Democrats are TOO RADICAL?

So says the Trump administration and most of us.  And Democrats are WORRIED!!?  And they’re blaming Republicans for many Americans finding them too radical?  They don’t want you to think that about them!   From the link:

“The more radical the administration is, the more radicalized our base becomes, which just feeds the Breitbart crowd, and who knows where that ends.”

I would like to think it ‘ends’ where Americans have awakened to the very far left radical Democrat party and realize it’s against capitalism, thrives on identity politics, is big spending, has propagated the lies that Republicans are racist, liars, and bad for this country…..


It just cracked me UP that Democrats are whining about what Republicans ‘make them seem,’ when what the Trump election showed is WHAT THEY TRULY ARE!   And what they truly ARE is…………you fill in the blank, readers!


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38 Responses to Democrats are TOO RADICAL?

  1. The snowflakes protesting [violently] Milo Yiannopoulos speaking, well…anywhere……….are not intelligent enough to understand their own hypocrisy. Their actions are contrary to everything they claim to stand for.


  2. Protecting your freedom to hold on to belief (first amendment) by suppressing other’s freedom to speak (first amendment).


  3. My previous comment was wrong. It attributes an innocence to the left, that is not true of the radical.
    The radical is a controlling, statist thug.


  4. jerrydablade says:

    So the leftists are destroying the Berkely campus? One down and a couple thousand more to go, I say.


  5. I wonder if we are seeing the death throes of the Democratic Party? The present leaders of the Democratic Party certainly are making noises that resemble agonal breathing.


  6. FB says:

    There’s a weird thing going on. In France the socialist electors elected the most radical candidate at their primaries. We’re in dangerous time because we have a moral and financial crisis, as well as technology disruptions that confuse a lot of people, including myself.


  7. fredd says:

    Yes, I think we as a nation are hearing the beginnings of a ‘death rattle’ coming from the Democrat Party. The far, far socialist left has pulled this once noble party so far away from what the mainstream of American politics would call reasonable, that they will never recover.

    I just wonder what tactics they will resort to come the mid-terms in 2018. Will there be some soul searching within the leadership ranks, or will they ratchet up their scorched earth ways?


  8. Kid says:

    The democrats are much worse than anything I’ve heard Republicans say.

    Fredd – My bet is they will ratchet up. I base that on keeping shumer and the moron pelosi in charge.


  9. geeez2014 says:

    OFF TOPIC BUT HOT OFF THE PRESS: A couple of my relatives are at the national prayer breakfast so I tried to watch it…I came in just as Trump was finished speaking, darn!
    BUT, I saw a few FOX comments and learned he asked for prayers for Schwarzenegger on Apprentice “just kidding, folks, just kidding!” (Z: what the hell?) AND then I switched to Carol Costello on CNN, who is doing a WITHERING review of his speech with others….at one point she said (and I paraphrase) “And he said this country was created by God….wait, the founding fathers and their writing the Constitution wasn’t PART of that?” THAT is the liberal idiot mind.

    FB: France’s selection of that strong socialist blew my mind, it really did. Something very bad is happening and it’s very worrisome.

    Another worry is how Trump’s pushing Iran, etc.,and Iran uses OUR leftwing comments to slam him; they think they’ll get Americans’ allegiance if they us our left’s insults on him to make their points. i’m SO GLAD he’s getting tough on Iran and others, but he must learn this isn’t all about him. A clip of the prayer brkfst talk that I heard was “don’t WORRY, don’t WORRY….I do this stuff, I make deals, don’t worry about my comments to Iran…it’s going to be OKAY”
    I’m starting to wonder

    Kid, the Dems are SO much worse…

    Jerry! You cracked me up! “So the leftists are destroying the Berkely campus? One down and a couple thousand more to go, I say.” VERY CLEVER!!

    CI..”are not intelligent enough to understand their own hypocrisy. ” Amen to THAT.

    And all of your excellent input…thanks!


  10. geeez2014 says:

    BY THE WAY: I quote from my comment above here to clarify what I meant when I wrote “AND then I switched to Carol Costello on CNN, who is doing a WITHERING review of his speech with others….at one point she said (and I paraphrase) “And he said this country was created by God….wait, the founding fathers and their writing the Constitution wasn’t PART of that?” THAT is the liberal idiot mind.”

    First, to live in America and to mock a president for saying this country was created by God, when nearly all presidents have made comments very, very close to that, is SO agenda-driven it even took MY breath away. Plus, she’s a woman of faith from what I’ve heard when she’s covered disasters, etc. THIS is such an example of JUST INSULT, NO MATTER WHAT.


  11. Kid says:

    Z, It’s what they do. They don’t know how to do anything else imo.

    Did you see where they hammering Trump on his religious protection EO so Christians can live according to their beliefs? Gee where are the complaints about all the dicscrimination moslems do??


  12. bocopro says:

    Apparently someone developed a technique for mass-hypnotizing los leftistos and implanting an imperative which causes them to awake each day with an intense desire to identify something to be offended by.

    Well, I’m not a leftiste, but I’ll share with you what I’m offended by — it’s that virtually NO ONE is in jail for all the property damage in Ferguson, or Baltimore, or Los Angeles, or New York, or Berkeley.

    Dammit, you set fire to private property, block traffic, destroy police cars, attack people with rocks and sticks, assault young women with pepper spray, and in a reasonable society you’d be paying damages or serving time, or both.


  13. Imp says:

    “this once noble party”…

    I’m not sure I can put my finger on when if it was ever that. From the days of Reconstruction and the formation of the KKK, to Wilson, FDR’s socialism and onto Kennedy, who let’s face it was lacking in balls. And let Cuba slide into Communism and let us hanging in Vietnam. So I can’t think of any time that they’ve been worth of that moniker…”noble”.


  14. Imp says:

    “Democrats are TOO RADICAL?”

    How’s this for a taste of their insanity….

    “Ex-Obama Official Suggests ‘Military Coup’ Against Trump”

    Look at Bezerkley today. Does anyone doubt these farm animals would gladly revoke the 1st and second amendments? I’m praying that Pres, Trump pulls every dime of their federal “aid”.


  15. Kid says:

    IMP, Now that you mention it, the only positive accomplishment from the Dems was defeating Hitler, and saving the Japanese culture by dropping the nuclear bombs, as the Japanese would have fought to the last man, woman and child.

    With that out of the way, they’ve been primarily responsible for every major problem we have today SS funding, Destroy education, welfrare/wic – modern day slavery. Mostly responsible for slavery in the first place, fought and killed Americans trying to maintain slavery. Created the Fed that robs us blind through inflation, has always had communist goals, huge government, put people on the supreme court that chip away at the constitution. But evil will always be with us, we need to educate people to stop voting for it.

    And no one in jail at berkley. Absurd with all the damage done.


  16. Imp says:

    Kid…I opened the door…you’ve successfully slammed it shut. They are rotten and mentally ill to the core. One look at Fauxahontis Warren convinces me….she’s aiming to be the next female fascist Indian Hitler. And in Bezerkley ( birth place of the free speech movement…ROFLMAO ) they burnt down a hot dog cart owned by an Indian vendor.


  17. Kid says:

    Over the possibility of having a gay white immigrant who is dating a black dude show up and talk about something. LOL !


  18. Mal says:

    “What they REALLY are is….”….Gullible. Or BEYOND gullible! Even when you show they are wrong with proof, they remain in denial. How do you counter that? You can’t. All we can do is pray enough of our citizens realize this and stay on board the Trump Train to save our country by simply ignoring them. The biggest problem is all the attention being given by the media to the Hollywood crowd, like what they think is more important and should be followed. They’re all ‘SICKIES!”


  19. Imp says:

    Mr. Trump..a suggestion:

    This is what happens when taxpayer federal funds are poured into dimwit daycare diploma mills like the UC system. Money for nothing, college for free.

    Start by changing student loan programs to a matching dollar system. No more loans without collateral behind it. And no more preference for whatever except veterans. No more federal funds for sports scholarships, non-citizens, and ethnic diversity. Too many exceptions yields a lack of drive to get the education. No more H1B that take jobs away from American citizens who need them as goals for getting a quality education. Terminate all student loan programs that are not matching fund based. Make the idiots EARN an education, or it is a worthless dimwit daycare diploma program.

    Cut off all federal funds to the University of California system. Don’t just threaten.


  20. Mal says:

    Right on, Imp. You might remember I mentioned a year or so back about Cal Berkley being the start of student demonstrations in 1963 by a student named Mario Savio. The univ. president caved in to him, then resigned. It was finally stopped by a little Japanese guy named Hiakawa that later became a Calif. Senator.


  21. Imp says:

    The Democrats haven’t been this upset since we stopped slavery…we… Lincoln Republicans.


  22. geeez2014 says:

    EVERYBODY: Mel emailed me this today:
    “For the past week or so whenever I open your blog, a warning pops up at the bottom warning me that your site cannot be verified. I keep dismissing it and it keeps popping back up with a loud tone to warn me. Your blog is the only thing it does this on. And whenever I try to type something to send, it keeps doing this continually during my typing. Any idea why?”

    Could this be his own protection on his computer? Has any of you had any notices like this here at GeeeZ? Any suggestions?


  23. Imp says:

    @Z…that or his spam / virus or malware program.


  24. geeez2014 says:

    THanks, Imp….I hoped it wasn’t ME…..I appreciate your help; always do. xx

    THIS is the kind of NONSENSE some Americans are obsessed with…. WHAT?


  25. Imp says:

    Chucky Scheemer gets payback…..


  26. Imp says:

    New Yorkers Protest Chuck Schumer: ‘What the F*ck, Chuck?’


  27. Imp says:

    Refugees? Look close…how many women and children do you see?


  28. geeez2014 says:

    Imp; looks like a very badly dressed army to ME…..


  29. bunkerville says:

    My hunch is that those dressed in black and doing most of the damage were outsiders paid and bought from the likes of George Soros as agitators who stand at the ready. They need to be exposed and jailed.


  30. Imp says:

    Bunk..anyone…anyONE with destructive tools in hand…committing violence… looting and rioting, wearing hoods and masks….need to be beaten to within an inch of their lives…to protect property and citizens…or shot on sight as terrorists. Once that message gets to them…..not one of these lowlife loons and commie brats will ever pick up a tool of destruction again. We want Law and Order…we demand LAW and ORDER.


  31. Kid says:

    Lovin the hate on shumer.

    I read that every SINGLE ONE of the Australian related 1,500 ‘refugees’ are military aged men. Every single one.

    Come on world – learn just a little about islam. This is their worldwide Caliphate. They’re invaders.

    Setup safe zones in the ME, and ship the ALL there. I can’t believe how evil merkel is. And the rest of the EU ‘leaders’.

    And Australia? They don’t want these mutts but are happy to ship them to US? F Australia ! iF i WERE DONALD tRUMP, i’D HAVE TOLD HIM TO KISS MY ***, and too bad you made a deal with a moron that the last election corrected.


  32. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, I LOVE what Trump did with Australia and a lot of people are curious about who let slip what was said….most think Australians did. Ya, 1500 refugee MEN….what BS.
    He’s RIGHT in saying “Why would we take REFUGEES YOU DON”T WANT? DUMB DEAL!”

    I think he DID tell them to kiss his a**, FRANKLY!! 🙂


  33. Kid says:

    Z, Well, Sean Spicers press briefing today said they were going to extreme vet them…. We’ll see.


  34. Kid says:

    btw – Hungary refuses to take a single moslem invader. This wave needs to be built upon. Britain exited the EU solely because of theo moslem scum. Let’s turn this into a Tsunami of moslem rejection. Even if WE paid the have the safe zones built in the ME, we’d be 1000 times better off than taking in these mutts. BUT we wouldn’t have to. I read today Germany is offering 1200 Euro to any of them that will go back home. Other EU countries have had the same programs running for years now trying to scrape this crap off their shoes.


  35. Mal says:

    Thanks, Z, and Imp for your suggestion. I believe you’re right about my problem being with my spam/virus spyware. I’ll check into it.


  36. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, so we ARE taking the refugees in Australia?
    Gee, and all I heard about the Spicer briefing this morning was that he had the nerve to wear a lime green tie; Hollywood’s incensed!!
    Hungary’s refused from the start…I believe Estonia and LIthuania and other little countries also have refused and got away with it….1200 Euros to go HOME? they’ll NEVER take it, they make hundreds a WEEK in Germany.

    Mal, glad Imp helped


  37. John M. Berger says:

    “I believe Estonia and LIthuania and other little countries also have refused and got away with it…”

    Don’t forget Slovakia. It is among the first that came to my attention.

    Insofar as the DemocRAT’s recent irrational demonstration(s) of radicalism; I somewhat liken it to a heroin addict’s withdrawal when denied further access to his destructive drug. That, in this case, being Liberalism!


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