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-Do you have a favorite TV show celebrity? from now or the past?



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20 Responses to TELEVISION

  1. bocopro says:

    Favorite old sitcom – hands down gotta be SOAP. Amazing writing. Extremely rich situational comedy. And for a change of venue/pace – KEEPING UP APPEARANCES.

    Haven’t had a favorite show for years now, but the most recent one was BONES. Sparkling dialogue. Meaty, thought-provoking interpersonal relationships. Completely preposterous premise. One character a tabula rasa, another an acerbic critic, a computer geek, a conspiracy nut, an idiot savant, a psychobabbler, and a Kirkian swashbuckler with a revolving door of supporting stock and supporting characters. LOVED the delicately handled sexual tension between the atheistic Spockian Dr. Brennan and the fiercely Catholic street-wise special agent Booth

    Can’t think of a show from the past that I’d want to live in. Kinda like the way my own reality has turned out. I can always escape into alternate scenarios for half an hour whenever I like with CDs or reruns, but truthfully my imagination is entertainment enough for me. Besides, I was away from the States during most of the 60s and 70s and didn’t see much TV.

    From what I’ve seen of it, tho, I actually lived HAPPY DAYS when I could run effortlessly, for hours, in leather-soled shoes with hard rubber heels . . . do at least 100 situps and 40 or so pullups and enough pushups to burn off three cheeseburgers dripping with animal fat and smothered with salt and cheese and never break a sweat.

    Why would I need someone else’s imagination when I can live again the outrageous boasts, the preposterous plans, the insane antics I pulled with the Bills and Steves and Alans and Roys and Everetts, draining the hoses at gas stations after they had closed so we could cruise a few more times past the girls’ houses, saving our precious coins for sodas and burgers and fries at the Sugar Bowl or the Town & Country drive-in restaurant on the edge of town where we circled like young Apache renegades, trying to make those ancient engines pop the tires and seriously impress everyone in earshot.

    I grew up in a little place exactly like all the ones thousands of other kids grew up in during the 50s, the genesis of the American Graffiti subculture. Those little towns were interchangeable, indistinguishable, and absolutely unique to Middle America. Unimaginable freedom linked inextricably to unfathomable angst. Memories I never want to lose and where I’ll live when my eyes and knees give out.

    As for favorite TV show celebrities, don’t pay much attention to ‘em. However, I would very much like to get to know Michaela Conlin from BONES, the earthy, bawdy, lusty, strikingly normal member of the ensemble cast who personifies my criteria for female beauty . . . maybe buy her dinner, give her a bath . . . that sort of thing.

  2. GOODSTUFF says:

    I was never a big fan of television. However, I have recently discovered free online streaming…



    Dark Matter

    Designated Survivor


    History Channel stuff

    Madam Secretary


    NCIS: Los Angeles


    The Blacklist

    The Blacklist: Redemption

    The Expanse

    The Man in the High Castle

    The Walking Dead is a bit slow but one of my favorites


    Z Nation goes good with Friday night beer and stuff

    favorite TV show celebrity?
    Lili Simmons in Banshee, udderly befuddles my special blogging parts

  3. For writing, production values and plot….few come close to Rescue Me and Battlestar Galactica [the reboot, not the 70’s series]. My household shares a guilty pleasure of watching The Andy Griffith Show….and for nostalgic kicks, I like to reach some of the campy 70’s sitcoms the I grew up watching.

    Couldn’t say that I have a favorite TV celebrity though. I mean…they get paid to play make-believe….but there’s certainly a few [women] that are….easy on the eyes, that I don’t mind seeing…

  4. fredd says:

    If I could live in the setting of a past TV show, it would have to be ‘The Jetsons.’ Those flying cars look mighty dag nab convenient. Lots of futuristic stuff on that show made in the 1960’s are part of life now, particularly the ability to talk to people over the phone while looking at them. We don’t quite have the robot maid Rosie, but she’s coming to a home near you very soon.

  5. Imp says:

    Aside from Blue Bloods I watch a lot of Netflix now.

    House of cards is excellent.

    Some Masterpiece Theater…like the excellent series on Victoria.

    Twilight Zone



    Re runs of NYPD Blue on Amazon Prime

    Master Chef

    Hells Kitchen

  6. geeez2014 says:’ve got to laugh…I was ‘speed reading’ your comment and saw “kirkian” and thought you meant some Armenian? (ian!)
    I LOVE “Keeping Up Appearances” and own all the DVDs…hilarious!
    As for your celeb pick, I’d Google that woman who I’ve never seen but you find Kimberly Guilfoyle appealing, so I won’t bother……….HOW COULD YOU? 🙂 (kidding…sort of)

    GOodStuff…I barely recognize ANY of your titles!
    But enjoy!

    CI…I have to admit to watching ANDY GRIFFITH, too…..Old I LOVE LUCY reruns are still on in the mid of the night here (I’m not a good sleeper) and I know the dialogue but love to watch it. I really believe these shows bring us to better, sweeter times in America and that’s appealing to many of us. You’d be surprised how many people I know watch Andy of Mayberry! 🙂
    We get LEAVE IT TO BEAVER here in the mornings now and I find it regenerative to see goodness again in families.

    fredd..You do know they have vacuums that look like spaceships and you let ’em go and they speed along your floor vacuuming, right? They hit a wall and just change directions! I have a friend with one. That’s pretty Jetson-ian. I used to like to watch that, too, and I think we’re getting closer and closer to that!

    Imp; I LOVE Masterpiece Theater….Wasn’t that Victoria a pretty actress? I found it not as good as many of the MT’s, but I did enjoy it. They used to have those very long series like TO SERVE THEM ALL MY DAYS, and DANGER UXB… a FABULOUS one on CHOPIN with Rosemary Harris…the old Masterpiece Theaters ROCKED. They’d GET TONS OF VIEWERS showing those again…they never age. When Mr. Z died, I watched old Masterpiece Theaters for days and days…me, a blanket around my shoulders, a cup of tea (which I NEVER DRINK otherwise, I’m a coffee drinker) and MASTERPIECE THEATER…one long series after another….DVDs….it really helped me a LOT. Brainless, thinkingless enjoyment…….got my mind off ‘things’. A little.

    Yes, I know there are “I don’t watch TV” snobs. I AM NOT ONE OF THOSE. I am proud to say I LOVE TELEVISION and always have.

    Favorite new shows? Zip. I don’t watch new sitcoms. I love some Food Channel shows….etc.

    BUT: Old sitcoms? Mary Tyler Moore, Rhoda…Bob Newhart, etc. I ADORE “To Serve Them all my Days”, as I told Bocopro above. The Brits know how to make good TV.

    FRAZIER and EVERYBODY LOVES RAYMOND are two of my favorites. Lately, I finally started watching reruns of King of Queens and that’s cuter than I’d thought it’d be.

    FRAZIER HAS THE BEST LINES OF ANY SITCOM EVER, in my humble opinion (and having seen most of the good old sitcoms maybe 10 times per episode!!)

    Anybody seen LAST MAN STANDING? The Tim Allen Conservative show which slams all things liberal? VERY VERY good.

    One I’d like to LIVE IN? (are you ready? Don’t laugh!) FATHER KNOWS BEST. Hands down.
    Portrayed are decency, family respect and affection, moral ways of solving problems, respect for parents……..Kids who knew dating meant getting to know people, not getting to **** people on the first date. I could go on. I find solace in Father Knows Best…and I have every season but one on DVD!!!!

  7. Imp says:

    “Wasn’t that Victoria a pretty actress?”

    Yes ….Jenna Coleman. A 30 yo playing an 18 yo very well too I might add. Seems like the Brits are the only ones able to do the Monarchy perfectly…and why not?

    “The Brits know how to make good TV.”

    Like I said…LOL When one hears the accent and proper English…my ears perk up and pay attention too.

  8. Mal says:


  9. I am about to host the radio show at 1pm EST.
    Feel free to call in. I’d like to hear from some of you on the topics.

  10. geeez2014 says:

    Ed, I listened a while but didn’t hear NAMES so wasn’t sure it was you ! Oftentimes, the radio personalities here will say “Right, ED….” etc., so people know who’s on….the hosts don’t realize people tune in NEW or late, etc. Anyway…

    I looked more into the Seth Rich killing and saw this: His girlfriend says “His hands were bruised, his knees are bruised, his face is bruised, and yet he had two shots to his back, and yet they never took anything…They didn’t finish robbing him, they just took his life.”[15]

    Sounds to me like he got a beating….for something he did…..nothing taken, just a good beating and then shot to death so he couldn’t talk. I believe he was murdered.

    I don’t believe Andrew was…..neither does his family. He had such heart problems that ya, it COULD be something , but probably not.

  11. Oh, I wish you had called in with that.
    I was the quieter voice.

  12. geeez2014 says:

    Ed….I think I WILL call in some time! Thanks for asking me.
    ALSO, I made the mistake of watching 2 minutes of Shep Smith yesterday and he talked about the good job performance numbers, adding that “Trump, of COURSE, had belittled these figures when Obama was president, saying you can’t believe the numbers…but now that they’re HIS numbers and they’re good, he likes it…….”
    Can you BELIEVE that?
    BUT, the Trump numbers include the fact that those who didn’t make Obama’s list because they weren’t good for HIM, are back looking for jobs again with the optimism the country’s feeling…a GREAT thing, right!?

  13. I’ve enjoyed many programs over the years, however, none stand-out as [the] favorite. I could never stand, however, anything with those irritating applause or laugh tracks. I need to be told when to like something or when to laugh-pleeeeeeeze!

  14. I and Scherie both enjoyed Babylon Five.
    And the Bob Newhart Show was hilarious.
    The one where he owned an inn.
    Combat, McHales Navy and Sky King as a kid.

  15. Mr. Ed (my favorite)
    Hogan’s Heroes
    Mary Tyler Moore
    Green Acres
    Dallas (2nd Favorite)

  16. Baysider says:

    THEN: While I don’t watch old re-runs, I have to imagine that if I did it would be:
    either Newhart show
    Dick Van Dyke
    Mary Tyler Moore.

    I heard Frazier was very good, but never really got around to watching it. I’d live in Father Knows Best. For ‘serious’ I could watch Columbo to my dotage.

    Favorite celebrity? As I think back on various actors I could name several I liked, but that sense of ‘celebrity’ has faded so much over the years, I don’t think of one in terms of a ‘favorite.’ Nothing quite like the magic combination of Peter Falk and Patrick McGoohan together.

    NOW: I like the Americans, but don’t have cable or get the screeners so I never see it anymore. Ditto for House of Cards. I just can’t quite get into the new 24 but I do grab it online.

  17. geeez2014 says:

    Baysider, Frazier is utterly brilliant, I have to say…..And I love that you’d live in Father Knows Best, too. Columbo was fun, I loved Peter Falk…good choice.

    Ed, I much preferred the old Bob Newhart Show with Suzanne Pleshette but he’s always good, isn’t he. Still alive, too!

    FairestWitness….I loved the theme song for Mr. Ed..! “A horse is a horse, of course…” whatever…so cute!

    John, I couldn’t let that get in my way of good laughs!! But some laugh tracks are done better than others, no doubt about it.

  18. Kid says:

    I enjoyed a lot of shows that were on over 30 years ago. Since I haven’t seen it mentioned yet, Barney Miller. Otherwise too many to name. Agree on Soap and Green Acres.

    I enjoyed Triple D until it just got more of the same tired Guy Fietti jokes.

    Today, I ocassionally watch something like Oak Island. No other shows are on my dance card. Don’t even watch TV by myself. Mad will say ‘Hey, there’s a new Oak Island available on ‘on demand’ and we’ll watch it. I watched some of the Last Ship but never got hooked on it. Enjoy some of the NCIS.

  19. Kid – I loved the concept of The Last Ship [there’s a decent book of the same name and general plot].But the show jumped the shark after about mid-first season, for me.

  20. Kid says:

    CI, That’s a good way to put it.

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