2 QUESTIONS for you: (and a laugh)

QUESTION #1:  I heard a radio program of interviews with survivors of the San Bernardino shootings.   They are very badly injured;  one had 20 surgeries in 30 days.  Some have lost the use of an arm, some are getting psychological therapy, many need physical therapy..  My question is this:  THEY ARE SUING THE CITY OF SAN BERNARDINO.   IS SAN BERNARDINO RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR INJURIES?  IF YOU THINK SO, IS IT BECAUSE MOST WERE SAN BERNARDINO EMPLOYEES?   BASICALLY;  MY QUESTION IS …IF YOU ARE UNLUCKY ENOUGH TO BE HURT IN A TERROR ATTACK, INCLUDING 9/11, IS IT THE CITY OR FEDERAL GOVERNMENT THAT MUST PAY ALL YOUR BILLS?   AND WHY?

QUESTION #2:  I just got back from the grocery store.  In line in front of me were two heavy-set immigrant women and a little boy.  I believe one was the mother, no wedding ring, the other might have been her mother.  It was taking forever so I finally focused in on what was going on.  The older woman had a check and I realized this was a welfare check; food stamp check.   They tried to buy all sorts of things but the check-out girl would say “it needs to be whole grain, like oatmeal,” (actually, the sentence was in Spanish and the only English word was ‘oatmeal,’) so the younger woman would dash off to find something else they liked that was whole grain.   They tried to buy cranberry juice but that’s not okay. They tried to buy a very large box of ice cream cones but that wasn’t okay.  As I stood there, I watched as the conversations ensued and the young woman dashed off to buy things acceptable to our government.  Finally, they got what they wanted;  the check-out girl was happy, Uncle Sam was happy….it was then that the older woman whipped out her credit card and paid for the cranberry juice and the ice cream.   SO, I wondered about having the ability to pay on a credit card but getting food stamps.  Am I just being grouchy because I’ve just come back from the store and they took at least 20 minutes doing this “what can we buy on the government?” shtick  (Sunday afternoon is when I’m writing this) or is it perfectly normal for folks to have credit cards and food stamps?  On the other hand, I thanked God it wasn’t me needing government help at this point and praised God they were being fed.  But a CREDIT CARD, TOO?  

Please let’s talk about both these things!  Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.

My sister put this on her Facebook page and I thought I’d share it:



Happy Monday!  Z

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39 Responses to 2 QUESTIONS for you: (and a laugh)

  1. There are government benefits that are now distributed via debit cards, such as unemployment benefits.
    The visual you present sure does imply that we are subsidizing poor food choices with health hazards associated such as diabetes and obesity.
    We are also subsidizing immigration which contributes nothing to our society but more overhead for our “social services”.
    Perhaps if Spanish were not an option in our commerce, English would be learned quicker.
    Boy, I feel like a curmudgeon.


  2. Kid says:

    If the government local or otherwise is going to restrict your ability to defend yourself (guns) then they should be responsible for the result of your getting injured or killed as a result of some attack. Orlando would be an extreme example. That mutt was walking around for hours in there wasn’t he – while the SWAT guys were standing around shaking like leaves? Or how about Virginia Tech. I actually saw pictures of SWAT guys hiding behind trees while that mutt was running around shooting people. Sue them back to the stone age.

    Our neighbor of 10 years ago worked at the welfare office and according to her, they get an EBT card that they can use to buy anything other than alcohol and tobacco. But they buy some lobster, sell it outside for 50 cents on the dollar and go back and buy whatever they want.


  3. John M. Berger says:

    1) “THEY ARE SUING THE CITY OF SAN BERNARDINO. IS SAN BERNARDINO RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR INJURIES?” If San Bernardino is a Liberal Democrat city (I don’t know) that embraces a Muslim population I say YES. Otherwise I guess it’s up to the courts.

    2) “I thanked God it wasn’t me needing government help”
    I thank God that I’m NOT a “check-out” person!


  4. John M. Berger says:

    @ Ed & Kid,


  5. geeez2014 says:

    Ed, ya, but as I said in my post,some check-out people seem to know the rules and was holding these women to them with “go buy something whole grain”, etc. “You can’t buy ice cream…”
    See, I know the check the older woman was holding was something government-related….but maybe you’re right and the credit card she used is a gov’t debit card?
    My impression then was that the check out girl was telling her “you can’t use that check for ice cream and cranberry juice”…and after they billed food TO the check, THEN the woman used HER credit card. I could be wrong on that..

    Kid, so maybe this gal had a gov’t check AND a debit card as Ed suggests? I didn’t get the impression that card was governmental for some reason, but maybe.
    And ya, we’ve heard those stories of people buying expensive things with them. No alcohol and tobacco..right. But no cereal that’s not whole grain? That surprised me.

    See, I don’t think a city should be responsible for paying in the case of terror attacks…even 9/11. NYC didn’t do anything. But, I think that’s just me.

    I think sometimes bad things happen and it’s up to us to work them out.

    JMB: : Proud to have you here, you old curmudgeon!


  6. John M. Berger says:

    Speaking of questions, I have one. How/why would a “check-out” person, busy with impatient, working customers, waiting in line, also be expected to act as some sort of a [nutrition cop] for the welfare system?


  7. geeez2014 says:

    JMB….yes, but who else could do that? I agree, it took SO LONG….with that one girl running back and forth around the store looking for what the gov’t WOULD pay for, while our line behind her lengthened….while I’m thinking “I have to pay for my stuff and I’m grateful I can right now…but….this is ticking me OFF!” 🙂
    I don’t know how else they could do it, but you’re right…it was wrong.


  8. Mal says:

    I have thought for a long time anyone working in government, including law enforcement, should be bonded and insured. That way, the public wouldn’t be responsible for their actions. It really irks me when the courts award millions to people who were injured by some public employee and we end up paying for it. That would also make the employees more careful of their actions.


  9. geeez2014 says:

    Mal; I don’t know a thing about those types of legalities…is that right? If a cop, for example, was bonded, his actions would be HIS actions and not passed on to the city if there is a problem?


  10. Mal says:

    Not the bonding……the insuring would. I was thinking about Notaries being bonded and insured and thought they might need to go together.


  11. Imp says:

    Z…here’s what I think they’ll do to weasel out of paying…..call it “workplace violence” and tell them that workman’s comp will have to be it.


  12. Imp says:

    ” Or is it perfectly normal for folks to have credit cards and food stamps? ”

    I would assume so….take Bank of America and Wells Fargo…giving out limited credit cards to illegals and welcoming their business. Seems to me they’d need a CC for gas purchase and clothing too , right?


  13. John M. Berger says:

    “call it “workplace violence” and tell them that workman’s comp will have to be it.”
    Since this occurred at a “county training event” it falls under the Workers’ Compensation Statutes. From what I can tell, San Bernardino is self-insured for W C. As such (if as in Colorado) the employer, San Bernardino is directly responsible for payment of claims up to a point wherein an “Excess Carrier” would be responsible over a specified aggregate amount. Normally, in order to sue beyond the statuary limits, set by the state, extreme employer negligence must be proven. That rarely happens and public entitie’s liabilities are often limited by a doctrine known as Sovereign Immunity. Apparently, this is biggest occurrence of its kind in US history and there are allegations of non/misfeasance which are being investigated.


  14. Imp says:

    Look at this and weep…read the closest sign this slave is holding up…


  15. Imp says:

    “John M. Berger”…Thank you for the clarity John. But this immunity must end too…it’s what keeps scumbags running sanctuary cities and refusing to enforce our laws.


  16. John M. Berger says:

    “this immunity must end too…it’s what keeps scumbags running sanctuary cities and refusing to enforce our laws.”

    AMEN to that!


  17. Kid says:

    Z, All I’ve ever known about are the EBT cards. I haven’t seen it but I’ve heard from more than a couple that they also use them in the ATM’s at the Casinos.

    That situation at the grocery store is unbelievably ludicrous. That is definitely not an Ohio thing.
    See, it’s useless anyway as there are very simple ways to get around it. Like New York with a maximum size drink, you just buy 2 or 3.


  18. Imp says:

    Ya know what I fear the most in this country today? Lunatic liberal naive women. Every time I hear one of these loose cannons I’m convinced they want to kill us all with their love and ‘”feelings”…so help me God. Women that will march for their “rights” to kill babies….women who want open borders….women who fawn over illegal migrants and their poor families. Women who want to abolish the second amendment. Women like Rosie, Gifford, Whoopi, Behar, Feinstein, Boxer, Waters, McCloskey, Pelousy, Lee, Jackson….Women who openly mock and curse and use verbal violence in our snowflake colleges….Women who have no dog in the hunt or skin in the game. Women who tie the hands of our armed forces over “civilian” casualties…and on an on.


  19. Baysider says:

    I’m with Kid re: when the government limits your ability to defend yourself they take on added responsibility for your safety. Since neighbors didn’t report suspicious activity for fear of being branded racist, perhaps the city is thewrong authority to sue. This is a meme sanctioned and spread by leftist government and the MSM together.

    That said, they ALL go for the deep pockets. Many years ago a very drunk college male used a large trampoline in his frat house after a night of binge drinking. He broke his neck and is wheelchair bound for life. “Somebody” had to pay for those expenses, of course. In trial the University ante’d up millions – even though they didn’t install, promote, or sanction the trampoline, force the student to drink or use the device. IT WAS A CAMPUS FRAT HOUSE. That’s all it took to find the ‘deep pocket’ – us taxpayers.


  20. Imp says:

    Bay…yes…down here in Palm Beach County FlaDuh…..we’re had a slew of really bad shooting by cops where a few were paralyzed for life and others shot dead. Lawsuits galore totally in the millions for the injured and families if the dead. All these cops were out of uniform and “undercover”. Don’t get me wrong…but it seems many of our cops are trigger happy, nervous and shoot first. Three were unarmed and one had a license to carry too…yet he never drew the gun. It was 3AM and he was broken down and waiting for road help for his car. He too wasn’t in uniform and driving a plain Jane unmarked vehicle. This cop is going to jail and more millions will be paid out..by us…the taxpayers of course.Two black men and two white men. All young and in their prime too. None with any records either.


  21. Imp says:

    Yes John..and my new neighbor President Trump will fix it I hope.


  22. geeez2014 says:

    I totally disagree….nobody brings guns to work; it just doesn’t happen. When it’s legal, then this needs to be addressed again.
    A city isn’t responsible for a crazed lunatic nut who shoots people. A city needn’t use its funds because something bad happened to the right person at the wrong time.

    Imp! Bad cops killing or maiming people is a totally different story than the one I am talking about, isn’t it. The City PAYS COPS, they’re under their employment, so the city OWES. The terrorists in NYC or San Bernardino weren’t paid to carry guns and protect people….

    Baysider, I think from what Kid’s been saying, he’d find the Frat House guilty, too. Not sure what you’re agreeing with him on? And I think it’s insane that a university would pay when crazed nutty students do things that stupid!


  23. Kid says:

    When venues demand to be a gun free zone they invite terror attacks. All mass murder happens in gun free zones…
    Texas and Utah I know allow university students to carry if they have a carry permit, meaning they’ve been trained.

    If it happens there the damage will be limited, you won’t have some mutt walking around shooting double digits of people.

    la la laa la laa leee laa la


  24. Kid says:

    PS, They demand a gun free zone then don’t provide security.


  25. Kid says:

    PPS, the lady principal of the Newtown school said the shooting wouldn’t have happened if there was protective film on the door windows. Whatever that means. Kid had a high powered rifle. There is no such thing as protective film that makes a window bulletproof from even a hand gun let alone a high powered rifle. Someone correct me if I’m wrong.

    That’s how braindead these people are. How do they thinik they’re going to keep guns away from people who do these things. They never have an answer for that.


  26. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, ya, but as I said, the law has to change first….I don’t think a school can just say “we’re not a gun free zone anymore,” can they?
    I’m not saying we don’t need protection! I just think that sometimes “S*** Happens” and our cities don’t need to pay for everything that happens to us.

    “protective FILM”???? 🙂


  27. Imp says:

    “Texas and Utah I know allow university students to carry if they have a carry permit, meaning they’ve been trained.”

    And now Florida coming along on that too. Perhaps open carry too?


  28. Imp says:

    “protective FILM”????”

    Yes…when you’re a star wars groupie anythings possible…even magic shields.


  29. Silverlady says:

    As to the city/state having to pay for the injuries due to a terrorist or illegal ALIEN attack, if the said city/state has set the gov’t. up as a ‘sanctuary’ location then they should pay through the nose! Sue them up the Yazoo! That’s a river in Mississippi. And if the voters don’t vote out the idiots who made the ‘sanctuary’ location then shame on them.

    Now to the welfare question. I have a habit, being in a very heavy (in all ways) welfare state, Louisiana, of looking at what people have in their market carts. For the most part I’m not looking at basic staples like flour, beans, peanut butter, rice, milk, eggs, oatmeal, etc. I see a lot of pork chops, steaks, cheese, FRYING OIL, processed foods like frozen french fries, ‘tater tots’, steak fingers, carbonated drinks, KoolAid, cookies, ham, potato chips, corn chips, bottled tea (!), etc., etc., ad nauseam. And then the purchases are wheeled out to later model cars than I am driving (2008 Buick). If you are getting your food from the public tax system you should be restricted to basic staples from which a good & healthful meal can be cooked. Remember the ‘Lobster Boy’ segment on Watter’s World on O’Reilly on Fox? I do.


  30. Kid says:

    Z, The part of your premise I agree with is the 9/11 example. If anyone was responsible for that directly, I would pin it on clinton ignoring the prior attacks (WTC 93 and USS Cole clearly) and clintons seriously obstructive changes to the intelligence community which was probably done to help conceal his/his associates crimes. *jamie gorelick

    So, I don’t know anyone pays 9/11 victims and families but surely puts in a monumental effort to aid with the resutling medical issues.

    Where I don’t agree (and may you don’t either) is with these schools. 200 Billion a year plus being piled into the public education system and none of it actually going toward actual education but rather a fat bloated pig of a teacher’s union and all of it’s tentacles to keep the fat pig sucking air and staying alive.. Yet, they can’t afford to have an appropriate number of security people on hand to deal with the occasional attack? – For schools with under-age students who aren’t going to carry a gun under any circumstance.
    Then universities who want to pretend evil doesn’t exist so they can save a measly few bucks a year by not having security people on duty that are worth a crap, and not allowing people of age to carry regardless of anything. THOSE schools need to pay the price when s*** happens becuase it happened as a result of them being too greedy to spend a little to have proper security all the while demanding their students have zero rights to defend their lives. I mean it was decades ago that I read where Harvard’s mutual fund holdings were worth over 40 billion.

    Education is full of non-educating bloated greedy slime that is much worse than politicians or media. It is time to sue them back to the stone age and out of business just like the tards have been suing conservatism back to the stone age. I’m amazed conservatives even still exist, which goes to the strength of conservatism. If we were suing the tards, they wouldn’t still exist because tard-ness isn’t strong enough to survive under it’s own merit.


  31. Kid says:

    If the schools had decent security there wouldn’t be an attack. The lion doesn’t look for the fastest gazelle..


  32. Mal says:

    Yeah, Kid. The slowest gazelle really pays the price for being last, huh? AAARG!
    That’s even worse than running with the bulls!


  33. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, if I’m not mistaken, the 9/11 folks, survivors and surviving members, DO get lots of charity money but much more from the Feds or NYC…not sure which, but I’m pretty sure they got tons of dough. I just don’t understand that.

    As far as schools….it’s been kind of new the last few years and I’m hoping security’s better though it hurts me to even think our schools need armed guards….Yes, with the amount of money the teachers’ unions are raking in, they can afford it; just stop paying for ESL classes, the teachers fight HARD to teach in Spanish, etc., because they get more for teaching in Spanish…not because they think the poor little ones need them to. I hate the teachers’ union and MUST find the part in Coulter’s book about that….quote it here.


  34. Many people carry at work, in hospitals, in sports stadiums, bars and schools.
    You just don’t know about it because they are smart about it.


  35. JMB: thank you for that explanation many comments back.


  36. geeez2014 says:

    Ed, that video is AMAZING. Honestly, we get ONLY the negative about Trump here and the media’s doing a REALLY good job of disheartening us, but the truth might be quite different. I know for sure there are Europeans who despise his ways, but it looks like at least some of them understand and I get some strength and reassurance from that.


  37. I thought you would like the German girls opinion of the invasion of Germany.


  38. geeez2014 says:

    Ed, my stepkids are living it…yes, I did like that they feel that way… but it’s SO AWFUL, so much more terrible than we’re being told. And so many Germans don’t get it…they still welcome ‘invaders,’ which is my stepson’s name for refugee.


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