says:

    Dan Henninger thinks Trump WILL win….pray HARD


  17. Kid says:

    Seems to me that if turnout is large because people are coming out after not voting in the past becuase they were sick of the establiishment, why come the effort in now to vote for the establishment? Maybe that’s too logical.


  18. Mal says:

    You know, every time I hear “relax. God is in control” I can’t help wondering if all those Christians in the middle east were thinking that just before being beheaded or burned, or the Christian girls while they were being raped. Sorry, but at the risk of sounding cynical, The Bible is full of violence so why would we expect anything different in our lives? Perhaps its time to remember God that helps those that help themselves. Start carrying, folks, ’cause if Hillary gets in, we’re gonna need it!


  19. Mal says:

    ( Sorry. I put one too many “that” in there).


  20. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, I’ve voted in this neighborhood for about 34 years…have never seen more than 10 people ..ever….today, it was approximately 50 when I got there and MANY more coming after (and before) me…they said the lines were around the block early this morning.
    I’d like to think you’re right. ….that people will vote anti the establishment, but then I had a conversation at the grocery store with a Black checkout clerk and a Black gal shopping behind me…”He’s RACIST” I said “His Number 2 gal at his foundation is Black…he’s no racist…ever think of how much the Democrats promise Black America, then leave them hanging?”
    Both kind of backed off………….the checkout clerk was NOT averse to Trump, she’d voted by mail…I was surprised.

    HERE”S now TENSE I AM!~! (who knew?)
    I was listening to Prager during a 10 min period of time and 2 Hispanics living in L.A called in. who basically said “I voted TRUMP, I don’t want America to turn into another Mexico! I love this country and came here to get away from the poverty and corruption!”

    My reaction? I burst into tears in the car. I swear. Goodness like that, intelligence and honesty and people putting aside the “He hates Hispanics” crap we hear, REALLY touches me….boo hoooo!!!


  21. Wile E Coyote says:

    Got my toes crossed Z..


  22. geeez2014 says:

    Mal, it’s not easy to grasp the huge Biblical background of GOD IS IN CONTROL, is it. We know HE IS, but we know that HIDEOUS things are going to happen on earth because He told us so:

    “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”
    John 16:33

    there’s a LOT of that…nobody needs to print all of them here, suffice it to say GOD”S CONTROL IS OFTEN NOT PRETTY. But He has his reasons.
    Perhaps those Christians beheaded have brought Muslims to Christ when they saw that atrocity…THOUSANDS are, by the day…I hear missionaries talk about that a LOT. ..One Muslim told a young evangelist risking HIS life in the ME that “I was waiting for someone to tell me about Jesus Christ” Could it be because he’s seen the EVIL in HIS faith? Could that be God’s planning?

    Our church gets emails for prayers from missionaries in countries we can’t share the location of for safety purposes….I wish I could find the one I got a week or two ago in my computer files…can’t right now, and would have to take off names/locations, anyway, but it’s always POWERFUL stuff.
    Muslims are DREAMING of Jesus in the DROVES>…I’d read and heard about this, but when we had some missionaries at church about 4 months ago I asked if what I’d heard is true and they said YES it is…

    The troubles today could be waking up more and more people to FAITH…Christian OR Jewish faith, frankly….believing in GOD, living like He wants us to. Of course, I hope all come to Christ, but…. We want GOOD PEOPLE to live in this land…our forefathers didn’t count on the secularism today or they’d have known their advice wouldn/t, couldn’t work.

    (by the way, when I write like this , about this stuff, I’m trying to convince MYSELF, too!)


  23. Mal says:

    I understand what you mean, Z, and agree. I just meant having the faith doesn’t necessarily mean he will protect us from any pain or suffering. He let his only Son suffer for days before bringing him “home”.


  24. Sparky says:

    Amen Z! God is on the throne. Let’s not let the devil steal our joy. We will have joy no matter what. No matter who is in government. No matter what happens. We find our joy in Jesus Christ. NO FEAR! We are His forever. Luv ~:)


  25. geeez2014 says:

    Just got home from a long lunch and other things..I sat at lunch with my friend whose girlfriend”s husband is the big Pence staff guy I’ve mentioned here before…we were getting texts from the “in crowd”…texting from the lobby of the Hilton Hotel, I believe. It’s not looking good.
    Am almost afraid to put TV on. I don’t want to know.


  26. Z,
    The polarization will be with us long after this election is over.

    Trump didn’t start this polarization. Obama did!


  27. Kid says:

    If Trump can’t win this election because of the electoral count, then no non-democrat will ever win again. I’ll be washing my hands of it for sure for the duration.


  28. viburnum says:

    I would think that the better exhortation would be “God Help America” since we’re well beyond any chance of helping ourselves. 😦


  29. I’m about ready to break out my fireworks from 2012 that I didn’t use.


  30. oaxacadave says:

    G… I think it’s President Trump. Even if he somehow loses, he has been proved right in his method of motivating the GOP base, out performing Romney numbers across the country.

    This election will be studied for generations.


  31. Stossel and Lott odds on Trump: 75% Trump!!!!!


  32. Florida! Ohio! Utah! North Carolina!


  33. Ed,
    Finally! You got to set off those fireworks!


  34. Now I’d like some sleep.


  35. geeez2014 says:

    I just wish the last few states would come in,,,


  36. Good night. It’s 1am here and the alarm is 5:30. I can’t believe they can’t call PA with 98% in and Trump ahead 50k!
    I’d love if I knew somebody would call my phone when she concedes.


  37. Baysider says:

    I can’t believe Barbara Bush publicly came out for Clinton. She is such a vulgar harridan and Mrs. Bush a steely tower of strength and rectitude. Prayed a lot for our country, and the first time I’ve prayed hard “let so-and-so lose that evil might not yet triumph.” She so needs a big slap down. Now we can pray our republic will live through the result.


  38. geeez2014 says:

    Baysider, I was furious when I saw that the other day….The Bushes have definitely not helped the cause of anti-corruption, etc. And they showed a photo of 3 generations of the Bush women; apparently they, too, actually think voting GENDER is the thing to do in 2016….brother.

    G’night, Ed!!! PRAY FOR HER TO CONCEDE! I’m hearing they may not know at least 1 result till morning..DARN!!!


  39. Baysider says:

    264! Just shutting down and Pennsylvania is called for Trump.


  40. FB says:

    I’m still watching while drinking 🙂


  41. geeez2014 says:

    It’s amazing….utterly shocking to me, never expected a win, and a little stunned, I must admit.


  42. Vib: God helped America.
    May He continue to do so.


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