Republican blabber mouths

I’ve been noticing, more and more, that when Republican senators, etc., don’t like something Trump or another Republican is doing or saying, they run over to CNN to whine and get support.

McCain did it HERE and this is what reminded me how many times I’ve seen this kind of behavior.  Why not go to FOX and whine?   Won’t FOX take criticism of Trump or other Republicans?    Why go to CNN?  To get air time for their big over-puffed egos?

This is despicable to me….If I’m a Republican politician and I’m not happy, the last place I’m going is a liberal cable channel like CNN.


ALSO, I’m hoping Megyn Kelly leaves FOX.  I’m watching her as I type this Monday night, and I am TIRED of her hate toward Trump.  I understand much of the criticism, you all know I’m not a big fan of THE DONALD, but Conservatives need a place where negativity does NOT rule, where he somehow gets the benefit of the doubt, where we can ‘rest’ in what we’re hearing.  Do I want lies?  NO.  Do I want sugar coating? NO.  Do I want a place where Conservatives aren’t slammed?  I sure as HECK do.   And Kelly’s show isn’t it.  I know Ailes is gone and the Murdock boys are liberal and they’re in charge now, so I’m sure she’s getting a “BIG OK” ($$$)  but STOP IT, Murdocks!
OH!! She just sarcastically thanked us for listening to her show this year, “the disgusting media” (her exact words…with a big sarcastic slightly cross-eyed smile, a slam to Trump again), and wished us a Happy New Year… “STOP, we need support.  GO, Megyn, I adored you for a long time, but you’re DONE as far as I’m concerned.  I need to stay positive about this man, Trump, I don’t need Megyn Kelly’s negative take.”


P.S. Thank GOD for Neil Cavuto!!



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44 Responses to Republican blabber mouths

  1. Z, I hear ya! I just don’t watch her anymore.


  2. I’ll offer two possibilities, respectfully. The first is that perhaps not all Republicans share your opinion of CNN, and the second is since you state a desire to be positive about Trump…..and desiring a media outlet that does likewise…..even valid criticism of Trump may seem like bias. It’s human nature.

    While I don’t particularly care for CNN [or any other U.S. cable media outlet for that matter]…..I don’t see Fox as being any better. Sensationalism rules the day in the field we used to call journalism.


  3. Sparky says:

    This makes me especially thankful I’ve not watched Megyn Kelly’s show, except for a few minutes here and there. I never have liked her snarky way of speaking anyway. Yes, go Megyn. You’ve worn out your welcome.
    My favorite show on Fox is the financially themed Stuart Varney. He’s much more news oriented. Plus, I love his accent (of course).


  4. bunkerville says:

    If we could have just one night of her not peddling her book…….


  5. bocopro says:

    Generally I don’t care to live in an echo chamber where all I hear are my own ideas repeated back to me by others. Long ago, tho, I became disgusted by some of the coverage on CNN and the other alphabet networks, so I kinda got hooked on FoxNews ‘cause it tended to expose things, often in depth, that the others completely ignored as not corresponding to their agenda.

    Actually, I liked Alisyn Camerota as much as I did Kelly and was surprised that she bailed to go to CNN when she did. For several years, I saw Kelly as refreshingly sassy, saucy, and savvy . . . up to speed on what she was reporting and unafraid to quash or squash guests who tended to get off topic and spout personal mantras.

    But after a while, I began to see her as snide, snippy, and selfish. And a few months ago, after she got her own show, she became vindictive, venomous, and vainglorious. She lost all sense of objectivity during the Republican debate when she tried to make it all about her instead of Trump, whom she considered some kind of egotistical buffoon, but he called her on it, rightfully (if raunchily).

    Lately she’s become one of those my grandmother liked to characterize with “I’d like to buy her for what she’s worth and sell her for what she thinks she’s worth” or “She done gone and got too big for her boots.”

    Now when I look at her I no longer see a powerful, striking personality who’s easy to look at but instead a harsh, pretentious harridan interested in nothing more than gold, glory, and “gotcha.” If, as she says, she’s not happy at Fox, then who cares if she goes to CNN. I’m not confident, tho, that she’ll get the money she’s lookin for over there.


  6. geeez2014 says:

    FairestWitness….it’s so SAD! I keep trying, she does some good stories, but she should understand her viewers and stop the snark. I don’t mind thoughtful, legitimate criticism, I do mind the snark.

    CI…..I don’t know why you read this blog. Your comment is so lacking in understanding of my viewpoints here that I can’t really respond. My goodness! About all I do is criticize Trump though I’m trying so hard to see the positive, and there are few bloggers who write quite so often about journalism’s demise. But, anyway…thanks!

    Sparky, Stuart Varney is good…..I like Bret Baier for fairness, I like some of O’Reilly’s stories though I find him revoltingly egotistical, I like Cavuto the best, I like Chris Wallace most of the time; there are some good FOX hosts.
    CNN has some good ones, too, but I was very disillusioned once the election got heated….I actually liked Anderson COoper quite a bit but he went WAY overboard, I still think Smerconish is sometimes reasonable and I admire that.
    I do believe their ownership/management calls the shots and hires those who echo their views and/or insist on viewpoints they want promoted.

    Bunkerville; otherwise, you’re good with her? I’d like to know that because I respect your viewpoints and, while I find the CONSTANT book peddling kind of disgusting and tiring, her snark has become too much for me.

    Bocopro; I hope you’re not suggesting I like to ‘live in an echo chamber’ of my own ideas….not from what I’ve written HERE over the years!

    I’ll just say once more that, while CNN is NOTHING but liberalism now (sadly, because I still try to watch like I did before the election and it’s NOTHING but ‘anti-Trump’ stories most of which turn out not to have legs), I find the insults to FOX for being nothing but conservatism laughable and dishonest. Both sides DESERVE to have news which supports and adds to the information we get; FOX fills in the holes on stories, the ‘whys’ , including experts on the subjects.
    CNN, while being basically nothing BUT liberal paved the way BEFORE FOX AIRED. I distinctly remember CNN mocking some new cable channel was going to be coming on and it was going to be CONSERVATIVE, and thinking “Wow, what IS that new channel?” And, the knocks have never stopped.

    It’s one thing to criticize, it’s quite another to see Kelly’s criticism is so clearly fueled by her own PUBLIC SQUABBLES with Trump since the campaign…she’s cashed in on this…it’s very clear she has an agenda.

    Let FOX do ALL the criticism of him they want IF it’s based on facts, not personal, and not delivered with such snarkiness. I hope that’s understood by you all?

    THanks for your comments


  7. geeez2014 says:

    Did you all read my post words about McCain, etc, running to CNN to slam Republicans?
    Do you respect that? I don’t see liberals going to FOX to air their grievances..maybe you’ve seen it? Let me know


  8. bocopro says:

    “Bocopro; I hope you’re not suggesting I like to ‘live in an echo chamber’ of my own ideas….”

    No. That was strictly on me. Prob’ly shoulda said that we don’t widen our perspective by discussing things only with those who agree with us. In fact, I like to argue on even trivial things just for the mental calisthenics of it.

    To that end, I like to see what ABCNNBCBS pundits have to say and then compare it to what the “alt right” offer on the same subjects. So I don’t limit myself to only FoxNews — BUT . . . I DO avoid most of the left-wing blogs for the same reason I don’t get into arguments with closed-minded morons.

    Can’t bring myself to drop logic bombs on far-left sites ’cause it’s as Heinlein says, “Never try to teach a pig to sing; it just wastes your time and annoys the pig.” Often very entertaining to read their illogic, tho.


  9. geeez2014 says:

    Thanks, Bocopro…I totally agree with you. I have had a LOT of criticism from my friends/commenters here for watching CNN….I just don’t get that, never have.
    I want all sides so I can make up my mind. The problem is ME; I’d like to hear more fairness on all news venues….legitimate criticism, legitimate review of a situation and open discussion on why the Right likes it and the Left does not, for example.

    Actually, I once fantasized of creating a TV show where ONE SUBJECT would get brought up and really intelligent speakers from both sides could weigh in and discuss them without the snark we get on the news…


  10. John M. Berger says:

    “Did you all read my post words about McCain, etc, running to CNN to slam Republicans?”

    I think that he’s just another disgruntled establishment type that probably can’t stand the fact that [he] has been bested by an outsider. I’ve often wondered who/what would he be if his father and grand father hadn’t been Admirals?


  11. I watched Megyn Kelly last night. She has become insufferable, and I’m not referring only to her disdain of Trump.

    As Bocopro said, she’s become a harsh, pretentious harridan interested in nothing more than gold, glory, and “gotcha.” So full of herself — and I don’t recall her being like that before the 2016 election cycle.


  12. Mal says:

    I agree with everything said about Kelly and agree she should leave. As for the new owners of FOX being liberals that could change their message, they’d better beware of Trump if they do ’cause he isn’t known for being nice to those that oppose him and he might, just might, either buy FOX news or create a new one. I wouldn’t put it past him!


  13. bocopro says:

    McCain? Hmmpphhh! Got no use for him. And JMB hit the 10-ring questioning what his career would’ve been had he not had admirals for daddy and granpap.

    In his early days, he had 4 serious “accidents” with planes, one of which was almost universally attributed to “clowning around” and running into power lines in Spain (early 1960s). He also crashed a training plane in Virginia and severely damaged a perfectly good fighter in Corpus Christi.

    Those incidents were long before the mysterious fire which destroyed his plane in the Gulf of Tonkin, and all were investigated, but the results were classified (still are, I’d guess). Generally speaking, if you smash up a military aircraft and walk away from it, you’d damned sure better be able to show equipment malfunction or freaky weather or somethin. Almost NOBODY except test pilots gets to keep flyin after two crackups, unless Daddy and Grandaddy were 4-stars.

    McCain had 3, and then one destroyed by fire on the deck of the carrier, and THEN got shot down. And although he mentioned his military service often while campaigning, especially his more than 5 years as a POW (which many other POWs have been very critical of), he rarely brought up his flying record (surprise, surprise).

    As a retired ex-enlisted naval officer, I feel qualified to say that I don’t like him and believe he benefited from familiar fame and power. He has always come across to me as a frat boy who never quite grew up and spends most of his time in search of a toga party.


  14. geeez2014 says:

    Mal, right! And what some people simply don’t understand is that almost NOBODY ELSE is covering news from a Conservative viewpoint…not that it’s NOT NEWS, but the way it’s delivered is important. PLUS, as I’ve said countless times here, FOX ALWAYS has a liberal point of view as well as cons….unlike CNN, which I find commendable. Otherwise, we have nowhere to go which even respects our Conservative viewpoints so it’s doubly sad to see it weaken…

    JMB…right about McCain, but it’s not only him…Other Reps go to CNN to whine, too. The Dems would NEVER EVER EVER do that at FOX.

    AOW….I adored Kelly since she was first on, too! But it never fails…the money and the fame is bought into and they lose their charm. It happened to Palin, too……BIG time.
    I remember hearing Kathy Lee Gifford say that “when doors open automatically just because you are approaching, you have to really hold tight to the fact that you’re not that big a deal as those who see you as a celeb think you are”.


  15. geeez2014 says:

    Bocopro, I agree about McCain, EXCEPT the story goes that he could have been sent home because of his daddy and did NOT,that he chose to stay in Hanoi Hilton during the war, which does make me respect him a tiny bit.

    And, I know I’ll be in trouble for saying this, but I don’t automatically consider people HEROES because they’re CAUGHT. I know that’s not a popular opinion, but I can’t help it. Were I in war and got caught , I’d not consider myself a HERO….I suppose I would consider myself a hero if I went thru the HELL they who were at the Hanoi Hilton, but….??


  16. geeez2014 says:

    Carrie Fisher has passed away…SO sad, at sixty! Please pray for her family….


  17. Otherwise, we have nowhere to go which even respects our Conservative viewpoints so it’s doubly sad to see it weaken…

    I do know how you feel, since I think the problem is worse if one is a Libertarian. As for McCain, good points, and he’s certainly no hero for being captured [not that he had much choice in that], but his actions while in captivity were exemplary…..and truly above and beyond the call of duty.


  18. geeez2014 says:

    CI, on these things I’m totally with you……Libertarians truly don’t have much voice and that’s not fair…and yes, McCain is a total hero for not having left when he could….from HELL.


  19. geeez2014 says:

    This is fun! And nobody seemed offended! Go figure xxx


  20. bocopro says:

    “but his actions while in captivity were exemplary…..and truly above and beyond the call of duty.”

    Here’s just one of several articles in which fellow POWs and other vets say his actions were far from exemplary or patriotic.

    Easy to google. Depending on how you word your query, you’ll generally find more who say he was a bit of a coward and rat fink than say he was a leader or hero.


  21. Mal says:

    I was just pondering something. If Trump finds he continues to be trashed by the media, couldn’t he create a new media, like TNN (Trump News Network)? Could that somehow be a conflict? I mean, people wouldn’t have to watch it.
    We just saw on Fox News Obama said if he had been allowed to run for a 3rd term he would’ve beaten Trump! And know what? He probably would’ve. The left is that stupid.


  22. johnnweeks says:

    I wish he would use something other than twitter. Maybe You Tube or FB where he could bypass the media that does despise him. He could in essence open his own network as Mal said. He could continue to do interviews on Fox, don’t bother with others, but he could have the ability to unwind any of the spin that would be put on him. 144 characters is like writing on a public restroom wall. All the jerks will write words of wisdom while they’re doing the smartest thing they do all day.


  23. wrong name. Should be this.


  24. Bocopro – I’ve probably read most of those allegations, but am unconvinced.

    Mal – That would be Pravda [or more accurately, Soviet TASS]. It would also be duplicative. The White House has the opportunity to give daily briefings to the WH Press Corps, among any other number of venues. There would be no need for a separate media outlet, unless it was a bid to ‘outfox’ Fox?


  25. bocopro says:

    CI — could be. No way to know the real truth, except for the fact that he DID ruin at least 3 planes and get shot down in another one. Whether the fire on the Forrestal was triggered by the missile from his plane or not will never be resolved, mostly because of that stupid statement he made himself. And there are MANY VVVs against him. Not sure how many are FOR him. This one ain’t.

    Bottom line . . . I just don’t like him and will always be suspicious of familial influence in his maintaining flyboy status and achieving congressional status.


  26. …….will always be suspicious of familial influence in his maintaining flyboy status and achieving congressional status.

    Absolutely no disagreement there.


  27. John M. Berger says:

    “Obama said if he had been allowed to run for a 3rd term he would’ve beaten Trump! And know what? He probably would’ve. The left is that stupid.”

    Man, that’s creepy! I’d rather think that it is just the ravings of a megalomanic loser but, yes, “The left is that stupid”.


  28. Baysider says:

    Loved the picture and especially loved your phrase “conservatives need a place where negativity does not rule.” Yes! (I accidentally typed that nagativity – that also applies).

    Here in Soviet Monica, my husband and I were out walking, talking about the latest news on Trump. I said “You know, I’m warming to Trump” and the guy in front of me, his head shot around before I finished my sentence “and that’s not saying much since I started with such a low opinion and there’s no way to go but up.” But it reminded me in this intensely LEFTY town, how shocking it must have been to hear someone withdrawing from a battle stations attitude. The WHOLE country needs to find a place where negativity does not rule. We’d be so much better off if the left didn’t force everyone to wallow in it.


  29. Kid says:

    McCain is very liberal. I don’t like devious. Why not be a democrt if that’s how you’re going to conduct yourself.

    As to the rest of them, I say bring it on as strong as they got it so they out themselves as being on the other side. Those in the private sector we can vote on with our wallets and those in government, we can vote on to remove them.

    Bring it on libtards.

    As far as News, I find the Russian media RT.COM much more informative and much easier to read, meaning the articles are usually much more concise and to the point of the headline.


  30. RT airs some interesting stories, but it’s Russian State media….and as such, I can’t trust it to be fair and impartial.


  31. Kid says:

    CI, Not a jab, but I’ll respond by saying I use my own skills at critical thinking, as good as they may or may not be, to analyze the information presented. And after all, we all have to rely on these skills no matter who’s media we are reading. I think I get a lot more BS from ‘American’ media actually. Maybe it boils down to personal preference.


  32. geeez2014 says:

    Here in the Pacific Palisades, quite a wealthy neighborhood and largely liberal, I heard a hair dresser at my salon say to a client “Well, you know, Trump’s new to this and he’s smart….I just want to give the guy a chance, I think he deserves that and so does America.”

    later, after that client left, I complimented Kathy for her even handedness with her client….she said “Well, we’re smart to be diplomatic with clients but I really mean that. Good girl.

    Law and Order…should be what??


  33. geeez2014 says:

    Mal, I’d hate to think a president had his own news channel, that truly is PRAVDA, as CI suggests above…scary. I know you like Trump a lot, but we don’t need a dictator, you know?

    CI, maybe it can outFOX FOX?!!

    If a President Trump did take to the WH press conference tradition, I I truly think that the media will be a tad less able to slam Trump like they did Bush, or even did Trump during the campaign….I believe that the fact that he is WELL onto their deception, lies and gross exaggerations, negativity, etc., and WE are, too, and he doesn’t mind TALKING ABOUT IT, NAILING THEM ON IT, this will make them slightly less willing to be their typical horrid selves…..We can only hope.


  34. geeez2014 says:

    The media’s taking advantage even of Carrie Fisher’s death to slam Trump; the one quote I’ve heard today from her is “People think it’s refreshing to hear Trump speak openly, I think it’s appalling…Pepsi is refreshing”.


  35. Kid – I wasn’t knocking your critical thinking skills, just pointing out that the outlet is State propaganda. I watch it from time to time, but have to fact check what they air.


  36. Kid says:

    CI, Didn’t think you were.


  37. Mal says:

    CI & Z, the difference between daily briefings from a President and a news network is having someone else do the analyzing and reporting, not you. I guess it would have to be at arms length if that were even be possible.


  38. bunkerville says:

    Not to worry Z… I think you are too kind wishing her on CNN…. MSNBC would be a better fit. I do catch her at times when nothing on or an interesting guest. But I am done with her


  39. geeez2014 says:

    Mal, you just can’t have a president with his own news station! We need valid criticism, don’t you think? You really think Trump COULD have a station that criticized HIM? He’s STILL tweeting to Obama that “NO you couldn’t win if you’d run!”
    STOP, TRUMP! You sounded like a 10 year old the first few times, now you sound like an IDIOT!

    Bunkerville; I’m almost sad you’re done with her, too. I liked her SO much and am so disappointed but rather cheered that my gut instincts are right when people like you agree 😉 xxx



  40. geeez2014 says:

    I accidentally clicked on “SIGN OUT” instead of COMMENT at a blog and when I try to get back in with WP, I type in my username and it directs me to a page which makes no sense….so I can’t comment and get readers back here directly now 😦



  41. Mal says:

    I guess you and C.I. are right about him having his own network. Its just the left has so much control and is so biased. That should be illegal, also. But how do you accomplish that?


  42. I was just saying I commented under the wrong name. Sorry for the confusion.


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