Think this is TRUE?




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24 Responses to Think this is TRUE?

  1. jerrydablade says:

    Yes, but with a caveat. He is also responsible for a few defections from the Republican party due to their refusal to offer even a minimal push back against his radical agenda. Obama is responsible for a growing number of politically homeless.


  2. You didn’t build that.
    Clinton did.


  3. John M. Berger says:

    I DO!


  4. bocopro says:

    Lemme see if this works (prob’ly won’t):



  5. bocopro says:

    Nope! Didn’t take. Well, it’s a still of a lectern with the great seal, a logo of The White House on the rear wall, and US flags on each side with nobody there.

    Caption reads “President Obama Speaking About The Kidnapping And Torture Of A Mentally Disabled White Man.”

    Kinda sums up the “racial healing” successes of his faux regime.


  6. geeez2014 says:

    bocopro…no mention from Obama on that, was there.
    By the way, I couldn’t copy/paste at all from a facebook video of a Black man doing an overview of what would have happened if that was 4 white kids kidnapping and torturing a disabled black man….as he says “the HELL to pay that the whole media and all Leftwingers would have created…but, in contrast, nothing much has happened….Imagine what BLM would have done, the Southern Poverty lawyers, etc etc?” It’s SUCH a good video and I was so sorry I couldn’t get it.
    If anybody knows how, it was on vidmax, or something like that.
    Ya, if the incident had been reversed races, HELL TO PAY, as it is…no Whites are marching, protesting, making up even worse stories, condemning ALL Blacks for this incident, etc……right?

    All good comments, thanks……….I do believe the Dems have created themselves some trouble.

    Now with Greta S being hired by MSNBC and MSNBC is actually saying in an article I read that they’re moving more ‘centrist’, to attract the huge FOX viewership, ‘not wanting to only attract Sanders viewers’…WOW> Even MSNBCers are seeing they need to appeal to more Americans?

    EXCEPT I don’t for a minute think this country will go Conservative anymore…not in another 15 years, when a large part of the Republican voters….let’s just say “aren’t voting anymore”’

    having passed on.

    We have to remember the leftwing idiocies and hate toward the constitution that our TEACHERS ARE TEACHING>


  7. cube says:

    Until we can take on the media giant, we’re out of play. We need to inactivate their ability to play. Call me.


  8. Z,
    I don’t for a minute think this country will go Conservative anymore…not in another 15 years, when a large part of the Republican voters….let’s just say “aren’t voting anymore”’


    Unless these young people find out that Leftism has failed them and eroded their dreams.

    Remember that it wasn’t long ago that nobody believed that Donald Trump would get the nomination, much less win the November 2016 election.


  9. bocopro says:

    Speaking of whether the pendulum will continue to swing toward the conservative extreme or not —

    Well, the nature of a pendulum IS to swing, but IMO we’ve gone so far left of center on so many things (entitlements, in particular) that we couldn’t realistically get back onto the other side if we wanted to. We might make it to the center, but never to where we were in the 40s and 50s. It’d entail one helluva lotta suffering by a whole buncha people.

    Most of us are probably aware of a guy named Tytler who saw all great civilizations progressing through similar inevitable cycles:

    From bondage to spiritual faith,
    From spiritual faith to great courage,
    From courage to liberty,
    From liberty to abundance,
    From abundance to selfishness,
    From selfishness to complacency,
    From complacency to apathy,
    From apathy to dependency, [and here’s where we are today, IMO]
    From dependency back again to bondage.

    Lotta truth in that. Won’t say that’s where we’re headed, ’cause the progression is overgeneralized and oversimplified. But I wouldn’t bet the farm against it, either.

    Here’s the site if you wanna read it:


  10. Baysider says:

    I”m with Ed. Clinton takes that honor. To the extent he ‘joined’ them in signing some reform bills, he also walked away with the credit for the good they did.


  11. Kid says:

    That is his greatest accomplishment. But it was Trump that got a lot of people to throw in the towel on the republicans in Congress to give them one more try. But this is their last chance to perform for their base.

    The biggest item on the list is education. As long as liberal teachers are a protected class we aren’t going anywhere. We need at least 2 generations of patriotically minded people who understand the failure of socialism and the rewards of capitalism, even with its warts.


  12. Kid says:

    Geez, People who threw in the towel on republicans to …


  13. geeez2014 says:

    bocopro, i’ve said that for the last few years….our parents used to say the pendulum will swing back but I believe it’s being HELD back by, as I said above, and as Kid says, LIBERAL TEACHERS who are teaching NONpatriotism, hatred for WHITES?, BLM, hate the cops, climate change is so bad we need to shut most business down, etc etc etc..morality is out the window because, after all, we can’t feel SHAME, nobody should EVER say “that’s not right!” (sarcasm)

    And yes, I’ve read that list many times….and it’s true…that is something our leftwing-minded kids ought to know. See how much they’d like BONDAGE, huh?

    I remember there was some VERY moral point, something that had been accepted throughout our history which changed some ten years back on a major scale…I honestly don’t remember but I wrote on my blog that it was so obviously wrong…and Ducky, a liberal who isn’t allowed here anymore but haunts AOW’s blog and others, said “Who SAYS that’s not moral?” and I knew , with such sudden certainty, that this country was in HUGE TROUBLE. I actually remember the feeling I had at that moment, those years ago……”WHAT? Wow, this is a sea change! People don’t KNOW what’s moral anymore?” (and no, Ducky wasn’t banned because he was a liberal but because he couldn’t stop being nasty to my readers and I decided not to give him a free blog forum to spout his crap, frankly….I actually had to switch from Blogger to WP because of that and I still resent it, truthfully).

    ANYWAY….Baysider and Ed; “Clinton” (he or she?) “He” Obama or Bill? Sorry, not tracking…more specific, please…I am not seeing your points.

    KID: EDUCATION is IT> A comment by me above: “We have to remember the leftwing idiocies and hate toward the constitution that our TEACHERS ARE TEACHING” It comes down to that…

    AOW…a lot of us hope that leftwing BS is discovered…it’s going to take someone like Trump and his people to start acting like adults and better articulate what and why they’re doing what they’re doing….remind our kids this is the land they live in and why do they want it screwed up like any other socialist unsuccessful country in this world? Etc etc.

    Cube…yup…media and education…no doubt about it.

    I LOVE that MSNBC has hired Greta because they are actually SAYING they don’t want to pander only to Sanders folks, they want to reach out to the huge FOX audience and become more centrist. pretty cool, I think….I don’t think they’ll get there until they fire Laurence O’Donell and other avowed socialists, but it’s a start.

    CNN is HILARIOUS these days…other than big stories like airport shootings, they are on NOTHING but DOUBT TRUMP, HATE TRUMP, LOOK WHAT TRUMP DID!, THEY WERE HURT BY TRUMP, TRUMP DOESN’T KNOW, EVEN TRUMP’S PEOPLE… yadda yadda yadda. ANY time of day….it’s actually so obvious it’s laughable.


  14. Kid,
    this is their [the GOP’s] last chance to perform for their base

    Yes, it is.

    Now, will they do it?


  15. Kid says:

    Z, Another thought – DJT may defund the media and maybe they see this coming so they have to serve more people with their shows or shut the doors.

    AOW, I hope there are only a few RINO’s so obvious like McLame that they will get replaced over the next elections – as the ideal case.


  16. Baysider says:

    Clinton: HE (although she really helped 🙂 )


  17. Mal says:

    I believe the question is, are Obama and Hillary the reason Trump felt compelled to run in the first place, to which I would say yes. Or has it always been something on his wish list to become POTUS. Only DJT can answer that.


  18. geeez2014 says:

    Baysider..thanks, …I hear SHE is now contemplating running for NYC Mayor!! She’s just NOT through trying to be a BIG SHOT, is she, poor thing.

    Mal, DJT had been asked 30 years ago if he’d run and he said he didn’t think so; what’s fascinating is that what he says NOW is pretty much what he’d said THEN about our country….he really did see what was coming with trade, etc…

    Kid…DEFUND THE MEDIA? Who pays the media other than advertisers? Tell me, I’m curious about your point. Also, if there was any ‘defunding,’ they’d get the same stuff we bloggers get when we block certain people ..”CENSORSHIP!”

    AOW…in my opinion, Trump’s already backing down on some things, from what I’m hearing….I think he’s realized by now how tough his big changes are going to be….how screwed up our gov’t is as far as favors, etc….”i’ll vote for that if you let me……….”
    bad times.

    I hope Trump just blows a BIG HOLE in all of that….his own success be damned.
    But he won’t.


  19. I guess Baysider and I differ. I think Hillary Clinton coalesced the opposition that Obama didn’t.


  20. Kid says:

    Z, Well NPR and PBS for sure. I just suspect there is some back door funding for the other ones, could be wrong, but:
    2nd link next comment


  21. Kid says:

    Next is up to us I guess. Definitely stop calling it the MSM, rather it is the Democrat Media. Rush doesn’t even say that he calls it the state run media last I heard. What is it now? Hardly state run becuase they not going to be carrying any water for this administration or congress.


  22. Baysider says:

    Ed, I was thinking back to the nineties and HIllarycare. You’re right – she is the bigger antagonist.


  23. Z: Well? Was that the video you wanted?


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