Trump: Media warfare

Did you know that SURFING THE WEB will be even MORE ANNOYING under TRUMP!  YES IT WILL! 🙂   Take it from THE MEDIA!   And the accompanying picture on YAHOO’s homepage for this article couldn’t be shared here but the whole masthead was a young woman with her head in her hands, looking SO unhappy,  staring at her laptop….the caption should have read “OH, man, Trump is ruining EVERYTHING!!!” That’s how it looked.  That’s how it read.   Bias, bias, bias.

I’m hearing now that while Obama’s administration was GREEK, remember the columns, etc., it was calm…it was, as a liberal said on TV yesterday “no drama Obama.”  It was NO DRAMA OBAMA because good Republicans who lost and couldn’t stand him didn’t MARCH IN THE STREETS, destroying traffic flow in cities, and didn’t dissect and insult every damned thing he DID, right?  Ya, NO DRAMA is right!
SO, a lefty yesterday said “Trump’s situation is SHAKESPEAREAN!”  We’ve jumped from Greek classics to Shakespearean DRAMA because his son-in-law is involved….what?

Did you know the Trump family had dinner at the 21 Restaurant in NYC Tuesday night and had the GALL not to announce it to the press?  YES THEY DID!   They’ve being slammed like crazy for that!  How dare they not inform the MEDIA???  What??

Here’s MY favorite comment to date since the election:  “Trump actually attacked the New York Times.  I think a prominent government figure like the president should never do that because the Times is one of our eminent news sources for years!”   I thought “Wait! HOW many times has HER guy Obama totally INSULTED FOX?  50?  Here and out of the country?

OH, and they’re so concerned about the SLOWNESS of picking a cabinet and are supposedly “so ANGRY at who leaked the “turmoil,” the “chaos,” that is going on behind the scenes.”  WAIT! Maybe it’s NOT TRUE, maybe nobody leaked it, maybe it’s just the media’s wishful thinking?

Now, I WILL say that about everybody Trump seems to be considering (at least everybody whose names we are being told) are pretty inside the beltway people, so that “drain the swamp” thing’s pretty much over without ever having started…no?   AND, there are MANY with ties to Europe, like Giuliani with is company and some others so the media, which despises Giuiliani anyway, is hot on that trail.  Bolton was very pro-Iraq war and wanted to go into Libya so that’s an odd guy to bandy about for that position when Trump clearly did NOT support going in…and then there are Trump’s holdings all around the world, so apparently the inference is “he has to put EVERYTHING in blind trust and his kids need to find other jobs if they’re going to talk to him every again because they might make connections and profit from his presidency..”

Trump’s election has awakened an ugliness in the left even I didn’t suspect was quite THIS bad….. I hope Trump fights HARD because I honestly do think people ARE waking up to the media.  AND, if Laura Ingraham does become Press Secretary, the media’ll get a dose of what they’ve given US for years.

SO….what do you think?  Will Trump cave to the media because of his constant thin skin stuff he’s always displaying, or will he stand firm?   Will he put the company in ‘blind trust?’

It’s not two weeks since the election and the country’s media is trying SO HARD to scare people, insult him and his family (and us), etc etc.

W H O A!   Just ran across THIS HEADLINE…Megyn Kelly says TRUMP IS POTENTIALLY DANGEROUS!    “And so if a President Trump were to come after a journalist the way he — the candidate Trump — came after me, I think it could be potentially dangerous,” she continued of Trump,”  So, he’s not POTENTIALLY DANGEROUS to the COUNTRY or the WORLD….he “could be potentially dangerous” to a journalist because he fights back?  WOW, the headline is SO bad…and the story is….’who cares?’


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14 Responses to Trump: Media warfare

  1. bocopro says:

    Here’s the REAL tragedy:


  2. Trump attacks NYT.
    Man bites dog.


  3. Silverlady says:

    Kelly needs to take her skimpy, cut-out, off the shoulder, & totally unprofessional cocktail party dresses, tuck her tail between her legs, & go home….for a looong time. Her biases have been very obvious for quite while, so move to one of the whining, no-news alphabet channels where you will be welcomed with open arms. And don’t let the door hit you on the way out.


  4. cube says:

    What lilly-livered losers did the US create and then impose upon the land? I can’t even begin to fathom the complaints of these wimpy crybabies. Where did they all come from? It used to be the urban jungle, but now it’s a cushy upbringing in suburbia??? No one is safe anymore, I guess. We all need a safe place, right? Help!!!! /s Yeah, sarcasm off, personally, I think some people need to group up.


  5. Sparky says:

    I saw that headline about Trump ruining the internet and just laughed and went on. Well, the drama queens are gonna cry and wail no matter what happens. Petulant children, all of them. They all need a whoopin’ (as we say Down South). I just ignore them.


  6. Mal says:

    A couple of days ago I read a small article buried deep inside the paper that Trump will be foregoing his $400,000 annual salary and taking only $1. Then today, I read where his son-in-law who is Jewish, will be acting in an advisory position without pay. Why haven’t they played this up? Back when Trump first announced his candidacy I wondered if he might do this, and if so, why not announce it ahead of time? Remember, Romney did the same thing when he was Gov. of Mass. but didn’t mention if he planned on doing so as POTUS if elected.


  7. woodsterman says:

    Google, where my blog is hosted placed a special notice That I have to do something because of the EU Laws regarding cookies. It will be a cold day in hell. I’m so glad Trump gave the MSM the slip.


  8. Kid says:

    It will be like this 24/7.


  9. geeez2014 says:

    now WARREN BUFFETT i warning “MILLIONS MAY LOSE JOBS” yup…wait for it.


  10. Baysider says:

    bocopro, that video is PRICELESS!


  11. Trump set to evict black family from their home in the dead of winter.


  12. Kid says:

    Ed, He’s gonna evict them All. And take away their Buicks and EBT cards.


  13. Yeah, but he’s gonna evict the ones at 1600 Pennsylvania.


  14. geeez2014 says:

    Ed, that emails making the rounds 🙂

    Gad, a friend from church’s kid has an EBT card….she says he makes money on it somehow.. ticked me SO OFF.


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