READ THIS THROUGH…and tell us what you think:

Trump doesn’t get daily briefings because he says he’s “Smart” but they say Pence does get them.  Personally, I think that’s enough. I don’t think he’s that smart, but let Pence find the time to be briefed then tell Trump what he really needs to hear.   Do you agree?

Right around the same time the Fox News interview was airing on Sunday morning, where Trump said he didn’t think Russia was involved in hacking during the election, a bipartisan group of senators released a statement saying Americans should be alarmed by the CIA’s findings.   They’re clearly insulting of Trump by the senators, in my opinion.

What do you think….is Russia a problem, is Trump right or wrong?  Are the Republican senators wrong for participating in the statement?  McCain and Graham are the two Republicans;  in my opinion, the biggest worms in the Senate.

How do you say WORM in Russian?


Happy Monday!

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56 Responses to TRUMP and RUSSIA

  1. bocopro says:

    Having spent 40 years of my adult life in government-run organizations, I’ve sat through more than enough dog-and-pony shows to last a lifetime. Generally speaking they were, as Trump says, pro-forma repetitive time wasters.

    Still generally speaking, one could just read the minutes later and learn all he needed to know, unless interpersonal relationships, political posturing, and self-promotion by peers were of primary interest to him.

    What Trump is doing is called “delegation,” and it’s an integral function of good leadership and effective management. I’m sure Pence would be quick and accurate in sharing ominous or lucrative data or directional changes in hot-spot activities.

    Of COURSE Russia is a problem. Of COURSE other nations are constantly digging around in our cyber stuff, eavesdropping on our staff meetings, digging through the trash in our repair shops and coffee houses.

    My opinion is that our geeks are good enough to find the forensic footprints in a hack, and the FBI says there aren’t any facts supporting a successful manipulation of votes. The CIA doesn’t deal so much with facts as with supposition and behavior. They suspect Russia; ergo, they accuse Russia as a knee-jerk.

    What I think is ironically hilarious is this:

    Go to about 2:00 if you don’t wanna watch the entire thing. Kinda sums it up for me.

    And as for his appointing too many flag-rank officers, he’s appointed the same number as did Soetoro by the time he was inaugurated. And I’m sure THEY would keep him up to speed on the intel if he played hooky from the dailies. DingleBarry RARELY attends them, but that’s o.k. ’cause he’s the smartest man in the world.


  2. Words almost fail me. It’s dereliction of duty, from a man who is not only a political and military neophyte, but who also hypocritically tweeted [of course] several times in 2012 his disdain of Obama skipping security briefings. Trump should be in immersive education mode…if he actually gave a damn about what he clearly doesn’t know. I’ve contributed to portions of products that go into PDB’s…and I can state unequivocally that POTUS is not getting “the same thing in the same words every single day”. These are the remarks of a dumbass.

    Getting classified information second-hand from someone not in the intelligence business [Pence], and I’m guessing, not conducted in a secure location….does not suffice to keep POTUS abreast, and when a crisis hits is not the time to get spun up on the basics and background.

    I’m hoping that the internet theories/memes of Pence actually running the country on a daily basis are actually true.


  3. John M. Berger says:

    OMG, who knew? What proof do these alarmists have that Russia had any influence on the election? Schumer, Reid, McCain & Graham are worms (in Russian: червяк worm [chyer-vyahk) . I agree with bocopro and I’m sure that when Trump actually assumes office he will prioritize participation in those “daily briefings” as [he] deems necessary. How politicized is the post election CIA?


  4. Adrienne S says:

    I have no problem with what Trump said – particularly if you read the entire transcript. I’m a great believer in common sense which I think Trump possesses.


  5. Kid says:

    Worm in Russian = clinton or hildebeast is the slang equivelent.

    What is the difference between Russia trying to get Trump elected and the American media lying and working hard to get Trump to lose.

    And what the hell is wrong with Arizona re-ecting mclame over and over.

    Briefings? I dunno. I thkink it’s good enough for Pence to get them and tell DJT if there is anything that is going to require immediate attenton. WHat’s in these briefing anyway? ME a problem, Europs a disaster. Foreigners hacking into everything. yea, Ok, kow that already


  6. Kid says:

    Here is how I view that artricle and the media for the next 8 years actually.

    I see he managed to take a shot at Bush in there too. lol.


  7. geeez2014 says:

    THanks, everybody…..

    I do think Mike Pence is at least prepared as most past presidents are to know what’s classified, to know what the president-elect needs to see (Trump can’t act on anything at this point so I’m pretty sure Obama’s getting briefings that are necessary!?), and will take things seriously…probably more seriously than Trump.

    Kid..”What is the difference between Russia trying to get Trump elected and the American media lying and working hard to get Trump to lose.”
    There’s a difference but I sure do like your point! I think most of us do feel this way!

    Trump got a big response from China finally…on the Taiwan thing. They’re apparently calling him awful names in the Chinese press….like STUPID and BABY. Well…..

    I wonder how much we can push China before WE really shouldn’t have pushed it?
    We can TALK TOUGH here, but in reality, I have some concern about this and I’m not sure Trump (or any American, including Obama) would know how to deal with it.
    I suppose what we really need to remember is that China needs us at least as much as we need them$$$$??


  8. geeez2014 says:

    Carly Fiorina is at Trump’s today…right now.

    I nominate HER for Secretary of State. Over Tillerson, anyway.


  9. bunkerville says:

    I think that Obama is probably playing with him and sending over the same thing all the time just to yank his chain. I am fine with it. Rock and roll… lets get the party started.


  10. Mal says:

    I agree that Mike Pence, who is an experienced politician, is an acceptable recipient of the daily briefings, esp. if that is what Trump wants. As for the Russian hacking, personally I’m glad they did because without it, Hillary might have won, right? It also shows just how vulnerable our system has been under the current regime. No matter what the left does, they keep coming out with egg all over their faces! Better they should just shut the hell up and watch how our gov’t. should be run!


  11. geeez2014 says:

    OOPS! Trump’s saying the Taiwan/China thing is ‘a bargaining chip with China’…ummm…kind of like telling our enemies when we’re going to leave a war zone? I think so.
    He’s going to have to learn what he wants to share to be admired versus what to share to further our causes.

    Harry Reid is now saying “Trump isn’t as bad as I thought he’d be”. Cracks me up. I wish we could say that for Harry Reid, right?

    I was hoping to get some input on the post and Russia…how you all think we should treat Russia…


  12. Kid says:

    I’m all for treating Russia well. It is hypocritical for us to critize their meddling with us tromping all over the globe.
    I don’t understand the China thing. We sell Taiwan billions in weapons but we can’t talk to them? I’m missing something, but if I were Trump, I’d tell China not to tell me who I can talk to.


  13. FYI:

    2nd Ambassador Comes Forward… EXPLODES CIA Election Claims… “‘I Know Who…Not Russia'”.

    If the CIA is that corrupted or incompetent as to circulate the story about the hacking, then maybe the CIA’s daily briefing isn’t worth a tiddler’s damn.

    Furthermore, I think that I read that the FBI has stated that there’s zero evidence for the hacking which is being trumpeted all over the mainstream media.


  14. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, I think we ‘tromp’ less selfishly than Russia does, but I agree with you about our getting along better with Russia…IF we can trust them.
    I understand what you said about CHina, of course, but my question is IF we push, what do you think could happen to us….? Do you think they’d retaliate militarily? We certainly couldn’t cope with that…not with what Obama’s done to our military; unless we got there first with jets, etc.

    AOW….I keep hearing mixed things..some say FBI and CIA are on the same page, others agree with what you said……I think we’ll never really know TRUTH about anything again.

    I DO think that Trump shouldn’t be talking about negotiating tools NOW if he’s such a good negotiator….as I said above, it’s rather like what he hates about our having told enemies when we’re leaving their country.


  15. Kid says:

    Z, China – Dunno 🙂


  16. geeez2014 says:

    You MUST know!! 🙂 IT’S ALLL UP TO YOU, KID!


  17. Kid says:

    It’s confidential I’m afraid…


  18. Mal says:

    Harry Reid is (soon WAS) from my state of Nevada. A friend of ours had a sticker on the rear window of her SUV that read “Will Rodgers never met Harry Reid”. (“I never met a man he didn’t like”). It got plenty of comments!


  19. Mal says:

    (That should’ve read “I never met a man I didn’t like”)


  20. The question of the hour is, why does “Mr. America First” seem so resistant to an investigation into even a whiff of foreign cyber hacking of the electoral process?


  21. geeez2014 says:

    On Trump: “He added, however, that he doesn’t necessarily oppose President Barack Obama’s order for a review of campaign-season hacking. “If you’re gonna to do that, I think you should not just say ‘Russia.’ You should say other countries also, and maybe other individuals.” The White House has said the probe would focus on any breaches by other countries, and past elections.”

    Trump seems to think it’s a waste of time since it’s virtually impossible to tell who hacked according to many experts.

    Mal, I love the bumper sticker!

    Kid, CALL TRUMP 😉


  22. Bob says:

    The whole thing about Russian hacking is a red herring. First of all, Hillary virtually handed all her emails over to the Russians, and any other moderately competent hacker by using an unprotected email server. Secondly, the hacking in and of itself did not materially change the actual vote, with the possible exception of the give-away-Clinton free-for-all email server content.

    In short the actual hacking of email had no measurable effect on the outcome of the election. How do I prove it? I don’t have to do anything. If someone believes that the election results would have been different, then that is the case that must be proven.

    About the briefings, I don’t know how to judge Trump on his attitude. Has anybody remembered that Trump is NOT the President, yet? National Security is still Barack Obama’s responsibility. Trump is still building his governing crew, and just because he skips some briefings is not a big deal. Besides, why can’t the people doing the briefings use the words, “No Change” whenever appropriate. After all, the President’s (and President elect) time is valuable.

    Z: The article you reference is from Think Progress, which is basically John Podesta’s personal journal. Whatever you read, there, is meant for a certain audience, and you can always expect extreme stuff from this source.


  23. Bob, what you write is true….but if the Obama foreign policy and the state of our national security is so dire, shouldn’t that be a priority for Trump……especially considering that he has zero experience in that field?


  24. geeez2014 says:

    Bob, “First of all, Hillary virtually handed all her emails over to the Russians, and any other moderately competent hacker by using an unprotected email server.” An irony I’ve been thinking is hilarious in the leftwing ignoring of it! well put comments,
    Regarding THINK PROGRESS, what’s important is we all know this is the meme on all the network news, homepages, and cable news that isn’t Conservative-driven. VERY important to understand what most of America’s hearing and believing.
    And I do believe I mentioned somewhere above how Trump isn’t even president yet…you’re right.

    I believe Trump’s never said he doesn’t care about hacking…I do believe he’s feeling a little threatened by Obama’s request for the hacking report “before the inauguration”….what could that mean other than a threat?
    Expert of not, I’d love to see any REAL EVIDENCE as to who did hack.

    Kind of proud of the Republicans; apparently hacking works best through employee errors, laxness with internet security, etc….they were able to get into a lot of Dem stuff, but nothing from the Republicans but a guy who hasn’t worked for the Reps for years….at least that’s how I understand it.

    While I believe Trump should SHUT HIS PIE HOLE on all this hacking thing (and about everything else, for that matter, right now, particularly STOP TWEETING BS INSULTS PEOPLE…IF YOU WANT INFORMATION OUT THERE, DO IT, BUT STOP THE BABY STUFF)….and GET ON WITH IT, I think he’s basically handling everything well.


  25. Imp says:

    “As [WikiLeaks founder] Julian Assange has made crystal clear, the leaks did not come from the Russians,” former Ambassador Craig Murray wrote on his blog Monday morning, adding that he had direct access to the original source. “As I have explained countless times, they are not hacks, they are insider leaks — there is a major difference between the two …

    “Now both Julian Assange and I have stated definitively the leak does not come from Russia. Do we credibly have access? Yes, very obviously. Very, very few people can be said to definitely have access to the source of the leak. The people saying it is not Russia are those who do have access.”

    Moreover, where the hacks originated had no real bearing on what they had revealed, which was that both the Democrat Party and failed Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton were corrupt.

    “(I)f Hillary Clinton had not connived with the DNC to fix the primary schedule to disadvantage Bernie … had not received advance notice of live debate questions to use against Bernie … had not accepted massive donations to the Clinton Foundation and family members in return for foreign policy influence … had not failed to distance herself from some very weird and troubling people,” then perhaps she would have won, Murray added.

    It felt as if the lightning-speed spread of this unconfirmed Russian hacker conspiracy among liberal media outlets was therefore nothing more than an attempt by liberal Democrats and their media sycophants to deflect blame for Clinton’s epic loss.

    And Murray, who has been vocal before about the claim of Russian involvement, minced no words about where he placed the blame for the latest spin on the election.

    “It is terrible that the prime conduit for this paranoid nonsense is a once great newspaper, the Washington Post, which far from investigating executive power, now is a sounding board for totally evidence free anonymous source briefing of utter bullshit from the executive, he wrote

    HT Conservative Tribune…


  26. geeez2014 says:

    Imp….interesting info…thanks SO much. I think that’s why Trump’s dissing the whole thing…too many opinions, too many stories on both sides, CIA and FBI divided, no way anybody can really prove anything……

    Heck, I have to admit that something I have in common with Russia is I didn’t want HILLARY TO WIN! BUT, I think there can be no bigger threat than a country interfering with our votes….or the left interfering with our votes, of course. Just the stuff I SAW at MY precinct was enough to curl my hair.

    Also, I just heard that a recount somewhere has yielded about 160 votes more for Trump.
    Oops…sorry, CNN.


  27. Kid says:

    Bob, Great comment. My thoughts pretty much exactly that I failed to defragment and deploy into a blog comment section so far.

    And in the same vein, I’m really tired of reading all the speculations about all of this whole enchilada of the election, who might do what, when where how and why (Not you Z, mostly media) I’m putting the blinders on and awaiting actual events.


  28. geeez2014 says:

    It’s WISCONSIN which yielded even more votes for Trump today.

    Kid, I am getting to the point you’re at….watching FAR less news, reading less…it’s all so fluid and I simply CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE. I can’t TAKE the hate, the guessing, the insults….I’m really tired of it all.


  29. Kid says:

    Z, I’ve been a Trump tweet follower for over a week now, and I haven’t seen anythingto be critical of. What might get to you the most out of them is when he calls out the media. But that seems extreme simply becuase no one has done it before, (excluding oblammy and Fox.. but that doesn’t really count becuase we know the odummy is an imbecile)
    The tweets have alll been reasonable and Necessary because ‘the media’ isn’t going to put the info out there.

    Also if we’re going to refer to Trump as Trump, can we refer to (shudder/first tijme I’ve ever typed it and it will be the last) hillary as Clinton. Using her first name seems like an endearment to me, and my skin crawls every time I see it. Thanks for any consideration in this admittedly personal matter.of mine.


  30. Kid says:

    CI, Trump has zero ability to do anything about anything until Jan 21. This is obama’s responsibility to screw up for another 39 days and some number of hours, minutes, and seconds.


  31. Kid says:

    I hope the CIA thing falls flat on its face. If they can’t come up with irrefutable evidence, it will.

    That will give Donald’s 🙂 administration a Great Excuse to Clean CIA House.

    The FBI sounds mostly decent if reports of the large number of FBI agent’s disgust with the handling of clinto are true. A few at the top replaced and a pretty healthy barrel of apples again.


  32. Kid – Sure, but the point of security briefings is to prepare POTUS to be able to act on day 1. I don’t think he will be, but what makes it even worse is his asinine excuse….”I’m a smart guy, I don’t NEED the briefings”.

    Imagine if that had come out of Obama’s mouth……


  33. Kid says:

    There it is Z.

    Put me in the category of enjoying the fresh air for the next 4 years and hopefully 8. My plan is to shun and ignore libtards at every opportunity. Dont want to see em,hear them, or hear about them,


  34. Kid says:

    CI, essentially, that did come out of obama’s mouth on a wide variety of subjects, mostly all that came up actually. He’s been acting like the grand daddy, and the oracle itself on subjects he clearly knows little to nothing of.

    CI – Pence will let DJT know if anything interesting comes up. I find people able to delegate much more valuable than peopl like obama who feel like they have to micro manage everything.


  35. Imp says:

    “John Podesta, Hillary Clinton’s top political adviser who served as chairman of her presidential campaign, expressed his support for a request by ten Electoral College voters to receive an intelligence briefing on claims of foreign intervention in the presidential election.”

    So…if 38 of them go rogue and refuse to vote the way the state voted….Trump loses….these POS will stop at nothing.




  36. geeez2014 says:

    Imp; Trump may not be our president. I sense something terrible coming…

    remember how ‘gracious’ Clinton was at first? ya, right.

    Kid, I totally agree with you…for Trump to hear, every single day, versions of “the Middle East is a mess, Assad’s a bad guy, the Iranians are still sneaking around, N Korea’s leader is a nut and here’s another thing he’s done, China’s pissed off..” etc etc….just doesn’t make sense. WE know this. BUT, CLEARLY, very VERY important stuff suddenly appears that'[s NEW or become a hotter problem, and Pence can then say “Donnie, baby.. ..You’ve got to pay attention to THIS now and let’s see what’s next..”


  37. Well, I suppose having the VP serve as the gatekeeper of intelligence is one technique. And given Trump’s past actions and rhetoric….that may not be a bad thing.

    But I do find humor in what people think are in PDBs…….


  38. Kid says:

    CI, I understand that you maye be or have been a position to be very close the the sorts of info in a PDB. Of course and respect that.

    From my lens however, I consider serious things coming out of PDB’s are actionable events. We in the citizen camp do have a view into actionable events, as we see things like military deployments, defensive positions being taken by politicians and the like. We don’t see much of that. So, tell me without being specific – are there actions taken by America that we citizens simply have no clue about and how often that might happen. Honest question.


  39. Kid says:

    My impression is there are lots of pieces moving on the board all the time, but how often does a piece move that results in some serious consequence or absolutely require a POTUS decision. And again, Donald won’t be able to pick up that slack unti Jan 21.


  40. geeez2014 says:

    CI, are you suggesting the things I wrote are never included in the PDBs? No N. Korea, no China, no Russia, no ME? Uhoh. Maybe someone’s not watching the store? 🙂 I’m sure you know much better than we do, that’s your expertise, not ours.
    And, frankly, I’d WAY WAY WAY rather have Mike Pence as president so this whole apparent plan of his being gatekeeper suits me to a T.

    Kid, I’m with you….I’m sure we’ll hear we just can’t know the answer but I’m hoping to get some glint of what’s included in those briefings….


  41. Z,
    I think we’ll never really know TRUTH about anything again.

    It really does feel that way, doesn’t it?

    Sometimes I believe that all these stories are stirred up for the express purpose of making responsible citizens succumb to anxiety attacks — or quit voting entirely.

    I’m sick and tired of all the “cloak and dagger” stuff.

    Does anybody else feel that way? Maybe it’s just me….


  42. Kid,
    I’m putting the blinders on and awaiting actual events.


    We’re being “pundited” to death with all the damn speculation flying all over the place!


  43. And one more thing….I trust Mike Pence to govern. I’ve had my eye on him for a while and am so glad that he’s now on the national stage.

    And good VP can be a wonderful asset to an administration. It still encourages me that Trump chose Pence as his running mate.


  44. Kid says:

    AOW, All of this dramatic inciteful crap is focused on making money. Ad revenue at the least drives much of it.


  45. Silverlady says:

    If those electors go rogue there will be a blow-up like we never have seen before. People voted the way they did before they are angry about the state of government abuse & misuse in this country. They are tired of the cronyism & corruption that has been either overlooked or accepted. They know that everything that has been done in the last many years has left the country weaker, disrespected, & vulnerable as never before. As far as Bampot & Clintoon are concerned, what with their lies & corruption, everything they have touched or meddled with has turned to dross. Mess with this election’s results & it will be time for the pitchforks to come out.


  46. Kid,
    Yeah, the money.


  47. Bob says:

    CI said, “….but if the Obama foreign policy and the state of our national security is so dire, shouldn’t that be a priority for Trump……especially considering that he has zero experience in that field?”

    No argument, there.

    It kind of reminds me of watching Fox News when every little thing they talk about is prefaced by an urgent ALERT! crawler on the screen. Most of the time the subject is something I heard the day before. But, you are correct that Trump should at least profess a priority for the briefings.


  48. geeez2014 says:

    AOW, the way FOX and CNN have person after person dissecting EVERY single subject…then another panel on the SAME SUBJECT…etc etc etc..
    ALL TO SELL AD TIME…horrific. I think we are ALL SICK of this.
    KID! I hadn’t read your comment until I typed what I did about ad time, saw yours and had to laugh!
    I think we are ALL on the same page!

    Bob, I think Trump speaks SO spontaneously that it makes big problems for him and could make even BIGGER problems for America. Ya, you’d have to be ‘off’ to think Trump doesn’t pay some attention to daily briefings, but with all he’s doing NOW, I’d have thought putting others he trusts on that for NOW is the best solution. Yes, he’ll have WAY more to do when he’s sworn in but this period is a tough one, many meetings, etc., and then he squeezes his big “Don’t you just LOVE ME?” THANK YOU events, so….he’s BUSY! ANd he has an EXCELLENT VP-ELECT to take over, THANK GOD.

    As I said; I’d SO much prefer Mike Pence as president.

    SilverLady, Podesta wants electors to know more about the Russia thing so they can see ‘Trump is not equipped to be president!”
    My response is “Gee, if Hillary had won, would they have tried to change electors who were pro life? “Did you kinow Hillary wants very late term abortion?” “oh, gee, no…I think I’ll switch MY VOTE” I believe this is very analogous…


  49. Bob says:

    Z: “As I said; I’d SO much prefer Mike Pence as president”

    Yeah, me too. However, it takes a personality like Trump to kick the doors in and make changes. Let’s strap ourselves in for a bumpy ride.


  50. geeez2014 says:

    THIS IS HILARIOUS….as IF the electors, on their own, decided to do this? I believe Podesto is pushing this, to say the clinton campaign is backing this idea of the electors is really funny.

    Bob…let’s just hope Trump doesn’t get us into war….his loose lips are already getting other countries a little riled up!


  51. Z and Kid – Regarding PDBs, I can state that yes, nearly every day’s brief contains something ‘actionable’, but bear with me for a moment. When you proffer ‘actionable’, I presume you generally mean ordering kinetic action of some flavor against an adversary. Intelligence is generally broken out in three categories: Tactical, Operational and Strategic. We’ll discard Tactical, as it’s not in POTUS’s lane. Operation intelligence drives military and counter-terrorism campaigns, using either kinetic or non-kinetic force….these are the actions such as hostage rescue operations, the bin Laden raid, or initiating military campaigns with ground and air forces. Operational intelligence doesn’t provide a decision point for POTUS in every PDB….at least not currently [back in 2001-2003, there were numerous briefs to POTUS throughout the day that required action]. Strategic intelligence drives policy. I am safe in saying that nearly every PDB contains a decision point for POTUS with regard to our national security policy and posture.

    Now, admittedly, I have a bee in my bonnet for this topic….and admittedly, I have found Trump to be remarkably and uniquely derisive towards both the military and the intelligence community thus far…..and this may well color my position on the fact that he skips a majority of these briefings…….but in the POTUS-elect stage, these briefings provide a baseline of fundamental information to allow POTUS to not have to start from scratch learning the utter basics on January 21st. I’m going to employ the term ‘ignorance’ as in a lack of education….but skipping these briefings is unbelievably troubling to me given the ignorance he has demonstrated in basic knowledge of the current campaigns that our nation is engaged in, and that he is charged with the conduct of.

    This is the time for him to not only set up his Administration, but to also become informed on current policy so that he can posture his own, to begin on day 1.

    Now, I don’t think there’s anything stopping Trump from letting Pence essentially run the national security portfolio, while he focused on the economy….it might actually be a quasi-brilliant move, if it works……but Trump’s name is on every national security check that gets cashed, so simply seemingly blowing them off and excusing the move by saying “he’s a smart guy” [when he’s clearly not, in this arena]….doesn’t inspire any confidence in me. And I think we can all agree that national security is just about the primary function of POTUS.


  52. Kid says:

    Ok CI, Thanks for the write up. I agree Natl Security is the #1 mandate of the federal government and what obama has done very poorly. Let’s revisit after Truump is in the White House a little while.


  53. Kid says:

    It occurs to me to wonder why anyoen cares whether it was Russia or just one of Wikileaks good hackers that got the Podesta emails. They got them, released them and it may have had some effect on the election by educating some folks who had no idea how evil the clintons are.

    Russia is just a buzzword in this as if big bad Russia had an effect on our election. I don’t see it that way. Now if they hacked in and changed votes, that is something the electors should be concerned about, No One is even suggesting that happened though.

    As a side note, I’m very favorable about Wikileaks relasing this kind of information. People need to know who is running / screwing with their lives – assuming national security info isn’t part of it, I say bring it on. All of it Both Parties.


  54. geeez2014 says:

    CI…I REALLY appreciate that very interesting information. Thank you… I was surprised at Trump being “…remarkably and uniquely derisive towards both the military and the intelligence community thus far” because he’s SO pro military in everything he’s ever said…FAR more than Obama, as you know.

    Like Kid said, let’s hope that when Trump IS in the WH, he starts paying as much attention to it personally as we know he should; you’re both right..national security is #1.

    I’m happy, CI, that you’re not totally against Pence’s intimate involvement.

    Thanks to both of you to really good conversation.

    And thanks for the Priebus link, Kid…


  55. I won’t belabor the individual citations here and now, but as a member of both the military and the intelligence community, I found several of Trump’s statements utterly insulting. While Obama has conducted policy in some cases, that I’ve found to be contrary to good national security…..he has not in my recollection, ever said the same insults that Trump has.


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