Uptown and Truth….

Some of you didn’t see that this blog received a comment from someone named UPTOWN STEVE who used to comment with me and other commenters at Front Page Magazine….he is upset that Trump won and certain we’ll all be clamoring for Elizabeth Warren after we’ve had time with Trump as President!   Imp did get somewhat racist on him when he saw the comment I posted on the Kevin Dowd piece below so Uptown felt the need to write to me again the following;  “I never professed to be a militant. I guess that you silly racists label any black person with pride and an opinion to be a militant. But the reactions on this page are not surprising. Trump promises to “Make America White Again” and he’s starting with his cabinet. I’ll drop in 2 years from now and see if you clowns are still gloating. I doubt that you will.”

(By the way, Uptown knows all TOO well how I feel about race and that this doesn’t describe me in any sense of the word so his lies continue…)

Can ANY OF YOU EVER think of a time Trump’s come close to a promise to “Make America WHITE again”?    I’m really curious.  I have never even sensed any stupidity like that.  And, while I’m not a Trump fan, and dislike plenty of who he is, THIS is the most unfounded thing  anyone can say about him.

Isn’t Ben Carson going to be the head of HUD?  I  know it was offered to him.   Um…isn’t Ben Carson Black?  Trump also had Condi Rice in for meetings…did he offer or did she decline an offer?  Some of the higher-up executives in his various companies are Black, too…racist is something thinking people wouldn’t call him.   He wants all kids in America to have better school choices, too, is that racist?

Did I miss something?  Has he EVER even implied “making America WHITE again?”  

Don’t drop by in two years, Uptown…you’ll not have learned anything, and you might even be so glad you were wrong but won’t have the guts to admit it.  Thanks for stopping by.


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10 Responses to Uptown and Truth….

  1. Sparky says:

    I’ve never heard that comment from Donald Trump’s lips. If he had, it would have been all over the news. Imp is a racist. He needs to give his heart to Christ and learn to think about someone other than himself. I know because it’s a hard lesson for me too. Just pray for Imp.
    Have a blessed day Z. ~:)


  2. geeez2014 says:

    Sparky! Yikes…actually Imp isn’t a racist, he’s our good buddy commenter here but he’s too well aware of UPTOWN STEVE over the last 15 years and he gets him that fired up…Here’s all Imp said in reaction to Uptown’s original comment:

    “Uptown steve..I see him now as an asshat out there shouting “hands up Don’t shoot and kill the pigs now”. A supporter of BLM’s racist scum for certain and a total minstrel clown that is an embarrassment to his race. Meanwhile..he lives in middle class comfort in a Maryland suburb….a true keyboard militant.”

    And yes, Trump hasn’t even implied racism as far as I’ve ever read or seen.

    Uptown needs the prayers!! So please do.
    You have a blessed day, too!


  3. -FJ says:

    Uppy has ALWAYS been a trip… 😉


  4. Mal says:

    Uptown Steve, you gotta give the guy a chance and not assume all these silly labels that are being thrown at him have any merit. I believe calling Trump a racist is just plain silly and unfair. Also, there are lots of truly qualified people that could’ve and should’ve been our first African American president just as there should be someone other than Hillary be the first woman to become our President. At least she didn’t make it. Hopefully, in 2 years you’ll have a change of heart. I believe we ALL hope for that.


  5. Imp says:

    Thanks Sparky. I’ll pray for you too …to not be so judgemental when you know nothing of me or about me. The Fact that I call out a black militant for his racism doesn’t automatically make one a “racist” too. It just makes you sound silly for indulging in the phoniness of PC’ism I guess. Steve has had a 200 year old “ancestral” chip on his shoulders for all the time we’ve known him. People like him have a choice to make…their own country as Keith Ellison, Farrakhan, Van Jones, Sharpton or any one of the other tribalists, profesional ( true ) racists that espouse hate for whites. Or one that’s already totally black and ruled / governed by blacks,right? I’m sick of it all…Illegals, muslims, college snowflakes, anarchists, BLM’rs, racists,CNN,NBC,ABC, CBS and democrats.


  6. Sparky says:

    @Z ~ Right, I meant Uptown Steve. My brain is getting confused with all the stuff going on this week. Just had to drive to Waycross (1 hour round trip) to get emergency doggy medicine. Little Sam the 3rd has tapeworms, so, naturally, both must take the medicine. $$cha-ching$$ Lordy. I need a bigger pocket book. *giggle* Sorry I messed up the names. At least God knows whom I am talking about even when I don’t. 😉


  7. Sparky says:

    And I agree with Imp, I’m sick of the playing the race card too. Again, deepest apologies for the name mix up. Blessings.


  8. Imp says:

    ” I guess that you silly racists label any black person with pride and an opinion to be a militant. ”
    Translation..Uppity only has this “pride” when he’s accusing whites of being racists or some other imaginary wrong. Only when his big mouth is doing what he’s been doing since he realized he was a poor oppressed farmer from Mississippi, at heart, I guess. Uppity’ earns the label of an endlessly broken record… of seething hate, militant tribalism who disdains anyone who disagrees with his “prideful opinions”. And Of course…anything white. Uppy…a throwback to a time long gone…until Obama brought us back to all of it….which has made uppy giddy for the last 8 years. Now that there’s a new boss in town….maybe he’ll take Alec Baldwin or Whoopi with him? Best to cross the street when you see Uppity behind you.


  9. Kid says:

    Well, they say that 10% of black folks have integrated, that leaves 90% who are off the rails, breeding, and raising more who will be off the rails. I’ll admit it now then I’m 90% racist. I grew up poor and I’m not rich and my ancestors worked like slaves for America and for Corporate America. I don’t owe ‘you’ jack.

    Jim Brown gets it. Stop moaning, make sure your kids get educated, get jobs and be responsible and self-accountable. Stop trying to defend your unaccountability by playing the race card. You are the problem with you. With all the advantages black folks have today, there is no excuse they can’t be just as successful as anyone else or any color or creed. Tired of this stuff. Tired-Tired-Tired-Tired-Tired-Tired-Tired-Tired.

    And I’ll refer to them as black because African-American is:
    7 syllables. That’s not gonna work. Just not gonna work. Will they call us European-Americans?
    They call us white, we call them black for effeciency purposes.
    Enough already.

    Libtards are just as off the rails but for different reasons. At least they have an excuse – mental disease.


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