Saturday break; Where you might want to be….3 pictures of peace and calm…


Things are getting SO TOUGH in the news…my stepdaughter is in Akaroa, New Zealand on her sail boat and has taken incredible photos of a very beautiful place.  See the water in the background, the sunset starting to the left, the chair in shade overlooking all that beauty?   I think we could all use a day or two in that chair……

How about here?


And, at the end of the day in New Zealand….get back on the boat into the sunset…



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9 Responses to Saturday break; Where you might want to be….3 pictures of peace and calm…

  1. Kid says:

    One heck of a daughter Z.


  2. Tom Balt says:

    Someone must have taught your daughter to look for the beautiful things in life. My mother’s most memorable saying was, “There’s good and bad in everything. You find what you look for.”




  3. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, she’s an amazing photographer and has amazing GUTS because sailing around the world for two years isn’t for the faint of heart. LOTS of difficult days….but many days like those above…which feed her heart and soul and our EYES 🙂
    She and I are very close now and I consider it a gift from her Dad.


  4. Sparky says:

    I get terribly seasick but do love the ocean. Those photos are awesome.
    And I’m so sick of the whiny crybaby libtard women it’s making me nauseous. Now the fem-bots have started the rumor that President Trump is telling all the female staffers to “dress like a woman”. I doubt this very seriously. It’s more Fake News perpetrated by the devil worshiping baby killers. (Apologies, I need to look at the lovely pictures again …. *lol*)


  5. Mal says:

    When I was growing up, finding serene places like these were not that difficult to find, but now? Too many people, I’m afraid. I believe growing up when and where I did was the best possible.
    (So. Calif. in the 30’s – 50’s. — born 1928)


  6. Baysider says:

    Aah, she is a good photographer. We are at our ‘other’ place for the weekend. SOoo peaceful and quiet. I met a vendor this morning at the house, and when she saw my address on the check as Santa Monica she said “oh, you must come down here to enjoy the quiet.” YES!! We had a quite walk and sit on the beach with heavy surf piling in. sunshine. With the exact result of these images.


  7. geeez2014 says:

    Tom, fantastic advice! Thanks for coming by…

    Sparks, I’m not sure that’s just a rumor…..But them’s fighting words in today’s creepy society.

    Mal, you need to meet me in Santa Monica on the bluffs overlooking the ocean….gorgeous, quiet…beautiful. Especially the sunsets!

    Baysider…Glad you enjoyed your day so much.


  8. Mal says:

    Z, I agree. Been there, done that…….got the video! Also from Malibu to Dana Point. Beautiful!


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