Please read down a few posts if you haven’t been by!  I uncharacteristically have published more than usual yesterday and today and would love your input on all of the last few posts!

What I wanted to add today to the string of them is this:  CNN this morning has panelists on who are shocked and worried at Trump’s calling the attack in Berlin “radical islamic terror”….Apparently, it’s just not done, it’s not our country’s stance, and wouldn’t Obama have handled it better?

Sometimes the Left is so far gone it’s almost too easy to criticize them………

From THIS article: “While running for president, Trump repeatedly promised to use the words “radical Islamic terror,” distinguishing himself from President Barack Obama, who generally avoids this kind of language as to not give the impression that groups like ISIS are a representation of Islam.”

Does Obama not read well, or does he not understand that most people understand that not all groups like ISIS represent all of Islam?  (yes, I know, some of you think they do, and I get that, but… )   Does the Left purposefully ignore  the word “radical”?

What do you think of Trump’s words?  

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  1. Baysider says:

    Pas d’ennemis a gauche! The left purposely ignores ‘radical’ to anything that applies to enemies of their enemies. They have nothing in common with these thugs except hatred of Christianity and the culture/freedoms it spawns.


  2. I’m far less concerned whether or not someone uses the term ‘radical’, as I am a POTUS taking to Twitter with a pronouncement before any facts are in.


  3. Hi Z, I guess the Left, which most definitely includes CNN, has not grasped that the whole world has changed with the election of Donald J. Trump. Their reign is over, their power is GOING, GOING, GONE! We have rejected them, ALL OF US!

    They’re carrying on as if nothing has happened. They’re in denial. Wait until Trump hits the ground running and implements things so fast that there will be so much news they won’t know what to cover. They won’t have any time to manufacture their propaganda, they’ll be up to their asses in Trump’s alligators!


  4. -FJ says:

    it’s about time… 🙂


  5. -FJ says:

    When you’re no longer a ‘globalist’, you are ‘allowed’ to name your enemies… and “no”, they’re NOT the “bigots” and “racists” who “oppose globalism” as opposed to one-worlder ‘humanists’ like Obama.


  6. geeez2014 says:

    FJ, gosh, that is exactly what I’ve been thinking…..IT IS ABOUT TIME.
    Honestly, I felt almost a flush of joy when I heard them talking about what Trump’s been saying…it IS about time we Americans got our act together again! We ARE strong, we ARE righteous, we DO deserve to be left alone and, if we are not, we deserve to make sure we are safe again.

    GOod point…we are not a family of terrorists, we’re a brotherhood of Man and, therefore, NOT bigots or racists, just interested in assuring that every man gets his chance….and doesn’t KILL innocent people.


  7. bocopro says:

    Oh, I donno ‘bout all that . . . seems to me just calling it what it is – radical Islamic terrorism – simply allows more clarity in universal discourse. IOW, it falls far short of the mark in terms of git’r’done.

    And we really need a more catchy buzzword ‘cause “radical Islam” sounds simultaneously eggheaded and exotic. First of all it’s not exactly Islam according to philosophers and scholars, and on that point I’m quick to agree – it’s DYSlam.

    I’d like to see a clarion neologism emerge, something like “brusavanglian,” a blend of brute, savage, vandal, and alien. I wouldn’t even mind going with “troglodyte,” a fitting term hearkening back to where Muhammad claims he got down with Gibril and culturally references their stage of civilized development.

    But at the bottom line, no collection of syllables, regardless of how clever or even how accurate, would have the desired effect on the problem. Instead of hurling epithets at them, I’d much rather fire hi-speed bits of shaped geological materials at them.

    Failing that, we need to plug the spigot and allow entry to no more of them, regardless of status, until their loyalties and behavioral patterns can be properly identified.

    Though it’s perhaps all just an urban legend, the stories of BlackJack Pershing’s handling of Muslim insurgents might be most propitious, such as withholding entry status until the applicant is willing to eat a sausage and bacon pizza and wash it down with a longnecker Bud then sing “Adeste Fidelis” and “O Holy Night” on tape to be played later on Al Jazeera.


  8. Imp says:

    The use of the adjective ‘radical’ is redundant. ISIS is pure evil….practicing a pure Islime. And By the book…yea….the Koran,that book.


  9. Mal says:

    C.I., “I’m far less concerned about whether or not someone uses the term “radical” as I am a POTUS taking to twitter………..” etc. He’s NOT the POTUS…..YET! You get technical all the time so thought I’d rib ‘ya a little!


  10. skudrunner says:

    BHO did make an announcement after the recent attack. From the hilltop he yelled fore in a very commanding voice. Does he draw a line when he ends up in a sand trap?

    I do think DJT needs to slow down with twitter. Of course that is the only way he can say anything because the MSM will just misquote.


  11. Mal: Touche! But you don’t think he’s going to fundamentally change, do you?


  12. geeez2014 says:

    I have to kind of tell you all something that bugs me because we can’t really discuss many things I”D HAVE LIKED TO HAVE DISCUSSED the last few months without finally clearing up the idea that ALL MUSLIMS want us DEAD or in SHARIA is ridiculous. OKAY, I said it.
    I TOTALLY understand some of your opinions and I DO think even 1 tiny % of muslims being radical is TOO MANY RADICAL MUSLIMS, but there are peaceful muslims who don’t want murder, sharia, etc.
    There, I’ve said it. So, please…can we now continue like like I’d like to with the following discussion?:

    Liberals are THE RACISTS because the very IDEA of Trump’s calling bad muslims RADICAL or TERRORIST does not imply he or anybody else HATES ALL MUSLIMS. To suggest that is so stupid! It’s like when he said some Mexicans are rapists and the Left went WILD calling HIM a bigot…..wait, no Mexicans are rapists? EVERY group has racists within it.

    SO; bocopro’s right.. Trump allows CLARITY in his comments…he’s RIGHT. There are miserable radical islamist terrorist SCUM walking this earth and we’re seeing a few too many of them lately. To disavow that is INSANE…and DANGEROUS.

    AND CI is also right…as is Mal; Trump is NOT President yet, but WILL HE CHANGE in his jumping to conclusions without educated input? I HOPE SO…Yet, Mal’s point about Trump’s tweeting because the media twists everything he says AND won’t report things that should be reported, is also ABSOLUTELY RIGHT.

    I only wish he’d tweet with more dignity, which he has been doing, lately, folks; I hope you notice the tone of his tweets is MUCH less stupid and goofy and knee-jerk sloppy.

    And, by the way, he was razzed for having written “setting a president” instead of “setting precedent” but I actually used “set a president” recently AS A JOKE, a kind of play on words and I’m going to give him the credit for that, too. Had I been an advisor, I’d have had him say that..even if it WAS a stupid uneducated goof. “Wharton school?” REALLY? “Unpresidented” WHARTON SCHOOL?


  13. Bob says:

    Not all Muslims are terrorists. That’s a true statement.

    Ninety-nine percent of terrorists are Muslim. This is a true statement.

    So, if Donald Trump or anybody else jumps the gun and calls a mass murder event a terrorist act perpetrated by Muslims, he has a ninety-nine percent chance of getting it right. It’s darned near a sure thing.

    Why question Trump about this? Just question the questioners.


  14. Mal says:

    C.I. I hope he doesn’t change THAT much ’cause he needs to be strong.


  15. Kid says:

    obama is a moslem activist. Everything he has done has been to help them with their worldwide caliphate and injure Christians. obama is as screwed in the head as osama bin fartin was. I know you all think I’m nuts, but give it time. Evidence of this may come out.

    I make NO distinction between islam and radical islam. There is no distinction. They are all working to take over the world, install sharia law and then go to war with each other since they can’t even keep from blowing each other up every other day. islam needs to be rejected and at least put into a self-contained box. It has no place in civilized countries.


  16. Kid says:

    Z, I made my comment before I read yours. I stand by it. I look at it this way. If Christians were running around killing, doing female genital mutilation, stoning young girls for the sin of being gang raped by dogs of their own faith’, throwing homosexuals off of buildings, treating women like 3rd class citizens, men raping young boys as a natural act, and hundreds of other things – all by “the book” the koran book….. The last thing in the world that I would call myself would be a Christian.

    I honestly don’t get “peaceful muslim”. I don’t get it as a real thing.


  17. Mal says:



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