Trump’s Inauguration….

Did you hear about this last night on FOX?    Other channels aren’t carrying it, but I find it important.   It’s just yet another sign of the ‘big, open minded liberal.’

HERE is a partial list of celebs who wouldn’t perform at the Inauguration events…I was a little surprised about KISS because Simmons is a big Republican, and a little surprised at Garth Brooks…..  We even have Democrat politicians boycotting the inauguration…five of them!  They don’t like ‘the plans Trump has for the country’….what, like improving it?

And then we have Rose O’Donnell supporting martial law until Trump is cleared of all accusations…


Many Republicans were horrified at Obama’s election.  We were even sometimes referred to as racist for even suggesting anybody not vote for a man with his ideology…NOT his color.

Do you remember much like I’ve listed above when we were so very upset?  Did anything on this level of hateful protest when the Greek arches came out for Obama?  When he was inaugurated either time?

Is this healthy for a country?  The Left would say it is, that protest is very American. 



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23 Responses to Trump’s Inauguration….

  1. fredd says:

    Yes, I was beside myself after each previous general election when most of my fellow Americans voted in a socialist to call the shots. The first election was awful, and the re-election was GOD awful. But I don’t recall all of my conservative buddies grabbing pitch forks and torches and hitting the streets in mobs. I don’t recall any of that.

    Unlike now.


  2. bocopro says:

    Ehhh . . . I really don’t wanna waste more of my time on libs or Soetoro; it’s like adding a cup of swill to the mountain of muck they’ve slathered upon themselves over the past 30 years or so with Slick, Shrill, Dirty Harry, Botox Nancy, Gropey Joe, and Obeyme.

    Love to write, tho, and still pump out my daily rants in various formats. One of my favorites is parodying famous quotes or poetry or lyrics. Yesterday’s was just a routine hit piece with integrated graphics on the propaganda that leaks outta gummint and the balloon juice that flows outta politicians and the hokum that seeps outta the lamestream media.

    When DJT hit his stride during the campaign, I did a rewrite of Act I Scene 1 from Richard III. Still works. ( )


    Now is the summer of our discontent
    Made glorious pastime by this Don of Trump;
    And all the fear that lurked within our speech
    In the far corner of the dungeon banished.
    Now are our brows lit with unspeakable truths;
    Our battered goals recharged for argument,
    Our buried dreams revived for contemplation,
    Our old ideals their polish and luster freshed.
    Smug unbought cheek hath stoked his cocky voice;
    And now, instead of mealy-mouthing words
    To satisfy norms of staid convention,
    He disdains pledging his conformity
    Whilst he funds his ride from naught but his own.
    And he, not steeped in approved politics,
    Nor apt to suffer bogus popinjays;
    He, that to no PAC his allegiance owes
    Nor bows to kings or entrenched lobbyists;
    He, that disparaged the Foxy blonde Queen
    Who used her beauty ‘gainst him as device
    When ‘mongst his peers his habits she assailed,
    In league with those who would him now expulse
    As aggravation in stage performance
    Of their refined practiced mantra chants;
    No, he, in this sad declining time of slump,
    Takes no delight in playing by their rules,
    Except where law and circumstance dictate,
    And returns two-fold the barb the question masks.
    And therefore, since he cannot play a gop,
    Or imitate the rehearsed well-drilled types,
    He enjoys his role as provocateur
    And says what we all think and they can’t say.


  3. Linda says:

    I have family members that think the country is doomed! I’ve told them to give him a chance! They are calling for impeachment, and I say he hasn’t even been sworn in, yet. I’m telling them to ‘get over it’! He won, fair and square! Of course they think ‘she’ won because of the popular vote. Didn’t they ever have a civics class! ONE WEEK!


  4. I do not live comforted by the thought of DJT’s upcoming inauguration.
    I’m waiting for some unseen thing to happen.
    I’ve just become so pessimistic over the last eight years,
    Yet the thought that Hillary lost brings a smile to my face.
    For now.


  5. Kid says:

    Just more feet stamping and breath holding. 3 year old brats. Same ole same ole.


  6. Kid says:

    Saw about 5 minutes of Tucker Carlson on Fox since Mad had it on last night. He was asking some lib a very simple question of Give me one example of xzy. Something to do with Trump. What came out of the libs mouth sounded like the noise a broken machine makes. I couldn’t figure out even how to connect what he was spewing to the subject at hand. That’s the way they are.

    I don’t think they know why they hate Trump. They just hate him becuase.. because… ah… yea.


  7. He’s not Hillary.
    That is the source of their hate.


  8. When Scherie and I were in D.C. last year, Obama did something egregious (again) at the time that I cannot remember.
    I did remark that there were no pitchforks or torches to be had, so that explained the lack of response.


  9. Bob says:

    Here it is just days before Donald Trump’s inauguration as the 45th President of The United States. He has managed to get more accomplished BEFORE his inauguration than Obama managed in eight years of ideological arrogance.

    Does anybody remember how many hundreds of points the Dow Industrial dived in the weeks before Obama’s coronation? On October 31, 2008 the Dow closed at 8829.04. The next few weeks saw a precipitous drop of over 1700 points to 7062.93 in February, 2009. I remember seeing my portfolio crash right along with the market.

    Yes, we had a financial and banking emergency going on, but that had been known for months, with the result of George Bush bailing out Wall Street, and making a bridging loan to General Motors to get them to the point that Barack Obama, the incoming President, could make his own decisions on how to take care of things. Unfortunately, Bush will have to take the credit of bailing out Wall Street, and bailing out General Motors. All Obama could do was to go along with Bush’s policies.

    My point in all this is that when the investor community learned that Obama had won, the market tanked to reflect the public sentiment and faith in the Democrat’s policies. When the investing public figured out what Trump’s election would mean to the economy, investor sentiment soared, and now we have a booming market, and the promise of a robust and growing economy.

    Tweets notwithstanding, I’ll take Donald Trump any day. Hooray for us!


  10. Rosie O’Donnell is too functionally illiterate to know what martial law even means. She might be surprised to know that Fightin’ Joe Dunford [current CJCS] would then be in charge of the nation. Not exactly a safe space for folks like O’Donnell.


  11. geeez2014 says:

    CI…that’s the only thing that I’d be happy for martial law about.

    Bob, well put, and yes, Hooray for us! (hopefully!)

    Ed, I’m waiting, too. The left is devious and they’ve been trying every single thing they can. Put on CNN for comic relief for only 5 minutes …amazing. Not a shred of pretense of appearing accepting that he won.

    Kid…I think it’s really important we see what they’re doing, and that Americans do, too.
    We need to show the difference of angry Republicans and angry Democrats….it’s a pretty amazing, obvious difference. The same thing when a Republican dies, like Tony SNow, and Huff Post crashes from the huge amount of reveling comments……

    Linda, Hi! They don’t know civics but they know anybody rich is filth, right? yikes. The complaints about how wealthy Trump’s nominees for his Cabinet are hilarious “We can’t have successful people trying to work for AMerica!” WHAT???

    Bocopro…just go with me….I’ll be blogging on Trump whenever I see something worth talking about! And I think this is.
    I love “the DON of Trump” like THE DAWN OF TRUMP, which is pretty much what we’ve got!


  12. Mal says:

    They’re all acting like spoiled children so I don’t give them a second thought. Free speech is one thing, but what they are doing is plain civil disobedience and in no way helpful for the country. Even with all the great people Trump has chosen for his cabinet plus the jobs he has already saved or created even before taking the oath of office, they continue to demonstrate. Do everything they can to disrupt our nation. That will really help, folks!


  13. Adrienne says:

    I did my due diligence on protests when Odumbo was inaugurated. Didn’t take long to find out there essentially wasn’t any. Now the left is trying foment actual riots for Trumps’ inauguration. It won’t work.


  14. geeez2014 says:

    Adrienne, I HOPE it won’t work….check this out:
    Melania’s own long-time makeup/clothing specialist she works with is releasing things that make her sound like Marie Antoinette or Eva Peron (who she HAS been compared to, by the way). With friends like this, who needs enemies?
    I’ve NEVER EVER seen a transformation better than Michelle Obama’s …take a look at pix 8 years ago and how MUCH better she soon looked…LOTS of work happened. But did anybody dwell on anything like it? No, just adoration for her biceps, remember?

    Mal, you are SO right.


  15. geeez2014 says:

    BY THE WAY/ The Melania article is TOP of Yahoo Homepage, one of their THREE BIG STORIES at least for this hour. ,It’s not listed down below somewhere , where any normal venue would show it


  16. geeez2014 says:

    Check out Adrienne’s blog….the BEST VIDEO I HAVE SEEN IN AGES…..YOU WILL ENJOY IT SO MUCH!


  17. Mal says:

    Turnabout is fair play, isn’t it? Actually, what the left is doing is not only illegal and disruptive, but dangerous. If we allow this to continue we will have become like a 3rd world rogue nation. They need to be put down if we are to continue having a true democracy.


  18. bocopro says:

    The best defense to scurrilous slander is success; the best solution to treachery is a mature oak and several feet of good 21-thread.

    If DJT and his team come up with a realistic tax plan, a workable alternative to the unAffordable Care Act, a national defense that scares the bejeebers out of Vlad and Kim, a strategy for handling illegal immigration and “refugees,” and a 3- to 4% increase in the GNP, most of the whiners and naysayers will button it.

    But if he continues sliding toward center and backing down from his campaign pledges, his own base will turn on him and he’ll be about as popular as a horsefly doing the backstroke in the punchbowl.

    When the unprepared, unqualified, un-American Soetoro was crowned as the Chocolate King Arthur, I genuinely hoped he’d succeed in most of his programs, especially the economy, the debt, race relations, and terrorism — for the good of the nation.

    My disgust and contempt for him now result directly from his ineptitude, not his skin tone or his wife or even his golfing. The same will befall The Donald if he starts serving up waffles with Nutrasweet instead of the gunpowder and steel wool he promised.


  19. If DJT and his team come up with a realistic tax plan, a workable alternative to the unAffordable Care Act, a national defense that scares the bejeebers out of Vlad and Kim, a strategy for handling illegal immigration and “refugees,” and a 3- to 4% increase in the GNP, most of the whiners and naysayers will button it.

    That’s a nearly perfect way to put it.


  20. geeez2014 says:

    Bocopro, I know it’s a bit too “FDR” for many Republicans, but the one thing I looked forward to with Obama was his SHOVEL READY promises…putting people to work fixing bridges, dams, etc etc….almost NONE of that happened. So sad. the ONE thing I hoped for.
    And yes, if Donald backs down, and he is a little already, he’ll be in trouble. ALTHOUGH I think some of his stances can use a little softening……..particularly his idiotic TWEETS.

    If you’ll all see Cavuto’s link above, at Adrienne’s blog, you’ll see a guy tell his truth without looking mean, stupid, or hyperbolic!

    Bocopro and CI…on that great paragraph; we can ONLY HOPE. SO HARD 🙂


  21. Mal says:

    Even if DJT does accomplish what Bocopro (and the rest of us) hope, it still won’t silence the left because they are on a mission to destroy him and the GOP at ANY cost, despite his successes and they simply ignore his accomplishments. Talk about cutting off your own nose, etc!


  22. Kid says:

    Mal, Yes, they declared war on America and they will never give up. The only way is to enlighten voters how destructive they are and vote them out consistently.

    We will have the right people in the right places in terms of Cabinet. But like the new head of the VA, an ex-PG CEO said, you can’t fire these people. Need a way around that sort of thing. BUst the federal unions? Government employees whould never have been allowed to form unions.

    As a final thought- THE BEAST DIDN’T GET ELECTED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  23. geeez2014 says:

    Man, even a professor Cohen stands by Trump on Trump’s apparent desire for some sort of detente with Russia and this guy is a contributing editor for THE NATION! HA!!


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