CARRIER….”comin’ for to “carrier” home..?”

Mexico warns Carrier that they’re going to suffer for not moving there.


Apparently, Carrier will get $700K a year in tax incentives to stay in Indiana.

What are you hearing?  This is an article that seems negative about the whole situation, suggesting Carrier’s parent company would lose federal contracts if it didn’t play ball.

Obviously, we’re happy Carrier workers aren’t going to lose their jobs.  Is this how we should keep jobs here?  How else could we?

Megyn “Great to see you!” Kelly did a lousy job last night covering this story;  lots of conjecture based on rumors…very liberal Austan Goolsby weighing in negatively, of course, “it’s corporate welfare” (Z: weren’t the bailouts corporate welfare, pal? Or Solyndra?)…he added that “this is not what Trump promised to do…he was going to threaten them and negotiate…this wasn’t a negotiation, they paid them to stay there” Z:  And how does one negotiate without giving something in return for a deal, Mr. Goolsbee?


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17 Responses to CARRIER….”comin’ for to “carrier” home..?”

  1. I mentioned to Scherie, after I heard about this, that I wondered how much Pence was involved.
    Now I know.
    If the incentive could have kept Carrier, and it was a state incentive, not federal, then why wasn’t it made earlier and how much will Pence/Trump be attacked on this basis?


  2. Kid says:

    Why should a company get federal contracts if they move out of the country ?
    What is wrong with giving tax incentives ? It’s been done for centuries by both sides.

    The left are whining like little kids being made to eat their broccoli. I wouldn’t expect it to change. It’s all they got.


  3. fredd says:

    Donald making Barry look bad already. Barry said he had a pen and a phone; he used his pen plenty, but never picked up the phone. He could have done the exact same thing Trump did with Carrier, but he doesn’t have the inclination – Indiana is full of conservatives.


  4. geeez2014 says:

    Just watched Melissa Francis, the FOX Business guru….I was kind of pleased to hear her say exactly what my instincts told me, and what you guys are saying….WHY NOT OFFER INCENTIVES? WHY NOT TAKE A FED CONTRACT AWAY FROM THE PARENT COMPANY AS A THREAT? THAT truly IS the ART OF THE DEAL, isn’t it, folks!

    Check this out, from the Indy Star! the EGO of JOSH EARNEST AND OBAMA HAS NO BOUNDS:

    WASHINGTON — What does the current president think of the president-elect’s announcement that he’s kept close to 1,000 Hoosier jobs from moving to Mexico?

    White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said Wednesday the White House would not be critical of Donald Trump’s efforts to keep Carrier Corp. from closing its Indianapolis plant.

    But Earnest did express some skepticism that a strategy of retaining manufacturing jobs one company at a time would be effective and sustainable in the long run.

    Earnest touted President Barack Obama’s record on manufacturing, which he said had created 805,000 jobs over eight years. That doesn’t include jobs like Carrier’s that were saved.

    “So, if he does that 804 more times, he will have matched the standard set by President Obama — at least when it comes to manufacturing jobs.”

    Z: THE STANDARD SET BY OBAMA? Why hadn’t HE fixed the Carrier deal?


  5. bunkerville says:

    Trump stuck it to Obama. I don’t care what it cost. Message sent…. message received…. The Dems could give their Green buddies Billions in hand outs that produced nothing. As far as Megyn, she can’t get to CNN soon enough for me.


  6. geeez2014 says:

    They’re saying now something else I’d worrried about…other companies can say they’re planning on moving just to get a financial benefit from us….

    Bunkerville…they’re even saying this morning that Trump was taken by Carrier 🙂 Tell that to the employees who still have their jobs.

    Megyn’s a big disappointment…and she spends about the last 10 minutes of her show now pushing her book….showing footage of book signings she apparently travels for every day, hugging soldiers, saying her mantra “Good to see YOU, too!” to people in the audience…as they show their adoration….Ainsley Earhart is donating the proceeds of her book and Megyn is not, so it’s odd to see FOX allowing this kind of advertising for her. In my opinion, anyway.


  7. Silverfiddle says:

    Democrats are mad because Trump is doing what their party should have been doing: Looking out for American workers.

    Salt in the wounds: MSNBC’s Cenk Uygur praised Trump.

    If nothing else results, I hope the old left-right paradigm is shattered.


  8. fredd says:

    Z: Bill O’Reilly shills for his crappy ‘Killing….’ books for two or three minutes at the end of every damn one of his crappy shows, and this has been his format forever. Megyn Kelly took notes.


  9. Sparky says:

    Actually, I don’t believe anything being touted by the news at this time. We’ll have wait and see what the art of the deal was before passing judgement. I think we’re only getting a skewed image of what happened at the moment. My instincts are that Carrier was forewarned about how the Federal Government will start imposing stiff tariffs on imported products as the Fed’s are suppose to do (that’s Constitutional). It will be easier, cheaper, more competitive to stay in the USA. I hear that Oreo’s also wants to return now. And, at any rate, look at it this way, it really sticks it to the man who calls himself Obama big time. History will not be kind to him.


  10. Mal says:

    Fredd, I believe what Z was saying is O’Reilly’s profits all go to charity……100%…..but not Megyn’s.
    As to the deal Trump made with Carrier, good for him and bad for Obama! And he hasn’t even been sworn in yet, so imagine what can be done after he IS!


  11. Megyn Kelly has become so egocentric that I can barely stand watching The Kelly File now. Her success went to her head.


  12. Mal says:

    AMEN, AOW!


  13. John M. Berger says:

    Certainly, Trump’s [recognition] of the economic “death spiral” we have been swirling in, i.e.: mounting debt, decreasing labor force participation, money printing (quantitative easing) outrageous taxation, etc. is way past due in our highest levels of [government]. [If] he is able to turn this mess around (it will take some time) and America does become “Great Again” I pray that the DemocRATS and their propensity for: stifling taxation, support of greedy unions, environmental boondoggleing (e.g. anthropogenic climate change) , restriction of job-creating projects, wasteful spending on programs that produce nothing but useless bureaucracy, on and on, will be kept at-bay. OK, that won’t happen; after all as long as [they] remain, any hope of GREATNESS will be at extreme risk. May they BURN IN HELL!


  14. edbonderenka says:

    Tax incentives.
    Wasn’t that Trump’s whole deal for retaining jobs in America and luring them back?
    Lowering the tax burden?
    But once again, this seems more Pence related, as it’s a state tax incentive, not federal, and he’s the governor.


  15. Mal says:

    All we can do, guys ‘n gals, is pray and hope he really can deliver as promised. Considering the shape our country is in, what he told the Black community holds true for all Americans……”What do you have to lose?”


  16. geeez2014 says:

    AOW,i’m so sad about Kelly….she REALLY was so sweet and smart and has totally bought into her popularity, which is apparently waning… happened to Palin, too, you’ll remember.
    I can barely listen to the new Megyn Kelly VOICE…deep and weirdly staccato and ‘dramatic’ lately….I did like her SO much and hope she wins me over again.

    Fredd…O’Reilly spends 3 minutes…she’s spending the last 10 minutes of every show….apparently, she’s flying all over the country during the day and doing her show from NYC at NIGHT? Or SOMETHING? WOW>

    I FINALLY got back on line, folks…was off most of the day. MADDENING!!

    Silverfiddle…so SO good, what you said about the right/left paradigm being shattered.


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