Mr. Neil Gorsuch

Let’s talk about his hearings…..I’m eager to hear your comments.  Most of you probably didn’t watch yesterday but I’m thinking you might have got highlights on the news last night and would like to chime in?

Al Franken, Dick Durbin, Dianne “the Constitution is a living document” Feinstein, etc…they made Gorsuch look like an even bigger mental giant than he probably is.

Obviously, I admired the Republican comments because they took comments the libs had made and steered them straight with facts;  like there was one law student who accused Gorsuch of finding it okay to ask young women if they plan to get pregnant in a job interview.  A Republican reminded the hearing that another student, female, said that was not at all the way Gorsuch had handled it.   Important to set the record straight.

Here is a quote from liberal media after the hearings…”Gorsuch — sprinkling his answers to the committee’s questions with “gosh” and “golly” and “goodness””   So, you see…an honest, nice guy is insulted with what they think are silly expressions….

SO….hearings continue today…watch if you can, it’s fascinating and important.

AND TELL US WHAT YOU THINK!  Imp and I watched yesterday and got some good comments in on my post below….let’s add to it.

Imp:  We hope to hear a lot from you!


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23 Responses to Mr. Neil Gorsuch

  1. THIS IS FROM CONSTITUTIONAL INSURGENT: While I didn’t agree with not letting the Garland nomination come to a vote, Gorsuch is the right man for the job. During the hearings, it became all too apparent that the more unflappable Gorsuch was, the more impotent rage we saw from the Democrats.


  2. bocopro says:

    Refuse to watch their payback-focused, zero-sum, white-collar tarring-and-feathering, borkious “Gotcha!”

    Schumer is a hypocrite with a very selective memory who recites from the Liberal Logic playbook, Durbin is simply an arrant twit who parrots what he’s told by his feeders, and Franken is a fatuous fraud.

    And in the House, Pelosi is guano-giddy schizoid who I suspect of being a pre-mortem brain donor many years ago.

    In all honesty, I know nothing of Gorsuch except that according to the noises coming out of the unavoidable news clips, he’s at least as conservative and Constitutionally fundamentalist as was Scalia. Any conservative judge who can make leftistas’ heads explode is good enough for me.

    There’s still a remote chance that if DJT gets him on the court and can appoint one more associate in the next 4 years, we might be able to resuscitate the separation of powers intent of the framers. If not, we can turn out the lights ’cause this brave new-world experiment has failed.


  3. FB says:

    I just watched the segment where he’s challenged because a student talked about some class. I thought it was pathetic from the Congressman. As though some student is some intellectual authority. I liked Gorsuch’s cold, measured but firm response to it.


  4. John M. Berger says:

    I didn’t watch it but it sounds like just another example of sore losers attempting to block what Americans, through the election process, voted for to restore America to its founding. It seems to me that DemocRATS are a bigger threat to this Nation than Russia ever thought about!


  5. geeez2014 says:

    FB….yes, that student sounded unhinged PLUS, another student in that class has written to the university saying that never happened as described; that Professor Gorsuch was even handed and the student clearly hadn’t understood.

    JMB: it’s almost hilarious to watch the Left squirm.

    CI….Garland wasn’t voted on because Republicans wanted to pick their own; there’s no doubt that had a lot to do with it…happens all the time. The rub is that precedent had been set, Joe Biden actually announced some years back, that there shouldn’t be a vote for superior court judges before an election and all had agreed to that back in the day. It seems reasonable to me that any new administration has the right to pick a justice.
    And yes, the more unflappable, the more the Left lunged….

    Haven’t watched this morning..I suppose it’s continuing but all the news is about the awful attack outside Parliament today. “It might be a terror event”


  6. geeez2014 says:

    Terrible about London……..please pray. Mr. Trump has called it ‘big news’. Get ready for the Muslim inferences…which will probably be true; I hope he WAITS TO KNOW FOR SURE BEFORE SAYING THAT!

    I’d call it really SAD news.


  7. geeez2014 says:

    TWO victims now dead in London.


  8. It seems reasonable to me that any new administration has the right to pick a justice.

    That seems reasonable, but each party is going to only agree on a timeframe for validity, that benefits their party.

    If you haven’t much of the Gorsuch hearings, his takedown of Feinstein was inspiring. She attempted to proffer that the Roe decision was a “super-precedent”…..but a short time later, tried to take the opposite tack regarding the 2nd Amendment. She failed.


  9. geeez2014 says:

    CI..,.of course, the irony is that it was Joe Biden who insisted that no justice gets picked close to an election; this situation was closer even than that we were involved with at the time. And all agreed. The timeframe was settled…perhaps there needs to be a law created so everybody is operating fairly and the left can’t jump on the Republicans, as they have now with some irony.

    I have watched most of Gorsuch’s hearings….I found him extremely bright. Feinstein failed miserably…she also suggested we can’t keep considering that the Constitution isn’t fluid, even suggesting we were backwards sticking to all it says. I heard Mark Levine on the radio after that and BROTHER, was HE freaking out!…with fabulous reasoning for why that must NOT happen.\

    Franken and Dubin showed themselves in truly unattractive ways…….Imagine castigating Gorsuch for something his professor and friend of 25 years ago said recently? “You MUST agree with him if you ADMIRE HIM!” unreal


  10. geeez2014 says:
    Am hoping the Trump folks can keep a little more to themselves everything they’re thinking.

    Looks like the FREEDOM CAUCUS will scuttle Trump’;s healthcare bill….too many just said there’s no way they’ll vote YES…about 24 of them! That’s going to be a problem on many levels but I sure hope Trump remains quieter than usual and doesn’t threaten anymore!!


  11. Imp says:

    “yes, that student sounded unhinged..”

    Another Sandra Fluke”…not surprised in this snowflake environment of poozy hat wearing clowns.


  12. geeez2014 says:
    Please pray for the family and friends of this beautiful family who was all killed in a Florida car crash. What a HORRIBLE thing; so clean cut, an in-tact family, looking so happy….and gone. God be with them.


  13. Imp says:’s a damn shame…but I see this lots down here unfortunately. Really…they happen to be some of the most unaware and careless drivers. The tragedy is they’re coming from a church event in a car that’s overload with 19 people in a 6 passenger van…a tire blows…or brakes fail…and it’s a wipeout. And they’re all tossed out of the vehicle…cause they’re not belted in. Many of them get here and have never driven before…at least not on High speed roads like I75 is and we have here.


  14. Kid says:

    I don’t watch as you know. Let us pray that that Ruthy chooses to retire over the next 4 years and that there are even more Gorsuch’s out there.

    Healthcare: I don’t want government anywhere near it. If gov is involved, it will eventually lead to single payer. Look at the damage caused by lbj, carter, and clinton. Just 3 dem presidents over a 37 year period. I’m not including obammy becuase I still think most of his damage can be reversed. Not so with the other 3.


  15. Kid says:

    And what bocopro said – highlighted and in bold.


  16. Mal says:

    We watched it on and off all day, and when we saw the direction the left was going, ended up walking away or switching channels. How he was able to put up with it for that long beats the heck out of me. Patience and tolerance are virtues I often lack.


  17. skudrunner says:

    Always great to hear from a comic and an elite millionaire scold a judge. Of course their former boss scolded SCOTUS at his state of the union so not surprised.
    He will be approved as he should be. It does appear that the elite leftists are on edge because they cannot shake him. I doubt they will ever get over their princess loosing to DJT and they and their media will do whatever it takes to make the next four years as difficult as possible. They have such outstanding representatives, waters, cummings, franken, pelosi. It just doesn’t get more incompetent that them


  18. geeez2014 says:

    BOCOPRO…Kid’s right..good comment…don’t know how I overlooked it in my responses!??

    Skudrunner..”Always great to hear from a comic and an elite millionaire scold a judge”
    They really are incompetent.

    Imp, that is SO SAD….just takes your breath away…here’s a fine family, Black family…folks still married, clean-cut looking, clean -cut happy kids…and they’re GONE in an instant…except for the poor little boy twin who died later at the hospital.

    Kid, the more I think of healthcare run by the gov’t, the more I hate it….but no goodies can ever be taken back, as you know… not and have a party survive. You do approve of Medicare, or not? Social Security? And yes, we ARE heading toward single payer.
    Clearly, you have no problem with company-paid for insurance for you and your colleagues where you work, right?
    I’m totally for group insurance….like if people have very small businesses and can’t afford insurance for themselves and their 2-3 employees…I think businesses should get together into a kind of co-op and buy insurance.

    How do you see health insurance for the poor if the gov’t doesn’t help? Admittedly, all this gov’t health care is NOT only helping the poor, though, of course.


  19. Mal says:

    Well, like I mentioned a few days ago, health costs have dramatically gone up over the past 60 years due to so many that can’t afford to pay for it, even on installments. This is what happens when we stop checking people who want to become citizens to see if they are healthy, able to support themselves or have a sponsor, etc. Add to that having the government enter the picture “to help them”, and we end up with what we have now….a bureaucratic, costly, overpriced mess!


  20. Kid says:

    Z, I support Social Security How it was originally setup. Anyone unsure can check wiki. “A retirement account in your name that can never be touched.” I support Medicare for the same reason as SS. Some people simply will not or not be able to properly plan for their twilight years. I sure as hell don’t want to be driving down the street looking at people dying or not able to afford the food to live on. So some of this is given.

    I don’t have a problem with companies subsidizing health insurance for their employees. I work for a 50 mil a year company where the CEO recently bought a 200k + 4 door Porche. Yes, they can pitch in.


  21. I support programs such as SS and medicare, at the state level. Both are completely unconstitutional at the federal level, however.


  22. John M. Berger says:


    “Z, I support Social Security How it was originally setup.”

    Yeah, thank you LBJ; aint that way no more!


    Since you, apparently, don’t support these programs, going back to the 30’s, as in SS I expect that you will refuse to accept them. Is that correct? Good on you pal as they are broke as hell. So now what is your plan? Please enlighten me.


  23. It’s difficult to “to not accept them” when the federal government has stolen my funds for these programs. Should I gift that money to the State….or should I support legislation – any legislation – that removes it from the Federal purview? Tenure does not equal just.


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