Lefties fans of the RIGHT?! and “sniveling brats”…

It can’t be only noticed by me that every time the Left wants to make a point lately they resort to “Bush thought like this, too”  or “Reagan, too, felt this way”  or “Democrats AND Republicans agree that…”

They bring out the Republicans and laud them when they suit THEIR points, rights?   Which brings me to this:


Liberals really DO act like ‘sniveling brats,’ don’t they.  Remember when you did something wrong and you resorted to “But BIG SISTER did it, TOO!” 🙂  That’s what the Left does……..suddenly, as a child, that big sister was wonderful when she did something wrong, too…..suddenly, Republicans are right when they, too, believe something the Left does!

I’m tired of the fighting, the name calling, the HATE in this country’s divisions….are you?  Can we get OVER IT?

BY THE WAY:  I LOVE THIS STUFF;   The headline is “Trump Is Enlisting the Rich to Help the Downtrodden” and that’s, obviously, supposed to be a sarcastic slam.   But I’m thinking “Wait, should he enlist the POOR to help the downtrodden? How’s THAT work?”


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19 Responses to Lefties fans of the RIGHT?! and “sniveling brats”…

  1. jerrydablade says:

    Hi Z. I get your point about the left always referencing someone from the right to try and justify their position or conduct, but didn’t Trump and his campaign do this same thing with every “grab her by the &&&&” video that would surface? “Yah, but Bill Clinton!”

    As for getting over the divisions… Not gonna happen. However, it is much easier to get along with lefties when the marxists are out of power.


  2. bunkerville says:

    I am just happy that the WH is going to be drained soon. The ultimate swamp.


  3. bocopro says:

    Liberalism is totalitarian hypocrisy in a same-sex marriage society where both have multiple ear piercings and wear birkenstocks while reading the New York Times and having a lattee paid for by the dividends from their capitalist investments. It is a guilt-borne hatred for white people and Christianity fed by the mistaken belief that big government is better for people than God because most people are too stupid or ignorant to manage their own lives successfully without a government program.


  4. fredd says:

    No, we need an adversary, Z. Competition always keeps the players on their toes.


  5. geeez2014 says:

    Jerry, we definitely do it, too. But, somehow, to hear people like the hateful Josh Ernest and others use Republicans as ‘good examples’ after all the really public, loathsome things he and others have said, is particularly interesting.
    Ya, we do it….but they seem to seem weirder doing it, to me….probably feels the same to the other side but we haven’t made QUITE the really UGLY comments toward Dems FROM THE DAIS OF THE PRES CONFERENCES, etc., that they have. Bush didn’t slam the media like Obama loves to do about FOX, etc ., suggesting we’re a bunch of beer guzzling fly-over country, uneducated creeps.

    Bunkerville…not sure it’s going to really be a clean swamp but at least it’s drained of Josh Ernest, Obama and all the other libs!

    bocopro…they honestly do believe that, you’re right…we NEED government because we just can’t manage on our own; how damaging that has been for our country because the ULTIMATE TENET of America was SELF SUFFICIENCY…not anymore. They’ve made us (and THEY have done this) a country of entitlement deservers……….not good for our hearts, not good for our economy…awful awful awful.


  6. geeez2014 says:

    fredd, don’t worry, no matter what, we’ll have adversaries!~

    How’d you all like the last link in my post? The media trying to make it look WRONG that Trump and his rich cronies are daring to HELP? As if the POOR CAN HELP!!?


  7. Sparky says:

    The divisions have existed since Cain slew his brother Abel over jealousy. It’s never gonna change. It’s like asking me to befriend a demon. Nooooo, not gonna happen. Besides, politics are suppose to be nasty. It’s an arena of ideas. Ideas don’t hurt us. It’s policy making where we really part ways with the Communist / Left. ~:)


  8. geeez2014 says:

    Sparky, yes, but they’re SO UGLY now….at least media used to try to look balanced….now it’s just LEFT RIGHT LEFT RIGHT…it’s really getting to a lot of people.
    And yes, it’s policy. Let’s not forget that Tip O’Neil and Pat Moynahan, two influential Dems would have freaked out if an MSNBC host admitted he was a SOCIALIST or if profs in our universities professed to be MARXISTS, too. Now, the Left isn’t so bothered by that. BIG difference; scary difference.

    EVERYBODY: Did you hear Obama’s big threat to Putin in his presser yesterday? “We can DO STUFF TO RUSSIA”…

    STUFF? that’s our PRESIDENT?! 🙂 I’ll bet Putin’s shaking in his boots, right!?!!


  9. Sparky says:

    @Z ~ True, they are more vitriolic than in recent memory. I read a lot of old newspapers for genealogy research and have found that the vitriol was just as bad “way back when”. I think we had become a kinder, gentler Nation during the ’40s – ’50s or so. President Harry S. Truman was a foul mouth haberdasher (per newspapers) and there’s many others from the turn of the last century. Anyway, it’s like we’re reverting back to our animal natures these days, I agree. Perhaps this is a pendulum that will swing back the other way? Time will tell.

    Oh, and I did hear DingleBarry say, “We’ll do STUFF to Russia …” I was shaking my head with disgust at the depth of this mans ignorance and the fools who voted for him.


  10. Sparky says:

    Oh, sorry I forgot, as for Trump enlisting the wealthy to help the poor, someone at Yahoo! comments posted a good response. If I may quote:

    “If there is a massive wildfire sweeping your town and heading for your home who do you want protecting you?
    A) a seasoned group of fire fighters with scores of successful missions under
    their belt?
    B) a scholar who has studied fire abatement at Cambridge who has actually never donned a pair of work boots?”

    Yeah, I would go for the seasoned fire fighters too. (i.e. Wealthy) Because they actually did something with their lives. They are achievers. Never put a bunch of losers (Cambridge elites) in charge of something. It’ll never get done, you’re taxes will go up and it’ll be a bigger mess than before. ~:)


  11. geeez2014 says:

    Sparky! LOVE that response on Yahoo! Thanks…it makes me feel we’re not the only ones who “GET IT!” 🙂


  12. John M. Berger says:

    P.J. O’Rourke couldn’t be more correct! I just said, essentially, the same thing, recently, on another site.


  13. Mal says:

    What gets me is how the left still can’t understand what motivated Trump to run in the first place when he had nothing to gain in fame or fortune. Have you ever seen anyone of his stature do this? They simply can’t see that his strength lies in his ability to manage and negotiate. It also comes with an attitude that riles many on both sides, but that goes with the entire package and has a lot to do with how and why he beat out 16 other qualified candidates. I’m afraid it isn’t gonna stop even after Jan. 20th, unfortunately.


  14. Silverlady says:

    Y’all mean that you don’t want Trump to hire the Seattle snowflake baristas, the McD.’s ‘burger flippers, the pizza delivery drivers, et al? They might bring some flavor to the Cabinet, with a whole lot of calories & MSG.

    So far I think he has picked a Cabinet of sterling quality, which is driving the Looney Tune Left off the cliff like a bunch of lemmings.

    Z., re Tip O’Neil I remember, during the Reagan administration, when he wasn’t getting his (the Left) way about something he referred to the Republicans as ‘the enemy’ on camera! I’ve never forgotten that.


  15. Baysider says:

    The rich have been helping the downtrodden all along. How many here have been hired by a poor person?


  16. Mal says:

    Baysider, does that include the work my wife “hires” me for?


  17. Kid says:

    MAL, Exactly. As a person, many of us do not care for some of Trump’s comments or the Twitter wars with Kelly and similar. I do believe Trump’s activites and decisions will have me feeling very fortunate it is he in the White House as time moves on. That is all I care about. I’m not part of the family. I don’t care wwhat he says outside of something that might have physical negative consequence. Like China a sending a Nuke over.

    Libs? Everytime the subject comes up we tend to want to overanalyze them. But when we put them into a pot and boil them down – Yep – 3 yr old evil brats. All I gotta know. I’m tired of thinking about them or even acknowledging they exist. The opposite of love isn’t hate it is apathy, and thats what they got from me for a good while now except for the occasional drive by to amuse myself.

    I’ve been on the internet for 20 years, and no libtard has ever learned a single simple thing They are not worth the time of day or even being listened to as if by some magical miracle, one of them says something intelligent.


  18. geeez2014 says:

    SilverLady, I’m okay with O’Neil’s calling Reps “the enemy”..at least he didn’t infer his country’s the enemy as Dems seem to today!


  19. Mal says:

    I am too, Z Like in sports they’ll call the opposing team “the enemy”, but Tip O’Neil and Reagan always appeared to get along well, which was part of Reagan’s charm. He managed to make friends easily.


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