WHAT??????  He WON!?  🙂

It’s midnight L.A. time….I am stunned, happy Hillary will not be president for so many reasons, and eager to feel optimistic and relieved for America.

THOUGHTS, my friends?  


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53 Responses to WHAT????

  1. bocopro says:

    Woke up around 0230 to some kinda “pop”ping sound. Took me a while, but finally realized it was liberals’ heads exploding. I’d LOVE to have been in the room when HRC got that final tally.

    Was kinda ‘fraid to turn on the TV for fear of having to listen to that smug harpy licking her lips and rubbing her hands at the prospect of all that power and wealth.

    But when I went to my local TV channel for a weather report, there were two guys I’ve never seen before talking about “What’s next for us?” with a huge banner showing that 218 in blue and 276 in red.

    Wholly Moley! I mean . . . Knock * ME * over * with * a * feather.

    So, for posterity’s sake, here’s the campaign capsule in rhyme and meter (with apologies to Casey):

    The campaign wasn’t pleasant for the GOP this year;
    Too many people running in a murky atmosphere.
    Hispanic votes were crucial but The Donald slandered them,
    While African-Americans saw white men to condemn.

    The DNC had its debates set up for Hillary
    On nights when no one would be tuning in on their TV.
    O’Malley didn’t stand a chance and Bernie was a joke,
    Except with communists and other unproductive folk.

    The left-wing propaganda arm was practiced and adept,
    The talking heads all ready with their mantras smooth and prepped,
    To give the weary nation one more presidential “first”
    And give Slick’s wife the thing for which she had an unquenched thirst.

    But still her coronation as the leftist nominee
    Was no assurance that she’d win the vote for PotUSy.
    So on the trail she went all full of balderdash and lies
    And confidence that she could pull the wool over our eyes.

    The polls all gave her quite an edge on all the right-wing boys
    Like Huckabee and Paul and Carson, Cruz with all his noise
    And Rubio the turnabouts from their Tea Party days,
    And Trump who speaks in bombast couched in overcooked clichés.

    On terror she just echoes what the Kenyan fraud has said,
    Like al Qaeda’s on the run and that bin Laden guy is dead.
    She likes to tout her record in the Senate and SecState,
    But at the bottom line it really isn’t all that great.

    And being in the White House for eight years is not so hot;
    The cook has been there longer but he hasn’t picked up squat.
    Her stance on Islam tells us that she doesn’t know the score;
    She calls it peaceful even though it’s beating us at war.

    However, she has just what’s so politically correct,
    That only Fiorina shares to help us all select
    Who’ll fix our tax woes and our debt, our existential doom,
    Those things that no man ever has, old breasts and one dry womb.

    So glibly she steps up to grab the mike and give her spiel,
    And take the softball questions from the press who come to kneel.
    Then when some cub reporter slips his leash and throws a curve,
    She simply spears it with her fork like some fat-free hors-d’oeuvre.

    “What difference does it make!” she’ll bark if he says, “Benghazi.”
    And, “Islam’s not a danger or a major enemy.
    The greatest threat is climate change, and old Republicans
    With pickup trucks and Bibles and too many extra guns.”

    The smile is gone from Cankle’s face, her teeth are clenched in lust
    For power in her final speech that asks us all to trust,
    But voters hold the power to elect or to deny
    And this time hopes were shattered by the depth of Cankles’ lie.

    Oh, somewhere in this bankrupt land the lights are shining bright,
    And “Happy Days Are Here Again” has played the entire night.
    Conservatives are singing, and no Democrats are out,
    For there is no joy in Swampville – mighty Cankles has struck out.

    I mean, she lost ARKANSAS, facryinoutloud!


  2. People said Donald Trump didn’t have a prayer. Donald Trump God in prayer. Thank God. Literally.


  3. Got in on prayer.


  4. My mom said it would be a miracle from God if Trump won. Well give glory to God he gave us a miracle last night, :D.


  5. Ye of little faith…. 🙂


  6. Angel says:



  7. fredd says:

    Now, if there is any justice, the criminal investigations into Hillary Clinton’s felonious activities will continue with renewed vigor and enthusiasm.

    Lock her up, I say. And no pardons. She deserves to do hard time.


  8. FB says:

    Feels soooo good. And how much money did he spend to win? Amazing. I hope he runs the country that way.


  9. FB says:

    And send the Clinton mafia to prison!


  10. Sparky says:

    Tolda ya so … *giggle* What’s shocking is that almost half of the country voted for the Hildabeast??!! We need a huge revival in this country. Anyway, thank you merciful LORD Jesus for your mercy and for answered prayer. AMERICA WINS!!!


  11. Kid says:

    Step One Complete. 🙂


  12. Silverfiddle says:

    I am astounded… I pray we can demonstrate some humility.

    Our Father in heaven has a track record of selecting famously flawed people do his great work.


  13. I could say a lot but it’s already been said. I think that what surprises me most is that it is being reported that [she] has received the most popular votes, albeit by a thin margin. The only thing that I thought was sure turned-out to be the opposite. I’m glad that I didn’t bet on that outcome! Finally, I’m disappointed in my state, Colorado, for not helping but it comes as no big surprise.


  14. The CUBS win and then this!!! Shouldn’t have been shocked to hear Katie Couric and her cohorts dismissing the email scandal (will Hillary do more heroic work for women and children? they asked–are they kidding?). Oh, well. Trump’s acceptance speech was quite nice.

    Can’t wait to see Melania and Ivanka around the White House–don’t care if people think it’s shallow to enjoy stylish women. 🙂


  15. geeez2014 says:

    I am a tad bit tearful since last night…good tears, unexpected tears….

    Last night, a girlfriend was here to watch with me and we were resigned, when she arrived at about 5pm, to keeping eachother’s moods up while we lost…state by state. When the oddity started happening, the COMPLETELY unexpected states started calling Trump, it was a lot of high-fiving and “WHATs!?” We texted friends, got phone calls.
    I was in a text flurry with my cousin Karl in Connecticut…and my friend H here in LA (HUGE Trump fan), who was texting both me and her best friend who was sitting with the Trump family at their Hilton suite (They were there all the time, the media didn’t know and kept suggesting they were arriving from elsewhere) because this woman’s husband works very closely with Pence. THAT was kind of cool, getting texts like “extreme emotion here with Trump family” and “He’s rewriting his speech now…” and insider stuff like that. WHAT FUN!

    Then I thought you’d enjoy this email I got from my stepson in Munich this morning:

    Hi Z

    Trump made it and the German media and politicians go beserk, they still continue the anti-Trump propaganda on ALLLLL channels. It’s so cool to see that all their wishes, hopes, ideologies and propaganda just don’t match the real reality…..
    And I also hope that Trump has the time to give the German politicians a hard time who openly agitated against him. Since he doesn’t like Merkel’s politics at all, it will be tough for her, too, which is good.

    Big hugs
    Yours A

    Ya, the European media now thinks Americans are officially NUTS, their heads are spinning, and WHO CARES? 🙂

    HILLARY WILL SPEAK SOON. Do you know I feel sorry for her? Believe it or not, I do. Imagine all these years of wanting that job, working as hard as she did as Senator to a foothold of her own in the party, to work THIS HARD at her age, stumping every single day…expecting to win. After ALL, BEyonce campaigned for her…what COULD have happened??? (smile) Ya, I’m very, very eager to hear the speech which is coming in about ten minutes if she’s on the rumored schedule… Not a happy day for her.


  16. geeez2014 says:

    SOmething I want to mention seems important to me. A LOT of our good Christian friends at the blogs, and otherwise, have said “God is in control!” meaning “We’re going to WIN! He’s GOT THIS!” When he finally won, a friend texted “I told you God is in control….”

    No. The story is that God’s being in control almost never means things will go our way. God’s being in control means He is IN CONTROL and you might want to start praying NOW that HIS will and YOURS will jive, which they rarely do!! 🙂 If Trump lost last night, who among you wouldn’t say “God is still in control”.

    You know you would. God, throughout the Bible, uses REALLY flawed people….people who didn’t love Him, people who’d led awful lives, but they have a talent He needs, or a heart only He could see and he played (and still does, obviously :-)) on that to get His will done, or something completely unexpected….



  17. geeez2014 says:

    James 5:16 “The earnest prayers of a righteous person availeth much.”

    from my friend Jean’s blog. Thank you for your earnest prayers, GeeeZ friends……thank you for your encouragement, your inspiration, your belief.

    And now the work starts.

    Clinton’s speaking very soon, supposedly…..and I just heard Obama plans on speaking. I’d SO like to write that speech. SO much.


  18. ” Do you know I feel sorry for her?”
    NO; why would I feel sorry for someone who would only exacerbate our demise?


  19. FB says:

    10 years ago my premium as a self employed person was 250 for 2. Now it’s 1000 a month. In the meantime my friend with 2 kids who decide to work part time b/c she makes enough money gets subsidized. She voted Hillary. I voted Trump. I don’t want to pay for people like her. It’s too reminiscent of France.


  20. geeez2014 says:

    Yes, I feel very sorry for her personally…this is TOUGH.

    Everybody, i had to laugh just now when Howie Kurtz mentioned a couple very liberal bastions and mentioned Santa Monica (where I live)…They usually stick to East Coast leftwing pockets….it is LIBERAL HERE 🙂


  21. Silverfiddle says:

    @ Geeez:
    ” “I told you God is in control….”

    No. The story is that God’s being in control almost never means things will go our way. God’s being in control means He is IN CONTROL and you might want to start praying NOW that HIS will and YOURS will jive, which they rarely do!!🙂 If Trump lost last night, who among you wouldn’t say “God is still in control””

    Amen, and thank you for saying this. “God is on our side” triumphalism is unseemly and un-Christian. If you read the Bible and read some Christian history, God’s chosen rarely enjoyed cushy lives. As Abraham Lincoln said, rather than claim God is on our side, we should humbly pray that we are on God’s side.


  22. FB says:

    Hillary never gave her speech to her supporters. She’s totally classless, has contempt for them. Clearly showed who she was yesterday.


  23. geeez2014 says:

    and Black liberals are on the warpath; I heard Van Jones say this last night…they won’t let go, they’ve got to keep stirring the pot, being almost as divisive as Obama’s been these last 8 years.

    Let’s hope they stop, let’s hope they actually get out of their liberal bubble and LISTEN to Trump, not just write him off. He’s so racist that the lovely Black woman on the stage last night is one of his big shots in his company for years. Maybe Black America wants to pay attention.

    Juan Williams yesterday mentioned how divisive Trump’s been ….and not ONE FOX panelist with him reminded him how terribly divisive Obama’s been….

    Well, let’s keep celebrating at least for today……….sorry for going negative again!


  24. geeez2014 says:

    Silverfiddle, thanks….it’s just so self-destructive to think something went wrong so God’s not there….but who can blame people for feeling that way? I have!
    Abe Lincoln was right…again.
    and, oh BROTHER, has God picked flawed people to do his earthly work! It’s been becoming more obvious to me lately that He does that because those people have the talents He needs to get things done here…believers or not believers.

    Adrienne, I hope Melania dresses a tad more conservatively but one thing we KNOW is America will be well represented at the White House and on the road with this beautiful family.


  25. Kid says:

    Good Acceptance speech from Donald that I got around to listening to.


  26. FB says:

    Van Jones is a communist in the mold of Staline if he had power.


  27. Baysider says:

    Z, I don’t feel sorry for HER at all. This woman who just weeks ago was screaming F bombs IN PUBLIC at the chair of the DNC, at Donna Brazile, calling her looking ‘like a dead water buffalo’ because the reporter whose questions Brazile snuck to her went ‘off script’? She has been grasping for power since the FBI’s first investigation of her in the 80’s. If she were married to John Q. Anonymous, she’d just be the cantankerous old witch controlling the local child welfare commission. If ever a person deserved a huge slap down it was this woman. The one case of true schaden freude I’ve ever had in my life.


  28. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, EXCELLENT speech…I heard it live and was SO touched….

    FB, Van Jones is a commie, absolutely….for him to ‘Go Obama’ on America and start blaming Whites already?

    By the way, I heard that White college educated women voted 4 points more than Hillary’s! HURRAH!

    A friend from Indiana called just now….he and his wife cried last night, too, when Trump hit the Electoral College votes needed. I got teary just listening to this.


    My friend in Indiana told me of seeing block-long factories empty for years, rusting….just sitting there….and I think that is a metaphor for America…nothing being made there anymore…etc…



    We prayed last night…we MUST KEEP PRAYING…….


  29. Mal says:

    ‘TOLD YOU SO!” Me too, Sparky. I said it right along. Never a doubt, right? (WHEW!!!)
    NOW……….can we all come together and get along, get things done? I sure hope so because there is so much more to be done now than when O took over in ’09. But Donald has proven he has the stamina to do the job, even at age 70.. His campaign agenda was so taxing, he had to be empowered by a greater power to accomplish it. NOW……….LETS GET IT ON, FOLKS!
    OH! And another bonus………..what a beautiful 1st Lady! And family, too, I might add.


  30. bunkerville says:

    God Bless Donald Trump and our dear Republic. We live for another day, another chance to correct the wrongs of our Nation


    Is it possible that we have endured her for the very last time?


  32. Mal says:



  33. Baysider says:

    And bocopro …. excellent verse! Enjoyed it much.


  34. geeez2014 says:

    MAL..YOU were the stalwart Trump champion from day one, and all those times I, and others, said “THERE IS NO WAYYY HE CAN WIN!” You were absolutely right.

    bunkerville, good way to put it….

    John, I HOPE SO!

    Bocopro…great piece there….!!!


  35. geeez2014 says:

    On behalf of California, I apologize in advance for a new female senator who’s basically a Californian Jill Stein. We had a choice of two liberal women, I voted for the slightly less lib one and we lost. But, she’s also so awful I can’t complain.
    Still, Kamala Harris now faces an all Republican Congress, so at least she’ll find push back to her ridiculous platform!

    NOW Obama tells us we’re on “one team”…who knew? Divisive, happy to spend us out of a future, laws passed without thinking through, lying about the Right (If I hear “those with preexisting conditions will have no health care again” ONE MORE TIME..!), dividing us by color and gender, gad, I could go on AND ON. But NOW we’re on ONE TEAM.
    There is NO TEAM I want to be on with Obama, I assure you.


  36. Bob says:

    We were watching the returns, and decided to go to bed about 2:30 AM, figuring that the results wouldn’t be known until daylight or later. I turning on the bedroom TV, and within minutes of crawling into the bed, the capitulation of Pennsylvania was announced on Fox News. It seems that CBS or another network had called PA some time earlier, and Fox was wanting to be absolutely sure. After that, and watching speeches, we just could not get to sleep until dawn.

    I am grateful we won, but we still have a lot or praying to do. Things will not be easy for Trump.


  37. Mal says:

    The headline in our paper this a.m. was……………………..



  38. Three reasons, IMO:

    1. The ACA’s damage to health-insurance industry — with the rise in premiums and reductions in benefits.
    2. Borders. People are sick of being overrun and bankrupted by illegal immigrants (public education system groaning under the load).
    3. Hillary’s unlikable factor. All the Dem women whom I personally know did not vote for her.

    The trade deficit also played in although most anti-Hillary voters didn’t really understand how damaging the trade deficit is and has been.


  39. I’m sorry, but I cannot find it in my heart to be sorry for HRC. After all, she is a traitorous Alinsky-ite.

    Her window of opportunity to be the POTUS was in 2008. Obama defeated her.


  40. geeez2014 says:

    Bob…LOTS of work.

    Mal, I LOVE the headline!

    AOW…good reasons…people want to feel SAFE, protected by someone, someone who puts their futures as a priority….
    Am not excusing this hateful woman; but I put myself in her shoes and can’t IMAGINE after all these months of the hard work she did, ..the insults she’s taken, ….no matter whose side you’re on, that’s not easy. Am I thrilled she lost? Yes, and so should my country be.

    There’s an FB post that has a picture of Mrs. Obama and the caption is, and I believe it’s from TIME MAG?, IF THIS WOMAN JUST WALKS ON A STAGE IN 2020, SHE’LL BE ELECTED PRESIDENT.
    THIS is unconstitutional, unthinking and so sad the Leftwingers are…. Remember, these are the people who scorned Trump when he said “Let’s not have an election..I’ll just do it”! Not okay for him..plenty OK for her.


  41. geeez2014 says:

    I’ve been teaching all day….did the Left make problems somewhere? Talk radio’s mentioning that and I saw some Facebook comments alluding to some after-election protests,/?? Can’t see it on my Yahoo homepage…


  42. Kid says:

    I read that anti-Trump peole are protesting and causing trouble all over America like the spoiled brats they are.


  43. Mal says:

    Trump won because he is a winner and not use to losing. The pursuit of victory drives the guy.


  44. geeez2014 says:

    I did see the coverage, plus the email you sent about that burning thing….ya…they can’t take it.
    As you asked me “Did Conservatives do this when Obama won and we so feared his platform and lack of experience?” uhhh. NO.

    Mal….well, that helped him stay with it, that’s for sure. Kind of problematic to me when he so quickly thanked his parents , because it’s said he had a HUGE thing about PLEASING DAD…very Freudian…and icky in a 70 year old, but we all have a bit of that, I think….


  45. viburnum says:

    I’m still a bit shocked.While I’m delighted that Shrillary lost, I can’t bring myself to rejoice in the fact that Trump won. It’s sad that in a country of 320 million people, these were the best we had to choose from. ;-(


  46. Kid says:

    Trump will even be better than Reagan.


  47. geeez2014 says:

    viburnum; ditto…totally shocked. And DELIGHTED she lost…but all I can do now is hang on for the ride. I was just telling a friend who called that Trump’s going to have to go a leeeeetle to the left just to shut some people up, and then put that aside forever and GET ON WITH IT…and I DO believe he will.

    Kid…I don’t think so, but I HOPE SO!!


  48. Baysider says:

    Kid, Trump is no Reagan. Reagan was a successful 2-term governor of a major state. Cleaned up Brown’s mess and moved forward. His guiding principles held him steady through storm and shadow, he was rarely derailed by deals pr flattery. Trump offers none of those advantages, he’s used to making deals, and I believe flattery is a weakness. I voted to save the Supreme court for my lifetime. I wish he were our Joshua, but he may be our Jehu at best. At least he gave our Jezebel what she deserved.


  49. Kid says:

    Baysider, as a person No, but in terms of accomplishments, I’m optimistic.


  50. cube says:

    Democrats take on the mantle of “unity” when they lose. If they win, it’s all about “WE WON.” I hope Trump is taking notes.


  51. Mal says:

    I’m with Kid on this one, Baysider. While Trump is no Reagan, the opposite can also be said. They are two different beings with two different styles. The reason i agree with Kid is Trump has more to deal with than Reagan did so has a better opportunity to do good. Time will tell, I guess.


  52. Yes no two people are alike and Trump is no Reagan but [he] is far more Reaganesque than B.O. or Shrillary. Some of the out-cry and resistance that he is being met with reminds me of the beginning of the Reagan era. Like [him], personally, or not I believe that America has made the right choice and, at least half of population understands the mess that the other half has created. As a member of the former I think that he recognizes the problems that we face. Whether or not he can fix them remains to be seen. I guess that we will see.


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