Megyn Kelly…as John McLaughlin used to say “bu byyyy”

Megyn Kelly’s leaving FOX for NBC.   I would have been SO disappointed a year ago.  But not today.

“Her net worth is $ 15 million; she draws a reportedly impressive base salary of $270,000, taking her annual package to $9 million. Her great looks along with her tongue–in-cheek sharp takes on any social issue has made her the star in her profession.  It has been reported that Megyn Kelly may leave Fox News if she is not given a higher salary which compares to the likes of Bill O’Reilly who earns  a salary of $18 million per year.”

Though it might have irked me that O’Reilly was making double my salary I’d have been mighty happy with $9 million a year, particularly if I was able to share my own opinions, hoping to clarify and edify my viewers, and believed in the more conservative FOX cause.

Here’s what she’ll apparently be doing:  “Kelly will become anchor of a new one hour daytime program that she will develop closely with NBC News colleagues. The show will air Monday through Friday at a time to be announced in the coming months…. As part of the multi-year agreement, Kelly also will anchor a new Sunday evening news magazine show, and will contribute to NBC’s breaking news coverage as well as the network’s political and special events coverage.”

“Kelly also will anchor a new Sunday evening news magazine show”…How many times have I said she wants to be the next Barbara Walters?

I’ve seen her dump Conservatives in the mud but even I have to admit she does stand up for them when the undeniable Conservative truth on various subjects doesn’t make the mainstream press, so, for that, I have some hope.  I got some blow back here when I said that FOX watchers deserve a ‘safe’ Conservative place to hear the opinions we share, plus more opinions we do NOT share than (literally) any other cable channel, which helps us see more clearly and make our own decisions.  I got to thinking about it the other day and feel strongly that while MSNBC and CNN can spout their leanings, FOX should be able to do so.   I said “we deserve it,” then, at least as much as lefties do, and I feel it even more today.

Our friend/commenter John Berger brought up a good question…They haven’t released who’ll take her treasured timeslot….

WHO WOULD YOU LIKE TO SEE ON FOX AT 9pm Eastern, 6pm Pacific?   


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31 Responses to Megyn Kelly…as John McLaughlin used to say “bu byyyy”

  1. John M. Berger says:

    Have you heard who might take her spot? I quit watching it quite some time ago.


  2. geeez2014 says:

    no word yet on that,,,,

    Who would y’all like to see take MEGYN KELLY’S SPOT? JMB, that’s a great blog question, thanks! I’m going to add it to the post! xx


  3. Z-man says:

    If she’s making a point about women always get paid less than men in the same field (her $9mil compared to O’Reilly’s $18mil) I’m not gonna get the violins out. Jennifer Lawrence has made similar points about Hollywood. The average person can’t relate to this kind of talk.


  4. Bob says:

    Bye-bye, Megyn, and don’t let the door hit you in the rear on the way out. Megyn has been sharpening her liberal delivery ever since her confrontation with Donald Trump in the first Republican debate. To me, this was a noticeable shift.

    I think Sandra Smith has done a great job in filling in for Kelly, but I don’t know if Fox will keep the show. Logically, they need something in that time slot. My suggestion would be to try a number of personalities, including maybe some politicians with personality if such even exists, before even settling on the preferred format.

    Tucker Carlson is good, but needs to work on the format. Right now, he structures his show on arguing with people, but he needs another outlet for his formidable intellect. I hope Fox is good at coaching their stars.

    It’s too bad that Roger Ailes was such a lusty character. He was an excellent boss and coach, with the exception of his sexist ways. If his star anchor were Whoopie Goldberg or Joy Behar, he would not have even been tempted. Ugly is ugly, and Fox needs to stick with its reputation to have physically attractive personalities on the air.


  5. John M. Berger says:

    “WHO WOULD YOU LIKE TO SEE ON FOX AT 9pm Eastern, 6pm Pacific? ”
    Just off-the-cuff I thought of Melissa Francis or Eric Bowling (sp?). That said, there are plenty of others who would work, as well.


  6. bocopro says:

    If Fox wants to replace Kelly in kind (her original kind), I’d say go with Tomi Lahren. She’s quick, savvy, sassy, and completely fearless. Acts like a 20-year veteran instead of a 24-yr-old. Tough kid. Very likely starts out each newscast with a glass of gunpowder and steel wool.

    If they want a mature blonde female who knows what she’s doing, Martha McCallum. Total pro with MORE than enuf trips around the locker room. Best-lookin 50-yr-old on the network. She’s also informed, patient, courteous, mature, respectful, and pleasant to listen to.

    I think Kelly has stuck her hand about 8 inches too far up the golden goose’s ass and is about to shoot herself in the economic and popularity foot. Her propensity for making stories all about HER instead of the news she should be discussing tends to get old quickly, regardless of audience.

    Can’t stand to watch Carlson. Prob’ly one of the quickest and best informed minds on Fox . . . just don’t like his in-your-face adversarial condescending style. Just as with O’Reilly, tend to agree with nearly everything he says — just don’t like the way he goes about gettin it said.

    In fact, lately (past coupla years) I haven’t liked much of ANYbody on ANY news channel except Baier, McCallum, Lahren, Fifield (OAN), and Gilfoyle (’cause she’s so damned sexy). Hemmer is O.K., but he has a serious timing problem with his interview style.

    I change channel whenever I see Smith or Rivera coming on. Ditto for Scarbrough and Cuomo.


  7. Mal says:


    I hope after she goes on NBC her ratings go way down and they can her. Then see if anyone will even want her at ANY salary! It could happen, you know. It has to others as well.


  8. FB says:

    More Tucker and people like him. I’m glad she’s gone. She was shallow in her analysis. Perfect for NBC.


  9. FB says:

    There’s one woman whose work I really like on Fox and it’s Harris Faulkner. I think she’d deserve a show.


  10. Imp says:

    Michele Malkin or Monica Crowley…..maybe Laura Ingraham….Judge Jeanine too? All Honest and tough as nails…’broads”…tee hee. Come on…dump yer PC,OK?


  11. Imp says:

    FB…Harris Is Gorgeous but already has a great show. Yeh?


  12. FB says:

    I meant a more high profile shows.


  13. I just told my wife when she asked why I haven’t been watching Kelly I was tired of her. The show became about her rather than the information she was able to bring out and discuss. She got too important during the election when she tangled with Trump. Trump can be a jerk, but she used her victim status to win sympathy. She’s been mailing it in ever since. Tucker is good at whacking away at pompous a-holes who need to be made to explain themselves and can’t. Very funny. He doesn’t name call, but he spends his time using their own words to skewer them. He even looks pained while he’s doing it. Put me on the Martha Mac fan club. Smart and quick. Take care.


  14. bocopro says:

    For years I’ve had a severe crush on Michelle Malkin. Became a fan when I first saw her clarity, her accuracy, and her objectivity. Noticed right away that her modus operandi was to do her homework before engaging her mouth, and as a teacher of technical and advanced writing, I was quickly enamored of someone who could do all the things I demanded from my students. AND, she dovetails nicely with my standards for feminine pulchritude, which are permanently rooted in SouthEast Asia.

    But . . . recently, perhaps for the past year or so, I’ve noticed that she’s been gettin a little full of herself and a bit heavy on the sarcasm, kinda like Coulter, as if she’s trending more toward infotainment than explicainment. Works too hard for the snarky metaphor sometimes.

    Still admire her energy, her depth, her wordsmithing, her logic in presentation, but sometimes I’d like to feed her a healthy slice of humble pie.


  15. Linda says:

    We used to watch her, but lost a lot of respect during the first debate. We won’t miss her. I do miss Greta. I don’t really like Tucker, either, but then, they don’t care who I like or don’t like. I’m glad I have numerous stations from which to pick, but even then, there’s not much to watch.


  16. There’s not a large stable that I’m at all impressed with, but given a choice for a replacement, I’d lobby for Dana Perino.


  17. Imp says:

    @CI…Perino is good…but way too careful and wishy washy. You can tell she used to be a press secretary. She’s always hedging her remarks with a readiness to rewind is she “offends”. Leave her on the 5.


  18. Imp – Fair enough, YMMV. I like Perino’s reasoned and measured approach. I find that we have too many bloviating sock puppets on cable news, playing their part in political theater as it is.


  19. geeez2014 says:

    Z-Man….I’m thinking ‘man, I’d be happy with that much money!’…I can’t even relate and they’re ticked for not having MORE?!!

    BOB!! So true! I agree with all you said…particularly how very good Sandra Smith is. I actually like Shannon Bream, too…..but she sometimes doesn’t have the ‘fire’ on air that would help her make star quality.

    Bob AND Bocopro; I’ve been disappointed with much of Tucker Carlson…at first, I thought “Wow, he’s great!” he’s really knowledgeable, really excellent in genearl…BUT now he just has really adversarial people on and tries to get them to show how utterly stupid he thinks they are. He gets that look on his face which (I swear) makes me think EVERY TIME “I’m glad I’m not his wife and we have an argument …I couldn’t take that ‘you are SO STUPID, AREN’T YOU?’ look”!!

    John…I think Melissa’s good, too…Eric’s got a LOT going on already, but he does do a good job when he takes over O’Reilly’s show…I just think he’s a tad too “rah rah rah Republican” for me, somehow.

    Bocopro…Lahren isn’t seasoned enough but she IS good…I LOVE MARTHA MACCALLUM; excellent choice..she’s classy, SHARP, and doesn’t show her cards; she knows how to ask questions without inserting her own politics. GREAT CHOICE. She’s also beautiful and I can never realize she’s 52 years old! “I change channel whenever I see Smith or Rivera coming on. Ditto for Scarbrough and Cuomo.” Me, TOO! You NAILED the WORST OF THE WORST here…I couldn’t agree more. Today, Rivera’s on THE FIVE and I AM SO TICKED OFF!! ugh.
    I’m not a fan of Malkin anymore…I was…..and, of course you like her…you and Asian women 🙂

    Mal, it’ll be interesting, won’t it, because I think Kelly’s biggest ‘cache’ was her fight with Trump, not that she wasn’t popular before…but …

    FB….I actually don’t think it’s her fault she couldn’t get more in depth…they have SO little time and that has to be frustrating. Harris is lovely and smart…not sure she could handle an hour show but she does host on Saturdays or Sundays from time to time. Beautiful woman.

    Imp…I personally can’t STAND the styles of Monica or Jeanine”the thug”…that ‘New Yowk’ thug thing…ugh. Laura Ingraham’s good, I do like her….I met her once and she’s the tiniest thing…like Dana Perino short and slight….that BIG voice, BIG brain, and tiny tiny person. Mr. Z ADORED Ingraham! Here’s how amazing my husband was; we heard her speak, we chatted with her a bit, and he bought a book….I left him in line to talk to someone and, when I got back he was standing over her as he signed the book “To Z….. “…”Why’d you have her write the inscription to ME?” that was Mr. Z.

    Law and Order….it’d be GREAT to have MacCallum on that hour! You take care, too. xx

    Megyn Kelly was TERRIFIC until she started to buy into her popularity…SO sad.

    Linda…I’m with you….except I don’t miss Greta. She just took a new job, I don’t remember where….not sure.

    CI…Perino’s show before the election was dead dull but she’s not a bad choice…she is knowledgeable and doesn’t insert herself into every subject. Good pick.

    EVERYBODY: My fantasy is a show with ONE Conservative and ONE Liberal…maybe different ones every night..discussing the points; NAFTA, JOBS, PLANNED PARENTHOOD, etc etc etc….
    VERY little ideology, just facts and good argument.
    Wouldn’t we all love to see Buckley and Vidal again? Except who thinks that well anymore!?
    AND their discussions were in DEPTH..

    Soundbites are killing television journalism. And our own thinking processes.


  20. Sparky says:

    To Megyn Kelly: Bye Bye! Don’t let the door hit you on the way out! And take Shepherd Smith with ya.
    She will fit right in at NBC. They’re a bunch of loud mouth, rude, libtards too. As for who I would to see replace her. Hmmm … Mike Huckabee would be a good one to bring back. Judge Andrew Napolitano would be another. Can’t think of any others at the moment.


  21. Imp says:

    @Z…please…no more of a Hannity and Colmes ( the Cryptkeeper )!


  22. geeez2014 says:

    Imp; that’s not at all what I’d envision.

    Sparky, those aren’t bad suggestions…Huckabee’s previous show was a bit ‘folksie’ and Napolitano …well, I don’t know…maybe!


  23. Mal says:

    I like Imp’s idea of Judge Jeanine. She’d be perfect. I love he snarly grin while making a sarcastic comment about something. Think she’d be interested?


  24. Mal says:

    (that was suppose to be HER snarly grin)…………..


  25. bocopro says:

    The question Kelly’s leaving for NBC raises is just how much Kool-Aid she’ll drink. Will she, for instance, extoll and espouse Black Lives Matter? or transgender bathrooms? or increased “refugee” immigration? or sanctuary cities? or white guilt? or climate change? Will she defend the EPA? the NEA? planned parenthood?

    Camerota seems to mesh quite nicely with the CNNites. But I don’t believe Kelly has much of a political OR religious philosophy other than self. A few days ago I came across a discussion of her recent book (which came out right after the election) and it doesn’t sound like a rising star on the literary horizon. In fact, one comment was that it’s little more than her resume done up in snippets and anecdotes.

    Hmmm . . . despite the allegations that Trumpites overloaded the review bin with one-star blasts, seems to me that if you’ve been mentioned by Jon Stewart, Rachel Maddow, Bill Maher, and been on The Five and have one of the highest rated cable shows, you should be able to throw drecch into a binder and have it sell. I haven’t seen any figures on its success, but apparently so far it’s not worth the $11 million she got paid up-front for it.

    Anyway, I never have been much interested in gossip or self-promotion books. Haven’t read O’Reilly’s, either, although they’re allegedly pretty good stuff, according to the New York Times (grudgingly, I imagine).


  26. geeez2014 says:

    Mal, and I can’t even watch her anymore…she’s like watching the Mafia only so sarcastic…I’m glad she’s got fans!

    bocopro…you honestly think Kelly will back BLM?? She was actually principled before the Trump broohaha.
    I tried to see how her book’s selling…I’d heard it was doing very well, but almost all the articles are just snarky pro-Kelly, anti ‘loon conservative’ articles saying cons are doing fake negative reviews because they’re so angry at her.


  27. bocopro says:

    “back BLM” No, I doubt she’d go that far . . . only wondering how much influence the Kool-Aid will have on her. Bet she comes out as a climate-change believer, tho, and possibly a sanctuary city supporter. She has said she’s neither Con nor Lib, but an Independent. I’m just not convinced of her principles other than lust for wealth and attention.

    I was reading recently that she was “devastated that her favorite candidate lost.” Find that a bit hard to believe. My guess would be that she has as much contempt for the Clintons as she does for Trump. After all, she’s not stupid — merely self-centered. I believe she’d like to see a woman PotUS, but not necessarily HRC. Herself, maybe?


  28. geeez2014 says:

    bocopro, I don’t think she usually shows her cards except to be anti-Trump most of the time.
    I agree that the lust for wealth and attention got to her, too…as it did Palin, BIG TIME…and many others.

    I have NEVER heard her say anything like favoring Hillary, and that’s clearly what that quote means, unless there was a Republican candidate.. She was hard on Hillary during the email scandals, etc.

    That’s not much, not definitive, but she doesn’t sound like a Hillary fan and never has….nor a Trump fan, of course!!


  29. geeez2014 says:

    yup…him and john McLaughlin (see my title of my post) bubyyyyy!!


  30. Mustang says:

    Now if Shepard Smith would only follow suit …


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