Not the Russians! THE DNC? yup

Has any of you heard about THIS?   I watch a LOT OF NEWS, and  I hadn’t heard a thing.  HERE is even MORE on the subject….This could be one of THE biggest stories ever…. Can you imagine?


So…it occurred to me that the reason the Left’s constantly, interminably harping on “THE RUSSIANS DID IT!” is because it’s deflecting from the fact that THEY DID IT.  Think so?  I do.

Let me know if you’d heard about it and if you think it’s probably true;  It’s so nuts I wouldn’t believe it if it wasn’t presented by Allen West and Brent Bozell’s group, The Media Research Center.

Do you think this will come out to the public?


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16 Responses to Not the Russians! THE DNC? yup

  1. I’d say it hasn’t hit any media outlet, because it’s [as known in my line of work] single-source intelligence. It might generate interest and investigation., but it’s a single, fairly unsourced Daily Caller article. Were I theorizing about possible conspiracies, I might wonder if this issue [if true] was related the stepping down of the White House Chief Digital Officer [Gerrit Lansing] for failing the FBI background check, who was just previously headed up the Digital Department of the RNC.


  2. I had heard of it a few weeks ago, either on Salem or the Hugh Hewitt Show.
    I think it also popped up in my Fox News feed.
    Yep. Here it is:
    Fell off my radar but I felt surely there was a continuing investigation that would result in a court appearance.


  3. geeez2014 says:

    CI, Gerri Lansing “didn’t pass the FBI background check” for alleged personal investment problems; he isn’t from Pakistan and working for dozens of Republicans whose emails, probably confidential, included foreign affairs and homeland security committees which likely gave access to many sensitive documents….but, OKAY! :-). Very important to stop making matches between investment problems and really serious conflicts of national interest.

    Ed…yes, FOX covered it in that article…haven’t heard a thing on TV…..Am hoping Democrats learn of the story, too, not just vigilant Republican outlets and celebs like Hewitt. It’s not getting the coverage it should get….

    Am hoping this truly upsetting story, something which jeopardizes our safety, possibly, gets the same coverage as Lansing has someday soon.


  4. geeez2014 says:

    And, oh, by the way; let’s concentrate on what might have happened…my feeling that this isn’t getting the necessary coverage is secondary to my point that THIS could be extremely revealing about the DNC.
    I’m hoping and praying no military has died from intel obtained from people like this having inside info from emails of high ranked politicians.


  5. Very important to stop making matches between investment problems and really serious conflicts of national interest.

    Sure, but you seem to be approaching this from the angle that it’s undeniably true. Thus far, it’s not proven or corroborated, though it certainly bears watching.


  6. Baysider says:

    They report with agenda. This isn’t new, of course. read some of the news from the 1800’s. The whole BLM thing – case in point today. Today’s journalists are trained to be activists and write to shape opinion. That’s nothIng new either, to wit: Pravda (truth) and Izvestia (news). As the old soviet saying goes, there is no truth in the news and no news in the truth.


  7. Baysider says:

    And I just opened my email to this ad for the NEW YORK TIMES:

    “The truth is vital. Our journalists won’t rest until they find it.”

    Now I’d say their journalists are a rather sleepy lot by now. And what does the NYT plan to do when they ‘find it’? Drug it and duct tape its mouth?


  8. “What is truth??


  9. geeez2014 says:

    Baysider, Yes, I think that IS what the NYT would do should they somehow find truth.
    my GOSH, the DNC meme of “GET TRUMP” is escalating to such a dangerous place and I”m not sure it’ll end well…..Some are still calling Trump Anti-Semitic and he’s never shown a shred of that…or could someone link cases where he exhibited that?

    CI, true or not, it should be discussed by all sides….


  10. geeez2014 says:

    …or should I suggest it should be looked into?
    I hear soldiers saying “It was like they knew we were coming” far too many times….We must find out whose confidential intel is being hacked or just looked at like by the Pakistanis the DNC hired.

    I’ve wondered why the DNC RUSSIA IS BEHIND IT meme is so loud and I truly believe this the reason; Hide, deflect, let America blame Russia, not Democratsl


  11. I hear soldiers saying “It was like they knew we were coming” far too many times…

    I’m curious about this, as in the House computer network had tactical operations orders on it?


  12. geeez2014 says:

    Simple. From one of the links: “The brothers are from Pakistan. The trio also worked for dozens of other House Democrats, including members of the intelligence, foreign affairs and homeland security committees. Those positions likely gave them access to congressional emails and other sensitive documents. ”
    Intel information? Foreign affairs?
    I don’t think it’s a stretch to have that information and run with it or plumb for more insider information. Not at all.
    Do I think it had tactical op orders? Don’t know, depends on how sloppy these Dems were on the intel committee and how good these Pakistanis were..


  13. Congressional aides and their masters might have policy and budgetary oversight information for military affairs on their systems, but likely not anything that would endanger our forces.

    That said, IF this scandal were true, it’s still an enormous breach of cyber security, and the Pakistani ISI are so in bed with al Qaeda, that one rolls over to the other and kisses them good morning. Our friends and allies……


  14. I had assumed Z was talking about political Warfare not military Warfare. Perhaps I’m wrong.


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