General Petraeus and “her”..

I found THIS ODD….The woman, Broadwell, with whom General Petraeus had an affair, is very suddenly coming forward “to get her life back.”

Why NOW?  “It’s a bit of a shocker to know he’s being considered for a cabinet position and I haven’t been able to move on…why shouldn’t I be able to move on?”

What do you think of this?  An attempt by her to stop Petraeus?  An attempt by others to coerce her to speak now, just when Petraeus’ name is being considered for such a position?$$$  I’m no big fan of Petraeus (though I kind of give him a pass on the confidential stuff he shared because she, too, had top security clearance at the time), but….I found this bad timing.


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34 Responses to General Petraeus and “her”..

  1. I can’t divine Broadwell’s motivation or intentions, but I haven’t read where she’s spoken ill of Petraeus.

    Broadwell certainly did have a security clearance in her role as an Army Reserve Intelligence Officer…….However, one of the fundamental components of having access to classified information, is having the need to know. In her capacity as the co-writer of Petraeus’s biography…she did not have this need….and Petraeus knew this.


  2. Our culture gives a pass to marital infidelity and sexual indiscretions because it’s none of our business and A Private Matter. But it’s certainly reflects morals and character and that may be demonstrated here. I understand people make mistakes and recover but not everybody does.


  3. Mrs Grundy says:

    I think she’s sincere. She should be able to apply for jobs without being discriminated against because of her “notoriety”.


  4. bunkerville says:

    The danger to this cannot be overlooked. Petraeus could have been blackmailed just like Kerry has been IMO with having his in-laws still living in Iran.


  5. Kid says:

    The timing is very suspicious. I don’t think she called and asked to be put on, I’d say they called her to get her on in their quest to damage anything Trump.

    Petraeus pled guilty to a misdemeanor while these hypocritical slime tried like hell to get someone clearly guilty of felonies into the thie house. Comey admitted she is guilty of felonies during Trey Goiwdy’s questioning.

    How couild Petraeus be blackmailed. He’s already pled guilty and everyone knows about Broadwell.


  6. Sparky says:

    Personally, I think having Petraeus in this position is maybe not the best choice. He doesn’t seem to be a man of high moral character. Maybe he’s changed / repented? Guess time will tell.

    On a happy note, the Stock Market sure is improving because of Donald Trump’s election. Did you see where the MSM is saying that it’s O-blamers “boom” in the economy making everyone happy for the future?! Oh really?! They sure are desperate for Dinglebarry’s legacy to be something other than the total destruction of Western civilization. I laughed myself clear out of my easy chair on that one.


  7. geeez2014 says:

    CI, no, she has not spoken badly of Petraeus, which I admire. “need to know” sure makes sense and is probably an integral part of security agreement details.

    Ed, I cringed hearing her on the video talk about how supportive her family’s been . My heart aches for her husband and can’t imagine how anybody handles such public humiliation and private utter betrayal…and that IS what it is.

    Mrs. Grundy..I agree. I’m questioning the timing.

    bunkerville, have you seen those photos of Kerry with Iranians at his kid’s wedding, and many others? And the kinds of rumors there are about his having caved to Iranians due to family pressure? We don’t know it’s true, but it’s typical that the media hasn’t covered THAT when they’re all over ANY connection Trump has…anywhere, with anybody.

    Kid, that’s MY sense. And what do you bet she gets quite a good job very soon, too?

    Sparky, I think he’s a lousy choice. He may be just the man in his expertise, but to even consider nominating him when with his scandal, after Trump called Hillary a crook for playing easy with classified info? What’s he THINKING?
    Yes, my portfolio’s the only one that’s going down a little with this ‘boom’ :-(!!


  8. Mal says:

    Both Broadwell and Petraeus should be given a break. Most everyone has sinned in one form or another. She shouldn’t be discriminated against and he should be given a post on Trump’s team if desired. Their honesty in admitting their wrong should be enough. It is also a refreshing change from those in our current administration.


  9. Baysider says:

    Ditto Mal. HER husband sounds like a prince (I read a follow-up link in the story). It’s amazing how invincible people may feel after serious wrongdoing. They all paid a price – him a steep price. I’d rather see Mr. Bolton in this role. Generally happy with Trump’s picks (just think what we’d get with the Hildebeast). But since I learned his transition team was on the ground in Washington last SPRING I’ve gained more respect for him as an executive. He was an outsider and knew he had to ‘be ready’ and put a team into play.


  10. Mal says:

    I also saw on Fox News this a.m. that Trump is selecting a lot of multi millionaires, which a lot of folks don’t like, but I do because (1) They are proven as accomplished individuals and (2) they aren’t in it for the money, like most of the rest (ESP HRC!). Sharp people generally make smart decisions. I mentioned a few weeks ago in this blog I had justread in our local paper a small article saying Trump is forgoing his $400,000 salary as POTUS and taking a token $1, but I haven”t read or seen this since. I wonder why? You’d think at least Fox would mention this.


  11. Kid says:

    Completely agree Mal. We don’t want apprentices. Had that the last 8 years. I think I read at one point only 8% of obama’s ‘team’ had any business experience at all.


  12. Mal says:

    @ Kid…………..”….only 8% of Obama’s team had any business experience at all”, and boy! Does it ever show!


  13. geeez2014 says:

    COMPLETELY disagree with Mal, Baysider and Kid…the very idea that Trump would constantly slam Hillary for mishandling confidential information and then publicize his idea of getting, of ALL the people he could tap, a guy who DID THE SAME THING? Naaaa.
    On the other hand, I TOTALLY believe this guy and his ex-mistress deserve every chance to get whatever jobs they want now….other than one handling secure information!

    Kid, lots of people aren’t apprentices who haven’t been proven to have done what he did, right?

    I LOVE Trump’s picking rich, successful businessmen and generals for cabinet appointments…who else knows how to GET THINGS DONE?

    And I wouldn’t mind if Trump TOTALLY kept ALL HIS HOLDINGS….we knew he was a billionaire when we voted for him, we knew he had holdings all over the world….AND I, personally, trust that he’d never do anything for America just to benefit himself.



  14. AND I, personally, trust that he’d never do anything for America just to benefit himself.

    But you surely understand that many of us don’t have that sort of trust in Trump.


  15. Kid says:

    Z, No prob with your comment… To clarify though, my apprentice comment was directed at Trump bring in very wealthy very successful people. That would be My first choice, even though all the little buttercups will purse their lips and bitch about selecting ‘rich people’.. (and the pun about ‘apprentice’ 🙂

    As far as Petraeus, There are few people who have the skinny on all of the countries cultures and leaders than he does. I don’t care what it looks like, I want the best guy for the job unless he is really dirty and the Petraeus thing was defined as a misdemeanor. Anyone complain about JFK’s orgy house? bill clinton’s orgey house? The totally corrupt, lawless and incompetent obama administration? Screw the left, I don’t care what it ‘looks like’. I’m smiling Z, Honest.

    I’d take Bolton too. He has experience as well, but not as much relative knowledge as Petraeus.
    If I were Trump I’d say Petreaus did his time, and paid the fine. The left is all about giving people another chance right? Pin the tail on their donkey and make them work it for a change.

    And most of all – Perfection is impossible….. Ogggggggggghhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmm


  16. Kid says:

    CI, I don’t know any of us has blind faith here. I don’t. But what I see going on with Trump has a million times more potential than what the clinton beast would have wraught upon this country and the world for that matter.

    We (The huge number of people who were inspired to come out and vote again after not voting for probably decades) Will hold DJT’s feet to the fire which means if he dos not govern as promised for the most part, he will go down in history as a chareleton, a failure, and a one term president. I think that is the last things he wants, and I think he knows exactly what I just said.


  17. geeez2014 says:

    CI, you know how I feel about Trump….not good. But on this? You surely understand my intuition that he’d not screw this country. I actually think it’s laughable to think he would need to.

    Kid, I don’t agree on Petraeus…but I SURE do on John Bolton.
    And yes, Trump is a million times better than Clinton. Either of them.

    I like what you added…that Trump’s ego couldn’t take Americans turning on him…I only hope that amazing love of public adoration doesn’t include pandering to the left….


  18. geeez2014 says:

    OH! Trump’s saying “MERRY CHRISTMAS…we’re going to start saying MERRY CHRISTMAS AGAIN, folks!” at the Michigan event he’s now speaking at.

    Today I said to the girl who took my money at a parking lot “Merry Christmas!” She said “Happy Holidays”.. I said “it’s CHRISTMAS” “Yes,” she said..”but some people don’t like to hear that so I say HOLIDAY” I said “ignore them, or tell them to ignore you!” laughingly. She smiled and said “MERRY CHRISTMAS!” 🙂


  19. I’m not so much concerned about Trump’s holdings, as I am who holds his debt.

    Sure, Trump is better than Clinton, at least by a few degrees……but my trust in Trump is nearly equal to my trust in his supporters holding him to account, when his actions are only in comparison to Clinton.

    I’m a cynic…I know….


  20. The alleged “war on Christmas” again…really?


  21. That wasn’t directed at you Z….but rather Trump and Lewandowski.


  22. geeez2014 says:

    Oh GAD…Trump’s talking to the crowd right now at his Michigan event… like they’re personal intimate friends “so I said…and they said…then we won Ohio…the people of Ohio are ‘unbulievuble’…then we just kept winning…”donald trump as won…”…etc etc” He’s SO PROUD.


  23. geeez2014 says:

    CI, We’re going to be addressing assaults on Christianity, including Christmas, here from time to time and I know you can do better than what we expect some atheists and some Jews (A Jewish friend of mine said it bugs her husband that L.A. has so many churches on ‘every corner’) and Muslims and Shintoists to do….please ignore it. I’m tired of the arguments every single time, every single year. Thanks!!


  24. Kid says:

    The Christmas Thing? I think there are a few activists who get large voices in the media etc. SMALL % of the population. It’s a PC thing, not an athiest thing. But the problem is all the little snowflakes, cupcakes, and buttercups have apparently bought into the idea that if No One Ever Offends Anyone Anymore, the whole world will become just like Sesame Street. Man, they’re in for a shock.


  25. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, we’ve all been blogging this for years….story upon story of stores not saying CHRISTMAS, of trees called HOLIDAY trees..etc etc. If you or others don’t care, that’s FINE, but I expect people to IGNORE it like WE have to ignore burkas, for example. I can, they can.

    Yes, it has been an atheist thing, I’ve carried many articles by atheists on this subject, but I think a lot of atheists get blamed for Christmas bashing simply by the nature of their non-belief, and that’s not fair because most don’t care. But, yes, mostly it’s a PC thing and YOU KNOW how I LOVE PC (not!)!!!

    I don’t want a people told what to believe!! I don’t care what most people believe, but leave the founding faith of our country alone, that’s all. Let people who celebrate Christmas, which is still just over 70%, celebrate it!!

    I quickly GOogled and…there’s just one


  26. “Assault on Christianity”? Oh, I’ll ignore it alright. I don’t have the mental bandwidth to expend on good people of the right engaging in the very political correctness they vehemently decry. I’ll spend my holidays not worrying about what random strangers give me in rote and meaningless greetings.


  27. Kid says:

    Z, I agree. We know athiests are out there banging it but I don’t think many people pay attention to athiests. It is much more the PC thing that has gone mainstream. And that’s not athiests, it is the left who declared war on anything American and who have won over the snowflakes.

    Then of couse you have the marketing thing. Some corporate butthead wringin their hads over whether their sales $ will suffer if they say Christmas, or play any Christmas tune beside that disgusting piece of non-music from the ginch. So, now we’ce found another reason to like Trump. He says “We’re going to say Merry Christmas!”.



  28. geeez2014 says:

    CI…ya, that’s ‘ignoring it,’ …I don’t know why you need to swipe.

    Kid, forget atheists…I use that as an example because of what I wrote above…it’s typical to attack them for their bitter anti-Christian thing because a few of them attack…not all…but that’s their whole meaning, to be without religion. Not all attack religion.

    Your other point is better, and something I’ve mentioned year after year on this subject;
    How stupid is it when only CHRISTMAS uses ‘those trees in the lot’! ?
    Ya, I heard Trump say that…and he’s right.

    And it’s not CHRISTMAS, necessarily, but the very idea that anybody is so uptight they can’t hear it and not be angry!!? man


  29. Kid says:

    Z, Yep Seriously retarded. Dec 25th, the recognized birth day of Jesus Christ. Screw em all. They want to disrecognize Christians, but they want to be recognized. Typical fascist libtard. Screw em. Let’s all tell them we’ve had enough of their childishness.


  30. geeez2014 says:

    Kid! That’s how I felt in the parking garage when the girl said, finally, “Merry CHRISTMAS” (see comment above)….she gave in to ME, not the ‘powers that intimidate her’…hurrah!
    I respect the religion, or non-religion, of all people; I just wish they’d leave mine, the largest in America, ALONE, stop insulting, stop whining, stop not calling things for what they ARE, right?



  31. There was no swipe Z. There are 14 broadly recognized religious observances in the both of December [not counting the upstart Kwanzaa]; the Christmas Day is one of those holy days. To demand that not only yours be singled out by rote greetings and ironic commercialization from random strangers and private business enterprises….but to also proffer [as Trump and Lewandoswki explicitly did] that “we can’t say Merry Christmas”… both political correctness in the first part, and a fairly tale in the second.

    And unless asked specifically to respond, I’ll bow out on this somehow sensitive topic.


  32. Mal says:




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