Obama and Buffett… What do YOU think?

SO…..Obama had lunch with Warren Buffett in Omaha.
They say the Obama Presidential Library funding was not discussed, but nobody is saying what was discussed.


Obama flew to Nebraska for lunch with ol’ Warren and his daughter.  By the way, the article says he “stopped off in Nebraska”…who stops off in NEBRASKA?   Just passing through…NEBRASKA?!  Trying to make it sound so nonchalant!

(P.S…the photo in my link is lazy journalism at its best;  it was actually released about a week ago with a very happy headline about how Obama gets applauded everywhere he goes now in NYC and he’d just dined there when this was taken. Obama’s having a blast, trust me.)


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5 Responses to Obama and Buffett… What do YOU think?


    This was another “Not Found”.  The first one in over a week now.  Strange, huh?  Why only a few of your blogs and not all of them? If it was all of them, perhaps we could find the problem.


  2. Mal. I believe you are clicking on an RSS feed that gets tricked into announcing posts prematurely because they may be scheduled for later.
    I do it often enough.


  3. bocopro says:

    Well . . . tho I actually believe less than 5% of what I read these days, virtually NONE of what I hear, and roughly 10% of what I see, some people might find this interesting:


    So, if a villa costs around $75,000 per month, makes ya wonder where the Secret Service guys are gonna hang out . . . and who’s gonna PAY for it all, not to mention transportation and various logistics. I’m also curious where his and Mooch’s ghostwriters will work.

    Anyway, you can bet he won’t be incommunicado during his sojourn in Fletcher’s Paradise. You KNOW he’ll be at least coaching if not managing his shadow gubmint electronically.

    Fargin iceholes.


  4. geeez2014 says:

    The article’s right there when you click on the link…..like it was when I posted it a few days ago. Sad thing is I hadn’t intended for it to publish today. darn!

    Bocopro…the lunch story is true, the pic is DEFINITELY not.


  5. geeez2014 says:


    Pelosi wants to know what PUtin has on Trump; she says getting his tax returns over the last years would show that.

    Would money he made for doing favors for Putin, or getting favors from Putin, show in his TAXES????


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