Trump, Flynn, Manafort, Russia….what?

The Trump administration seems to be imploding.  Or may be EXploding?

Yes, I know many of you will think “this is just the media!”  but I don’t think so.

What’s particularly cringe worthy is the Administration blaming the leakers when what’s being leaked is questionable;  sort of like when Hillary was blaming leakers to deflect what was actually leaked and we didn’t like that one bit.

Questions asked this morning are WHY DIDN’T TRUMP DO SOMETHING ABOUT FLYNN WHEN HE KNEW ABOUT ALL THIS BUT ONLY WAITED TILL IT CAME OUT ABOUT FLYNN’S CALLS TO RUSSIA?  OBVIOUSLY, WE MUST WONDER IF TRUMP TOLD FLYNN TO TALK TO RUSSIA, TOO.  WHY DIDN’T THEY TELL PENCE (which makes me kind of sure something untoward was being done by Flynn)?   There are too many questions for me to ask here but this is BAD.

Tell us what you think……and, hint; it can’t be ALL the media’s fault….plenty of Republican congresspeople aren’t too happy about all this, either.

“Politics as usual?”  Not sure.

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63 Responses to Trump, Flynn, Manafort, Russia….what?

  1. Kid says:

    Well, worst case is we end up with Pence and that will still get us the supreme court, and likely tax cuts and something sensible with healthcare. No large deal to worry about. I’d rather see Trump stay though just because it keep the tards awake at night.


  2. Can’t disagree with anything you’ve said. And while I’m obviously no Trump fan, I don’t think it’s a stretch to think that Flynn conducted his machinations – without – the foreknowledge and approval of Trump. We’re not drinking buddies by any stretch, but I have some experience with Flynn from his time as DIA Director….and he’s seemed to have spiraled a bit in his emotional state and professional opinions [vice that of his teams of analysts] during the last couple years of his uniformed service.

    None of this bodes well for the Administration, nor the Republic.


  3. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, I think it could be that serious and yes, I actually prefer Pence, so…..
    But it would be AWFUL for our Republic, as CI says

    CI….I’m not saying I’m some weird clairvoyant but I get feelings about people and I sensed something wrong about Flynn and he’s never let me down. I wish I was wrong. No, this isn’t good for ANYBODY and Russia’s got a ship 30 miles off the shore of Connecticut…

    WHY IS RUSSIA PROVOKING SO BADLY? Trying to make nice-nice apparently isn’t working for Trump?

    ALSO: Netanyahu is just arriving at the WH and there’s a presser in a few minutes. I remember pressers only came AFTER the talks with a pres and a dignitary; am I wrong? Why have a press conf before they’ve spoken??


  4. geeez2014 says:

    Gosh, Melania is so lovely greeting the Netanyahus…more smiley than I’ve seen her, and she looks so warmly welcoming….nice.


  5. Kid says:

    Z, bad for the republic Yes. The democrats and their propaganda arm are executing a literal War against the administration. Yet nothing has happened that even comes close to what obama and crew were up to on an almost daily basis.

    The swamp doesn’t want to be cleaned is the reason behind all thbis imo.

    ex, compare KA Conway mentioning Ivanka to billy meeting Lynch privately while an investigation of his wife is on going. Ethics rules? Good Lord. Or any number of other highly corrupt events over the last 8 years.


  6. bocopro says:

    Y’know . . . you do this a lot — paralleling my daily blurbs. Here’s the conclusion to the rant from which I posted the earlier excerpt:

    It’s some kind of sickness with liberals, like Tourette’s or something; they just can’t help it. They’re willing to impede government, delegitimize Trump’s administration, make us appear leaderless and toothless to the rest of the world just out of pure spite. It’s as if they got hold of some contaminated meat and are now forcing everybody else to eat it.

    The two-party system is deliberately contentious. It’s designed to encourage lively debate on controversial issues. But the long-range intent is to “form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity.”

    It is NOT to create a one-party regime, establish career paths, insure domestic chaos, provide for deadbeat security, promote entitlements, and secure the rights of free speech to only those who agree with us.

    The Moores and Pelosis and Schumers and Maddows and Waterses and Jackson-Lees and all the rest need to consider the damage they’re inflicting upon our nation and its international standing. Reasonable people would give DJT at LEAST a year before excoriating him as an inept loser. But they seem to have skipped class the day the word was passed that good medicine often tastes bad, but most of the things that are really bad for us taste really good.

    A politician is always thinking about the next election. A patriot always thinks about the next generation.


  7. Imp says:

    “Russia’s got a ship 30 miles off the shore of Connecticut…”

    Yikes….let them have the entire NE for all I care. If they come ashore in CT they won’t face one shot in protest…CT has effectively outlawed the second amendment. However i do wish it was Long Island or Manhattan that they invaded. BTW…how many ships and recon aircraft do you think we have along their borders both in Europe and the Pacific? I think the Vlad is doing a rope a dope for the lib loon press turds. And that Trump will get Vlad on the phone and he’ll set up a meet and Vlad will make all kinds of concessions and Trump will l look like the worlds savior.


  8. John M. Berger says:

    @ bocopro,
    BRAVO ZULU to your comment, above!


  9. Imp says:

    I noticed Trump is ignoring the usual press bums? Not calling on AP and the other alphabets.


  10. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, great point about Lynch;…you and I know this stuff but the media doesn’t want most Americans to know this. It’s a TOTAL WAR, I agree.
    I am HOPING AND PRAYING that somebody turns some Democrat in, saying “This did NOT happen, we were told to say it did” , with irrefutable proof…..I hoped for 8 yrs that Obama would get caught on SOMETHING he’d done….but the media’s strong and Republicans don’t get as ugly, sadly….or at least they get drowned out.
    Let’s not forget that it’s the liberal media that has set up the:
    Democrats good
    Republicans EVIL…not bad, EVIL.

    SO, mention FOX and people go wild “You don’t watch FOX! It’s all LIES” etc etc. Tough stuff.
    I DO think some of that is turning, however. I really do.

    We need that MIlo guy and this new gay guy I wrote about yesterday and other strong Conservatives with “out of the norm” credentials…to SPEAK OUT BIG TIME. So far, no good.

    Bocopro…no, it’s YOU paralleling MY POSTS 🙂 HA!! You are so right but the problem we Republicans don’t understand is that many Lefties don’t WANT America like it’s been. Heck, there are Germans now saying “Bring in the refugees…what is Germany ANYWAY? Who cares?” That’s absolute TRUTH, believe me. they hate their own country.
    Our lib dopes want single payer, globalization, no English required, paying for illegals, even protecting them in their own personal cities, etc etc…..
    THAT is what needs fighting.
    You mention “lively debate”…not in AMERICA anymore! BURN THE PLACE DOWN IF A CONSERVATIVE WANTS TO SPEAK! That, I think, is something that’s waking up even some libs….like it did Chadwick Moore, in the post yesterday.



  11. geeez2014 says:

    By the way, I think Betsy DeVos might be the one to encourage teachers to teach love of country again. No WONDER the Lefties DESPISE her…”Keep her out!~”


  12. Imp says:

    “A patriot always thinks about the next generation.”

    And it should be clear that….”The Moores and Pelosis and Schumers and Maddows and Waterses and Jackson-Lees and all the rest”…will never be and have never been patriots. The demographics of the DemRats says it all. The party of subversives, anarchists, terrorists, illegals, BLM and other black militants and….mooslems. The last really cracks me up…..knowing that the mooslems would gladly take their heads.


  13. geeez2014 says:

    Imp “he’ll set up a meet and Vlad will make all kinds of concessions and Trump will l look like the worlds savior.” Give details; this sounds good! Seriously…you think Vlad will back off for anything?

    I loved that Bocopro expression, too “…..a patriot always thinks about the next generation..”


  14. geeez2014 says:

    WOW, the media in the Bibi presser just asked Trump “Are you taking questions on the Russia thing today..” Applause burst out and the presser was OVER.
    They ASKED if he’d take a question!? HA! That’s a big change!


  15. geeez2014 says:

    I’m surprised Harris Falkner missed my point….she only mentioned how that question came up just as the group was disbanding…not that they actually ASKED “Are you taking questions..” not “What do you have to say about Russia!”?


  16. geeez2014 says:

    They just mentioned on FOX how Flynn, with the jobs he’s had, HAD to have known his conversation was being recorded. Did he know that and didn’t think intel would leak? What’s that about?
    Can a president stay in office whose on intel agencies are fighting against him? Can a country survive (physically) if N Korea, for example, or Iran, get leaks?


  17. Imp says:

    I’m …my comments are being blocked somehow? Tells me I already posted when It doesn’t appear too.


  18. bocopro says:

    Hey, guys . . . I didn’t create that quote — I merely failed to attribute it.

    When we get up past our 50s, and especially into our 70s, we’ve read so much we can’t possibly remember the specific sources for all the neat little homilies and aphorisms and proverbs and adages. I don’t even try sometimes and readily admit to being an unabashed plagiarist who will give credit when the source is known, but when a saying has become cliche or so ubiquitous that its origin is non-determinable or at least arguable, I just throw it out as common knowledge and public domain.

    The quip about politicians and patriots has been around a long time. I’m not sure where I found it or read it or picked it up. Definitely not mine, tho, even if the wording differs from whatever the original was.

    Many years ago I developed the habit of jotting down bon mots and clever snarks and profound statements for future inclusion in my letters to Mother (I was an only child), which in turn morphed into my daily rants when e-mail became available. Those, along with Webster’s Unafraid Dictionary and Common Knowledge are my primary resource library for cutenesses.


  19. Mal says:

    My take on all this is there is a whole lot going on that we don’t know about, nor should we, because to some extent secrecy is imperative in government. Either you have trust and faith in your leader(s) or you don’t. I have trust in Trump but I didn’t with Obama. Also remember just prior to the election in 2012 the open mike conversation between Obama and Putin’s representative. We never heard much about that at the time, either.
    Russia is not our enemy. Radical Islam is, both for us and Russia. We had a similar relationship with them during WWll also to defeat Nazi Germany, so it is now with ISIS. The Cold War with the USSR was just that. A Cold War. We didn’t go to war and the USSR eventually disintegrated.
    I believe we know what we are doing, but there is too much “information” being spread via questionable sources. The Manhattan Project (code name for the Atomic Bomb) would never have been successful today. It would be too hard to keep it under wraps.


  20. John M. Berger says:

    I just heard O’ Riley say that Trump’s approval rating is increasing (more later).
    Insofar as the ‘in your face’ incessant reporting on the Flynn situation; this adds a whole new dimension to the term OVERKILL!


  21. Mal says:

    Amen, John.



    My pet theory is that they’re gearing up for an outright invasion of the eastern Ukraine [the so-called Donetsk People’s Republic]; foment a delegitimization of the USGOV, and it’s institutions [something that Trump is ironically engaged in to an extent]…and distract us enough to be unable to counter the action, multilaterally.


  23. geeez2014 says:

    Imp, no, they’re not. I looked to make sure wasn’t stuck in my ‘Comments page’ that need release and there’s nothing there. If this happens again, please try to have remembered to save it first, email it to me, and I’ll release it under your name.
    No blocking’s going on except for some odd computer glitch. Thanks for letting me know.

    CI, I don’t see how delegitimization of our government can be numbered as one of the odd things Trump’s been doing. You really think the media bickering about Trump, hearings, etc., would render us unable to counter the action? And who’s “multilateral”? Do you think any other country would help to try to stop Russia? Or do you think the whole world’s so broke and so angry and otherwise engaged, Vladimir thinks he can do this?

    JMB: I’d like to know WHY he’s rising in the ratings, believe me. He’s not rising in MY ratings!

    Mal, I WISH we could get Germany, America, Russia, England, and a bunch of other viable leaders to sit at ONE TABLE and discuss Islamist jihadists….and the threat.
    Figure out what to do with Syria, figure out a LOT of things. Never happen; people care more for to have a competitive edge than to work truly together. If we can’t get our Congress to do this, how can I expect the world to, right?

    SOmething I think Islam’s counting on, by the way


  24. geeez2014 says:
    \That’s a HEADLINE on Yahoo homepage, read by MILLIONS…does anybody care about a stupid actress’s opinion that monogamy doesn’t work?
    THIS is what AMericans are thinking about? Publishing? Giving a “s” about? WOW>
    And these things appear EVERY TEN MINUTES..


  25. Z – I’ve had problems posting over the past couple of days as well. Vlad’s going to make a bold move, and soon.


  26. John M. Berger says:

    ” I’d like to know WHY he’s rising in the ratings, believe me. He’s not rising in MY ratings!”
    I guess that we need to hear what O’ Riley has further to say about that. Maybe he was just drumming-up for a bigger audience tonight (LOL). For what it’s worth, however, the DOW was reported to be up another 106 points at today’s close; I sure won’t argue with that!


  27. Mal says:

    Z, “I wish we could get Germany, America, Russia, England and a bunch of other viable leaders to sit at one table and discuss Islamist Jihadists….and the threat…” Yeah. It takes a war before that happens. No one wants to accept we are in one, and have been since even before 9/11. It must be frustrating for the terrorists that they aren’t being taken seriously, huh? Like, what the heck do we have to do to get their attention!
    But that’s the problem. Denial on our part (the West).


  28. Kid says:

    Exactly MAL. And I just read where SEDDEF Mattis told all the NATO countries they must now pony up for their defense. Many of these countries economies are in such shreds that they’re resorting to importing moslsm invaders thinking in dellusion hat’s going to help somehow.

    Going to get interesting. We should have never let it get this far. We should have alllowed the socialists to fail or be taken over by whomever or ideally change their economic system to something that works.


  29. Imp says:

    Kid…I watched Hungary’s PM last night say he’ll take refugees…from Germany, England and any other European country overrun by libs and jihadi’s ‘refugees’.


  30. bocopro says:

    Completely off topic here, but I hope the third paragraph here becomes a trend in executive-branch gummint:


  31. geeez2014 says:


    “Our President Trump hasn’t begun to clean the swamp…and that’s 8 or more years of hold overs from Ovomits seeding of the NSA, Pentagon and Foggy Bottom.

    Ms. Z…do you believe that Vlad thinks it’s in his or Russia’s best interests to start a cold war again? He knows the cost…..he knows he doesn’t have the money. Oil prices are way down as he can see. I really believe that Russia, after all these years and since the fall of the USSR is a natural ally for the US. It’s Christian country….it’s people are proud…and they don’t like islame or mooslems.

    I see a glasnost moment on the horizon with Vlad & Trump.=”

    What do you guys think?

    Imp, I’ve always thought we should be natural allies but I think it’s something in them that won’t allow themselves to be….How capitalistic is Russia getting? From what I sense, it’s only the stinkin’ rich cheats who are capitalists 🙂 I think economic values are a part of the NOT getting along between them and us…what do you think?


  32. geeez2014 says:

    Imp…are you SURE? Hungary has been stalwart in setting a great example of “passing them THRU not INTO Hungary”. Methinks they are getting paid BIG BIG time to take refugees…BIG time. I hope this isn’t true.

    CI…really? I can’t imagine why….sometimes comments go into my private comments page for release but I almost NEVER ‘trash’ them….I certainly don’t yours or Imps.
    Maybe I’ll Google around and see why WP sometimes doesn’t take comments.
    Sometimes, when there’s an extra long one with several links, that’ll go to my private page and I release it then, but Imp’s was short. You don’t usually go on and on, either….or post many links, right?

    Mal, AMEN to that….I hope it doesn’t take a war this time!! On the other hand, we ARE in a war against jihadists, right? Wouldn’t one THINK that that could bring the West together? This is one time I’d appreciate some KUMBAYA :=-)

    JMB…the DOW is amazing, isn’t it!!

    Kid, every time I hear the name MATTIS I think of that great joke I published here a few weeks ago “Mattis has a bear rug….but don’t worry, it’s not a dead bear,…it’s just afraid to MOVE!” 🙂


  33. geeez2014 says:

    Bocopro….ME, TOO! And I’d fire ANY player who doesn’t stand for the anthem, too. Immediately. No money..fired. By bye!


  34. Imp says:

    Z..guess I wasn’t clear…they’re inviting all those once free Europe-peons into Hungary to escape the jihadi mooslem invasion and strife. They’re not admitting any mooslems at all….they’l open their doors to all non mooslems from England, France, Germany and so on. The man has balls…and obviously hates muzzies enough to see the threat to Hungary’s stability. And he doesn’t have to look very far to see it’s consequences as failures. Just as we should be vetting and careful. I mean…what the hell does some sudanese or somali have to offer us anyway?


  35. geeez2014 says:

    Imp! Ya, I read it the other way; Am THRILLED to read your explanation! GOOD ol’ HUNGARY!
    Is that a trick question? 🙂 They have ZIP to offer us and everything to get FROM us….


  36. Mal says:

    It makes one wonder, had we elected someone else instead of Obama from either party, would they have (1) kept our troops in the Middle East, and (2) created safe zones THERE for them instead of bringing them here? Actually, had we stayed there, relocating their people wouldn’t have been necessary ’cause it would’ve been safe there. Its another reason I say Obama is definitely a Muslim. No question in my mind. This way he was able to vastly increase the Muslim population here in an effort to increase their presence. Whether or not he believes in jihad is another thing. I’m not so sure either way about that, but I am convinced he is a Muslim. All his actions have proven that fact, but the left is so blind they still don’t see it. Many of us called it a Trojan Horse right from the beginning, didn’t we?


  37. Kid says:

    IMP, I read today Hungary is hiring people to guard the entire border, armed.

    Slovakia is on board with theban too I believe. Hopefully soon the Netherlands and Geert Wilders – who will close all the mosques, unclear what he’ll do with the moslems. Ship em out when they start riotingI guess.

    As you know I said bye to the NFL a long time ago. no interest in pro sports at all.

    I see where Pres Trump declined ESPN hen they axed him to put an NCAA brackets thing together. Which I think is Aewsome and adorable. and Epic.
    Who’s got time for that crap. Oh, yea.


  38. Kid says:

    Mal, Totally on board with that. I also believ he played a big part into getting a ton of them into Europe so they could execute their worlwide caliphate by breeding out the locals. That is their Main strategy btw, the terrorism is misdirection that allows all the other to say No No me good molem, I hurt no one with my breautiful religion. What a crock.

    Maybe Merkel got a chunk of that 10 trillion?


  39. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, you just CRACK ME UP! “I see where Pres Trump declined ESPN when they axed him to put an NCAA” I’d just read that, too. I don’t see why he wouldn’t, it’s kind of fun, but the media article I just read made it sound like “Obama was so cool doing this and Trump isn’t” Typical.

    And ya, I HOPE that the Eastern European countries and Scandinavia STANDS TALL …Sadly, Sweden’s pretty lost already…never to return. Seriously.

    Mal, I don’t know but I have a lot of friends as intelligent as all of us are and they really think Obama at LEAST feels a much stronger pull to Islam than Christianity. What his church in Chicago was preaching sure wasn’t Christianity, it was just the GOSPEL OF HATING AMERICA.
    You’ll remember the press went after the Obamas after he was elected “what church will you attend?” They NEVER DID…they only attended “historically Black churches” from time to time mostly on special occasions and the Nat’l Cathedral for important funerals. They said they go to church at Camp David and I Googled to find they went to Camp David about 8 times in 8 years.
    I don’t give a darn if they’re atheists…>I’m not much on liars, however.


  40. Kid says:

    Z, Mr Trump has no time for an NCAA brackets thingamabob. He’s a white guy has has to work for a living….like most of the rest of us.


  41. FB says:

    It’s the beginning of a new civil war or the implosion of this nation. Too much power concentrated in DC with power hungry people that’d be ready to mount a coup if we didn’t have a strong constitution. If some bolcheviks in DC are using the NSA to spy on the administration then we know we’re in serious trouble.


  42. Imp says:

    We can always count on Coulter to set it right and put it all into perspective…Read on…it’s delightful…


  43. FB says:

    And of course Commie-in-Chief aka Obama is pulling some strings now that he’s back in DC. When he was on vacation things were pretty smooth. This guy is the biggest piece of merde I’ve ever seen.


  44. A friend of mine has gone rabid anti-Trump, and e’s a definite conservative.
    And many I know have varying degrees of animus to Trump like CI
    My criticism of Trump is still in print,
    But as I told my friend in an email reply, Trump has done so much good for this country since elected, particularly the TrumpBump in the markets, that I am willing to sit back and not panic because the liberal elitist media is fomenting a revolt.
    You could go to my place to see more about the media take, I won’t paste it here.
    Is there some value to being skeptical of Trump in case he falls? For one to look like they knew it all along? One doesn’t have to root for the man, just don’t join those picking him apart.
    As was pointed out above, we’d get Pence, but a crippled Pence due to the scandal.
    Let’s relax, get Gorsuch and the next guy seated when Ginsberg doesn’t wake up.


  45. geeez2014 says:

    Imp, I blogged that recently…Mc Cain and other GOPers running to air their dirty laundry grievances with Republicans , knowing they’re not that welcome at FOX…though, today, I’d say they probably are.
    I think Ryan’s smarter than Ann does, so don’t get me started on that. his job is to get Republicans reelected..if we lose seats in 2018 because of all this hideous media, and we could, Trump might as well not be there.

    FB, if intel is spying on US, yes, we’re in trouble. Odd that Flynn, who has BEEN intel for years, didn’t realize he’s being taped? WHAT?

    Kid, so let him take five minutes , or have someone, write his picks…it’s fun….
    But, seriously, is it noteworthy enough for a lib rag to slam him for NOT? ridiculous


  46. Flynn would know he was being taped. He did nothing wrong there.
    Would he know someone would break the law and leak what he said after denying he said it?


  47. And I’m thankful he isn’t stooping to making March Madness picks.


  48. Kid says:

    Ed, Just oberving that the media Never posted anything negative about obama unless they absolutely had to which was maybe 5 time in 8 years? Versus the media posting everything negative about Trump regardless what Trump or his associates do even affects those of us who know the score. Imagine how it fires up the never-Trumpers. Afterburner.

    Z, I see your point but I’d rather Trump send the message that “You know what we have serious problems in this country and I’m going to spend every available minute working on that versus take (what? 12 hours) to put some basketball bracket together. I don’t even get the sense that Trump follows basketball. It is absurd then to demand someone not even engaged in a subject take time – and if that’s true so much more time – to try to put a respectable bracket together.

    I may be relating to myself because I have no interest in basketball. Axe me to put a bracket together and I’d put it together totally by random since I know nothing about college basketball.


  49. geeez2014 says:

    “hey, John, pick some Madness picks….give them to the press”. Takes Trump 3 seconds and makes folks happy and Bob’s your uncle. I LOVE basketball.

    Ed, we actually don’t know what Flynn did was right or wrong yet….BUT WE WILL. And whatever it is, totally legal, totally ethical or not, the media will have decided it was HELLISH BEHAVIOR!


  50. geeez2014 says:

    Some on the Right are saying Flynn shouldn’t have been let go…..makes Trump look weak.
    You guys agree?


  51. Kid says:

    Z, No. Flynn lied to Pence. Bye.


  52. Kid says:

    No predident prior to obasketballbama ever put an NCAA bracket together. It isn’t needed. The practice should not be extended just as activist First Lady crap shoule not be extended. You gotta nip it in the bud 🙂


  53. John M. Berger says:

    Well, it’s overwhelming to know that so many smart and up-to-date folks comment here. That includes but not restricted to: Ed, Kid, Mal, Imp, FB, bocopro and others from time-to-time. Sometimes I look around and think that we are screwed as a society but then I go here and find that reality and common sense still exists in all parts of the Nation. Damnit, I think we still have a chance! . Thanks Z for this forum .


  54. Kid says:

    JMB I share that feeling. And it’s a good one.


  55. geeez2014 says:

    Honestly, Kid and Ed, I don’t really care…I had no idea every president before Trump hadn’t done this. If I’d known they hadn’t, I, too, would have thought it was dumb for him to do it. No biggie.

    Kid, we don’t know what he did or didn’t say to Pence…we just have been told he left out that he supposedly hadn’t talked sanctions.

    JMB….that means SO MUCH to me. Thank you. I’m happy you’re a part of the discussions. I lost a TON of readers when I went from Blogger to WordPress..a TON. I had over 1000 comments on a couple of posts!..Ya, only 2, but that’s a LOT!….and sometimes I feel sad that we’re not hearing more opinions in Comments here, like we used to, but the comments we ARE getting are SO good, so rich, so informed and so interesting, that I’m very happy….I’m grateful and I learn from you all.
    Thanks a LOT.


  56. Kid says:

    Z, We don’t know 100%. (re:Pence) but that is the narrative that will remain for this issue,

    As far as your blog, I am more than happy the vermin have been banned. I visit a couple of other blogs whre I comment, but don’t suscribe to the comments because the blog owner allows all maner of excrement to comment. It’s their blog. I don’t want to expose myself to such evil so I don’t subscribe to the comments. I don’t understand why any intelligent person would give air time to such vermin, but again it is their blog.


  57. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, after about 8 years, I finally had HAD IT…I’d open my own blog to Ducky’s blatherings….he didn’t have a blog but he sure seemed to want to use MINE. I threatened him to stop the stupidity, stop dissing my readers, show some class….to no avail. Then, when I finally switched to stop the lefties, to WP, he went on other blogs saying I WAS CENSORING LEFTWINGERS….you can’t make this stuff up! I gave him EVERY chance and wouldn’t have minded some disagreement but the ‘high and mighty’ attitude was finally too much for me!

    Suddenly, in the last month or so, I’m seeing new screen names, some libs, and that bothers me because I have my discussions page set to block anybody who hasn’t come through my vetting filter behind the scenes…they’re just going right up without my seeing them first…don’t know why :(…but I CAN delete them! 🙂


  58. geeez2014 says:


    See the innuendo? People hear TRUMP? WATERGATE? OMG! And they stop thinking and make assumptions…very very VERY good DNC planning.
    Republicans aren’t good at this AT ALL.


  59. John M. Berger says:

    ” I lost a TON of readers when I went from Blogger to WordPress..a TON. I had over 1000 comment….”
    Hey, look at this: you refined it!


  60. geeez2014 says:

    JMB….There ya go 🙂


  61. Thar guy from the DNC “Trump War Room” you mentioned reminded me of a young Carville. Lizard looking, too. Bouncing in his seat. Happy to have injected his venom into the audience he was exposed to.


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