Where do we go from here?

Gee, Surprise Surprise!   You legalize pot, more partake and……get sick.

Is this the future of America?  Every state full of sick stoners taking up space in our hospitals, loaded while they drive (car accidents are also up since legalization), one big stupid country of people overdoing drug use? Sure, some of us think legalizing pot is only going to cut down on cartels, etc., but is it worth it?

Let me take it a step further:   Legal pot, sanctuary cities, unisex bathrooms, men marrying men, TV commercials about male erections and bowel movements, etc etc ETC…….I’d love to see what someone from 1940 would think today, let alone people from before that, huh?


Can we come back as a healthy country of self reliant, prosperous people who didn’t do drugs, who cherished family and healthy choices?   I know two kids at different colleges who are leaving those colleges after six months because they can barely find friends who aren’t drugging and drinking every single night.  And these are tough schools!

America?  What’s going ON?  Or just light up a joint and………relaaaaaaaaaaaaaaax, don’t worry about it, just don’t do too much or you’ll be sick as a dog.


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54 Responses to Where do we go from here?

  1. John M. Berger says:

    During the late 60’s and early 70’s I was around those who frequently imbibed in the use of pot. And, yes, I did some, as well. From that experience, notwithstanding impaired driving, etc., I submit, at least, two observations:
    1) Long-term usage produces a cumulative effect leading to lethargy.
    2) Increased acceptance of counter-productive Liberal causes.
    While I may catch Hell for saying this, I believe that massive use of this substance is a sure way to undermine the wherewithal of society, at large. Colorado is now a net exporter of Marijuana and, as such, is being sued by neighboring states. Everybody should see what legalization has attracted here!


  2. Kid says:

    Ozzie and Harriet are never coming back that’s for sure.


  3. Z,
    Is this the future of America? Every state full of sick stoners….

    I think that this is the direction we’re going — with all the terrible consequences.


  4. The flip side, with respect to Marijuana…..is to beg the State to mandate what we can put inside our own bodies….all the white the largest perpetrator of related diseases, alcohol….flows as freely as it ever has.


  5. -FJ says:

    You never hear the “down” side of ‘progressive’ social innovations like gay marriage until years after the adopted catamites are dramatically rescued by the police


  6. Kid says:

    Well, here is a prediction of societal meltdown in the 2020’s.

    Also, does anyone know of a fictional offering that prdicts a better future? I’ve never heard of one, which to me means no one is able to even devise of a possible better societal future.


  7. Kid says:

    PS – Portugal decriminalized all drugs in 1996 I believe and they reported drug use went down because it was now being treated as a medical problem versus a criminal one, so people came for help who wouldn’t have otherwise for fear of jail. fwiw.


  8. Kid – The Portuguese experiment, while not a utopia by any stretch, has given some really good benchmarks with regards to decriminalization of narcotics, and shows that the idea has merit in a liberal [classical] society. The very idea that what one does to their own body, being a criminal offense…..is the epitome of anti-Conservativism.


  9. jerrydablade says:

    The assault on the American family is almost complete. Nobody is getting married anymore… at least based on the files I’ve been underwriting for home loans.


  10. geeez2014 says:

    Kid…terrific article for this blog topic today, as hideous as the guy’s conclusion is but…it says “Turchin says that “the negative trends seem to be accelerating,” and that in three years, the path to instability will seem unavoidable. He was quick to point out that Donald Trump’s presidential election neither accelerates nor decelerates the process, but was simply a predicted aspect of his theory.
    Turchin’s concepts include “elite overproduction,” in which the rich grow richer and relate less and less to the poor. He said that elite overproduction would result in “ideological polarization and fragmentation of the political class.” He used the 2016 election as a prime example, and explained that the Republican party has shattered into different factions consisting of Traditional Republicans, Tea Party Republicans, and Trump Populists.”

    And I want FATHER KNOWS BEST back, I’ll admit it! 🙂 We could do a LOT worse. Gee, respect for parents, parents who love and support their kids, schooling honored, decent relationships, morals and ethics….

    Re PORTUGAL, that’s very interesting and worth looking into…..I’m not sure heroin use in Scandinavia’s improved….from what I’ve read in the past, they just come in and still shoot up in special places…..ugh. I can’t imagine pot smoking being considered a medical problem here…can you? In the US, they can barely admit to the types of downsides JMB describes in his comment at the top here….which I’ve seen countless times.

    The “elite overproduction” could be squelched, however, with Trump, unlike this professor envisions…..if Trump ran on anything it was NOT relating “less and less to the poor.”
    Do you agree with me?

    JMB….I had your same experience with pot in the 70s….and saw the same exact observations you had. I have heard of the situation you describe…that pot shops in Col are selling to dealers who mark it up then sell to other states’ buyers…is that the deal?

    Jerry, that is very sad to hear…that kind of ‘proof’. I personally know of TONS of weddings in the last year alone, but I think you’re probably right. You watch TV now, and they’ll say “Jim and Carol have two children and are buying a house, with a plan to marry in 2 years” …many times, the reason for not marrying is they can’t afford it….but they can afford to have kids!?

    Drugs are just not NORMAL here and I’m thinking it’s better to not encourage looking at it as NORMAL. In Europe, they laugh at us because we don’t have nudity in TV commercials for soap, for example….what they don’t understand is it’s not something America’s USED TO. We’re USED TO alcohol, no matter what damage it does, AND IT DOES, we ALL know that. We’re not used to someone walking by with a joint…it represents a counterculture I hope we don’t normalize here.

    THanks for all your input!


  11. Kid says:

    Z, Yes, I know they go around and shoot them up in Amsterdam for example too. Costs a lot less than dealing with dirty needle problems and all that. On the reefer and medical problems, I didn’t personally see any and knew people who smoked a lot. Certainly there are people who’s bodies can be damaged by canabinoids.

    There is so much wrong and broken – most corrupt government ever – education – jobs – jobs for low education people (those would be mfg jobs) – lack of family – paying the baby factory women. Lots to fix. And popular culture is going no where good imo.


  12. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, I featured POT as part of my post but I’m surely not blaming pot for all of society’s ills…though it might have seemed like that at first reading !! Sorry!

    Let’s put pot aside………
    The article you linked is excellent…and frightening……I blame the speed at which his hypothesis is happening largely on liberal policies………I mean, look at the illustration for that article.!!

    We can’t knit families back together, we can’t raise salaries to where women can stay home with their children, we just can’t….no doubt about it…but I just wish most of America even considered getting back to a healthy society. ANd, then, of course, who am I to say what a healthy society is? I get that……….but……..


  13. Mal says:

    This is also another reason we are on a fast track for self driving vehicles! I read yesterday that soon all cars will be driven via the internet. Not me, bro! I not only have never smoked but don’t use any prescriptions and want to keep control of my vehicle! PERIOD!
    (I’m sure glad I’m pushin’ 90).


  14. John M. Berger says:

    “I have heard of the situation you describe…that pot shops in Col are selling to dealers who mark it up then sell to other states’ buyers…is that the deal?”

    Yes, that’s the deal PLUS. The situation is going out-of-control, although the powers that be are reluctant to acknowledge it.


  15. geeez2014 says:

    Mal, I don’t blame you for being glad about that!

    JMB: I’d also read that traffic accidents were up after legalization..is that true, do you know? Has there been talk about reversing the decision, or can they, even??


  16. Kid says:

    I agree liberal policies, which directly line up with communist takeover policies.


  17. Kid says:

    z, traffic accidents? I don’t trust any published statistics about anything any more. I believe they are all agenda based lies. 4.7% unemployment reported today. Are you kidding me?

    I never knew anyone who had any problem driving or were ‘impaired’ smoking pot. Just my experience.


  18. John M. Berger says:

    I’ve heard that traffic accidents are up but I don’t have specific data on that. As far as I know there hasn’t been any formal movement to reverse the decision. As you can imagine, it is a big tax ‘cash cow’. One of our official State Songs is: “Rocky Mountain High”, really! It’s reported that our stuff is much more potent than the Mexican stuff and that the “cartel” is suffering in this particular market. It is postulated that there will be a commensurate increase in hard drug and human trafficking to take-up the slack. All of that but God help anyone caught smoking tobacco in a neighborhood bar!


  19. geeez2014 says:


    I found plenty of articles, but admittedly, since pot lingers in the body, they can’t tell if someone’s stoned THEN or was stoned the day before and then drove and had an accident like anybody straight would have…. I’m thinking this stuff isn’t conclusive yet….and what we hear, pro or against pot and driving, are in early days of fact gathering.

    JMB…..the gateway drug situation certainly applies to pot…..it seems hard to believe hard drugs wouldn’t increase now. And yes, smoke a cigarette in a bar and you’re a parriah….smoke pot, notsomuch. unreal.

    Kid, one only has to have been high on pot once to know driving isn’t something you might want to do! 🙂


  20. Kid says:

    Z, I’m not coming back at you but I and we used to drive all the time without the slightest problem.

    Yes, certainly the early days of data gathering.


  21. Kid says:

    I will say most of the young people in Cincinnati can’t even drive sober, so maybe you have something there.


  22. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, I get it….I think you’re probably right, but you have to admit there’s a time while ‘high’ that you know you’ve had too much even as we know we had one too many glasses of wine, right? 🙂 I suppose nobody wants to drive in that state!?
    You always make me laugh when you slam Ohio drivers……you always say it with such humor, though I know it’s anything BUT funny to you!! “…can’t even drive sober!” :

    EVERYBODY: TOTALLY off topic (but, hopefully, NOT SO off topic….if you get my drift)…here’s something interesting…MSNBC got Greta, as we all know….and they’re saying it’s to drop the Bernie Sanders fans and attract more centrist viewers….If THIS is a trend, pandering to the CONSERVATIVES, I’m pretty pleased…!!


  23. Kid says:

    Z, Agree. Thanks.

    OT – To the 4.7% Unemployment number I mentioned earlier, I just tripped over this one. Jobless up 18% since obammy took office. 4.7% equates to full employment beucase you’ll never get lower that that with people temporarily out of work, between jobs, injhured, etc etc.



  24. Kid says:

    PS – Breaking News !! michele obama No Longer Proud of her Country!!

    humor, but maybe she did say that too. I’m not going to watch to find out.


  25. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, ya….the Obama folks and their minions handily forget those who aren’t looking anymore, or have jobs so far beneath them, or jobs which pay so little…….I watch all news, and the only place I’ve heard them not thrilled at the low jobless rates is FOX, where they discussed this morning the truth you linked…I know Republicans do it, too, in exaggerating or downplaying unpleasant truths about Rep policies, but this is a pretty darned vital point and needs discussion. To watch Juan Williams continue to stand up for the wonderful country Obama’s leaving, as the 4 brilliant Republican gals kept hammering him with the truth is quite comical.

    Michelle Obama….yes, ‘humor’ but probably true.

    BY THE WAY: Trump has just ordered all ambassadors to leave their foreign posts BY inauguration day, “no exceptions,” instead of allowing the few days many presidents give for wrapping things up!


  26. Kid says:

    Z, exactly, Many people took steps down in their jobs, and many haven’t gotten raises for a long time either.

    Foreign Ambassadors… And the article I found said the ones appointed by obama. That’s interesting. I hope he has every other obama appointed lackey and federal judge packing their bags too. Drain the Swamp!


  27. geeez2014 says:

    Kid! Ya, it says “Obama appointed” ambassadors are coming back, but I think it’s ALL…they’re saying there are 188 ambassadorships now needing filling, leaving MANY posts unfilled, which isn’t probably the best idea, but the staffs remain, I’d guess, to do the work? Trump says he wants it all to be HIS DIPLOMACY now.
    having lived in Europe, I’m sorry for the families, pulling kids out of schools, etc., because it’s a tough situation….probably he ought to leave a few there for a while, in my opinion…but it probably gets complicated…if he doesn’t want the ambassadors doing work, we can’t pay for them to stay just for their kids.
    ya, I think DRAIN THE SWAMP is part of that!


  28. Sparky says:

    I dunno, I’ve been giving the legalization of illegal drugs a lot of thought. And, please, I’ve never used anything illegal nor have I wanted to. Anyway, this is my thoughts on the matter:
    The more things are banned, the more underground it becomes, the more the population wants it.
    When alcohol was under Prohibition, almost the entire Nation became drunks because it “wasn’t allowed”. Prohibition damaged the economy and jailed more people than can be counted. All to no avail as it didn’t change anything.
    Prostitution is “banned” but the business of selling sex is still going strong with more involved in it every year.
    And there are many other cases of “banned” items that only make them more desirable to those who wish, and will, be bad.
    In a nutshell, morality can not be legislated. The best thing that could happen, is for the government to stop trying to micro-manage our thoughts and actions, but instead encourage what really changes hearts, belief in God.


  29. geeez2014 says:

    Hi, Sparky, Prohibition causing more drinkers is new to me…I just Googled and don’t find anything that backs that up…but you could be right.
    Yes, banning causes things to go underground, but legalizing can have the opposite effect and that doesn’t seem what we’d want to encourage, either.
    Let’s face it, most AMericans look on marijuana as non mainstream, even dangerous and, as most people get older, they look kind of down on it…….so legalizing NOW, after having had it illegal, seems counterproductive to ME, but….I know many don’t agree with me.

    So, Sparky….forget marijuana…what about the rest of my post? I guess you’d say faith is what this country needs, and, let’s face it, at least the families I know with faith seem more cohesive and happy and ethical than those who disdain it, but….what else CAN we do to pick up our society again?


  30. Mustang says:

    What else CAN we do to pick up our society again? We can encourage abortion in liberal communities.


  31. Kid said: “I never knew anyone who had any problem driving or were ‘impaired’ smoking pot. Just my experience.”
    Me neither, including myself.
    In fact, the cautious drivers were always suspected of being stoned. 🙂
    I in no way advocate pot, it’s a distraction and distorts reality (paranoia runs deep).
    My friend and neighbor’s son grows pot commercially, which causes no end of eye rolling for his father.


  32. Sparky, I love you, but “In a nutshell, morality can not be legislated. “?
    Of course it can.
    We forbid theft, murder, cheating.
    The trick is defining what is “moral”.


  33. What will pick up this country again? Shame.
    When we stop encouraging anti-social behavior by not being willing to judge it so and caling bad behavior exactly that, if not sin, we will start encouraging goodness and well being again.
    Out of wedlock? Shame on you. Love you, help you, but shame on you. Til you admit you were wrong.


  34. Kid says:

    Sparky, Yes Prohabition created a huge criminal organization that was a “cure worse than the disease”. Personally I view criminality of drugs in the same vein. I DON’T CARE about drug users who kill themselves. I care about the aging wives of American Heroes who find themselves being mugged or worse for their $5 bill coming back from shopping by some drug addict with no other way to get what they need.

    In the end, people predisposed to doing drugs are going to do them whether they are legal or not ! Nothing to gain.

    And you do have a point about kids being attracted to things that are ‘banned’.


  35. Kid says:

    Mustang, Yes, lets do weapons drops in liberal progressive communities.


  36. bunkerville says:

    At this point I am more concerned with prescription narcotics that have the blessing of the medical community,,


  37. Imp says:

    @CI….we tried that before Bubba…and we got Al Capone and other bad elements…the most asinine amendment to the constitution ever. Even the priests were pissed off that they couldn’t get their wine during Mass. And it’s a good thing our troops in the Pacific got their access and rations and a break in Melbourne to get totally slammed before shoving off to Iwo, OKI or the worst one….Peleliu.


  38. Kid says:

    ED, I found my early drug experience to be enlightening. In other words, enhancing my ability to seperate reality from fiction and enhancing my critical thinking ability allowing me to focus on reality. There it is. I wouldn’t change it.


  39. Sparky says:

    Well, like I always say, I could be wrong about legalizing things. 😉 This is quite a quagmire. In ancient times, it was the Church’s, or I should say, faith in a Higher Power, that controlled the populace. Now that’s been lifted, so to speak, and at the populations request the godless governments tell people what is acceptable and what isn’t. I don’t know how we can get back. Not in a hurry, anyway.
    Quite right, it’ll be Faith that restores us. As long as it’s faith in the right Person. All I know to do is pray, try to be the right kind of person to help society, and witness for Christ.


  40. Kid says:

    Z, or anyone, what is the net effect if we permanently remove all ambassadors from all foreign posts .. ? I’d actually vote for that to happen.


  41. Kid says:

    Sparky, I’d say society is moving in the opposite direction and it would be a better strategy to plan for that.


  42. Imp – “Bubba”??

    You appear to think that I wrote something pro-prohibition. If so, you couldn’t be more wrong. I’ll reiterate: The very idea that what one does to their own body, being a criminal offense…..is the epitome of anti-Conservativism.


  43. geeez2014 says:

    Ed, thanks…I’d intended to write SHAME and got side tracked.
    Yes, I often say that shame is highly underrated. It kept us making better choices in our lives, it kept us safer, it helped build a hedge of protection around us. We didn’t want to embarrass our families (imagine that today?), we wanted to be appreciated by those we looked up to….we didn’t do things we’d be shamed for doing……., that we’d feel ashamed for having done them.

    Today, it’s THE MORE SHAMEFUL THE BETTER…no question about it.


  44. Baysider says:

    I’m with Ed. Much of law IS the legislating of morality. It’s damn hard to legislate ‘good choices’ though.

    As for draining the swamp, I give kudos to Larry Elder for reminding us how much $$$ sloshes around in Washington. It attracts people who want to get the advantages or control the power that brings. Draining the swamp isn’t just swapping out players, or making them more ‘ethical’ as is often opined, but making the money pot smaller so the ‘special interests’ have less to be interested in.

    That citizen from 1940 would never understand why we reward mediocrity. But they would also be surprised to see the leveling of privileges among the races. And black citizens of 1940 would be aghast to see how so many of their grandchildren have squandered these advantages to be hellbent on self-destruction.


  45. geeez2014 says:

    Hi Baysider, I don’t think any of us doesn’t think like Ed does….yes, ‘don’t kill’ ‘don’t speed’ ‘don’t steal’…how much more legislative can we get for morality? Yes, very hard to legislate good choices….
    and, of course, as my comment above this says, there are those who actually don’t KNOW MORAL anymore, too. Like Ducky, poor man.

    Black Citizens of the 1940s would be stunned that their grandchildren didn’t realize they had it MADE and to DO YOUR BEST, not TAKE THEIR BEST…….I agree…the good Black older people I know are SO honorable, SO dignified, SO American……..and their freakin’ PUNK BLM kids don’t even understand that honor, that dignity, that AMericanism….it’s all WRONG to them now…they’re too busy taking from AMerica. damn them.


  46. geeez2014 says:

    I just heard someone on a TV ad, cable, say “they’re real BUTT HOLES”….
    where do we go from here? The language on tons of shows “because they’re CABLE” as if that does what..protects kids? NO! Every house has cable on ALL the time, right?
    BUTT HOLE? On TELEVISION? “son of a bitch” as I heard on the news the other night?
    is that acceptable to everybody? Or am I just old enough to still be offended.
    I use language like that from time to time…people I know do, but there’s a special kind of cringe factor when we hear it on television..

    or are you all inured to it and it’s JUST ME??


  47. Kid says:

    Z, I take it you haven’t seen comedya central ? Every other word is MF. I haven’t watched more than 1/2 hour of it and that was a decade or more ago.

    Then a couple years ago, I’m in the break room at work, 10 OClock in the morning, some folks with their kids in there under 10 years old watchng TV as a make shift daycare, and whatever channel was on had this rapper doing his tuns “Read a book, Read a book, Read a M.. F.. Book.


  48. Imp says:

    “Black Citizens of the 1940s would be stunned…” Yea…they had some class and culture.
    What would they say about the 1st “black” potus hands in this tidbit?

    During Obama’s presidency, race riots have occurred in:

    Ferguson, MO.
    Baltimore, MD.
    Charlotte, NC.
    Milwaukee, WI.
    Oakland, CA.
    Anaheim, CA.
    Los Angles, CA (twice).
    Brooklyn, NY.
    Berkeley, CA.
    St. Paul, MN.

    There were 64 cops killed by the bullet of a gun in 2016, an increase of 56 percent from the year prior, when there were 41 cops shot and killed. There were a total of 135 police officer deaths in 2016, a record amount since 2016. This is the deadly consequence of spewing racial, anti-cop rhetoric.

    Obama has been race-baiting throughout his presidency. Obama has stoked racial resentment and anger with the following statements:

    The cops “acted stupidly” for arresting Cambridge professor Henry Louis Gates.
    “If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon [Martin}.”
    Deaths like Freddie Gray’s have “been going on for a long time.”
    Perpetuating lies of police racism while speaking at a memorial for the slain Dallas officers.
    Obama and the left’s constant race-baiting is what has caused race relations to worsen under Obama’s presidency, a fact that Obama is ignoring by falsely claiming that race-relations have improved.

    Yea…he gets a “medal” …maybe the same purple heart the cops get from his white / cop hating actions and thug followers?


  49. Kid says:

    IMP, I must note an addemdum to your comment that when the stupid 15 year old thug mike brown decided to try to kill an armed police officer with his bare hands – Twice during that incident and was properly killed instead (he fought the law and the law won), what did obama do? Took his deadbeat parents who were not married or living together, and who hadn’t played a part in mike’s upbringing for some number of years, to the UN to blather on about police burtality and gets millions of dollars as a reward to these two tribal thugs themselves. And this is after a grand jury couldn’t even find the slightest reason to bring Darren Wilson to trial!

    What he should have done was call out to his brothers to not engage the police and if they have a beef address it through the courts. Apparently, obama had never seen the Chris Rock vid “How to Not Get Your Ass Kicked By the Police”.. Step one – Obey the Law….


  50. After a 30 year career in law enforcement I thought at least that the police were respected by most people. We never expected to be loved. As we used to say, “if you want to be loved be a fireman.” But even I was surprised by the vile nature of the criticism of police and what has become commonly accepted in society today. When celebrities do this crap, I blow it off as a product of their lives living in an imaginary place, when it comes from athletes, I just blow it off to a bunch of thoughtless jerks, who are wanting to be relevant in real life, and when congress people walk onto the steps of the Capitol with their arms up chanting “hands up, don’t shoot” I chalk it up to a bunch of vote pandering, ill-informed, liars who would say anything to get reelected.

    Set aside for a minute that the hands up deal is a total lie, remember, Nancy Pelosi is their leader, enough said, one of them thinks an island will sink if there are too many people on it, (check YouTube) and another one wears a loudly-colored cowboy hat to Congress everyday, apparently making some kind of fashion statement. Not to mention the other assorted collection of useful idiots that populates the “people’s house.” Who votes for these people? Oh, right, nearly fifty percent of the population is on a government handout. Santa Claus comes to town.

    But Obama and his anti-police statements over the years has done irreparable damage to the police in this country and opened them up to assaults and deadly incidents that pass for acceptable conduct in inner city communities. Police killers are lionized in these communities through rap, movies, and pop culture. The show Law and Order lost me when “Ice T” who made a “song” called “Cop Killer” became a detective on the show. I don’t watch cop shows, except for “Bllue Bloods” at all. At least that show gives the police a fair shake. If I wasn’t so damn old, I go back to the job and get back in the fight. God bless those on the streets.


  51. You Tube link of congressman and his epic, stupid, comment. People voted for this guy.


  52. John M. Berger says:

    Is that Congressman also an anthropogenic climate change scientist? How, in the world, did that admiral keep his cool?


  53. Imp says:

    “a loudly-colored cowboy hat to Congress everyday, apparently making some kind of fashion statement…”

    Yes…it’s called Federica Wilson…a grinning bantu idiot who has the Miami “Garden”s” loons all locked up. Half of whom couldn’t afford a spare hubcap while this azzHAT dons $1000 cowboy hats around the hood. Some kind of connection this moron has with there poor, ignorant constituents, doesn’t she. Another moron like Jackson ( who’s probably on crack 90% of the times ) and Maxine Waters.


  54. Kid says:

    We can easily see why there is no country in Africa that is successful.


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