Women’s March on Washington

So Gloria Steinem is going to co-chair the big Women’s March on Washington the day after Trump’s Inauguration.  The Chair is Harry Belafonte.  Here’s a quote from the short linked article:

“The group said the march will serve as a response to rhetoric pushed during Trump’s campaign that it argues “insulted, demonized and threatened” immigrants, minorities, the LGBTQ community and other groups.”

This is a good reason why I believe I’ve been correct in suggesting Trump’s ideas are good but his choice of words stinks…..The Libs jumped on him as if he really meant ALL MEXICANS ARE RAPISTS, remember?  How can anyone think anybody’d actually mean that?  He was trying to make a point but fell so short in his explanation, sadly.    He MUST start paying attention to that, and soon.   But, it sounds like I’m blaming Trump for this ridiculous Women’s March (led by a man) and I AM NOT.

How many do you think will show up?   How do you feel about the march?  What will it take for the liberals in this country to grow up and accept a president they hate, like we did when Obama was elected?  Do they not realize that WE, too, weren’t happy but we did not protest, we did not march…and still we were called racists because we didn’t vote for Obama!!  
The fun never ends, does it.

And now Andrea Bocelli is backing out of singing at the Inauguration and the Rockettes are having a change of mind.  Bocelli got “too much criticism”….I guess he doesn’t have enough money to jeopardize his career, right? ….as if, by 5 days after the inauguration, everybody wouldn’t have forgotten he had sung there?   What next?
Please don’t say “Who cares about Bocelli or the Rockettes…”  I care that people are disrespecting Trump SO badly, that lefties have so much pull that even Donald’s friends (apparently, he and Bocelli are friends) are dissing him out of fear of the left.


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35 Responses to Women’s March on Washington

  1. At least they didn’t call it the Million Women’s March on Washington.
    I’m curious how many will actually attend.
    And how overblown the media will make its attendance.


  2. Sparky says:

    The Victorians were right, (most) women can’t handle real life. [shaking my head and chuckling]


  3. bocopro says:

    Harry Belafonte is a one-trick pony whose skull never stopped ossifying. Today it is a solid calcium deposit indistinguishable from the stalagmites you might find in a dark, dank cave. He is a communist gringewort who long ago made a conscious decision to be a complete nuisance to society in general and white people in particular.

    Gloria Steinhem is a mid-20th-century relic in a 3rd-millennium world. She is a tired, bitter, obsolete anachronism grasping desperately for any dangling thread of relevance to a culture which doesn’t care much for aged crones riding on imaginary unicorns and charging at windmills with rusty, blunted lances.

    I doubt the whole shebang will amount to anything significant and the participants will fail to get the message that when everyone gets a trophy, they never learn how to accept defeat. To paraphrase Dean Wormer . . . bitter, misinformed, and irrelevant is no way to enjoy your senility, Gloria.


  4. geeez2014 says:

    Good comments! In the meantime, Michael Moore is instructing liberals on how to behave now that Trump is coming into office and it occurred to me that he’s JEALOUS. Honestly. Moore himself seems so full of himself that Trump’s win, so against his own ideology, is driving him nuts. I like that 🙂

    Sadly, LOTS OF PEOPLE who WOULD do this silly march exist….happily, most can’t afford to get to D.C., so let’s see what happens.

    I’m more pointing this out as a harbinger of what’s to come in this new administration than the actual march; It’s going to be brutal (just remember what Americans are soaking up when they put on CNN, and read American newspapers).
    One thing I do know is that Trump needs to learn how to describe his views more articulately, more professionally…. not changing the message but not giving fodder to these nuts.


  5. Adrienne says:

    I’ve followed this aberration of a “protest” from day one and think it’s really stupid. The biggest co-sponsor now is Planned not-Parenthood, because “after all it’s my body.” According to their Facecrap page lots of women are spending untold amounts of money to go and march in Wa. There is also marches planned in many big cities. I follow the Minnesota March in St. Paul ’cause I have a libtard friend who is all enthused about going.

    Not one of these women can articulate exactly what they are protesting.


  6. Adrienne says:

    Oh – and I’m praying for really, really bad weather.


  7. It seems to me that the inauguration activities are an anachronism. Maybe Trump should just open the White House like Jackson did, put out some washtubs of whiskey and the people have at it. It would be more fun than listening to a bunch of “entertainers” perform for their own egos. I agree that it’s amazing that these people are so gutless that they would scamper away and hide in the dark. Joe Walsh said the other day that celebs are fearful of Trump’s tweets. Way to man-up Walsh. What a pansy.


  8. Imp says:

    Maybe they can enlist the HIV scum-wad Charlie Sheen ( aka Carlos Irwin Estévez ) chanting his latest mantra…

    Charlie Sheen Calls on God to Kill Donald Trump….

    Would the SS ever knock on this piece of shits door?

    Liberals…filthy people…just ignorant and filthy scum.


  9. Imp says:

    Can the jerks be potty trained? Or is it already too late?


  10. geeez2014 says:

    Imp…Sheen today is blaming Trump for Carrie Fisher’s death….I didn’t bother to read the article on HOW he thinks that…who CARES? They’re nuts.

    Law and Order; I agree totally; just move IN and start the WORK. Who CARES who’s performing? Plus, I’m hoping he doesn’t do the walk down the street with the wife; I’m really worried that the Secret Service will have their hands full like they haven’t for any other president. People want this guy GONE, BIG TIME. I’m very worried.

    Adrienne…thanks for that information. They’re going to do all they can to be ugly on this election…and I don’t think they will EVER STOP.
    I can’t imagine disliking Trump one bit more than most of us disliked Obama, but what did WE DO? We respected the process, didn’t protest, didn’t march, and even then we were called racists for not voting for him. Unbelievable JERKS, the LEFT>


  11. I doubt it’s going to be much of an event; Facebook activism is easy….showing up is another thing altogether. I for one, question what these sorts of events actually accomplish anyway. Whether it’s Glenn Becks rally on the mall several years ago, or whatever “million aggrieved snowflakes” march…….what comes of these except rhetorical pronouncements full of theatrical flair and fudging of attendance numbers….and an absolute nightmare of gridlock for those who work or live in and around the District.


  12. Mal says:



  13. I read this as well, but also read that Sprint announced this as part of a deal with Japan’s Softbank back in October. Did Trump really have a hand in this, or is optimism getting a tad carried away?


  14. cube says:

    Enough with the grievances already. Channel your energy to something productive and quit whining.

    Off topic: I tried to send an email to zfoodfan@gmail.com and was told it couldn’t be sent. Is this email not correct? Please advise.


  15. geeez2014 says:

    CI, not so much..no, this was done beforehand. This was a Sprint deal.
    HOWEVER, I think companies seem to be rethinking a lot of things, which I think’s a good thing.
    Mal, I love your enthusiasm!

    Cube, ‘couldn’t be sent?’ I know I NEVER look at that account but am surprised about that.
    I’d like to email you, too, from time to time….let me think about this.


  16. -FJ says:

    As Nietzsche once observed, “beware of those in whom the urge to punish is strong”. The democrats are in the mood to punish America for electing Trump. We’ll soon see how THAT works out for them.


  17. geeez2014 says:

    FJ, EXCELLENT quote and observation on your part…I agree….they REALLY want to punish “Deplorable America”…. I think it’s going to backfire on them, personally, and always have thought that.

    Obama’s now applying sanctions on Russia, including booting out 35 Russian diplomats here…
    He’s getting TOUGH on his way out? HILARIOUS man, disgusting, hilarious man And, believe me, it gives me NO pleasure to refer to a president as disgusting… I sincerely hope this is the last time I’ll ever have to do that.

    but I don’t think so 😦


  18. Kid says:

    This is the left’s war plan and they’ll stay with it to the end. Disrupt and Divide.
    Funded by soros and probably moore too and the rest of those cockroaches.

    So, the best intelligence in the world and still can’t provide evidence Russia had anything to do with podesta emails?


  19. Kid – You’re not expecting the media to be in receipt of sources and methods are you? Russia was absolutely involved in the hacking…but…it was against a private entity [the DNC] not the USGOV, so Obama’s recent action is not warranted in my opinion.


  20. Kid says:

    I don’t necessarily believe it was Russia. Wiki said it was a leaker in the DNC. Putin has told obama to put up or shut up. The NSA would be the one to have proof and they haven’t backed up the agency who did say it was Russia. So, who knows.


  21. Don’t look for any corroboration from the NSA. They’re not prone to media relations.


  22. Baysider says:

    CI is right. Facebook activism is easy, but showing up is another thing. On the other hand, soros is funding a tremendous backlash effort to attempt to ruin this presidency. That means I expect there will be a solid core of group of paid hard-core activists who will be the backbone of all this kind of stuff. We don’t do that, so it’s hard to put ourselves in their place and realize sometimes what’s really going on.

    Also, they completely idolized Obama. just couldn’t conceive that anyone actually could disagree with him. That’s why they called anyone who did a racist. Lack of critical thinking skills.


  23. Mal says:

    “Mal, I love your enthusiasm”. That’s why I used caps, Z! (More emphatic?)


  24. cube says:

    This was the actual message: “We weren’t able to send this message, so we’ve put it in your Drafts folder. Before you try sending it again, you can check to see if the address is correct and that no attachments are too large.”

    My email is: entropy22@verizon.net


  25. geeez2014 says:

    CI, the basis of Obama’s gripe with Russia is disturbing the election in some way, not a DNC problem, true or not.

    Cube, thanks for the email address! I went into my gmail account, with 4000 emails! Deleted half, hoping that’s the problem???

    Kid, you’d think we could find out but apparently it’s not possible.

    Baysider, SUCH a lack of critical thinking skills. Today the Black Lib who gets paid too much to be on FOX quite a bit is still insisting how many jobs Obama brought to the country; NOTHING said about how they’re low level jobs, or how many gave up looking.


  26. Mal says:

    C.I. is right. And hey! If we’re going there, how about the carelessness of Hillary (again!) and the lack of better security by the current administration? There’s lots of blame to go around.
    Be careful, Dems. When you stir up s— there’s always the risk of splashing some on yourself!


  27. geeez2014 says:

    I think that’s right, MAL……I really do, as I said above, think the Dems are going to MAYBE see what’s screwed up in their ideology; I’ve already heard/seen some say “give it a rest, the guy won….let’s just get through this”….I hope the others are met with disdain


  28. Kid: That’s what I was thinking.
    Pretty shadowy.


  29. -FJ says:

    Funny how Russia was never considered a threat to the country or national security in the eyes of Democrats UNTIL they hacked the DNC…


  30. Mcafee is making an assessment as a civilian without access to US intelligence. Cogent analysis, but without the breadth of the information available to ODNI.


  31. Mal says:

    I’m not so sure, C.I., that McAfee isn’t being used by our government for this purpose. It would seem a “no-brainer” to use them, wouldn’t it? After all, cyber security was their baby to begin with.


  32. Mal – I’m not sure what you mean, that John McAfee isn’t in the employ of USGOV, or the use of McAfee’s software?


  33. Mal says:

    C.I, I simply meant couldn’t the U.S. benefit from their expertise for our security. After all, who would be better than McAfee when it comes to malware, etc. I don’t know for sure, but it seems that would be the case.


  34. Well, no slam on McAfee, but DoD and USGOV have some pretty sharp cyber folks, pretty big cyber defense organizations too.


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