Sunday Faith Blog

Here is one of THE MOST AMAZING VIDEOS I have ever seen let along posted here at GeeeZ!

You will not want to miss this beautiful story…Friday night football in Texas is a BIG deal and this story is the best ever.   Have Kleenex nearby.

God’s love can heal hearts……kindness makes a difference.  There is always hope.

Psalm 34:18
“The LORD is close to the brokenhearted; he rescues those whose spirits are crushed.”

Have a blessed Sunday!   Z

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17 Responses to Sunday Faith Blog

  1. bunkerville says:

    Wonderful story and much needed!! Have a wonderful Sunday.


  2. Kid says:

    Great storey Z.


  3. geeez2014 says:

    Isn’t it terrific? Just that little attention means SO MUCH to kids….Their shock that anybody CARED is both so sad and so happy! If they got a touch of that every day, they’d be back on the streets living better lives. I’m hoping they find faith in spite of what they’ve been to. Nobody can deny those kids with faith a re generally not druggies or burglars or gang members!


  4. geeez2014 says:

    By the way, between you and me, I have a friend with some very interesting America/faith background I can’t mention or I couldn’t tell you this story; He’s in touch with a leader of one of THE biggest, meanest L.A. gangs and this gang member wants to strengthen his Christian faith! I can’t imagine how much good that could do in this city. PRAY!


  5. Mal says:

    I think it was really neat the way they were given the opportunity to experience success via trying harder, and that there were so many strangers willing to root and encourage them. We need more of this kind of understanding and encouragement.


  6. Baysider says:

    The Cross and the Switchblade in our generation


  7. geeez2014 says:

    Mal….everybody needs more encouragement but these kids do especially. What a difference on the sad face of the one who said he’d never experienced goodness, his parents were divorced, etc., and the HUGE smile on his face when he talked about that game and the support and love he got! They say gang members join gangs for the feeling of a family. That’s quite a statement about what they’re missing ‘at home’, wherever that is…

    Baysider, yes, it is….


  8. Kid says:

    Z, Great point about gangbangers joining up because they need to feel like they belong to something. (Plus the desire to join just for self protection). I agree that for many, an alternate lifestyle would be accepted. Sports – Training in the trades and jobs and a paycheck. Some will never come across. I wonder what the precentages are. Gotta make life extremenly hard for the ones who don’t want to be Americans.


  9. Kid: Let the gang bangers join the military to belong to a better trained, better armed band of brothers, eh?


  10. Ed – The problem with is that the FBI Gang Task Force has identified several gang members who joined the military to get trained in skills and weaponry…….to then take back to their “homeboyz” when their turn is complete, I had my suspicions on a few knuckleheads when I was in uniform.


  11. Kid says:

    Ed, I see your comment and CI’s response and end up flipping a coin as to whether gangbangers in the military is a good thing.


  12. geeez2014 says:

    It’s a VERY rough situation…..
    A thing to remember is we’d have never had to worry about American soldiers 50 years ago, and what’s happened to young men to bring us to the point where we can’t trust them. And, no, please…I’m sure there were a few bad apples even back then…but nothing like today’s worries.
    We all know of stories of Muslim American soldiers killing our own and I suspect there are many more that we haven’t been told about.

    Our country is under siege….we all have to wake up and TRULY realize this and stop pussy footing around trying to be politically correct like we did with 8 years of Obama.
    And this new president is so much tougher but his start has been one of misinformation, executive actions too quick to be sensible to some, a leftwing media and leftwing Americans unable or unwillingly to STOP and READ the ban and see for themselves that it’s sensible; it’s a return to our original immigration laws.

    Still, he’s being slammed by most….
    That gives me HOPE HOPE HOPE!! Enjoy!


  13. Kid says:

    Once again, we’ve (Well they’ve) gone so far left in the last 8 years, that doing sensible things seems radical. It’s not.


  14. Baysider says:

    I read a book by a young Marine recruit, a hispanic kid from difficult circumstances. When he enlisted the recruiting officer had books of tattoos. If one of them was found on YOU, you did not get in.


  15. geeez2014 says:

    Baysider, LOVE that idea…because, as you know, those tattoos say things more than just ‘an anchor’ could be a gang. Excellent thinking on that officer’s part, isn’t it.

    Kid, you’re SO right. I think people are awakening to that fact.


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