General Mattis


When asked about what he thinks about General “Mad Dog” Mattis being considered for Secretary of Defense, Rob O’Neill (the man who killed Bin Laden) said,

“General Mattis has a bear rug in his home, but it’s not dead, it’s just afraid to move”.

I laughed out loud….I hope you did, too!


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14 Responses to General Mattis

  1. Kid says:

    That is Funny.


  2. Imp says:

    @Kid..or when a mooslem said honor killings are apart of our culture…and Mattis says..”Well then, it will be my honor to kill you all.”


  3. Kid says:

    IMP, Imagine the discussions occurring at the Pentagon right now.


  4. Baysider says:

    I did!


  5. Mattis is a breed apart.


  6. geeez2014 says:

    I thought this was FABULOUS, you guys! SO SO funny…and perfect!


  7. Mal says:

    I LOVE IT!


  8. Kid says:

    Before we leave the subject of the magnificent Former General James “Chaos” “Warrior Monk” Mattis…..


  9. Isn’t it nice to have a tough guy in charge after all the “scholars” that went before? About time.


  10. geeez2014 says:

    Kid..ugh.!! Not respectful to that hero 🙂 But funny!

    L and O….YES< it is definitely GREAT to have him instead of the 'scholars'…cuz he's no dummy AND he's tough.!!!


  11. cube says:

    I love it, too. After eight years of metrosexual, moslem-deferential, anti-American dog-poop coming from the White House, Trump is a breath of fresh air. And you know what, finally, the MSM may get the idea as to what their job was all about before it became corrupted. Report the news. Period… without giving the questions in advance because they’re on your side, without not giving time to a story that requires air time, without playing outside of the rules of journalism. I think a refresher course would me in order… Continuing Journalist Education, you know, like most professionals have to endure.


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