McCain….(then please read my Sunday Faith post below this!)

I saw THIS ARTICLE and had to post, even tho it’s Sunday and I usually try to ignore politics.

McCain is now saying “That’s how Dictators got started,” in reference to Trump’s treatment of the media.  From the link, and NBC’s MEET THE PRESS and very liberal Chuck Todd:

“McCain, who has sparred with Trump on a number of issues, defended the necessity of the media.  “I hate the press. I hate you especially,” the Republican senator joked to Todd. “But the fact is, we need you. We need a free press. We must have it. It’s vital.””


SO:  John McCain…is his constant slamming of Trump lately sour grapes? “I WANTED TO BE PRESIDENT!”   or is he right?

I’m not sure Trump’s closing down a free media, are you?   Obama picked on leftwing journalist at his pressers much more often than not; did McCain see that as a threat to the media?  Obama criticized and said really belittling things like “don’t get your news there” about FOX a LOT, did McCain criticize that?   Is “fake news” something we need to recover from or is it a Trump ‘fake story’?



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35 Responses to McCain….(then please read my Sunday Faith post below this!)

  1. bocopro says:

    I have no use for McCain. He has always come across to me as a privileged frat boy in search of a kegger. His aviation record is nothing to brag about, either. In fact, had his daddy not been a senior admiral, he’d very likely have lost his wings after the 2nd or certainly the 3rd crash.


  2. I’m no McCain fan, but he raises a valid concern. Citizens should be troubled when the leader of the Republic embarks upon a campaign to delegitimize any entity or person who is critical of him; especially when invoking the phrase “enemy of the American people”. And this is no defense of journalism that does not live up to it’s name nor it’s charter. “Fake news” has become the newest empty crutch label, surpassing “political correctness”, replacing critical thought and reason. It’s pablum for the masses.


  3. John M. Berger says:

    ” In fact, had his daddy not been a senior admiral” would he ever made it into the Academy to begin with?

    It’s time for “Mumps” to retire!


  4. Kid says:

    Well, it is more than fake news, it is outright lying. nytimes still printing Trump people talking to russian intel. Well put up or shut up. And tl;ying to the public and calling it news is an enemy of the people -young and old – have been conditioned to believe what they hjear from these self-important POS’s. I say three such stories without any proof and you lose your news credential and most post as op-ed.

    mccain is such a tool. Very liberal, why not just move to the democrat party. Why they keep voting in this POS is beyond me. Guess they know he is a lying sos but they then have a liberal operative on the right.

    Yea, I’d also say he’s bitter. back when he ran it was not who should be the pres it was who’s turn it was to run.


  5. geeez2014 says:

    JMB, having been a patient of “in situ melanoma” and having had a dear husband who’d have certainly died quickly had I not noticed a malignant melanoma on his back (he lived 20 years and didn’t die from that because we got the right doc who told me 100 times “you saved his life”) I have to mention “Mumps” is from cancer surgeries! but I DO GET YOUR POINT,…don’t get me wrong, my friend 🙂 xxx

    CI, no doubt about it, he raises a valid concern. But I think it’s better not to do it at Meet the Press, with one of the most liberal hosts ever, Chuck Todd…..I think also that not using ‘dictator’ would have behooved McCain…
    I’m noticing a pattern of Republicans who disagree with Trump going to CNN and the liberal Sunday morning shows to vent their spleens; unattractive and self-serving; they’re clearly politicians with more liberal constituents seeing that their states which uncharacteristically voted for Trump (usually not voting Republican) might not be so happy to support the Republican in the midterms after having seen what Trump’s doing (his base is happy; more and more others are not, from the polls…and surely won’t be if he continues as he is) so they can get their votes back by appearing more liberal, critical of Trump. That’s my take on it, anyway….

    Bocopro…I think McCain’s an extremely mixed bag; even those in ‘Nam with him varied so widely on whether he was great or hideous. We all have heard that he did choose to stay at the Hanoi Hilton when his daddy could have got him out…others say he was a s***. And he did crash planes, we’ve heard that, too. Normally, I am drawn to a Republican or Democrat who thinks outside party lines, but he’s NEVER seemed authentic or trustworthy to me. I’m normally drawn to them if I see critical thinking and an open mind….he only exhibits, in MY opinion, nasty sour grapes or simple greed to keep his position.
    I’m going to be eager to hear if this comes up tomorrow on OUTNUMBERED, where his daughter is one of the hostesses (yes, I still use that word and I still say (gasp!) ACRESS if it’s a WOMAN!). So sue me 🙂


  6. geeez2014 says:

    Kid….they’re saying TRUMP spoke to RUSSIAN INTEL personally???
    But, you see, my friend, if there ARE “three stories” that appear wrong, WHY THE HELL DOESN’T SOMEONE COME FORTH WITH DETAILED RESPONSE TO IT? That’s all Trump needs! That, and STOP making stuff up like terror attacks in Sweden, maybe?

    I agree with you about “Whose turn it was to run..” I get , also, so TIRED of people lionizing him for his time in Vietnam, as if it’s a talent to get caught and treated terribly? Don’t get me wrong, PLEASE…. my heart goes out to our POWs (BIG time) and I admire them GREATLY for even just surviving the horrors) …and I’d even call them a hero, but to vote for someone?: to think that person’s got something the next guy doesn’t ? I don’t think so.


  7. Kid says:

    Z, They’re saying all sorts of things.

    There are terror attacks in Sweden. Any personal attack on a Swede by a mohammeden is a terror attack. They are performed by one or two individuals here and there while the locals, just like in Germany don’t report it.

    Correct me if I misread, but it’s not Trump’s job to disprove media’s lies as false, it is there job to prove them true.

    Yes, it is obvious to anyone with an oxygenated brain that not every POW is presidential material. And since you brought it up, it is particularly insulting ot me for mccain to allow that aspect of his life to be used to support his ambitions in later life for Any reason. That’s on a par with j Kerry’s 3 purple hearts, only one of the three even needing so much as a bandaid.


  8. Mal says:

    I had just finished reading about McCain’s comments when I opened your blog to see the same thing. McCain is right about how dictators get started and the need for a free press to question anyone in government, but today, the media shows strong bias toward one only side while constantly bashing the other. They are playing favoritism and that is what Trump is upset about. If they had been as critical of Obama and Hillary, he probably wouldn’t be as hard on them because that is their job. McCain isn’t thinking straight about that. I believe he is half a bubble off center anyway!


  9. A press complicit to a socialist agenda is more likely to promote a dictatorship.
    Trump can’t shut down the press.
    But he can call attention to its malfeasance.


  10. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, I think it’s a president’s job to get it right, or as close to right as possible, before speaking. They did NOT have a terror attack last night in Sweden…that’s all. He apparently heard something on Tucker Carlson that wasn’t quite this story and went with it.wrongly.

    Mal, SO SO WELL SAID. YES! It IS how dictatorships get started, I do NOT disagree with that one bit, I don’t think any of us does……but the MEDIA BIAS is also a way dictatorship gets started…good thinking! What dictator didn’t USE THE MEDIA to get their BS pushed on the public, right? Great comment, Mal.

    The way they soft pedaled everything Obama did was also absolutely pathological….how was that not dictatorial when the leftwing media’s dictating to us only what they wanted us to learn, or the spin they put on it (Dems good, Reps EVIL!)?

    I’m constantly reminded of Obama’s getting a NOBEL PEACE PRIZE one month into HIS presidency…and how the Left thought that was JUST DANDY! Imagine if Trump got this? “Why?” “What did he DO?” “We need to shut down the Nobel prize, this is ridiculous” blah blah blah


  11. geeez2014 says:

    Ed, yup…(see mal and my comments above) .but Trump must NOT give information that’s just plain damned not true. It puts EVERYTHING he says and does in question…


  12. geeez2014 says:

    Gad, I LOVE our conversations around here….thanks, guys 🙂 Keep talkin’ !!


  13. geeez2014 says:

    A super quote from Dennis Miller which I just saw on Facebook: “I think the media has for the most part always been the opposition party. The reason that that fact stands out so starkly right now is that the press just took eight years off from that role so it’s easy to notice right now.”

    I think he’s mostly right.


  14. Kid says:

    Dennis Miller, yes, another way to say it briefly and concisely.


  15. Imp says:

    JMB..”he ever made it into the Academy to begin with?”

    I’ve read that he was dead last in his class…that he was a frat party boy and should have been kicked out.


  16. Imp says:

    “They did NOT have a terror attack last night in Sweden…”

    No..however what I believe what he was alluding to was the general chaos that Sweden has been seeing…with rapes at an all time high as they are in Germany and wherever these saracen pigs wind up. So to me…he’s right on….Sweden is seeing terrorist attacks with each stone, molotov cocktail, riot and rapes.


  17. geeez2014 says:

    Imp; wait till my blog post tomorrow on this subject….you’ll like it.

    Kid, I used to listen to the Dennis Miller radio show in LA….I don’t think he’s on here anymore, but I’d laugh out LOUD in the car…..He used to have my buddy Orson Bean on about once a week…FABULOUS repartee between those two! Two REAL brainy guys who love the same kind of humor.
    One day, for some reason, Dorothy Lamour came to my mind….I remember thinking “I wonder why the Crosby/Hope films starred her because there were a LOT more beautiful actresses at the time”. I’m a BIG old movie buff and something got me to thinking….!
    Anyway, THAT VERY NIGHT, Orson was on Miiller and Miller actually asked him “Why did the Road movies have Lamour?” And Orson said she was SO funny and so delightful to work with that Crosby and Hope insisted she be the one in their Road films! How’s that for coincidence~? I couldn’t believe it

    Orson said one of the funniest things I know on Miller’s show one night….he said he was doing a radio show in the early Fifties, I guess?…..when radio shows were LIVE….and he and the other actor stepped backstage during the LIVE commercial, where people were singing about Decaf coffee….Orson said the guy asked him “Orson, why do you think they leave 3% caffeine in this new decaf coffee style?”(remember Sanka had 3% caffeine) Orson said he told him “So you don’t drop the cup!” I love that. True story. But that’s ‘true’ according to NEVER KNOW 🙂


  18. geeez2014 says:
    Charlotte, the heir apparent?….think they’ll change her last name to CLINTON?


  19. Kid says:

    Z, SO MUCH Talent in days gone by and very recent too.


  20. Kid says:

    PS – I wish I had Dennis Miller’s wit. Sharp as a Japanese Samuri Sword and twice as fast. I can maybe do it twice year and am thankful for That.


  21. Imp says:

    Kid…your wit is just fine, bubba. And although I love Dennis Miller….he’s not so lovable in the flesh.


  22. Imp says:

    OT but..I just saw and gagged on this one…

    “Refugees Will Cost Taxpayers an Estimated $4.1 Billion in FY 2017”
    Meanwhile…the VA system sucks from top to bottom….and Vets wait or die for care that they’ve damn well earned.
    Now..addd to that what the illegals who steal our services cost us…I think we’ve had enough. CLOSE the borders…TO ALL….just as we did from 1925 to 1965.


  23. Kid says:

    Thanks IMP, and come to think of it – I’ve not yet seen ACTION for America’s Veterans yet. I’d like to. I want to read where veterans are receiving health care from private doctors becase the VA has screwed them over. That’s what I want. When do I want it? Now.

    Just like Public schools will be made impotent and put out of business by Charter schools and many other choices, I want to see the VA put out of business by Veterans obtaining health care Elsewhere. HooRah.


  24. Imp says:

    Bill O’Reilly gets into the fight with…and he says it…The dishonest media…Bravo Bill….it’s about time we take sides.

    “A what about in 2013 when Obama removed 434,015 illegal aliens from America. The HIGHEST number. Were there protests? Demonstrations? Anything hating on Obama?

    Get the facts about what the Trump administration is ACTUALLY doing. Because as Bill O’Reilly says about what’s happening in the media right now, “That’s not press bias, that’s blatant dishonesty.”


  25. Baysider says:

    DIctators get started when they whip out their pen and their phone and say “you lost, I won.”


  26. Kid says:

    Baysider +10


  27. I respect John McCain and his service. I worked for him against B.O. However, he’s out-of-line with his statements of today. I, too, wish that Trump would realize that McCain is a useful ally in the the Senate and he needs every vote. He also drags Graham with him, another vote. I don’t see Trump’s point in battling him. Look at the big picture.


  28. geeez2014 says:

    L&O…I think it’s McCain battling Trump, not so much the other way? Graham is the same cut of cloth as McCain….both going to CNN to whine about Trump and anything else Republicans do that they don’t agree with . I find that hideous.

    Baysider, I don’t get that..honestly.

    Kid and Imp; the very freakin’ THOUGHT of THAT MUCH MONEY WE ARE PAYING to help REFUGEES when OUR OWN AMERICAN VETS are not taken care of is SICKENING. I wish Trump would say that to the world; pure and simple “it’s time we Americans took care of OUR AMERICANS”

    Imp; I’ve had flights where I was grouchy, too. You had told me Miller wasn’t nice on a private flight.

    Kid, Miller is so witty that I almost added on (above where I said I listened to him on the radio and laughed my guts out) that “…though I knew most people listening we’re following” That guy is QUICK, uses tons of really intellectual analogies, etc., and if you’re not REALLY QUICK you’re going to miss them. You ARE that sharp, or almost 🙂 He and Orson together are almost amazing to behold!


  29. Imp says:

    “I’ve had flights where I was grouchy, too. You had told me Miller wasn’t nice on a private flight.”

    Inasmuch as you are a celebrity to us….and with a wonderful persona….Miller should keep to his character when in public…and especially do not piss off your flight crew!

    Jeb Bush was a great was Sarah Jessica Parker and Melissa Joan Hart….


  30. geeez2014 says:

    Imp, the flight crew of the company I worked for was AMAZING!! One time, I spent the day in Aspen loading the company condo with provisions for the coming winter and the execs who’d vacation /ski there, then we flew to Vegas as a surprise for dinner…(bkfst in LA, lunch in Aspen, dinner in Vegas…and home by about 11 pm….. !)
    I got a bit ill at the dinner show and had to walk outside….the crew came with me….making sure I was alright. Of course, they knew my uncle was one of the founders of their company! but they’d have done that anyway…they were FABULOUS. We usually flew our plane (Beechcraft, I think?, at the time) but, sometimes, they had to rent small (16 seaters) planes for short jaunts in California…they checked them over SO well before taking us up. I ADORED those guys… A good flight crew is a treasure….. I am sure you were one of those crew members!


  31. Imp says:

    “I am sure you were one of those crew members!” I always behaved…I liked some of those $500 / 1000 tips. LOL

    Small …16 seaters? Sounds like a G4 or so to me…..ours could seat up to 20 configured for that. But it’s Lear Jets that are smaller…./ ish…capacity of 7 no more. And ..I didn’t know you were involved in aviation?? Surprise, surprise. Still holding out after al these years? 🙂


  32. Kid says:

    Z… Thanks so much !


  33. geeez2014 says:

    Imp, I was flown on the plane, I wasn’t ‘involved in aviation’! 🙂 I did my jobs in the cities they flew us to. And, okay, sometimes I poured the drinks to the other executives on the flights, but not involved in aviation 🙂


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