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Oh, BLISS!  Would that more children got this very, very sweet message!   Please watch, it’s only a tad more than 3 minutes and the end mentions the clincher I wanted for today’s Sunday Faith Blog, the first one in December, the Christmas month!

This is contrary to those very sweet Hallmark movies, (all day, all late November and December), where they constantly seek the meaning of Christmas and, over the years, not one of them has mentioned WHY Christmas exists!  The meaning appears to be, according to those scripts, finding a boyfriend at Christmas, making the best cookie at Christmas, marrying at Christmas!  Which is all cute, but………………what?

I rejoice with my readers that we know the true meaning of Christmas and I hope you enjoy this little Peanuts video!

God bless!


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33 Responses to Sunday Faith Blog

  1. jerrydablade says:

    Classic. No way could it be made in today’s gestapo buzzfeed secularized anti-christian climate. And good observation regarding those Hallmark holiday movies. How do they churn out so many of these? They all rotate between those handful of ‘plots’ you mentioned and just change the names (and cookie recipes :). They also seem to feature broken families of some fashion. You never see a Walton’s family Christmas anymore.


  2. bocopro says:

    Customs, traditions, rituals . . . they’re the glue that holds a society, a culture, together. Where they come from is immaterial; what’s important is that they offer hope, good will, a feeling of belonging.

    Christmas does, that, to the nth degree . . . or at least it used to before it became overcommercialized. It’s not exactly a season, but more of a shared feeling, a communal attitude, a spirit of friendliness and graciousness, of rapport and charity.

    I like it. The whole point is that mankind CAN be noble if he puts his mind to it. He CAN put aside the suspicions, the doubts, the hatreds and get along with his fellows, at least for a little while.

    But alas, as with all things, sooner or later people come along who see only profit in it and pervert it with exaggeration and guilt and crass commercialism. Bill Murray’s movie Scrooged exposes that perfectly.

    As a kid I became suspicious of it the first time I heard about a reindeer with a nose serving as a beacon. I’d love for us to go back to a Norman Rockwell milieu and forget what Madison Avenue has done to it, but that ain’t gonna happen.

    Still, as corrupt and flawed as it’s become, I think we as a society are better off WITH it than we would be withOUT it, even though most people today know more about Colin Kaepernick and Mitt Romney than about a small, brown, wiry rabbi who changed the Western world for two millennia, mostly for the better.


  3. cube says:

    Jerrydablade nailed it, IMO. I’d add that the Hallmark movies are so schmaltzy, the commercials alone are capable of inducing dyspepsia in me. That said, if some find them inspiring, who am I to complain. Me, I’ll stay away from the Hallmark Mystery channel until they get back to the mystery part once the holiday season is over.


  4. I love this video! Merry Christmas!


  5. Jerry,
    You never see a Walton’s family Christmas anymore.

    I remember that episode. So wonderful!


  6. geeez2014 says:

    Cube! We’re all definitely of the same mind, aren’t we….

    Jerry…perfectly said…

    bocopro, your comments really touched me; you’re so right. I SO wish that people would remember that CHRISTmas is about CHRIST and, while we all LOVE the beautiful of colored lights and decorated trees and gifts (of course!), we’ve let the meaning slip.
    Imagine a group of 10 yr olds TODAY asked to sing JINGLE BELLS let alone a NON secular Christmas tune? Ain’t gonna happen. Ask any group of 60 yr olds, they REMEMBER EVERY WORD of ALL Tunes. (trust me!) Forget Christmas tunes…how about asking 30 year olds if they know IT’S A GRAND OLD FLAG, or EASTSIDE WESTSIDE or I”M A YANKEE DOODLE DANDY…FORGET IT, they DON”T KNOW THEM…so SO sad.

    AOW…love how you wrote that and SO glad you enjoyed it, too. Almost brings tears to our eyes when we think how far our kids have become from that sweet goodness.

    YOu may catch The Walton Christmas…The Waltons are on cable in the afternoon and they’ll be showing it! 🙂


  7. geeez2014 says:


    The friend I hoped some of you prayed for yesterday(I attached that request to yesterday’s blog post) , who had a double mastectomy Friday, did GREAT and they sent her home YESTERDAY!! IMAGINE? Please pray for a good recovery; the doctors were extremely pleased with the health of her lymph nodes and are very optimistic tho this is a particularly virulent cancer. PLEASE PLEASE PRAY FOR SANDY!!


  8. Mal says:

    Bocopro is correct about the commercialization of Christmas. To confirm this, all one needs to watch is how folks act on Black Friday, shoving, pushing, and cussing at one another. Can we please return to the 1950’s?


  9. Adrienne S says:

    When I was a child, the Christmas season revolved around Church and family, We still had plenty of parties and gift giving, but as soon as the gifts were opened, we headed off to church.

    Since so many people today are un-churched, it’s not hard to understand why they don’t “get” Christ Mass.


  10. geeez2014 says:

    Adrienne, that’s true….it’s not hard to understand, but I do long for the days when most people did know the true meaning.
    I suppose the barrage on Christmas, and the commercialization can be said to be undermining the church in America. Even I don’t quite understand why Hallmark Channel feels it necessary to show Christmas movies 24/7 for more than a month….by the time Christmas is here, we’ve all had it!

    Mal, that was the message in my video, actually. And yes, the sales on Christmas, THanksgiving, etc., are so very sad….Remember when most stores were closed on Sundays? I believe it’s only recently that some stores in Germany are open…and France, for that matter. But NOT many stores. And some here say “God’s DEAD in EUROPE!” ?

    We also never had public school sports events on Sunday most are Sunday mornings. Intentional? Intentionally rude and undermining of those families with children who attend church?


  11. cube says:

    Our girls attended Catholic school from K-12 so they grew up knowing the real message of Christmas. From K-8, their school put on a Christmas play and it was a treat we all looked forward to each year. Even the smallest children had parts, whether they were just extra sheep or shepherds, all were included. One year’s play, “Something’s Up Down In Bethlehem”, which sounded a bit irreverent, yet was produced by one of the stricter older nuns. Imagine that. It turned out to be beautiful, upbeat and very respectful to the birth of Jesus and one of the best plays my husband and I can remember from the school. My point, yes there is one, is that during the recent Thanksgiving break, our youngest was home from grad school and she and her sister filled the house with many of the traditional Christmas songs, out-of-the blue, like in a musical when people spring into song. It was a very merry house that week 🙂


  12. cube says:

    I read what you wrote to Adrienne about Hallmark’s 24/7 Christmas movies and I agree completely. They cut off Columbo and the other mysteries in November! I had no idea there was such a market for this thin, runny pablum.


  13. Mal says:

    Aw, c’mon, Cube et al, lighten up a little, would ya? Actually, we enjoy Hallmark movies pretty much year round. Sure, it doesn’t mention the true meaning of Christmas, but it does show the warm spiritual experience for the day, usually converting a non believer or celebrant to look forward to the next one. When each film is over, we always sarcastically chant “and they lived happily ever after”. Another plus….none of Hallmark’s films are vulgar, suggestive, or crude, which is a welcome change from the rest.
    I guess that makes us like thin, runny pablum. ;o)


  14. geeez2014 says:

    Mal, I enjoy them, too, but after a time, the “let’s find the TRUE meaning of Christmas” mantras really ought to include the birth of Christ, no? Christmas is NOT finding a boyfriend, I don’t care HOW many times the scripts say so!!

    Cube…they take 2 hours of FRASIER off every night when those 24/7 films start…I go through WITHDRAWAL 🙂
    I LOVE how your girls know those tunes, etc…..LOVED hearing that!


  15. Bob says:

    I really liked the Peanuts clip. My wife and I think it’s time for our g-kids to see Charlie Brown’s Christmas.

    Bah-humbug as for years been my Christmas greeting, up until Christmas Day. I hate all the tension and stress of the holiday season, but I do love the people, kids, and love on Christmas Day. We will usually go to a Christmas Eve church service where we are reminded of the real meaning of Christmas, Jesus Christ. It is meaningful to worship on that day.

    My oldest brother spent three days with us last week, and we had a chance to re-discover each other. Plus, his left-coast daughter finially got a job and did not become homeless at all. Her friends saw here through the tough spot, and her “poor me’s” seem to have been diminished.

    Great comments from everybody. I agree with Bocopro, Jerrydablade and others. Hallmark films are for the mentally mushy folks.


  16. Kid says:

    Z, I have no interest in finding a boyfriend.

    Worse than the commercialization is the country’s infighting. People like the athiests need to look the other way and change the channel. Personally I’m about convinced those who oppose Christianity are those who want to commit sin with wild abandon and never be reminded about the consequences.


  17. geeez2014 says:

    KID 🙂 Then don’t watch Hallmark movies 🙂 And STAY OUT of certain bathrooms! HA!

    I too just don’t get why atheists can’t look the other way or change the channel. MY GOD, WE have to every time two men are kissing or I have to hear some woman tell her husband how constipated she is, or SO many things I’d rather not see on TV. I don’t protest in the streets, I don’t write letters…I just don’t watch.
    What’s the BIG deal if a public school teacher or sergeant in the marines has a Bible on their desk? It’s CLOSED and nobody’s MAKING anybody READ IT…but they can’t do it!
    I once wrote an article after interviewing a senior at Santa Monica High School who told me the choir told their choir teacher the cross she was wearing was offensive (this was about 20 years ago) and she had to stop wearing it.
    Also, I agree about the sin thing, and those folks need to remember Christians sin, too! One of our sins is letting THEM get away with their vocal disdain and their getting nice people’s shops to close or expecting nice little girls to go into bathrooms with boys in the name of political correctness….

    It’s sort of like the election protects….Leftwingers can just never LET IT GO.

    Bob…the Hallmark movies can be sweet and, at least, they’re clean, but the whole idea of the CHRISTMAS MOVIES with NO MENTION (EVER) of the TRUE meaning of Christmas really IS mush.
    I’m SO glad your niece is doing better in L.A. now….great news! Also glad you reconnected with your brother; there’s a nice Christmas gift!.


  18. geeez2014 says:

    By the way, if Trump picks JON HUNTSMAN as Sec of State, I’ll be SO SORRY I voted for him…and I’m not going to be that critical about everything Trump does, but THIS, for ME, would be a BIG BAD CHOICE. I think the man’s awful. I admire his father immensely..I’ve been a patient at the Huntsman Clinic in Utah,…for one day…but it ROCKS. His son? ugh.


  19. Z – What am I missing about Huntsman, that I don’t find him a controversial choice [with a rather good resume]?


  20. bocopro says:

    Huntsman is an experienced ambassador (China) who speaks Mandarin, but I don’t see much compatibility ‘twixt him and DJT. He’d probably have little problem with Congress’s approval and would be fairly popular with a lotta Ds.

    My only criticism of him is that sometimes he opens his mouth before engaging his cerebrum, and he’s generally off base on immigration and climate change. Of course he wouldn’t be directly involved in those agencies as SecState.

    His daughter (on Fox ‘n’Friends) is a total fox, and a pretty savvy kid. At first I thought she was there just because of her father (and grandfather), but she’s shown that she knows which end’s up.

    He did a good job as Utah governor, and he got along quite well with Soetoro as ambassador to China despite having worked for both Bushes.

    He might be a Sinophile, tho, and I’m not sure that’s a good idea.


  21. He didn’t do so well in the primaries a few years ago.
    Appeared too liberal and smug. And served Obama.
    You could say his country, but I’d say Obama.


  22. geeez2014 says:

    CI, it’s a ‘gut feeling’ of mine. I found him very cocky and not that informed during his candidacy…Just a woman’s intuition thing, nothing you could find in writing, etc. I just don’t like him.

    Bocopro…thanks for that info. I wondered if the Huntsman gal on FOX was his daughter! She is absolutely lovely and bright. Her grandad ROCKS and his hospital ROCKS, too. ASTONISHING excellence there, I have to say. is it Abby? Ya, I just Googled…Abby Huntsman. i really like her.
    And I REALLY REALLY like Tricia Regan; she is like Tucker Carlson; TOUGH and RIGHT. NEVER BACKS DOWN.

    Not sure his being a big Sinophile (if he learned Mandarin, he probably IS) will help, that’s for sure! Not with DJT’s agenda with China!

    I remember him as being VERY cocky and …. well, as I said…women’s intuition. HOWEVER, I do put a lot of stock in peoples’ children and how they reflect on the parents and if Abby’s his daughter, that’s a good sign.

    PAUL RYAN IS ON SIXTY MINUTES….gotta dash and watch him!


  23. geeez2014 says:

    ED. THANK YOU!…yes SMUG…excellent word for him. And too liberal. Yes.


  24. Bob says:

    I never did like Huntsman. Smarmy is the term I attached to his demeanor. What is more interesting is Trump taking the call from the President of Taiwan, and then tonight tweeting basically that he didn’t need to ask the Chinese for permission to answer the telephone. The Chinese have been pushing the world around while we just sit and let them do it because we are afraid of having problems with the Chinese. We are going to have those problems, anyway.

    Let’s hope that Trump doesn’t let his mouth over-load OUR ass.


  25. geeez2014 says:

    I LOVE PAUL RYAN. He was fabulous tonight with Scott Pelley of 60 Minutes, who’s a total JERK and couldn’t have been more insulting toward Trump. And, brother, did Ryan handle the anti-Trump stuff well…”Who cares what he’s tweeting at 3 AM, I think this president has a good chance of really making life better for Americans, that’s why we’re here.” I paraphrase, his was better, but that’s the essence.
    Pelley actually had the nerve to ask “You don’t think Trump is going to try to run this country without Congress? Does he understand?” And I’m thinking “You love Obama…how’s about HIM and his Executive Orders?!”

    LOVE how Ryan’s big on reducing REGULATIONS, fixing the ACA, and fixing Medicare; REALLY explained that well tonight and cheered me up when he said they’re not going to change Medicare for the older folks but something has to be done with the Gen X people to support the older folks AND have Medicare available for the younger people like him.

    I will always be a Paul (ol’ BLUE EYES) Ryan fan….


  26. geeez2014 says:

    Bob, I couldn’t agree with you more on China and Trump; his mouth could REALLY REALLY get us in trouble, but he was right on this one. Some guest on FOX was explaining about the Taiwan situation and that he thought it was totally good that Trump spoke to Taiwan; their president WAS elected, etc. This conversation certainly did send a message to China. Did you hear they’ve lodged a complaint? (WWWWAAAAA, the crying babies)!!

    And yes…smarmy, cocky..that’s Huntsman. I’m REALLY not a fan.


  27. geeez2014 says:

    I also like how Ryan said Trump answers his own cell…just ‘hello’ and they have 20-45 minute conversations….Pelley asked him if he’s the Trump we see at events and he said “he’s like us now, talking back and forth…solving problems” In other words, more considered, less pompous. A good thing.


  28. geeez2014 says:

    When did Anderson Cooper go on 60 Minutes as a host? I haven’t watched it in a LONG time!


  29. myfoxmystere says:

    Keep up the good work!


  30. Bob says:

    I never watch 60 Minutes. Come to think of it I hardly ever watched Anderson Cooper.


  31. geeez2014 says:

    Bob,I don’t either…but I LOVE Paul Ryan and heard he was on…. actually, we used to watch 60 Min ALL the time but it got so liberal you felt you almost couldn’t trust it.


  32. cube says:

    Mal: Lol. Gosh, I feel lightened all of a sudden 😉 As to your comment, please never let anyone keep you from your HLM love. I’m a Star Trek fan so I’m used to way worse language thrust my way… pablum is babycakes by comparison. It’s all good 🙂


  33. Mal says:

    OH! Cube. It didn’t deter me one bit. We will probably continue watching the one shown at 8 p.m. every eve till we get sick of ’em, which is getting closer every evening! It’s been a welcome change from all the stuff on Fox the past couple of years.


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