So, I get that there are big differences between Conservatives on the new Trump Healthcare bill.   Some of us feel differently than others do…  Paul Ryan’s been made to be the bad guy (as usual) and it was gratifying, and a help to me in trying to understand why buying across state lines isn’t on this bill, which surprised me.  He said that if buying insurance across state lines was IN the new bill, it would go into filibuster and never pass.  My question is this:

WHAT IS THE DOWNSIDE TO SOMEONE IN ARKANSAS BUYING A HEALTH INSURANCE POLICY IN MINNESOTA?   I just don’t know enough about this stuff to understand why that’s so unacceptable an idea to many politicians.  Can you help me?

Thanks!!! Z

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21 Responses to HEALTH INSURANCE—Across State Lines

  1. bocopro says:

    I can’t help anybody understand all the complexities of health care, but I can offer a few suggestions for bringing down the price. Basically 3 steps:

    1. Get central gummint OUT of it. Everything Washington does comes in late and over budget.
    2. Tort reform! Mandatory. Knock off the frivolous lawsuits and obscene punitive compensations.
    3. Raise MediCare age eligibility to 72, minimum.

    One more thing — about every 6 months or so, have a national public castration of parasites found defrauding the system.


  2. I wish that I understood this issue more than I do. For years and years we’ve been told that purchasing health insurance over state lines would help fix the problems that we have with affordable coverage. While I don’t necessarily endorse or deny (I don’t know enough about it) this concept here are some things to ponder:


  3. geeez2014 says:

    Bocopro…you don’t have to help anybody understand ‘ALL” the complexities of healthcare! 🙂
    Just wondering about buying across state lines and why that’s unacceptable to many.
    Raising the medicare age would hurt a LOT of folks…trust me. But it’s probably coming. I wonder if they could just lower the cost to those over 65, until they’re 72? That could work.

    John, THAT’s what I was looking for! I don’t know the Insurance Commission that issued that piece’s politics, and we know they’re pro their industry, but some of it kind of makes sense. Seems to me that some of their problems with it could be ironed out and laws made to prevent what they have against it? Thanks so much for linking that!


  4. geeez2014 says:

    Check that out…the headline is “A NEW ARENA FOR TRUMP CONFLICT OF INTERESTS!” Oh, for joy, for joy!!! The media must be THRILLED!!
    AND, they’re not sure Ivanka is pro or anti abortion, another headline! Now that’s something we all need to know, right? 🙂

    Interminable, a never-ending, daily list of HATE TRUMP information..FEAR TRUMP information!

    I have a Mexican friend who does estate planning for middle class folks, many being Mexican Americans…she told me “Everyone is SO SCARED they’re going to have to go back!” I said “Let me know when one person who hasn’t done a crime is sent back, okay?” GRRR


  5. Joe says:

    The new changes all relate to funding so they can pass both houses through reconciliation (just as the ACA was passed). Changing the regulations means a change in law, thus subject to filibuster


  6. Yesterday, Bunkerville said THIS at my site:

    March 9, 2017 at 10:07:00 AM EST

    Insurance that crosses state lines is not as easy as it appears. First of all, taking hospitals as an example. Each Insurance company contracts the amount of reimbursement it will give to a particular hospital for example. Aetna may pay hospital X a different amount for a procedure than United. Healthcare is the only “business” in America that does not conform to a business model. This just one example of how totally screwed up the thing is, and beware of the changes. Medicaid is a loser. Providers get about 23 cents on the dollar on what it costs. Private Insurance has made up the difference up to now. The dirty little secret no one talks about. When our hospital negotiated contracts, that little fact was taken into consideration. So you and I and our employer for decades have been subsidizing Medicaid.


  7. John,
    Excellent link!

    I noticed this:

    Interstate sales will simply provide people with more options. People who don’t want interstate
    policies can keep the coverage they currently have.
    REALITY: Interstate sales would actually reduce the options available to consumers.

    • Out-of-state insurers would be able to lure healthy enrollees away from existing risk pools, which would become progressively sicker and more expensive until they ultimately fail.

    • Insurers that currently comply with state consumer protections would be forced by out-of-state competitors to evade them as well.

    • Insurance policies would cover less and less, as insurers try to design polices that discourage the sickest customers from applying.

    What a Gordian Knot all this is!

    IMO, the reason is that we have the aging and often ailing Boomers. Boomers are no longer driving the economy; at the same time, they are pulling benefits from an ever-shrinking pool of low-risk insureds (or prospective low-risk insureds).


  8. Bocopro,
    Raise MediCare age eligibility to 72, minimum.

    Depends on whether or not they are still able to work, IMO.

    I just got Medicare (age 65). My monthly premium is about $300 (Medicare premium, Medigap premium of the same amount, and Medicare D Pharmacy coverage). That’s about $100 less than I was paying — but with Medicare combined with Medigap, I no longer have the $2500 annual deductible (which is combined with a $5000 out of pocket maximum after meeting the 70/30 between $2501 and $4999).


  9. Sometimes I just wonder if we are seeking more medical coverage than we are willing or able to pay for. If that’s the case this issue will never be solved.


  10. John,
    Sometimes I just wonder if we are seeking more medical coverage than we are willing or able to pay for.

    I’ve come to think so.


  11. FB says:

    Across state lines = bigger risk pools => more money coming in, should be cheaper. Also from a consumer standpoint it’s better. We can travel more safely, move, etc…

    But more importantly what we need is the ability to insure ourselves against the big stuff and pay cash for the rest. This is what will decrease prices. Insurance creates inflation.


  12. FB says:

    John is right. We’e got to stop expecting coverage for booboos. In booboos I include a broken bone. We should be able to pay cash for anything that doesn’t require rocket-science type of medicine. Like in all industries, some services are commodities and wouldn’t be expensive if there was competition and people just paid cash.


  13. FB says:

    An acquaintance of mine through my sis, who recently died of cancer, was able to drastically decrease the price of a medication by paying cash. Hospitals overcharge insurance companies on purpose to get as much cash as they need. You pay cash and they’ll take the money they can.


  14. geeez2014 says:

    FB..”But more importantly what we need is the ability to insure ourselves against the big stuff and pay cash for the rest. This is what will decrease prices. Insurance creates inflation.” I think so, too…but, being not a rich woman, it’s scary to pay myself…….as things start to ‘go bad’! it gets more expensive. HOWEVER, I paid for my private internist until I just got Medicare.;…out of pocket because he is SO good and I wasn’t willing to give that up for losing $175 a visit maybe 4 times a year…worth it to me.
    And yes, paying cash TALKS…. good point again.

    John and FB…imagine telling liberals “you have to pay yourself for that.” They’re already saying “the GOP wants to throw granny under the bus”…I heard it the other day….swine.

    AOW! $100 less than you were paying? Medicare which I just got is $600 less than I was paying, even including my gap insurance!!!

    ANYBODY CONSIDER GETTING THAT CONSERVATIVE HEALTH INSURANCE PLAN? LIKE LIBS HAVE WITH AARP? I think Baysider did it and is happy with it. Let’s see if she shows up today.

    EVERYBODY: I think America is so screwed up in EVERY SINGLE SUBJECT that we need to be careful we retain our ‘Great America’ moniker…it’s fading so fast…Russia and N Korea and China are taking advantage, liberals are taking huge advantage, immigrants are taking advantage… etc.

    And American states are actually , for all intents and purposes, now saying “SCREW YOU, Mr. President, YOU HAVE NO RIGHT, and we’re SUING YOU IF YOU THINK YOU ARE GOING TO MAKE THIS COUNTRY SAFER, YOU BASTARD!”

    HONESTLY, that’s what these anti-illegal imm. prevention lawsuits feel like to ME.


  15. Mal says:

    FB, you’re spot on. It was much cheaper before everyone had coverage. Example….between May 1955 and Jan. 1962 we had 4 children with no insurance. The hospital was $35/day, the OBGYN charged $250 FOR THE ENTIRE 9 MONTHS, and the anesthesiologist was $80, which was very cheap even for that time, and all would take payments w/o interest. No sweat. Everything went to Hell after we began having medical insurance.


  16. Mal says:

    Oh! And those that needed extra costly procedures usually got covered by family, friends, or the church. It became a community problem.


  17. geeez2014 says:

    Mal, YES! Community problems are what made this country richer and its people self reliant and grateful and humble and proud! I love what you wrote…just LOVE IT. I may do a whole post on it; as a matter of fact, I think I WILL! On MONDAY! Thanks!



  18. Imp says:

    Fact is..the R’s are screwing it up again….the Dens have the power, the R’s the seats. 8 years of squabbling and new we have a chance to change Obama Care and we can’t get it together. They can’t even agree on tax cuts for Gods sake.


  19. Baysider says:

    Right, Mal. My parents’ entire hospital for me was about $75. I’m a cash pay with a health care sharing ministry. I carry a card that says to ask for the cash pay price. Most hospitals deeply discount a cash customer. Then I submit to my sharing group for reimbursement.


  20. Mal says:

    Right on, Baysider. And Medicare is being ripped off, also. Even the pharmaceutical ads on TV say if you can’t afford the medicine, they may be able to help. (translation…..we’ll discount deep).


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