Kellyanne Conway….goner?


If you were Donald J Trump, would you keep Kellyanne Conway in contention for any position in your administration after THIS?  You can watch the videos in that link if you like (in the top one, mention of Romney’s about halfway thru… the Chuck Todd video below is all about Conway’s criticism of Romney), but reading the article ought to be enough to make my point.

Conway says being loyal is a very important part of any job with Trump;  she condemns Romney for not having been loyal to Trump, and he certainly was NOT.  Is she being loyal to Trump to Tweet negatives about a man he’s considering for Secretary of State?

I don’t want to get off my subject about CONWAY’S LOYALTY (and I think she IS loyal, that’s why I found this astounding, frankly) but who do you think Trump will choose for Secretary of State?

And, as an aside..I WISH Trump would just SHUT HIS MOUTH, STOP TWEETING, and start acting like a president-elect.   I really thought he’d improved…but, alas…


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43 Responses to Kellyanne Conway….goner?

  1. There is a literary device, and evidence of this is Miller’s Crossing, where the top lieutenant, in an effort to save the boss from his own bad decision-making, appears to cross the boss in public, force his hand,, knowing that it would be best for the boss’s best interest even though it will torpedo their relationship.
    This could be that.
    Some think Trump asked her to do this and is feigning outrage.
    I have no idea who Trump will choose.
    Are you asking who he SHOULD choose?


  2. Apparently, Conway is the kind of person who stands up for what she believes is right — in other words, a person of integrity.

    I have no idea if there’s another strategy behind this. But I could be that Trump will make a public show of backing away from choosing Romney as Secretary of State because Trump has stated, over and over again, “I am your voice.”


  3. I hate the idea of Romney as Secretary of State.

    That said, yesterday I read that he is staunchly pro-Israel and has placed the blame for lack of peace in that reason squarely on the shoulders of “the Palestinians.”


  4. geeez2014 says:

    AOW, when asked (in the video), is this a strategy of the Trump team, that you’re saying this (I paraphrase)..she actually said “I won’t answer that.” 🙂
    He’s definitely pro-Israel, yes.

    Ed, I asked who you think Trump will choose…….Please weigh in on who YOU think he SHOULD choose. Interested,as well, in who we all think he’ll choose, whether we like it or not. Or both..
    I, too, think it could be that she’s been put up to this.


  5. geeez2014 says:

    You all hear Colin Kaepernick is praising Castro? After not standing for the National Anthem, this begins to all make sense. He’s revealed.


  6. Um, region — not reason.


  7. John M. Berger says:

    “Please weigh in on who YOU think he SHOULD choose.”
    I’ve always thought John Bolton should be given this post. Is there something, there, that I don’t understand? That said, I have no idea what Trump has in mind. While I supported Romney in the previous election, he has disappointed me in the current one. As you know, Newt feels the same way.


  8. I think the association Kellyanne Conway has with President-elect Trump is one of mutual respect. I don’t think Donald Trump needs or wants “YES” men or women working with him. He surrounds himself with accomplished & capable individuals who make significant contributions to his strategies & goals. He hires the best people he can and then weighs & accepts the professional advice and work product they put out. If he doesn’t think they’re doing a good job, he fires them. How could he NOT accept Conway’s views? He won the election and that means she did her job successfully. Trump is a big enough man to share the stage with his team. He doesn’t need to agree with them, nor do they need to keep quiet if they disagree with the boss.

    I actually think Mitt Romney is the best possible choice for the Secretary of State post. His world views are similar to Trump’s and where they differ, Trump will prevail. Again, he doesn’t want “YES” men and women, he wants top-notch people on his team. Mitt Romney would bring serious gravitas and auctoritas to the U. S. State Dept. Furthermore, the entire State Department needs a complete top to bottom overhaul. That is Romney’s wheelhouse.

    As for Colin Kaepernick’s latest BS? It’s further proof the man is ignorant. He won’t stand for America’s national anthem, but admires Fidel Castro? He’s an idiot who doesn’t realize the oppression he falsely accuses America of standing for is, in fact, ongoing in Cuba and has been for 6 decades under Castro.

    I just can’t understand why the San Francisco Forty Niners haven’t cut him from the lineup; he’s a distraction and bringing about unfavorable attention to their franchise. Furthermore, Kaepernick has yet to win a single game he’s quarterbacked this season. It’s obvious his focus is on himself and his new found celebrity. How does that help his team win football games? He’s such an ass!


  9. John M. Berger says:

    Re: Kaepernick,

    “I just can’t understand why the San Francisco Forty Niners haven’t cut him from the lineup; he’s a distraction and bringing about unfavorable attention to their franchise. Furthermore, Kaepernick has yet to win a single game he’s quarterbacked this season. It’s obvious his focus is on himself and his new found celebrity. How does that help his team win football games? He’s such an ass!”

    Well, San Francisco: Why do they keep Pelosi around? She such an ass, as well! It must be something in the air.


  10. FW,
    I actually think Mitt Romney is the best possible choice for the Secretary of State post.

    His appointment to the post of Secretary of State would enrage most Trump supporters.


  11. Addendum: and to the point that many Trump supporters would not support him for re-election in 2020.


  12. Kid says:

    Between the two of them, I’d pick Giuliani.


  13. i love Rudy Giuliani and I think he’d also make an excellent Secretary of State. He would also be able to reform the State Dept. I’m not sure Rudy wants the job. He’s making a fortune doing what he’s doing and he’d be taking a massive pay cut. He’s not a wealthy man like Trump, so I think he’d be happier in the private sector.

    I would not drop my support of Trump for any Cabinet pick he makes and his reelection is 4 years off. There will be so much news generated between then and now that I doubt anybody would remember their objections to Romney.


  14. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, he’s lobbying HARD for the job.
    If people want to talk LOYALTY, and how Trump’s so into that, they’ll realize Trump’s screwing Giuliani if he doesn’t pick him because who was more loyal from the get-go?
    I agree…I want Giuliani in this position.

    AOW’s right…people will be outraged if he does pick Romney.

    FairestWitness…my friend who’s well acquainted with Pence’s right-hand guy says the one thing they all say is Trump isn’t inclined to listen to anybody so we need to hope he’s changing. The guy almost didn’t work for Pence in his VP candidacy because he loves Pence but can’t stand Trump’s reputation from insiders.
    Kid’s’s a fact that Giuliani wants the State job badly…he’s actually said he’d like to do it…
    And i agree with you, if Romney is picked now and ticks a lot off, there’s so much that will happen these 4 years (if America survives them) that nobody will remember not liking him…
    This whole Conway Tweeting thing just looks BAD and the media’s ALL OVER IT….Trump MUST LEARN that EVERY SINGLE LITTLE THING HE DOES is scrutinized negatively….nobody’s talking about anything but how Conway either is disloyal or sending signals FOR Trump.


    JMB: it’s in the water 🙂


  15. geeez2014 says:

    Perfect, this morning’s headlines are how TRUMP IS FURIOUS AT CONWAY FOR GOING ROGUE! Now if he doesn’t pick Romney, it’ll really absolve him of any responsibility..

    I think Romney deserves the shun, by the way……he could have got Hillary elected; what else could have been his goal?


  16. woodsterman says:

    I don’t doubt her loyalty, but she shouldn’t speak out of turn. Maybe she had Trump’s permission to test the water.


  17. geeez2014 says:

    Hi, Odie…I agree…some of the comments cover what Trump’s part in this might be. xx


  18. Sparky says:

    My opinion is that Kellyanne Conway isn’t being disloyal. I’m with her on this one. Mitt Romney will be a huge mistake if chosen. This may be Donald Trump’s first glaring error … aside from the Tweets, apparently. I’m not on Twitter anymore (it’s more of a cesspool than FaceBook), so, don’t keep up with that anymore.


  19. cube says:

    Ed Bonderenka: Didn’t I see that on an episode of “Star Trek”? Slights within slights… different cultural references I know, but still common political fare.


  20. cube says:

    Kellyanne Conyers is loyal to Trump and may be, at Trump’s bidding, sending out a trial balloon re: how receptive the republican base is to someone as “RINO acceptable” as Romney. I’m opposed to Romney as Secy State given that Romney’s statements were worse than anything Hillary said aganst Trump. He said he would never serve in a Trump admin. and I’m OK with keeping it that way.

    In retrospect, had Romney campaigned against Obama the way he campaigned against Trump,
    he might have beat Obama. Too little, too late, Mitts. You had your shot.


  21. bocopro says:

    Well, most of the discussions I’ve been involved in on Trump for the past year or so have hoped that he’d not surround himself with a buncha “yes” men but set up a team with diverse approaches to specific problems, a sorta alter-ego arrangement where there’s always somebody to whisper in his ear “Memento Mori.”

    I’m very gratified to see Raddatz (whom I consider a Clinton shill) giving Conway clear opportunity to explain herself without butting in or contradicting her. And I don’t see Romney as a leader as much as an organizer, and that really won’t work as SecState ’cause he’d be tryin to herd cats . . . just don’t think he’s got it in him to do that effectively.

    Conway has her head on straight and isn’t afraid to speak her mind, and DJT seems to respect that. Hope he allows her to stick around and play King’s Fool a la Lear and keep him from nailing one foot to the floor and running around in tight little clockwise circles. She reminds me of a blonde Michelle Malkin, whom I’m deeply in love with, and she could serve a good purpose in his posse as his co-confessor (with Giuliani and Gingrich, who aren’t afraid to tell him off either).

    The strongest message DJT could give the world right now is Bolton as SecState, that message being “Look, you phony sonsabitches, don’t try any four-flushing or back-stabbing on me like you’ve done with O’Bambi; I’m not in the mood for that stuff and will just fling it back in your faces.” If not Bolton, then either Corker or Gingrich. I’d make Giuliani my full-time Sancho Panza or “Duke.”


  22. Mal says:

    Good grief! All this fuss over Trump’s cabinet! Lets quit the armchair quarterbacking and give the guy a chance to get sworn in (not cussed out!). Its his cabinet and his choices. He is an extremely successful businessman. I have faith he knows exactly what he is doing.


  23. John M. Berger says:

    “The strongest message DJT could give the world right now is Bolton as SecState”

    Not surprisingly, I agree. Why do you suppose he isn’t being considered or, at least, not appearing on the short-list? I’d appreciate your thoughts.



  24. bocopro says:

    JMB — well, part of the problem with Bolton is that he might have some heavy sledding in the confirmation process. The only reason Dubya got him in was that he used a recess appointment. As I recall, Rand Paul said he’d never vote to confirm him.

    And you gotta admit, the guy IS a hawk, having supported war in Iraq and suggesting military confrontation with Iran and even recommending that Israel take out key Iranian assets with nukes.

    Trump professed a kind of “you leave us alone and we’ll leave you alone” stance during the campaign, so Bolton’s in-your-face approach to petty twerps and professional doubletalkers would be kinda like dangling a menorah in front of a mosque.

    O.K. All that said, I think it’s TIME we had someone with some aggies representing us on the world stage. And by that I don’t mean that anti-American clique on the East River. I mean the guy dealing directly with potentates and paranoids and parasites and sycophants, not to mention people who want to rid the planet entirely of Western culture and install shari’a law.

    Diplomacy is nice, for dinner parties and humanitarian causes celebres. But I’ve personally had enough of the sanctuary-city and open-borders and welcome-refugee mentality. We don’t need a Chamberlain; we need a James Monroe.

    Bolton reminds me a lot of Churchill whereas Romney reminds me a bit of Kerry.


  25. geeez2014 says:

    Bocopro “Bolton reminds me a lot of Churchill whereas Romney reminds me a bit of Kerry.” BRAVO…I agree!

    Mal, I fluctuate…was feeling MUCH better about Trump but am not again. DARN 😦

    Cube…check out the comments above…we’re in agreement. xx


  26. Looks like Petraeus is a candidate, but with Flynn in, Pompeo (first in his class at West Point) and possibly Mattis as SecDef, that would be a militaristic looking cabinet.
    I’m down with that.
    No Romney or Giuliani for me for SecState, though.
    Neither has International Affairs chops.


  27. Kid says:

    Ed, I like Giuliani because of his leadership experience as Mayor of NYC and moreso his personal association to 9-11 which will never leave his mind and soul. I want whoever is SoS to know what islam is all about and treat islamic countries appropriately. Like now with the moron Kerry trying to save syrian ‘rebels’ who are Al Queerda. Time to end this BS. Identify our enemies put targets on their backs and quit looking at the world like its a friggin board game.

    Allen West woulb be a deccent pick for SoS in that regard..

    I’ve never heard Romney even talk about 9-11 or islam or any of that. No idea what he even thinks about it but I’ve seen some things put out on him that put me in the camp that Romney is for Romney and therefore not far from the clinton beast.


  28. Kid says:

    PS – I remember Kerry saying during his campaign for president that “9-11 didn’t affect him very much”. Wow with a capital F.


  29. Kid for SecState!


  30. Kid says:

    Ed, I’ll do it. And the press will crucify me. I’ll be so Twitter it will make Trump look like Barney on Sesame Street.


  31. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, but you’d probably only Twitter about things you KNOW about, unlike Trump, who’s spoken stupidly about Cuba relations (they’ve actually been better since a tad bit softer PLUS American businesses have just invested tons of money now they’re going to take it BACK?…he has NO facts about voter fraud which I’m sure happened but the media’s having a blast reminding folks there’s no proof, …he’s just off to CANDIDATE TRUMP again and we shouldn’t excuse that when most of us accused Obama of always being in candidate mode…except he was at least articulate and mostly factual)


  32. Kid says:

    I sure understand your points Z. 🙂 But this is the “New Normal”. It could be Trump has identified what engages the youngins and it sure isn’t common sense or intelligence, It’s Brad and Angelina. It’s “social media and the gossip stuff” He may have his finger on the pulse of the nation, and while it turns off us older critters, in the end it won’t matter becuase in 2020 we will ounce again have a choice between Trump or some vampire communist ferret vermin with its fur unwashed and falling out and campaigning on surrendering to the moslem vermin while we pledge servitute to homosexuals, blacks who have not ‘integrated’, paid a dime in taxes, or contributed squat to the ott…, and other assorted vermin that make up 0.02% of the population.

    The less PC, the more TRUMP !

    Hooooo Haaa Sis Boom Baa, We are the Non PC That will Win the Day !!! The crowd goes Wild…… Trump Wins Again !!!!!


  33. Kid says:

    Remember how Ronald Reagan called the USSR the Evil Empire ? It’s time to call out the rest of the world now. No more touchy feely diploooooooooooooomacy.

    Let’s identify the evil and destroy it by whatever means necessay. Nuke Mecca and the entire ME as far as I’m concerned. Drop massive quantities of weapons into the EU countries and let them have at it. You don’t make friends with bullies and street gangs. You kick it’s ass. Period.


  34. bunkerville says:

    Hate to say it, but reports are that she has in excluded lately from the inner circle. Payback can be hell. I don’t know, but Romney’s ego will not serve the position well. Either way, Trump needs to shut up and stop this parade of candidates through the front door. The back door please and shut the twitter feed up.


  35. John M. Berger says:


    I agree 100%; thanks my friend.


  36. geeez2014 says:

    But KID….let him just know FACTS before he mouths off! Reagan said EVIL EMPIRE and he was right..he had plenty of backup for that statement. Trump’s NUTS again… I hope you are absolutely right..believe me.

    Bunkerville. I couldn’t agree more…back door, please. NO cabinet’s ever got THIS much ridiculous gossip…….it’s NUTS. Trump thrives on it, but it’s bad for the dignity of our country.


  37. Kid says:

    “But KID….let him just know FACTS before he mouths off!”



  38. Mal says:

    Russia’s “Evil Empire” now seems tame when compared to Islam and Sharia Law, doesn’t it? But why do we need to make a choice? Because Russia can be an ally in ridding the world of Islamic Terrorism similar to them being allies during WW ll against the Axis Germany. First things first. At least Russia is a Christian nation like us. Lets build from that.


  39. Kid says:

    Mal, Agree completely.


  40. John M. Berger says:

    Mal & Kid,


  41. Mal says:

    We have people living here who want socialism while Russia has people who want freedom. We ought to make a swap with them and everybody would be happy. AND WE WOULD ELIMINATE all THE FREELOADERS!


  42. C-CS says:

    KID-whom I know – Mal-whom I ‘just met’ –You are both –RIGHT ON!!
    NO on Romney!!


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