Cuts in Federal Government



And WHY?  

And how would you handle whatever might need some funding even if federal funding is cut?

Let’s talk!



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58 Responses to Cuts in Federal Government

  1. bocopro says:

    foreign aid
    Congressional staff allowances
    IRS (by system reform)
    eliminate the $1 bill and go to coins
    GPO print in English ONLY
    let ME or maybe some retired MGySgt oversee research and grant funding
    incrementally raise SocSec & MedicAid age eligibility to 72
    establish teleconferencing for Congress sessions and subcommittees
    discontinue Saturday snail mail delivery
    burn the deadwood, especially at the VA
    one appeal after death-penalty sentence; execution within 30 days of denial
    common-sense TORT REFORM will bring down the overall cost of health care
    restore states’ rights according to the 10th Amendment

    I hear a cuppa and a nice cinnamon roll calling my name. Later.


  2. Suffice to say that I’d cut all [at least over time] Federal funding that goes to a function not enumerated to the Federal government in the Constitution. The list is too long to post, but the high points would be:

    – Elimination of the Drug Enforcement Agency [though CPB could still interdict narcotics crossing the U.S. border]. End the asinine “war” on drugs.
    – Blanket moratorium on foreign aid not directly related to counter-terrorism. Use the money saved to fund an independent audit of the Cybersecurity Act of 2015.
    – Abolish funding for public broadcasting [which primarily funds ~1400 local TV and radio stations that re-broadcast national programming]
    – End ‘No Child Left Behind’ funding; a one-size-fits-all ‘solution’ that merely led states to lower standards, and funded the Education bureaucracy, rather than the students.
    – Any Federal mandate for health care. This is a state issue.
    – Eliminate the Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights (OCR)
    – Eliminate the Department of Justice’s “equitable sharing” asset forfeiture program
    – Phase out mandatory withholding and automatic benefits for Social Security. This is theft.

    – And stop using Federal dollars to “save” jobs in dying industries. To quote Austrian economist Joseph Schumpeter, on “Creative Destruction”: The opening up of new markets, foreign or domestic, and the organizational development from the craft shop to such concerns as U.S. Steel illustrate the same process of industrial mutation—if I may use that biological term—that incessantly revolutionizes the economic structure from within, incessantly destroying the old one, incessantly creating a new one. This process of Creative Destruction is the essential fact about capitalism.


  3. jerrydablade says:

    Good lists. I would cut everything that is NOT the military. Whether that means 10% or 20% or the complete elimination of individual albatrosses, I wouldn’t know. The military gets a huge rebuild.


  4. The EPA.

    The EPA’s tentacles are suffocating business — and consumers overall, too.

    Recently, an extra $500 was tacked onto some homeowner repairs here. Never mind that none of the pain was lead-based. It might be lead-based, and because I didn’t have all the receipts from the date of the building of this old house till now so as to prove that the paint wasn’t lead-based, I had to shell out.

    At the county level, many employees submit reports to the EPA. One of my cousins is one such employee, and her job is to write the microbes water-monitoring monthly reports to the EPA. Her salary = $125,000. No wonder our county budget is out of control!


  5. Kid says:

    What everyone else said plus pick any 200 of these…


  6. Kid says:

    Except military.


  7. Imp says:

    Any and all federal funding for Twinkie “universitiies” like Bezerkly…especially segregated black only colleges, the SPLC and LaRaza.


  8. geeez2014 says:

    Great stuff, thanks.

    Bocopro…that’s a pretty ‘original’ list, one we don’t hear much. Thanks!

    CI: “Creative Destruction”…I can’t tell if that’s good or bad 🙂 My sense is it’s good?

    AOW…she gets THAT for a monthly REPORT? It sounds like the poolman coming every week and measuring the chlorine levels to get it right…for about $200 a month!

    Kid, thanks for the list. Which would be your TOP priorities?

    Jerry…I WONDER ABOUT THE DEFENSE INCREASE; Trump thinks we can pay for it ($54 billion, but McCain says it should be $90 billion) when the economy gets moving again…through tax cuts. Do tax cuts work quickly enough not to economically destroy us in the meantime…from having spent too much while the increases aren’t there yet?

    I always heard that we don’t need the huge military spending anymore because of nukes…but with the soldiers we have there, and the veterans situation, I’m thinking that was before IRAQ, men on the ground, etc?


    I know this is miniscule in comparison but PBS has to STOP being funded…it’s nearly NOTHING but VERY leftwing lectures, documentaries, etc. It’s unreal that Americans haven’t complained more. Nearly every time I turn it on, it’s VERY leftwing crap


  9. geeez2014 says:–abc-news-topstories.html
    Historically Black Colleges…Looks like Trump wants to “help” them. I wouldn’t fund them. I’d expect ALL AMERICAN KIDS to go to ANY college/university available that they want to go to.
    I’m glad they existed, and I know some white kids now attend them, too, but REALLY? Fund them separately? Pandering? Why CAN’T Black kids be well educated enough to attend ANY American U?

    Do you think DeVos deserved the “UPROAR” described in my link over what she said? I Sure don’t…I actually laughed when I read the title, then saw the amazingly benign comment…and true comment. And she did NOT ignore Jim Crow segregation in her remark?

    MY GOD, they’ll do ANYTHING to insult and hope Americans only read media headlines and not the minimal truth inside.


  10. geeez2014 says:

    THis morning’s news contained Trump’s saying he’s never spoken to Putin, while the picture is that one we all saw of him in the Oval Office on the phone with Putin.
    Disheartening. He told Michael Savage a couple of years ago that he’d spoken to Putin and they got along very well…etc…ugh.


  11. -FJ says:

    NASA. If Elon Musk can send tourists to the other side of the moon…


  12. Imp says:

    “Why CAN’T Black kids be well educated enough to attend ANY American U?”

    Maybe it’s because when they’re faced with a 4.0+ GPA from a white kid…..they have to give handicap points to a 2.0 GPA for one reason? Color quotas. And it’s been going on for years with lawsuit after lawsuit. Like Michigan for instance? And they’re easily intimidated by that 4.0 GPA and would rather be “comfy” among their less qualified peers who don’t “act white”?. PC be damned. Most of these high schoolers are socially graduated with only 20% having a 4th grade reading ability and 18% in math. It’s pure and simple racism.

    But….all we”ll hear is that they need more money year after year to graduate less and less. Remember too, that quite a few are accepted for athletics….not scholastic abilities.


  13. As others have mentioned, I’ll add SNAP [food stamps] to my list. SNAPs mission statement is: The objective of the Food Stamp Program (FSP) is to “permit low-income households to obtain a more nutritious diet through normal channels of trade by increasing food purchasing power for all eligible households who apply for participation.”

    Turns out, a November AG study revealed that $15b annually, goes to junk food. Nobody is subsidizing my Single Malt Scotch….so screw ’em.


  14. bocopro says:

    My hope for this presidency has very few key components:

    fix the SCotUS
    fix the tax system
    fix the border
    fix the infrastructure
    fix health care
    fix the defense department

    If he can do those, or even come close to fixing those, he’ll be Arthur and Siegfried and Charlemagne all in one.

    Given those half dozen in good shape, the rest, including the economy, will fall into line like oh-by-the-ways and you-doubted me?s.


  15. Imp says:

    “revealed that $15b annually, goes to junk food.”

    No wonder Mickey D’s, Burger King, Checkers and PopEyes are so popular.


  16. Imp says:

    ” he’ll be Arthur and Siegfried and Charlemagne all in one.”

    And a bit of Charles “The Hammer” Martel too?


  17. John M. Berger says:

    Does The Department of Education really have anything to do with education? Seriously, the reports that I see regarding our K-12 students, compared to the rest of the Industrial World*, STINK! Would any business, attempting to survive, allow this to continue? There is a lot of “swamp draining” to be done and this is but one example, albeit an important one.

    * It should be noted, however, that the rest of the Industrial World isn’t hobbled by the catastrophe known as The Great Society


  18. Imp says:

    JMB….John..there must be some use for “Lesbian Dance Studies” or “Illustrating poozy hats” in pink letters?


  19. ObamaCare – cut every dime to stop the massive hemorrhaging. This program must be repealed entirely and immediately.

    EPA – It’s being reported that Trump is asking for a massive cut in their budget tonight, 20%. I think I’d cut it more than that. This abusive agency’s tyranny must end.

    Department of Education – cut their entire budget & abolish this department – take it apart and send this back to the states.

    The rest of government, I would CUT every single department, division and agency (except Defense, there I’d increase) by 20% immediately.


  20. Imp says:

    FW..”massive cut in their budget tonight, 20%.”

    Which means to me…that they’ll have to lay off or fire 10,000 useless, unelected , unaccountable Twinkie climate fraud bureaucrats from their staff? Thus writing less onerous and illegal rules?


  21. Kid says:

    Z, much easier to mention what I’d keep –

    – anything to do with national security
    – social security – put back into a lock box, only make payments to people who paid in plus disabled.
    – medicare
    – get rid of the VA and have service members get health care from their doctors, paid for by the gov.
    – replace welfare with a jobs training program for able-bodied people. FIrst day of training would be learning how to speak without saying MF every second and a half.
    – delete everything else, let the states decide what they must continue to have.
    you might twist my arm to keep a couple other things, maybe medicare for cats and dogs.


  22. Kid says:

    Fixing education be deleting the dept of ed and disrcognizing teachers unions has to be step one or people just keep voting for morons and socialism.


  23. Imp says:

    “let the states decide what they must continue to have.”

    One major exception…the second amendment….over ride all this vetting for a right to Constitutional Carry….Period. Just as Federal immigration laws should make states subservient to those “sanctuary” nuts jobs.


  24. John M. Berger says:


    “Fixing education be deleting the dept of ed………………………………………………………………….”

    Yes and even if we started today the positive results wouldn’t be realized for years. I wonder if Trump will demonstrate the fortitude needed for this to happen?


  25. Kid says:

    @JMB, Yes, you need at least 2 generations of patriotically minded, constitutionally educated people to start putting a dent in it.

    @IMP – Yep, instead of picking the Constitution apart, make it totally unambiguous.

    @bocopro – Geeeeeeeeez.


  26. geeez2014 says:

    FJ…EXCELLENT point….I’ve been thinking all day about entreprepeurship and how Trump’s getting some regulations OFF business people might help with private people spending lots of dough on things we need.
    Or DO NOT need, like funding of Planned parenthood…if they want me to pay for abortions, let THEM pay for them instead.

    CI..agreed re junk food….absolutely. And how people on food stamps have $700 iPhones is beyond me. I have a ‘pay as you go’ android I pay nearly nothing for.

    Imp; can people USE Food Stamps at fast food places? That’s an interesting point.

    FW…Me, too. I spoke to an anesthetist nurse/friend of mine yesterday/ her insurance went from $300 to $1100 in pretty short time after Obamacare kicked in…

    Kid, DEFINITELY on the lock box for SS.

    JMB and Kid…THE TEACHERS UNIONS MUST STOP…it’s THEIR MONEY they want to make sure comes in, not money for educating KIDS. I know there are good teachers out there but WOZIR, I read a Coulter book once that talked about the CLAMP the teachers unions have on education dollars…it’s hideous. I should dig that book out and quote her here…maybe later; it was astonishing.

    Like teaching kids IN Spanish instead of English…..teachers get MUCH higher pay for that…..WHY? My grandad learned English in a few months at school, no tutors, no NOTHING!!

    Bocopro; I’m afraid to look right now, BUT I WILL! Thanks!!


  27. geeez2014 says:


    For tonight’s Congressional Speech by Trump, Democrats are bringing tons of people who were detained by the last travel ‘ban’…..Students who have Green Cards from Iran but had to go back and couldn’t come back to the States again for a week….Translators who worked with our military and had to wait 12 hours for release at the airport, etc.

    REPUBLICANS, Trump mostly, have invited families of murdered victims of ILLEGALS…..MOthers who’ve lost children, husbands who’ve lost wives, etc., to illegal immigrants…..people who came in possibly because there was no ban. We all know of stories where Hispanics were kicked out six times, came back in, and murdered.

    SO: WHO WINS? Think people are going to feel sorrier for detainees or victims’ families?

    My feeling is “So WHAT if some got caught in a ban which arose suddenly? Who didn’t think that would happen? Some have to be in airplanes as they land after the ban…bad things happen, but you’re ALIVE”! The victims’ families have LOST THEIR LOVES ONES.

    Don’t you think the Republican cause is FAR FAR more effective, important, and makes a good case for ban, a delay, whatever it will be?



  28. bocopro says:

    None of my kids spoke English when I brought ’em back to the land of the big geedunk in 1969. Within 3 months, all 3 of the older ones (who were in school) were speaking AND reading in English because that’s what the schools used. (The youngest one then picked it up from the other 3.)

    Granted, they’d been made familiar with the standard English alphabet and quite a few English words (ice cream, television, cartoon, car, makeup, pantyhose, paper, “No,” “Yes,” “stop,” and those sorts of things), but English words made up less than one percent of their natural vocabularies when they first met their paternal grandmother, who was delighted with the opportunity to teach ’em.

    By the time I got back from an extended cruise to the Gulf of Tonkin a year later and Milady had moved ’em all to Long Beach, they had perfectly normal Southern California accents. They still understood their mother and her friends when they spoke other languages, and sometimes to make sure things were absolutely clear I’d use the words they originally learned for things . . . but they all did quite well in school and were totally Murkanized by the time they’d been here one full year.

    Yeah, it can be done. Just takes some parental will and influence.


  29. Baysider says:

    PBS /NPR / NEA
    Dept of education
    ALL federal aid to education. This jimmy carter program that pumped money into higher education is linked to the concurrent dramatic increases in tuition costs – more $$ chasing the same goods. It’s a state and local responsibility.
    Subsidies – agriculture, telecommunications
    Refugee settlement. This is never a government function.

    Federal spending or guarantees on healthcare
    Social security ‘benefits’ for non-retirees and, yes, I agree with bocopro that social security age must be increased incrementally AFTER they get rid of the deadwood in it.

    How ‘massive’ cuts can be is seen at Harvard whose endowment is laying off HALF their staff to improve returns. Their staff to asset ratio if at exceeds any comparable college – just like my own city’s hiring practices.



  30. John M. Berger says:

    I sent the video off to many!


  31. Z,
    My cousin has advanced degrees in both math and microbiology, so she can read and interpret all the field samples that come in. Also, she’s been working for the county for nearly 25 years and got all the step raises.


  32. geeez2014 says:

    AOW, I’m sorry if it sounded like I was putting her down; I thought YOu were 🙂 And yes, if you’re on that gravy train and stick around, you’re going to be making SUCH big money. In a private company, she’d have been layed off and they’d have hired young ones for less money along the way!

    Baysider: Give you the list and red pen? I WISH WE COULD!

    Bocopro…the Hispanics around here seem to have a will to have their kids speak English…when I take walks I hear obviously immigrant parents taking their kids to school speaking English to their children most often and I smile when I pass the elementary school, of MOSTLY Hispanic children, and they’re all screaming and talking in English. Nice stuff. AND I have to say those little children are THE cleanest, most nicely pulled-together children you can find. It’s heartwarming. This neighborhood is rich for the huge diversity in economic strata…..sadly, I hear the apartments are so expensive just blocks away that the families live 2-3 to one 2-bedrm apartment.


  33. geeez2014 says:

    I’m finding out that my comments do NOT get read 🙂 I can’t blame you!

    But I WOULD like to know what y’all think of that comment above that’s off topic….letters in bold to catch your eyes, which it did not 🙂 I have to keep my comments shorter…what’s the point!?



  34. bocopro says:

    If you’re talking about the Planned Parenthood reference, that’s one of those issues I avoid.

    In fact, it’s one that I would NOT allow my students to do papers on because they invariably refused to do research to learn anything, just to find material to support their preconceived notions . . . and that’s NOT research.

    Taboo topics (except for advanced writing students, usually English majors in their junior or senior years) included abortion, nuclear energy, death penalty, gateway drugs, and religion . . . ESPECIALLY abortion, unless they first submitted a formal proposal and got my approval.

    My personal posture on it is very complex, almost self-contradictory, and generally unpopular, so I just don’t get into the discussion if I can help it.

    As for Planned Parenthood as a concept, it’s something the central government has no business getting into, and DEFINITELY no business paying for.



  35. geeez2014 says:

    Bocopro: it’s this one!…The bolded letter one..


    For tonight’s Congressional Speech by Trump, Democrats are bringing tons of people who were detained by the last travel ‘ban’…..Students who have Green Cards from Iran but had to go back and couldn’t come back to the States again for a week….Translators who worked with our military and had to wait 12 hours for release at the airport, etc.

    REPUBLICANS, Trump mostly, have invited families of murdered victims of ILLEGALS…..MOthers who’ve lost children, husbands who’ve lost wives, etc., to illegal immigrants…..people who came in possibly because there was no ban. We all know of stories where Hispanics were kicked out six times, came back in, and murdered.

    SO: WHO WINS? Think people are going to feel sorrier for detainees or victims’ families?

    My feeling is “So WHAT if some got caught in a ban which arose suddenly? Who didn’t think that would happen? Some have to be in airplanes as they land after the ban…bad things happen, but you’re ALIVE”! The victims’ families have LOST THEIR LOVES ONES.

    Don’t you think the Republican cause is FAR FAR more effective, important, and makes a good case for ban, a delay, whatever it will be?



  36. bocopro says:

    Hmmpphhhh! Can you say “Cherry Picking?” I thought you could.

    The last vestiges of ethics and integrity died ignominiously under the wheels of the Clinton machine.

    Here’s another’n that’ll kink your colon:


  37. Kid says:

    Z, It’s what the democrats do. Have you not been paying attention? 😉

    The Dems know who their supporters are: Emotional train wrecks who think they’re SOOOO special becuase they want clean air, soil and water, no animals being abused and fairness and equality for everyone and everything. Well, that’s what everyone wants, it is just that sane people can see the danger in inviting snakes into your house. The world is not the sound of music.

    Just like chuck shumer crying away in congress or where ever it was “This is not who we are” about the potential for vetting moslem vermin coming from coiuntries where ISIS is let alone your average garbage variety terrorist. It’s what they do.

    Remember thte thing oin ocare before it was passed, didn’t one of those POS dems wheel out some old lady in a wheelchair and talk about how Ted Cruz or whomever wanted to just push the broad off a cliff?
    It’s what they do. And it works unfortunately.


  38. Kid says:

    My point if not cyrstal clear is idiots make ALL their decisions based on emotion because they have no capacity for citical thought, logic or recognition of reality to any degree. Dems capitalize on that. The public schools work Very hard to turn out people trained to ‘think’ like this.
    Probably started out as the communist active measures that they worked hard to implement in America starting in the 60’s. Krushev “Your children will grow up communist’. They weren’t fooling around.

    Their whole attack on Trump was “He’s a mean bad person’. Not a single iota of criticizing his stated agenda. That would have gone over their voters heads like SR-71’s at 90,000 feet.


  39. Kid says:

    Which I have to add. They talk to thier supporters like their supporters are morons. There is a reason for that.


  40. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, thanks, but I asked which one people thought would be more effective in the room tonight, that’s all 🙂
    “Not a single iota of criticizing his stated agenda.” Oh, I wouldn’t say that!!! They weren’t happy with the ban, etc.

    Bocopro: that is despicable. If they could kill every Republican senator, they would.

    I WISH WISH WISH that SOMEBODY on the news might say “you know, whatever the Dems are doing to Trump, and whatever they might do tonight as he speaks, who did that when we all couldn’t stand Obama, what did Republicans do? They showed civility.”


  41. bunkerville says:

    I don’t want to hurt your feelings Z but your responses I read are the ones directed to me if I chose to comment. I generally read all the comments, But it appears you were asking a response to a post within a post. Anyway fasten your seat belt we are in for a bunpy ride tonite!! 🙂


  42. Kid says:

    Z, More effective? Neither. The left won’t give a rats butt fur about the survivors and the right won’t give a rats butt fur about the hungry looking women and children imigrants the dems trout out.


  43. Kid says:

    Z, Ok, they criticized him for planning to disallow some nice asylum seeking migrant (terrorists) in the country but that fits exactly with my comment that they only used things that would fit into their “Trump is a mean bad man” dialogue. They didn’t talk economy, jobs, nafta, etc. Things that require a couple brain cells to process. They only things they talked about were the things that they cold carry neatly in their “Trump is a mean bad man” basket.


  44. Kid says:

    And let me add that I read each and every one of your comments. 🙂


  45. geeez2014 says:

    Thank you, Kid and Bunkerville!

    Yes, we’re in for a bumpy ride…I have dinner with a friend and will watch the highlights (or lowlights) tonight and nauseum, I’m sure 🙂

    Let’s just HOPE that Trump stays CALM if the Dems get nuts….they could very well get really bad thinking whatever THEY do won’t be as bad as his reaction might be.


  46. -FJ says:

    @Z -Do you recall Stephen Miller, Trump’s speechwriter, from your FPM days? He is the Horowicz-Trump connection.


  47. Kid says:

    Z, I rate Trump’s speech tonight to congress as 18 more times excellent than any other I’ve heard.


  48. geeez2014 says:

    FJ…in what capacity was SMiller at FPM? Worked for David?? I know he’s big time on Trump’s team..??

    Kid, I heard that on the radio coming home from dinner out tonight. Will listen now…I’m sure it’s everywhere.


  49. skudrunner says:

    Return to a citizen government. Cut congressman to part time and pay on a per daily basis. They meet for one week every six and have to hold a job to support themselves. Two four year terms for both houses .
    Congress pays into SS and gets a matching 401K. No lifetime pension. They also contribute to healthcare.
    No public funding to send congress on junkets. They want to go, they can pay.
    No accepting money to give a speech to any for profit company

    Any foreign government who does not support the US gets no aid money or otherwise.
    Replace obamacare with medicaid that is a federal program with income tiers.


  50. FB says:

    – EPA
    – Dep of Commerce
    – Dep of Education
    – Endowement for the art
    – Susidies to PBS, NPR, Amtrak, etc…
    – Foreign aid to countries that are against us

    – Force each agency to cut workforce by at least 25%
    – Use IT and high tech to detect fraud in social security, medicaid and automate as much as possible to reduce workforce
    – Review all salaries in the fed gov and make them equal to the private sector


  51. geeez2014 says:

    I just read that most of these cuts won’t happen…after all, LINDSAY GRAHAM is against them.

    Man, I haven’t had 3 seconds where I liked OR respected what I hear come out of his mouth.


  52. FB says:

    He’s a statist. 50% of the GOP, if not more, is like him. B/c that’s all they know.


  53. -FJ says:

    FJ…in what capacity was SMiller at FPM? Worked for David?? I know he’s big time on Trump’s team..??

    He was a big supporter of David’s “Terrorism Awareness Project” on campus @ Duke. David recommended him to both Michelle Bachmann (as Press Secretary) and as Jeff Sessions Communications Director. I was wondering how David had gotten Trump’s plans for his new book. Now I know. Here’s David’s description of his relationship w/Stephen Miller.


  54. Bob says:

    Yeah. What everybody said. I agree.

    Everybody’s ahead of me.


  55. geeez2014 says:

    FJ, thanks….I do remember that vaguely…the Duke connection, etc. Thanks!
    I’m afraid I’m not a huge Horowitz fan, tho he’s a likable guy…he’s an opportunist and I was stunned to know he mentioned a group here in L.A. started by Gary Senise, Kelsey Grammar and a few others (Clint Eastwood came to events, and several other cons.). called FRIENDS OF ABE which I belonged to and which had been kept very secret for about 5 years so Conservative young actors, musicians, directors, comedians, etc., could work and still meet with like-minded people in private settings. Horowitz blew the cover though he’d been asked to several times…on Laura Ingraham’s show…I think it was because he wasn’t invited in due to how much he TALKS. Sad.


  56. geeez2014 says:

    FJ; I mean at the end there “ASKED NOT TO!” of course.


  57. -FJ says:

    Shame, that!


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