………….and WHY?     

What’s your favorite place for television news?   Who are your favorite newscasters?

How would you change your favorite news show?   How would you change your least favorite news show?

I’m eager to hear!


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52 Responses to FAVORITE NEWS SHOW…..

  1. Fox Business News, The Independents, Kennedy. Runner up is Tapper on CNN.


  2. I forgot least favorite show – Fox & Friends. How would I change it? Kill it…with fire.


  3. jerrydablade says:

    Many people say it but I mean it. I don’t watch ‘news’ on TV any more. If I’m flipping channels, I might stop at Brett Baier, but that’s about it. It’s been about 6 months, and I must say – I don’t miss it at all. If something noteworthy or humorous hits the news cycle from a broadcast, it’s hard to miss on the internet (especially at Z’s)


  4. Brett Baier, then Tucker (more opinion than news, but the news is reflected).
    Change? Get that quizzical look off of Tucker’s face when someone is making sense, reserve it for the liberals saying stupid stuff.


  5. bocopro says:

    My local news channel here in Pensacola is generally pretty good about straightforward reporting of national and international stuff without snark or innuendo.

    But except for Bret Baier, I don’t give FoxNews much attention these days. When I want to know what’s going on in the big picture, I put it on OAN. They’re admittedly conservative, but their news reporting is sans commentary.

    To get the total picture, I go on line and read the news stories, specifically looking for how CNN treats one compared to how Fox does.

    Fox&Friends is infotainment, not news. When they have the buxom lasses in tight dresses and high heels read the selected headlines, it’s o.k. Otherwise it’s a total waste of time, just like GMC, unless you want to see dancing dogs and monkeys attempting sex with footballs. Pure fluff, about as informative as a shotput and useful as the MFA in 18th-century Belgian Lesbian poetry.

    Since I read the news for myself, I have no favorite newsreader. I will listen to Krauthammer if I think about it in time to catch him on Bret Baier’s show, and I like to watch Michelle Malkin, but for totally different reasons than those for which I watch Krauthammer.

    Admire Coulter’s facility with metaphor and descriptive language, but can’t stand to watch her talk. Same with O’Reilly — like to read his “memos” but won’t watch his program. I’d like to see Geraldo take a permanent vow of silence. Ditto for Shep Smith, Beckel, Juan Williams, and Judge Janine.

    So . . . it’s like crustaceans with me. I don’t like ’em, so I don’t eat ’em.


  6. Ed,
    Tucker Carlson uses that quizzical look way too much. Gets on my nerves!


  7. Most often, I watch Lou Dobbs on Fox Business Friends (in the evening) and Fox and Friends (for A.M. national news,). I need an evening roundup of news in the morning and in the evening.

    I also watch O’Reilly’s opener (“The Memo”) and the debate following it.

    I sometimes watch “The Five and Five” — for entertainment purposes. Juan Williams amuses me.

    Watters’ World has worn thin as far as I’m concerned.

    I despise Hannity’s Superman-inspired logo and his throwing that football. Sheesh.


  8. skudrunner says:

    PBS because all news shows are slanted they seem to present in a more factual way. CNBC in the morning until Cramer comes on because the only thing he is good for is showing how little he knows I won’t watch O’Reilly or Hannity because they never let anyone else talk and their opinion is all that matters. GMA is a horrible and might as well cal it leftist at large, ABC David Murr always starts off with what dumb thing DJT did, Scott Pelley is all about Scott Pelley and CNN I have never liked. I do watch Fox local news but not national.

    The news has lost the ability to present the news. Now it is pretty people sharing their opinion of what their network thinks you should be told.. Talking heads is the perfect description..


  9. geeez2014 says:

    FIRST: I saw a headline saying Obama’d made a ‘gaffe’ and was STUNNED the media’d SAY THAT! Only to realize it was his NCAA picks for March Madness. I should have known better; okay to slam Obama on sports. Nothing else.

    Skudrunner, PBS is hard for me because ALL their shows are all so slanted and I know some of my tax dollars support that. Can barely watch Public TV anymore particularly because of the VERY far left lectures they’re often seeing…it’s all ‘blame America first’ there. And we pay. I wonder how many leftwingers would feel if their tax dollars had to support Hannity or O’Reilly?
    You’re correct about Hannity. Sorry you can’t watch O’Reilly…he has excellent discussions and I believe he does let them talk.

    AOW: I try to watch FOX and FRIENDS but I can’t take the banter.
    I like The Five….Can’t watch Hannity at ALL anymore

    ED…..they’re calling Tucker’s look something clever but I can’t remember….if you’ve noticed, he’s backed off a little; used to be VERY quizzical, now he just looks stupid; Which he decidedly is not. He’s a bit extreme for me…extreme stances and pounding them when they’re not that strong. But I do like his show.
    Love Bret Baier. Integrity, facts, good stuff.

    Bocopro; Malkin, Judge Janine, Beckel, particularly Smith and GERALDO! I am always sad when Geraldo’s a guest because that means I can’t watch the show…….all terrible, in my opinion. They’d finally stopped using Malkin but she’s back, sadly. I can’t take the New York THUGJudge Janine thing.

    CI….FOX and FRIENDS is better with Abby Huntsman on than Ainsley Meredith…she’s so sweet and a girl of strong faith (She prayed with a friend who was on as a guest one morning), but she just doesn’t work for me. I feel bad saying that, but it’s hard to watch. Here’s the deal; I don’t consider myself any rocket scientist, but when the people on these shows can’t say much more than I’d say with My expertise, then I’m not too interested. Does that make sense?

    I liked TAPPER on CNN until the campaign started and he lost his mind, along with Anderson Cooper; they’ve become lib hacks who are NOTHING (I mean NOTHING) but HATE TRUMP. Tapper, particularly, has been a disappointment because he’d been fairly centrist. Cooper’s a lib but he was oftentimes quite even handed…till now. I literally laughed through a 20 minute interview of a guy who didn’t even work with the Trump team but was a Russian studies expert…trying to pin him and Russia problems on Trump. It was literally hilarious.
    Poor Anderson; he tried SO hard and it just wasn’t working to condemn Trump thru this guy.

    Jerry, I wish that were true, but I thank you for the very kind compliment!


  10. geeez2014 says:

    I know I’m going to sound like a total language snob, but if I have to hear ANGELA MURKUL one more time I’m going to have to stay off TV forever!
    It’s not ANgela..like we pronounce, it it’s Angela with a HARD G…and MERKEL is pronounced like it’s spelled…MEHRKEL…not MUHRKUL.
    I’m done whining now 🙂


  11. geeez2014 says:

    A LAPTOP HAS BEEN STOLEN FROM A SECRET SERVICE GUY WHO ACTUALLY LEFT IT IN HIS CAR. It can be wiped remotely…fingers crossed. It has highly private info on Trump Towers and their architecture, blueprints….it has a lot of very sensitive stuff on the Hillary investigations, etc.. It’s also encrypted, thank goodness….”they’re confident they can locate that laptop” ? GPS?
    I hope they don’t leave information like that around much…don’t you?


  12. geeez2014 says:

    I’d never heard the term “strategic patience” and found it refreshing for Tillerson to say “the policy of strategic patience is over”..(N Korea, etc.)

    Good for him……


  13. geeez2014 says:

    Just have to mention the good news …Med students TODAY got their residency locations. My nephew got DUKE! Such a good school for his specialty desire. We’re all thrilled!


  14. Imp says:

    “It has highly private info on Trump Towers and their architecture, blueprints…”

    So does NY City Hall’s planning and zoning / code / permit departments.


  15. Mal says:

    AOW, I also don’t like Tucker Carlson laughing at his guests for no apparent reason during his interviews. I think its insulting. I’ve seen them get upset when he does.
    As for news, we switch between our local Fox News @ 5 & 10 p.m. with FNC during most of the other times. I will occasionally look at CNN & MSNBC just to see a different spin on things, then shake my head and return to Fox.


  16. Imp says:

    “My nephew got DUKE! Such a good school for his specialty desire.”

    Most excellent school…beware of hiring exotic dancers for those frat parties though. Once you’re branded a scoundrel by those egg heads…they never take it back.

    What kind of MCAT scores did he need to get into Duke?


  17. bocopro says:

    W-A-Y off topic, but I def’nally in-joyed this . . .

    A new theme song for the whine and sheesh! crowd addressing the alt-right, bible-totin, pickup-drivin, gun-lovin, jingoistic, racist right-wing homophobes.

    Wanna bet they don’t get it??

    Anyone who’s tuned in to a C & W station in the past 10 years will recognize the original.


  18. geeez2014 says:

    Imp; MCAT is for undergrad admittance, from what I understand…all I know is he tests the top of the class in everything……He also was invited into AOA, http://alphaomegaalpha.org/index.html an amazing group whose acceptance is dependent not only on grades but ethics, peer recommendations and professor recommendations. Fabulous guy with too much class to do the exotic dancer thing with a bunch of drunk frat boys.

    The Trump tower information is definitely with the building permit department; what Sec Service has was to be worried about, so I’m thinking it’s a bit more than that.

    Mal, I agree on Carlson; he sometimes laughs at guests who don’t deserve it, too…very sarcastically. I’m 100% with you on this comment you made “I will occasionally look at CNN & MSNBC just to see a different spin on things, then shake my head and return to Fox.”


  19. Imp says:

    Z…some of your relations leave me gobsmacked. Lot’s of talent and those exotic boat trips. MCATS? I was just curious…either way…ya have to be petty damn committed and smart to get a slot in an internship or a med program. BTW…they just are allowing 24 hour shifts now for interns…and residencies…how the hell do they allow that. “Oh sorry I took your liver out Mr. Jones….It was supposed to be Misses Smith”…LOL


  20. geeez2014 says:

    bocopro….super lyrics!!!!! thanx


  21. geeez2014 says:

    Oh, man. Ya, no company can keep Russians OUT of buying their condos, etc., but this is pretty amazing….lots of money spent by Russians in Trump businesses……..
    I still don’t think there’s any tie to having him get elected but….they need to be FORTHCOMING and not let this stuff get away and give such glee to the leftwing media….they need to present everything BEFORE the press sniffs it out.
    They’re under the hands of Soros, who doesn’t think investigate journalists are all OVER the world getting paid by him to SCREW TRUMP?

    So Trump has to get ahead of George and get as much egg on Soros’ ugly face as possible.


  22. Imp says:

    Z…when I ever clik on a yahoo link….I need to take another shower. Which is why I never look at them. Why do you use them?


  23. Kid says:

    Well, I read RT.com for actual news. They have some opinions but it’s under the title OP-ED.

    It has occurred to me recently, that when I look at the news.google page I find there is no news there. None at all. opinions of politicians, half of the headline titles have ‘Trump’ in them and the other half have ‘climate change’ or are hitting on the new EPA guy or some of the other Trump nominee or cabinet member. It’s getting so boring, I may just never go there anymore and restrict myself to RT.COM, OAN, and Washington Times online which are right leaning but at least have sane pieces.

    Summary: American media does not dispense News.

    If it did, we’d hear about how african moslems have taken over a Bavarian ski resort completely, or how Sweden has no go zones where ambulances refuse to go without police escort, and hundreds of other such stories frequently found on RT.COM
    Don’t you think we should be hearing these stories since the importation of moslem varmints is so near and dear to the media, celebrities, performers, democrats and libtards and there are 8 news stories every day talking about the “Travel Ban’. Over the top retard “American” media doesn’t even come close for me.

    Honestly, I don’t think Russian media was ever as propagandized or agendized. I don’t.

    (google may be intenionally doing filtering but I don’t think much because I don’t hear anything else when Mad has the TV news on in the kitchen)

    Then Skudrunner posted this:

    “The news has lost the ability to present the news. Now it is pretty people sharing their opinion of what their network thinks you should be told.. Talking heads is the perfect description..”


  24. Kid says:

    Z, What Imp said about yahoo. Anyway, the Chinese and moslem enemies spent and invested way more under obama.

    A note on today’s Doctors.

    My family doc is mid 40’s, told me when he went through the education/intern process you had to put in 8500 hours to get you solo shingle. now you get them with 5000 and change. And he says being a good doctor is all about Experience, just as it is with being a good anything. Driver, guitar player, etc.

    Be careful with the youngsters folks.


  25. I watch a fair bit of RT as well, because they cover some interesting stories, always with the understanding that it’s vetted, state propaganda.


  26. Kid says:

    Skudrunner, well some of them are pretty. Others look like martha radditz or chuck toad.


  27. Kid says:

    CI, I don’t watch, I just read, but I’m good at critical thinking so I take nothing at face value. But they have a pretty good track record at presenting reality. I would say they lean heavily toward being negative about anyone or anything that critizes Russia, and if you read the comment section on a lot of articles, they consider America as war mongers for the purpopse of feeding the arms machines. They’re probably not all off on that one. A lot of the commenters are also nuts, lots of the comments are way beyond left field.


  28. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, I told my dermatologist who retired that I didn’t want to go to the young woman who bought her practice…I have serious situations that need checking a LOT and I don’t need every single beauty mark tested, biopsied, etc…My older doc KNEW ME and was careful without being a NUT. I haven’t visited the new doc yet but the minute she says “all six of these need biopsies,” I’ll be looking for an older doctor…you’re very right.
    Not sure what brought this up…is it that I mentioned how proud we are about my nephew’s going to Duke? He’s an amazing kid and will, as they all do, prescribe WAY more tests than necessary when he’s finally out of residency, but they all do, then they calm down! 🙂
    See, a young med student knows all the high tech stuff and will be fearful of making a mistake, underdiagnosing and missing something horrible, with every patient they see,…then they’ll finally get used to seeing things get better all by themselves, or realize that one less invasive test is better than the big high tech one; I can’t blame young doctors for overdoing it for a while; they have lives in their hands. It’s all about experience….good ones learn from it…bad ones will still prescribe too many drugs and tests because they’re not good or they get more money for them.

    Kid said “Honestly, I don’t think Russian media was ever as propagandized or agendized. I don’t.”
    I think we’ve surpassed them completely.

    And yes, I hear HORRID things from my kids in Europe and we do NOT HEAR them….they usually involve Muslim refugee problems (there are few refugees who aren’t muslim anymore) and how they’re destroying SO much…..look at the ‘news’ about Sweden! Trump was totally right but they barely covered the truth; only used Sweden to make Trump look like he’d goofed again.

    Imp; I know that about Yahoo…you’re right. But it’s my homepage and it’s more exciting than Google’s or the conservative ones…I say I HATE IT, but I’m drawn like a moth to a darned flame. I HAVE, however, started passing over things that bug me, just dismissing it instead of letting it get to me.

    CI…what is vetteed, ‘state propaganda’? RT NEWS?? You said “I watch a fair bit of RT as well, because they cover some interesting stories, always with the understanding that it’s vetted, state propaganda.”


  29. Z – RT is state funded and answers to the Putin regime.


  30. geeez2014 says:

    Bocopro and Skudrunner and Kid; talk about PRETTY people on the news….
    I have seen ONE WOMAN wear slacks on FOX in 20 years. ONE. (last week, as a matter of fact, I was shocked) Their podiums aren’t opaque (wood, metal, etc.) like all (all) other news shows where women are behind the desk…so you see LEGS LEGS LEGS on FOX…..NO PANTS. EVER. Those less than talented women early in the morning on FOX (Heather Childers, for example…tho sometimes I think she’s brighter than I’d thought before) and whoever is on with her always wear VERY short skirts, usually sleeveless dresses when it’s snowing outside, and oftentimes long dangly earrings at 7AM.
    You will NEVER EVER see slacks on any of the OUTNUMBERED girls on the couch or Meredith Ainsley on FOx and Friends…. EVER. And it’s snowing outside and they’re sleeveless there, too!…. VERY often.
    Kimberly Guilfoyle is the “put more dark shading down the cleavage” type….When she’s not showing a lot of cleavage you can take her seriously…she’s not dumb, just obsessed with her looks.

    It’s remarkable that none of these very attractive and quite bright (most of them) women don’t have slacks………isn’t it? It’s because it’s the FOX PRODUCERS….it’s ‘from upstairs’…always has been. I find that stupid and degrading and I’m no feminist.


  31. Kid says:

    Just some fun thoughts on Russia I’ve picked up recently.
    -It’s a big place but its population is 143 million compared to our 330 mil
    -From watching Russian driving/crash videos to pass the time at times, I’ve viewed hour and hours of driving crashes, and my observations are:
    —– Russians have to be the worst drivers in the world. Fly through red lights, turn left from right lane, turn right from left lane, driving insanly fast for the conditions. After watching about an hour of it, I mistakenly think Cincinnati drivers aren’t that bad.
    —– Pedestrians in Russia don’t look when crossing the street.
    —– There are very few single family houses in Russia. The majority appear to be living in very large apartment buildings. The only houses you see in these videos are in rural areas, very old and very run down. Russia’s middle class would seem to be pretty poor.
    —– Much of the transport equipment such as semi-trucks seem to be poorly maintained. I’ve seen lots ot wheels coming off of cars and trucks, and even whole rear axle assemblies coming off of trucks at random frequently.
    The vast majority of Russia looks very poor and rundown. Like downtown Cleveland all over.

    The videos are the result of drivers being mandated to have a dashcam in their vehicle at all times.


  32. geeez2014 says:

    CI…I had forgotten it’s RUSSIAn…tHANKS… except I just saw this article and had to link it because VERY VERY few things put literally HATE IN MY HEART. This did:

    Being Armenian, I’m a little more sensitive to ‘things Turkish’ and, having lived in Europe for about six years in total, makes me HIGHLY sensitive to the destruction of SUCH a wonderful place…so THIS REALLY BUGGED ME………….I have to go watch some friendly TV to get my mind off of what I just read…..the link above. If ANY of you knew HOW BAD it’s been in Germany for the last five years at least…..how HORRIBLY most of the ‘refugees’ have treated Germans , how much they’ve taken in money and housing, etc., you’d FLIP OUT. We hear the tip of the iceberg..I hear from the horse’s mouths…my own stepkids.


  33. Don’t get me started on how poorly our Turkish “Allies” have treated our servicemen stationed there in recent months. Their hatred of the Kurds surpasses their hatred of ISIS. I don’t trust them.


  34. geeez2014 says:

    KID! After what you’ve told me about Cincinatti drivers, this really got my attention “After watching about an hour of it, I mistakenly think Cincinnati drivers aren’t that bad.”!!

    AND, you said “—– Pedestrians in Russia don’t look when crossing the street.”
    They don’t here, either. People over fifty do….those under fifty are morons….don’t look, just cross…I’ve seen young moms with strollers, with earbuds in their ears, or texting as they walk, right through a crosswalk, not turning to see if cars are stopping. EVERY SINGLE FREAKIN’ DAY. I have SO badly wanted to yell DON’T MIND ME…YOU JERK! 🙂

    I did stop one guy on a bike one night on a dark street full of stop signs, no street lights…near my home. I pulled up at the stop sign he’d stopped for (surprisingly because bikes around here play chicken and just fly threw knowing we’re going to stop for the stop sign!!!) and I rolled my window down and said “I can’t see you AT ALL, you are TOTALLY dark and that scares me for you!” He surprisingly answered “Oh! Thanks for telling me that!” I expected a friendly mid finger or F word.


  35. Kid says:

    American media has to be funded as well CI. People like Brain Williams had a million views? That’s not even 0.3 % of the population. All the usual suspects are also falling very out of favor and have to be seeing big revenue downturns. Do I think Soros is funding them? Damn right. And others. Very agendized.

    Z, Yes, your comment about your nephew spawned my doctor comment.


  36. Kid – Sure, but American media (excepting NPR/PBS) isn’t government funded.


  37. Kid says:

    Z, What I’ve been saying. If they’re not trying to kill you, they are working to breed you out. I believe the ‘terrorists’ are misdirection so the others can say “no no I nice moslem’ and fool all the dopes worried about PC more than anything else.


  38. Kid says:

    Z, Pedestrians. Interesting. I’ll take that as God continues to try to clean up the gene pool.


  39. Kid says:

    CI, I didn’t say it was government funded. I mentioned Soros. Much worse.


  40. I’d argue that Soros is no worse than State propaganda……but I’m also no fan of Putin’s Russia.


  41. geeez2014 says:

    I don’t think most people are fans of PUtin’s Russia….but I’ll also say that I believe Kid is right and that Soros could even be funding networks and cable shows , all leftwing, which need cash.

    I also HATE that Trump ever opened his mouth on Obama wiretapping but I get mad every time “FISA says they were never asked for a warrant”
    Who says someone as big and shady as Obama would need to do it legally when there’s an important election he needs to WIN for leftwingers?
    Why’s nobody mention the fact that it could have been totally private, illegal wiretapping?
    NOW Trump’s saying he AND MERKEL could have been wiretapped!!!!
    Here is the tweet “As far as wiretapping by this past administration, at least we have something in common, perhaps. President Donald Trump”

    “PERHAPS?!!!” PERHAPS!? Donald Trump …SHUT THE FREAK UP. He gave the leftwingers enough to be LAUGHING AT HIM on cable news and now he’s digging in THIS HARD? Is he insane?


  42. geeez2014 says:

    CI: State propaganda is different than Soros….Soros PAYS for all of this …he paid BIG money for the Women’s March…BIG money, from what was reported. State propaganda’s dishonest and dangerous but they don’t usually SUPPORT bias activities, right?


  43. Kid says:

    Z, We agree Trump should have never brought this up without being able to immediately provide irrefutable evidence. He shouldn’t have said anything about Arnold either. Yes, makes him look very adolescent. We can add a few other things.

    I’m focused on activities. Do we think clinton would have defunded or reduced funding on 62 federal agencies? pfffft.

    Putin’s Russia? Ok, maybe. But I think Russia got Very damaged (phew almost used profanity) by the Lenin/Marxist ideals and Communism. That S* don’t work. Communism doesn’t work, Socialism doesn’t work. Capitalism works. So what if a few buttheads get feeeethly rich. The rest of us are better off compare to these state run societies – totally opposite the Declaration. Perfrection is Impossible !

    You don’t go from Communism to a healthy economic system and middle class in 30 or 40 short years. imo the jury is out on Russia. They have a long way to go.

    Along the lines or President Reagan’s Trust but Verify, I say we befriend Russia and let them screw it up IF they are going to. Then we can go back to this fake cold war.


  44. Disagree. When you have a regime that is hostile to democracy and liberty….it’s propaganda is even more dangerous. Putin is essentially resurrecting TASS and Pravda. It’s bias with the force of armed compulsion.


  45. That was in responset to Z.


  46. geeez2014 says:

    CI, my point being that it’s ALL propaganda but some propaganda doesn’t have huge money behind it to REALLY do damage.
    You believe Putin is resurrecting TASS and Pravda in OUR media?

    Kid, Russia now, from what we read, is as corrupt as it gets…people are still poor and bigwig buddies of Putin, etc., are FEEELTHY rich…the people who are buying condos in Trump buildings…It’s like China….all the Chinese kids I know at the high school are FILTHY rich; $1500 tennis shoes, etc.

    ALL: Let’s get back to my link of Trump’s condos being bought by Russians. I don’t believe that counts as “DEALINGS WITH RUSSIA”, to you? I mean, what was Trump supposed to do over the years say “I’m thinking about running for president so Mr and Mrs. Androv can’t buy a condo here or people will think I’m DEALING WITH RUSSIA!?” Thoughts> The media’s making a big stink over this, apparently.


  47. Kid says:

    Z, back to your point then. Yea, the media goes ape over Trump saying a “bad word” but totally ignores the fact that bill clnton is a know 3 times rapist.

    Apply this concept to everything they do.

    Now for your listening pleasure…..


  48. geeez2014 says:

    Kid! Of course! .it’s the media, most of it, doing exactly what you say….ignoring Clinton RAPING and Trump’s using a bad word.
    How’s about Michelle O fawning over Beyonce as a roll model …when Beyonce’s lyrics and gyrations on stage are worst than most pole dancers…and Michelle goes nuts over Trump’s ONE WORD?


  49. geeez2014 says:

    Chet’s just great…
    Link The Band or Leon and I’m all yours :-)!!


  50. geeez2014 says:

    Kid! Check this out; the media SLAMS (as do Irish in Ireland who saw this stuff) Trump for an Irish proverb that was apparently wrong, they slam Ryan for something he did with Guiness which I don’t even understand was wrong, and they slam Pence for saying “Top of the morning to you” because they ‘never say that’;….https://www.yahoo.com/news/trumps-head-scratching-proverb-more-175229251.html
    But the proverb IS correct and Trump’s words are definitely in the proverb shown!!
    What was wrong with the Guinesss???


  51. Bob says:

    The only network type news show I like is Bret Baier on Fox News. As far as I am concerned they should get rid of Fox and Friends, and Shepard Smith. I keep waiting for him to say something intelligent. I don’t believe he made it through college. Some of the local people are ok.

    All network morning shows are nothing but celebrity interview shows with the added annoyance of the network anchor’s lack of intelligence.


  52. geeez2014 says:

    Bob…I think Fox and Friends is lame….and Shep Smith is so liberal he’s only there for shock value, and HE KNOWS IT, the JERK!


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