Trump and KIDS, too? (and more) How sad

I read a Facebook post the other day by a friend who’s moved away….She writes that her little girl asked if her mommy could be the first woman president..  Her mother said jokingly that “yes, mommy will move into the WH as first woman president ….Her 8 year old came back with “as long as Donald Trump isn’t there.”    Big laughs in the comments.

I’ve posted here other instances where children are fearful of Trump, hate Trump, etc.

We called it child abuse when we discussed it here last time.


I’m starting to think it’s America Abuse.   WE did NOT LIKE OBAMA, did we make our children hate him, too?   Did you even know who president was at the age of 8?  Where’d she get this bad view of our president elect?   The parents.

Abuse.  The kids have now learned to disrespect adults.  They’ve learned to feel superior to an adult of some accomplishment and who was selected by half of America to lead our country.

The message seems to be “this man is someone your parents don’t like…you must hate him, not support him…while he runs this country”..the inference being “unless we like him, he’s wrong”

What kind of lesson is that?  What respect for the other half of America is that?

Abuse.  Sad for those children who should be raised trusting their country, understanding differences, learning to cope with situations.

The media, professors, students, kids….seems like everybody’s trying so hard to dishonor Trump.

Don’t you think so?

sure….there are plenty more;  this is just a few.


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78 Responses to Trump and KIDS, too? (and more) How sad

  1. John M. Berger says:

    @ Kid,

    I attempted to respond to the original subject of this thread. Unlike everyone else I received no recognition. I must say, however, as it seemed to go elsewhere I’m in your corner 100%. I’ve often wondered if the advisory that you have been dealing with is, also, known as “Ducky” in another site?


  2. John M. Berger says:

    Well, I thought that I had made a good response to the [original] subject of this thread but received no response from the Administrator, un-like all of the rest. Anyway I’m with you, 100% about the condescending @$$#0!e of whom I suspect has another moniker, AKA “Ducky”. Keep up the good work, my friend.


  3. Nope, not Ducky…but you stay classy.


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