Trump; children, and others who now feel the president needs lecturing:

THIS is THE most insulting, low, country-defeating, disgusting thing I’ve read in a VERY long time.  (read it at your own risk…I personally find it a mortifying situation)

BY the way, pertaining to my linked article, how many five year olds do you know who ever heard one word that came out of any presidential candidate?  No, they don’t….their parents and teachers tell them.  It’s the parents and teachers who should have THEIR mouths washed out with soap and the teachers should be fired for carrying their repulsive liberal, non respectful ways into the classroom of small children.

By the way, I had an unwed mother/acquaintance tell me her 3 year old doesn’t call his preschool teacher Miss Jones, he calls her ELLIE, because she hasn’t earned his respect yet.  I was so dumbfounded that I didn’t think until months later that I should have said “You’re sending your child to a teacher who doesn’t deserve RESPECT? And what would that respect look like for a 3 year old boy?”

We need to call it a day, America…we’re doomed.   Even Trump can’t fix liberal shamefulness in our parents and teachers.

IF THAT WASN’T ENOUGH….Look who NEEDED TO LECTURE PENCE at a Broadway show….to the audience…laughing and cheering the insults.

When Obama was elected and went to a Broadway Show, did the cast ever say “Please, Mr. President-elect, before you leave the theater, we are a group of people interested in the health of America, please don’t run the debt up to $20 trillion dollars!  And don’t apologize to the world for all the good America’s done for them, and don’t insult the media you don’t agree with and please support our veterans!”

I don’t think so, either.


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49 Responses to Trump; children, and others who now feel the president needs lecturing:

  1. bocopro says:

    Remember that bumper sticker with the Obama “Swoosh” logo that advised us “He Won! Get Over It!”?

    Yeah, me too. And I was raised to address all adult females as “Ma’am” until directed by them to call them something else. In a polite and ordered society, it’s generally considered rude to use another person’s name in direct address unless he or she has given permission for it.

    When I got some rank on my shoulder in the military, I developed the habit of using NO ONE’s given name if that person was junior to me and never with any officer with scrambled eggs on his hat.

    In fact, I’ve always considered our unwritten policy of referring to female athletes by their given names but their male counterparts by their family names. Somehow just struck me as sexist to refer to “Martina” and “Chrissie” but call the guys “McEnroe” and “Becker.”

    Wonder why it was o.k. to call HRC “Hillary” but DJT “Trump.” Prolly ’cause of some residual neanderthal notion that it’s natural to call girls by more common names but men must be given some measure of respect in direct address, right? I mean, after all . . . girls have to be protected because they’re weak and delicate while guys can take care of themselves. Yeah, that’s gotta be it.


  2. bocopro says:

    Forgot to add to that above — saw this on a blog coupla days ago:

    “If your pre-schooler needs grief counseling because of the election, you have already failed as a parent.”

    Another one said, “If your 25-yr-old is still living in your house and crying because Hillary lost, ask yourself what your grandparents would say to you about how you raised him?”


  3. Bo. Hillary was not to be confused with Bill.
    But it also instilled a ‘warmth’ to her, while “Trump” implied more of a coolness.
    The media at work.


  4. Little kids should not be worried about politics. Period.

    The cast of Hamilton lecturing Pence from the stage is over the line.

    BTW, this morning, somewhere on the web, I read the Pence had already left the auditorium. I hope that is true!


  5. geeez2014 says:

    Bocopro….it was more a matter of CLINTON…Saying HILLARY , versus BILL.

    I think it’s highly disrespectful not to use Mr. or Mrs, myself. Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Trump works better for me.
    In my family, growing up, we NEVER EVER EVER called an adult SHELLEY….if she was a neighbor, she was Mrs. Tucker……….if she was a VERY close friend of my folks we saw often, she was Aunt Shelley. Period.
    In Germany and Switzerland, I know adults who have worked for 20 and more years with colleagues they still call Herr Schmidt. Did you know they haven’t used the term Freulein ( Miss) for years? It’s ALL Frau now, married or not, because then the single lady doesn’t feel badly. ugh. Frau turned into MS.

    AOW…I heard he’d just got up to leave…since it was planned, I doubt they let him get far before they started in from the stage, UNLESS the Secret Service (I almost typed SS but I lived in Germany and that prompts other things to come to my mind!!!!!) whisked him out quickly, as they are want to do. I doubt that they’d direct Mr. Pence to “Mr. VP Elect…You must stand here and listen before you go!” right? I hope you'[re right


  6. Silverfiddle says:

    This is the parenting that produced the snowflake generation that collapsed into safe space crying rooms for teddy bears and hot chocolate at The Trumpening. This is the pajama boy generation.

    Idiotic parents cram their heads full of progressive crap, and this is what you get. This is the same generation of criminally-insane parents who, instead of just rolling with a girl who thinks she wants to be a boy and letting her be a tomboy, instead seeks out gender reassignment surgery for a pre-adolescent and turns her school upside-down as well for good measure.

    This is the inmates running the asylum. Everyone is entitled to live their own lives however they want, and everyone’s dignity and humanity needs to be respected, but its gone too far. Hopefully the President Trump era will see most of this rolled back and get some sanity restored to our society.


  7. geeez2014 says:

    Now FASHION DESIGNERS are called NOT to dress Melania Trump because “As one who celebrates and strives for diversity, individual freedom and respect for all lifestyles, I will not participate in dressing or associating in any way with the next First Lady. The rhetoric of racism, sexism, and xenophobia unleashed by her husband’s presidential campaign are incompatible with the shared values we live by.” she wrote. “I encourage my fellow designers to do the same.”]

    Will they be able to hire a chef? A gardener? Is every trade going to say “NO?”
    And WILL they wake up and understand Trump is NOT a racist, NOT a sexist, NOT a xenophobic (um…xenophobic? his WIVES have both been foreign…but don’t let FACTS get in your way)

    This is getting SERIOUS< folks….disgusting, childish, stupid and VERY scary to me.
    And NO STORIES talk about people stepping forth saying "I'll dress Melania…I'm a designer and I agree with Trump!"
    No….the Left wins with their Alinsky methods…so sad.


  8. Sparky says:

    I don’t believe in politicizing children. It’s just as much child abuse as the other kinds I don’t need to list here. That’s shameful behaviour in my never-to-be-humble opinion. Kids should be allowed to be kids. Let them skin their knees, climb trees and have mindless fun while they can. Life is hard enough as it is without overburdening innocent minds.
    As for Hillary going by her given name, I understand she chose that because she doesn’t want to be called a “Clinton”. As someone so rightly said, it was the media guided by her evil hand that chose that.
    Our entertainment industry has gotten out of hand. They’ve really gotten too big for their britches. I think it’s time to put “them out of the camp, that they defile not their camps” [Numbers 5:3]. Stop giving them money. Don’t look up to them. Don’t ask their opinions. Etc. Those people aren’t normal. They don’t represent or speak for us in any way, shape, or form. That’s the only thing that will stop it.


  9. geeez2014 says:

    Sparky, sadly, the cheering of the theater group indicated the majority of that theater’s attendees. But they sure don’t represent US, you’re right.

    I’ll be eager for Trump to start explaining better his plans so people realize who he might be deporting, who he might be vetting…etc. As it is, the way he spoke as a candidate was hyperbolic and turned so many against him …and they won’t bother to get the truth because it makes them SO HAPPY to hate him and warn others to hate him, too. Before the truth comes out. And reasons behind his moves. (which many will STILL not support, but…)

    As I said in my post….ever hear any theater folks warn Obama PLEASE not to get us into trillions of dollar debt? Or PLEASE don’t go around the world apologizing for us, or dividing us so badly in racial divisions, etc? Silence. They loved it, apparently.


  10. bunkerville says:

    The coarseness of our society is simply mind numbing. All of this in one generation.


  11. John M. Berger says:

    So if these marshmallows procreate; what then? I’m glad to be 73!


  12. SF,
    Idiotic parents cram their heads full of progressive crap, and this is what you get.

    Exactly so!

    And if the parents don’t do that, the school systems do.


  13. Z,
    A pox on those fashion designers.


  14. Mal says:

    What I wondered is why Pence attended the show to begin with. He had to know it might be a hostile crowd, so why attend? Hopefully, he and Trump are going to make fools of all who doubted them ’cause that’s what I believe will happen. Meanwhile, everything either of them are doing is getting attention and aired on the media. It’s really living in the proverbial glass house.


  15. geeez2014 says:

    Mal, I doubt ANY VP -Elect would ever think we’ve stooped to this low. What gives these dopes the RIGHT, the NERVE, to be SO insulting? Parents, teachers, and the leftwing media…with a lot of help from Soros.

    Bunkerville….right…and I don’t see how we can change it back to what WE knew…do you?


  16. Baysider says:

    Z, theater goers would never have warned Obama to not put us trillions of dollars into debt because THEY HAVE NO 2ND STAGE THINKING, and the thrill was still running up their legs. (:

    Before the election Dana Millbank at the Wash Post wrote that teachers needed to speak out in the classroom and warn their little charges about Trump. What if even one had warned about voting for an inveterate liar who was an unindicted felon that sold her office for gain?

    And bocopro I also remember “I won, you lost.”


  17. geeez2014 says:

    Baysider, it was a rhetorical question, but yes….not only can they not think forward, they don’t really give a darn what happens to America….”the gov’t pays”. They’re THAT stupid.

    I was thinking this morning that what the Right now has to do is ACT SHOCKED AT WHAT THEY DO…Conservative writers have to LAY IT OUT, REPEAT WHAT HAPPENED (designers, casts of shows, children being coerced, as my German friend in Cologne just emailed “that’s child abuse” when I told him)..and say WHAT ARE YOU THINKING? YOU THINK THAT’S DECENT?

    Then the response, sadly, IF the Conservatives DID find the nerve to fight back with decency, would be “Do you think Muslim vetting is DECENT?” You all know I’m right…and then the Leftwing cycle wins …again. Because WE WON this election and I’m beginning to sense a ‘meme’ went out to GET THEM…MAKE IT A MESS…bring up EVERY NEGATIVE YOU CAN.
    So far, so good, huh?

    Silverfiddle “Hopefully the President Trump era will see most of this rolled back and get some sanity restored to our society.”

    Do you see this HAPPENING? Even the ABILITY to DO it? Change these snowflake hearts around?


  18. geeez2014 says:


    Did you see the link in my comment way above? We’ve now come to a place where most of the people on an American air carrier BOOED when they found an American soldier died and his family was bringing his body home? They BOOED because he died in a war they don’t approve of?


  19. Baysider says:

    Yes, and I noticed the article said THE FIRST CLASS CABIN booed.


  20. bocopro says:

    Hauntingly reminiscent of what some of us — many, in fact — endured when coming back from tours in ‘Nam in the 60s . . . another shameful episode of activist media steering public opinion to deceive, detract, and defeat unpopular policy.

    I wasn’t ever personally assaulted or threatened by unwashed flower people in SanFran or L.A., but I did get close enough to them on occasion to hear their bleating ignorance and raging hypocrisy. HATED it when they demeaned and disparaged caskets coming back through Travis or Vandenberg.

    Most of the individuals I spoke with on the issue were grossly unaware of the fact that we nearly had General Giap ready to quit until people like Fonda and Kerry began spewing their self-promoting agitprop around like samples at a Snake Oil clearance sale.

    Kronkite was the worst, though, because unlike most of the others, his voice had the ring of authority and gravitas while spinning his own version of the thing to ramp up distaste and abhorrence for a war he disagreed with.

    We were doing our jobs as we understood them, and damned fine jobs at that. We weren’t the policymakers, only the trained and loyal instruments of a government we believed in . . . at the time.


  21. geeez2014 says:

    Bocopro…I think Vietnam was so far more hated than the wars we’re in now….but I see your point. They treated soldiers then awfully.

    Baysider, Imagine? Not surprising that the richer, elitist first class fliers booed…tho Mr. Z and I had so MANY frequent flier miles we started with First Class then decided it wasn’t worth it so we flew business. I never flew coach but twice in 19 years!


  22. Mal says:

    You know, Bocopro and Z, they never treated us that way during the Korean War, for some reason. They still had respect for us just like during WW ll except while stationed at Fort Benning, Georgia. I believe I mentioned before they had signs in the windows of businesses in nearby Columbus, Ga. that read “No Niggers or Soldiers”. That really went over well with us, especially when my college education.was being interrupted so I could serve.


  23. geeez2014 says:

    Mal, what a HORRIBLE thing…How HIDEOUS!…I hope Columbus, Ga has changed!

    I don’t think any war was as reviled as Vietnam….particularly after Cronkite had HIS way with it, as Boco said above.


  24. Baysider says:

    “we flew business”
    What a blessing for two ‘Amazons’! My long legs equate to a 6′ tall man, and my one trip in first class was heaven.


  25. Mal says:

    I’m sure it has changed in Georgia as well as the entire South, Z. After all, I was talking about 1951. WOW! That sure sounds ancient, doesn’t it?


  26. geeez2014 says:

    Baysider, I know! Who needs caviar and champagne in F.C.? We got smart and switched to Business…it’s the LEG ROOM…my being 5’9″ and Mr. Z having been 6’4″!

    Mal…back off on anything “ancient” about that particular year, OKAY? 🙂 HA!!!


  27. bocopro says:

    1951 . . . good time to be alive and growin up in America. My mother was about to remarry and I was on the cusp of understanding what all that fuss concerning “girls” was all about.

    We actually LEARNED stuff in school and didn’t hafta worry ’bout being politically correct or cholesterol or guys on street corners pushin drugs.

    A Coke cost a nickel, a Baby Ruth cost a nickel, and the cigarettes I bought at the store for my grandfather cost a dime a pack. Gas was around $.25 a gallon. And nobody that I knew had ever even HEARD of the Qur’an.

    No TV in the house, so we all gathered in a semicircle around this wooden box in the living room and listened to The Shadow, Fibber McGee and Molly, Inner Sanctum, and The Lone Ranger while we ate homemade pie made with real sugar and real lard, cookies made with real sugar and real shortenin, and lemonade made with real lemons and real sugar, and corn popped in a pan on a gas range and drippin with melted butter.

    I thought it was a good deal to mow some old lady’s yard on Saturday mornings for a quarter, then take that quarter down to the Lido theater for the matinee, see a double feature with Lash LaRue or Tom Mix or Roy Rogers or Johnny Mack Brown, have a coke and a box of popcorn, and still have a nickel left over. In winter, you could always get a couple dimes for shovelin sidewalks or a nickel for clearin snow off a man’s car for him while he had breakfast of skillet-fried ham & eggs.

    Dammit, I want a do-over.


  28. Baysider says:

    B: You bought cigarettes for your grandfather? Hah! Yes, I remember seeing a little boy at a local store buying for his mom, with a note from her. What a different age.


  29. bocopro says:

    Yep! Had to have a note, but they trusted kids in those days, just as kids trusted cops. When we were hurt or sick, we knew we could always depend on the town police or firemen to help us out.

    I also bought cigarettes for my Aunt Mary, who was too lazy to walk 400 yards to the store to buy ’em herself. She wanted to send me uptown for beer and booze, but my grandmother (her mother) put her foot down and said that was just wrong. My grandfather said the guy at the store wouldn’t do it anyway.

    Tempi cambi.


  30. Silverlady says:

    Considering some of the ‘fashuns’ seen on Michelle I would hope that her ‘designer’ would never be asked to design for Mrs. Trump. They looked like they were ‘created’ by someone with a visceral dislike of the woman.


  31. geeez2014 says:

    Bocopro, I want to do it over WITH you 🙂 What good days.

    Baysider..imagine a NOTE they BELIEVED in those days…and they had reason to? Ah, bliss. BLISS! OH, I see Bocopro hit it…Yes, they TRUSTED the kid, that’s what I meant by “they had reason to!” LOVELY days…
    Tempi Cambi faster than we’d have thought…and in ways your grandfather would NEVER have thought, Boco

    SilverLady…Imagine poor Melania wearing poofy skirts with short sweaters? ARGH!
    Although Mrs. Obama did look handsome from time to time…


  32. The hypocrisy of the Hamilton show refusing to hire white actors says it all. So pathetic. More pathetic are the wealthy self-loathing white people clamoring for tickets.


  33. Kid says:

    I remember the little girl who wrote to the USSR president, Gorbachev? Think it was during Reagan’s term. Wanted to know why Russia wanted to nuke us. SHe ended up going over to visit. Thought that was cool.

    Anyway, gonna be 24/7 disgusting Z I’m going to be ignoring it.


  34. Mal says:

    Bocopro “I was on the cusp of understanding what all that fuss concerning “girls” was all about”. Up till that time you simply thought girls were simply soft boys!


  35. Ok, hold onto your heads, GeeeZers! Ready? Here goes!

    I don’t want a mealy-mouthed, NICE President! I want a bull of a man who’s going to punish the bastards who’ve been abusing and cheating this country for decades, OK?

    Donald Trump was elected to get our jobs back, to close our borders, to send illegals home (especially the violent ones), to completely destroy ISIS, to reduce immigration overall, to keep Muslims out of our country, to hold corrupt Washington DC ruling class elites accountable for their crimes, to defend our religious freedom, to appoint conservative Supreme Court justices, to repeal and replace ObamaCare, to negotiate FAIR trade deals that benefit us, to kill TPTA/TPP, to cut down the size of government, to pass a federal budget that massively reduces spending, to cut taxes, to cut regulations, to end common core, to abolish the Education Department and turn it back to the states…. etc.

    In short, he was elected to kick ass and take names. NICE has no place in his Presidency!

    Teachers and parents manipulating children into writing letters to President Trump about being nice? Pardon me while I go throw up! What a bunch of weaklings!


  36. John M. Berger says:

    BRAVO, I couldn’t have said it better!


  37. Mal says:

    I’m with you, FairestWitness! You can count me in!


  38. Well, geeez, JMB & Mal…. Come on, man! The Left is always trotting out “the children” – my God, Hillary had an ad with kids watching Trump on TV. Blech! Gag me!

    Let their parents protect them, it’s their job anyway. I’m sick of the Left setting standards based on what children should hear. Meanwhile, we’re losing our country.

    Our country has enough with the namby-pamby Leftists!


  39. Kid says:

    FW, RIGHT ON !

    Especially a Conservative3 Supreme Court for the next 50 years !

    I’m feeling faint now.


  40. Kid says:

    PS – The democraps have caused every life sucking problem this country has – with little to no push back. Time for push back and hard. I want to walk down the street watching libtards weeping. I want to see them smashing their heads into walls becuase of the pain of conservative capitalistic common sense !! I want them on the ground squirming like worms on the asphalt in Phoenix AZ in July and not even a blade of grass in sight.


  41. John M. Berger says:

    “The Left is always trotting out “the children” – my God, Hillary had an ad with kids watching Trump on TV”
    Well, isn’t it “the children” who will, one day, get stuck with the bill for reckless borrowing, particularly, in the B.O. years? I’m sure that wasn’t included in Shrillary’s “ad”. It will take a very long-time to turn that around, if ever.


  42. geeez2014 says:

    FairestWitness..GOOD Luck with your hopes….I’m not as positive. Trump loves himself some LOVE and he’s not feeling it now….he’ll cave more than we’d like..BUT if he does half of what he’s promised that’s still good…
    And WHY did he tell the Hamilton cast off, asking for an apology (which was good) but he had to add something like “Hamilton, which I hear isn’t too good” when he knows VERY WELL that it’s THE BIGGEST HIT of the SEASON! anybody in NYC knows it. GAD.

    Kid…”Feeling faint now” Made me laugh OUT LOUD!


    Everybody say the following prayer RIGHT NOW: Dear God, thank you that Ruth Bader Ginsberg never retired before Obama left office………… HER seat will be a CONSTITUTIONAL ONE, too! AMEN!!!! Yeah, GOD 🙂


  43. Hard to wrap my mind around the Hamilton cast disrespecting any individual audience member, let alone choosing to do this to the Vice President-elect. Absolutely boorish, classless & destructive behavior. Here they have a smash hit play and they deliberately bring dishonor upon themselves. Bet their box office will suffer.


  44. JMB, no, that was not in the ad against Trump. But your point is spot on! We’re spending borrowed money that they’re going to have to repay. We simply have no choice but to buckle down and get this country’s economy going again. We created this massive debt and we’d better start paying it back. It’s our duty to do so.


  45. geeez2014 says:

    FairestWitness, I hope their box office will suffer….but this may prompt more to see it, too, I think we can’t underestimate how many strong libs are in NYC. Other attendees are folks visiting NYC from around America and who paid a VERY pretty penny for tickets and waited a long time, so they’d probably not boycott. But, I HOPE SO

    Tomorrow I’m blogging on a hypocrisy you may have heard about….let’s talk about it then!


  46. geeez2014 says:



  47. Mal says:

    We watched Pence being interviewed this afternoon on Fox where he was asked about the Hamilton show and he commended the show and how much he enjoyed it and refused to say anything unkind about the idiot’s comments. Now THAT is class!


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