“‘Twas the Night before Inauguration…”

(Please pray for safety today and then enjoy the following…!)


‘Twas the night before Inauguration, and up in the tower,

The Donald reflected on his newfound power.
The conservative masses had come out in force,
And delivered a victory that would chart a new course.

The snowflakes were shell-shocked with tears in their eyes,
The media lied to them . . . What a surprise.
They had been promised a Hillary win,
But the criminal Clinton took one on the chin.

And though from all corners celebrities flew,
They made no impression, for they hadn’t a clue.
They talked about climate, racism, and such,
And they made up good stories . . . But didn’t know much.

The fake news and ignorance came at a cost,
And they can’t understand all the reasons they lost.
They blame it on Comey and Bernie and Vlad,
But fail to acknowledge the one that was bad.

Yes, Hillary Clinton, in many ways flawed,
Was her own biggest hurdle toward getting the nod.
The campaign exposed her corruptness and greed,
And her speeches were punch-less as ten dollar weed.

So out in the streets there arose such a clatter,
It was Soros-paid protestors and Black Lives Matter.
With cities to pillage and windows to smash,
They knew not the issues, but needed the cash.

Eight years of Obama had given them cause,
To expect a replacement of their Santa Claus.
But soon the protestors will feel the pain,
When the wheels fall off of the old gravy train.

And now all the snowflakes are riddled with fear,
Upset and offended by things that they’ll hear.
The cocoa and crayons will help for a while,
But fact-based opinions will soon cramp their style.

I originally supported, and voted, for Cruz,
In the end, I would vote for whoever they choose.
He wasn’t my first choice, but soon I would cede,
The one they call Trump is the one that we need.

I saw him on TV in front of a crowd,
He spoke about veterans, it made me feel proud.
He spoke about energy, safety, and jobs,
Taking this country back from the Washington snobs.

He was dressed in Armani, all tailored and neat,
And the Brunos he wore made the outfit complete.
For a man of his vintage, he seemed rather fit,
And he looked presidential, I have to admit.

His eyes glowed like embers, his smile was the best,
And his hair was the color of my old hunting vest.
His love for this country was on full display,
And his actions spoke louder than his words could say.

He thanked all his voters, and before he was gone,
Saved thousands of jobs while Obama looked on.
The fate of this country left nothing to chance,
So, he filled out his cabinet weeks in advance.

The men he had chosen were of the same mind,
Let’s set the bar high, and not lead from behind.
He picked up his phone as he rose from his seat,
With a flick of his finger, he sent out this tweet;

“Now Mattis!, now Kelly!’ now Sessions! And Pruitt!
On Perry! On Flynn, You’re the ones who can do it.
Start lifting restrictions and building the wall,
Now dash away! Dash away! Dash away all!”;

The roar of his audience rose from the stands,
He kissed all their babies and shook all their hands.
He answered their questions and calmed all their fears,
They knew it would be a fantastic four years.
Then he jumped in his limo, and off to his jet,
A fellow that Liberals won’t soon forget.
He sent one more tweet as the evening expired;
“Happy Inauguration to all,

I don’t know or care who wrote this, but I LIKED it and wanted to share it with you!


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26 Responses to “‘Twas the Night before Inauguration…”

  1. jerrydablade says:

    Z, This made me laugh. Instead of “a miniature sleigh and eight tiny rein-deer”, I envisioned 8,000 bearded bikers and one on a John Deere. Merry Trumpmas and All Donald’s Eve.


  2. Hilarious! I just emailed this to you!


  3. Kid says:

    Very good stuff 🙂


  4. geeez2014 says:

    Ed, that’s great! My friend Sally emailed it to me yesterday morning.

    Jerry, glad you like it……Merry Trumpmas…notsosure 🙂

    Kid, glad you enjoyed it, too……….I thought it was very good.

    Reminds me of some of Bocopro’s stuff.. BOCOPRO; WHERE ARE YOU, by the way?? Hope you’re okay!


  5. geeez2014 says:

    i didn’t want to go negative today, but I URGE you to watch CNN for only five minutes to get your fill of the “TRUMP IS HORRID” chatter.
    They even had their stock exchange reporter mention OTHER presidents who had higher bumps in stock prices than Trump (only 3!) They’re trying ANYTHING they can.
    It’s actually making me laugh to see Carol Costello raving about her article about the women’s march Saturday (including her interview with Gretchen Carlson!!!? ..get it?)
    Tom Price’s stock dealings, all the candidates for the cabinet with NO EXPERIENCE.
    And NOBODY has mentioned they ALL have more experience than Obama ever hoped to have.l
    Then we have Obama killing 85 ISIS in Libya TODAY…why TODAY? CNN’s take is “now Trump will have to deal with this right off the bat..” etc.
    It’s actually fun to watch…..the negativity and gloom ENROBES CNN 🙂


  6. Kid says:

    Just saw a blurb from one of rhe conservative talking ladies Janine P “Have never seen a predident treated like this”

    Damn straight.


  7. geeez2014 says:

    Kid..NEVER EVER. It’s absolutely shameful and they SHOULD be embarrassed if they had a shred of decency in them, or love for this country. Even I think this CNN bunch is shocking, and I don’t usually expect much better from them…but this is HONESTLY LAUGHABLE. I swear, you start giggling at the intense, continuing nastiness….just story after story.
    They had one basketball coach who’s apparently famous, who’s a big fan, at the end of one of the hours…and Santorum stood up for Trump, but the stories are disgusting. The innuendos about Trump are SO damaging


  8. Kid says:

    There has to be a consequence for organizations calling themselves news that just make stuff up to attack people, let alone the president. I want to see it and know ahead of time it will be compared to Nazi book burning. They aren’t going to go down easy if at all.


  9. Sparky says:

    I thought BOCOPRO wrote it. Excellent commentary on today’s news Z! We are praying for a peaceful transition. Kinda hard to do when you’re wrestling power from an antichrist, but miracles can (and do) happen.


  10. Mal says:

    Enjoyed the poem, Z, and indeed, it DID seem like something Bocopro would write. As to the continual crying and bashing by the left, they’re just digging their hole deeper and deeper and making it even harder on themselves in the future, so I hope they continue with it. Crybaby’s all.


  11. Imp says:

    “It’s absolutely shameful…”

    And treasonous…but what do we expect from low life anarchist, seditious, knuckleheads like Demrats…Lewis should be ashamed along with all the true “mediocre” negroes that went along with this farce.

    I hope Trump has all their names and excludes from his State of the Union address and publicly humiliates them. What does he have to lose? They’ll all oppose him for 8 years anyway.


  12. Mal says:

    Imp, I’ll bet Trump takes the high road and simply ignores them all.


  13. geeez2014 says:

    Where is Bocopro? I’m worried about him~

    Mal, Trump doesn’t take the high road when he’s insulted…not for one second. He has to hit back and call people names and add “sad!’ and whatever other rubbish he’s doing to give the leftwingers and their millions of sycophants fodder to hate him. He just simply doesn’t get that you can ignore things and that says SO much more.
    If he did ignore them, most people wouldn’t even know how much he’s insulted…but nooooo…he has to respond..


  14. Kid says:

    Z, In my mind, the repubs have been ignoring the fake democrat media and it’s only gotten worse. What’s to lose, theiy’re going to hate Trump regardless of anything. I’d like to see some congressional action as I indicated above. Something to the effect of paying fines if they publish stuff with no shred of evidence. Texas shut down frivilous lawsuits against the medical industiry (saving them a ton of money btw, up to 98%) and why no do something similar with these raccoon vampires.


  15. Kid says:

    Working with the media get you nothing just like the repubs working with the dems got them nothing. Their idea of compromise is do what I say.

    Trump says he doesn’t like twitter. But you need an avenue to make your case other than pressers. Libs don’t watch that crap.


  16. Imp says:

    KID…Bingo..I’m with KID…turning the other cheek is for sissies and cowards…and Bradley “Man”ning types.


  17. Mal says:

    I only say I bet he’ll take the high road because they’ve pretty much lost their credibility and folks are sick and tired of them, so why waste your time when there are more pressing matters at hand?
    Maybe I’m wrong.


  18. Just watched the Lincoln Memorial concert and fireworks on TV.
    Glad I got home in time.


  19. Bob says:

    My wife and I are finding the inauguration preliminaries to be very interesting, and a bit exiting. We haven’t had anything political to cheer about for a long, long time, and now we can. Celebrate, we will.

    Lee Greenwood’s God Bless The USA is a chill bumper when Lee sings it.

    As far as our former Congressional Representative, John Lewis, I must note that if you are a Civil Rights icon, you can say anything about anybody you want without fear of retribution. I admire Lewis’s actions fifty years ago, that that was then, and now it is evident that he has an IQ of about the level of concrete.

    Trump is right. Lewis is effectively on permanent vacation paid by the tax payers. The Dems wind him up and roll him out when they need to call someone names.


  20. Imp says:

    @Bob…you’re spot on about Lewis. Just who was it on that bridge in Selma that punched him out?
    DemRat KKK and southern Demrats like Wallace…that’s who. It’s really time he got off that old donkey and got his 40 acres and leave us the hell alone…or at least those who he’s done nothing for while he gets to wear Armani suits and eat lobster thermidor each day…for free. MLK most surely would be disappointed in those he left behind to stain his name, his legacy and now to continue his dream, which has turned into a racial swamp and nightmare.


  21. Bob says:

    Imp: My neighborhood used to be in Lewis’s district, and he never backed one thing that I thought was to my benefit. My wife and I met him during an election, and he was very courteous. Of course, he wanted our votes.

    We are now in Tom Price’s district, and are very proud of him. I met Tom personally on election day in 2011 when we, along with hundreds of others, waited in the same line for over an hour to vote against Obama. Price is brilliant, and a very good guy. Note that he didn’t jump the line at all, even though most would gladly have given him their place. If anybody understands how to improve our health care system, it is Tom Price.

    One last story about Lewis. I was on a Delta Airlines flight from Denver to Atlanta the week after the Columbine shootings. John Lewis was on the same flight, and my speculation is that he had gone to Columbine to find something racial to rail about. If you remember Sharpton and Jackson went there for the same reason, too. This means that Lewis is another race pimp.


  22. Imp says:

    @Bob…”This means that Lewis is another race pimp.” there was never a doubt in my mind. Especially after he accused T Partiers of calling him the N word and spitting on him as he made his way into the Capitol. A. Breitbart offered a $10,000 reward for proof that happened. Look…with these way too many race pimps ( Dyson, Hall, Fat Al Sharpless, Lewis, Waters, lee, Wilson and the big dope of them all…mumbles Jackson ) who make gobs of money off of pimping and marching and hollering “no justice, no peace”..teaching black studies, cussing us for “white privilege” ..there will never be a peaceful solution…not from them anyway. The last 62 years have been a total failure. For proof one only has to look at the murder crime rate in Demrat / black run cities….the 8 riots under Obummer and his dividing the country down the middle. It started with Gates and the 1st beer summit. It’s over…and I and millions of others have had it with the culture that refuses to assimilate. Worry about ISIS? Sure…but not as much of a threat as our own delusional and perennially pissed off domestic terrorists are.


  23. geeez2014 says:

    Bob, they’re ripping Price over having bought stock in a medical company some senator told him about…I thought his excuse “my broker bought it” was pretty weak since he admitted finally knowing about it…that bothered me. On the other hand, I thought his answers were excellent and I’m hoping he does get in.

    I urge anybody who has the time to watch some of the senate hearings…they’re SO HARD on the Trump nominees it laughable.

    Ed, the fireworks were spectacular, weren’t they?


  24. Kid says:

    We know the dems never do insider trading…. 🙂


  25. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, that’s exactly what I thought……..watching these hearings, you’d think Dems never do ANYTHING wrong, they all know everything about EVERYTHING, and they’re smart. AS IF!


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