BLAME……..CAN we get back to responsibility?

BLAME  (make sure you see and answer my question below!)

How the  world works lately…

If  a   man  cuts   his  finger off  while 
Slicing  salami at  work, 
He blames the  restaurant.  

If you  smoke three packs a  day 
For 40  years and die of lung cancer,
Your family blames the  
Tobacco  company. 

If your  neighbour crashes   
Into   a tree  while driving home drunk,   
He blames the  bartender.  

If your  grandchildren are 
Brats  without  manners, 
You blame  television. 

If your  friend is shot by a   
Deranged  madman, 
You blame the gun manufacturer  .. 

And if a  crazed person breaks   
Into   the   cockpit  and 
Tries   to  kill   the  pilot   at  35,000 feet,   
And   the  passengers 
Kill   him  instead,   
The mother of the  crazed deceased  
Blames the airline  

I must  have lived too long to   
Understand the   world   
As   it   is   anymore.   

So, if I  die while my   OLD  WRINKLED ARSE 
Is  parked   in front of this computer ,   
I want  all of you to   
Blame   Bill  Gates .

Z:  Can we get back to accepting responsibility for having been sloppy with the salami slicer, for realizing we shouldn’t have smoked, for understanding it’s the shooter who’s nuts not the gun, etc?
THAT’S HOW LIFE WAS……..Hey, is it LAWYERS who caused a lot of this BLAME GAME, or is it human nature led by liberal minds who don’t think anybody should feel bad…i.e. take the blame?  I know a lot of teachers get flack from parents because their kids aren’t doing well..what kind of message does that give future generations?

What do you think?   If you have a bad answer, I’ll blame you.
Don’t blame ME for having blogged this subject!




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75 Responses to BLAME……..CAN we get back to responsibility?

  1. bocopro says:

    Well, seems to me that we’re living in a society in which everybody has rights but nobody wants responsibility.

    Apparently much of what I was told back in the 40s and 50s was faulty, ’cause Moby Dick very obviously is a mutant whale victimized by global warming caused by white people driving SUVs. The fact that he is white clearly symbolizes white oppression of the “little people.”

    Ahab, of course, is a handicapped transgender peace-loving Muslim. And Yshmael is unquestionably living proof of the fact that the Jesus myth is Zionist propaganda designed to rob his descendants of their birthright from old Abe in the days when primogeniture had the weight of law, but Sarai selfishly drove him and Hagar out into the desert, proving that women should be seen and not heard.

    The beautiful irony of it all is that when Hagar and Yshmael survived in that desert, their descendants found oil and became very rich while the land which Abram’s boys illegally commandeered has no resources.

    I guess there is MUCH for me to learn. Wonder if I can get the real truth from the imam at a mosque. Or maybe Rachel Maddow.


  2. We don’t generally teach responsibility and accountability anymore. We don’t teach anything that could lower our precious self esteem. It’s always someone else fault….or the fault of the ‘system’…..and we see this at the highest levels of our society.


  3. I blame Jerry DaBlade.
    Everytime a serious event takes place, demanding our attention and response, he comes up with some hilarious parody that causes everyone to laugh and lose their sense of outrage that would motivate a proper response.


  4. jerrydablade says:

    Haha! Thanks, Ed! (i think) – ONE bad slip with the salami slicer and now somehow I’m labeled? As for blame, it is sadly entertaining watching the media’s fevered attempts at avoiding ‘blame’ whenever there is an obvious Islam motivated attack. “We may never know his motivations…”


  5. The London cop was knifed to death by a radical Imam.
    There are three things really wrong about that statement.
    The cop was unarmed.
    The radical imam was walking the streets.
    The citizenry was unarmed also.


  6. Ed: the attacker was shot pretty quickly. Dunno where you got the idea he was an imam. I’ve seen reports that he was a british-born muslim who was once, but not currently, under investigation. Are you suggesting we indefinitely lock up every muslim who’s ever been investigated?
    jerry: I didn’t listen to much news yesterday, but this morning I heard is described on BBC radio as an Islamic terrorist attack. So, it only took at most 17 hours, is that too long?


  7. geeez2014 says:

    convergentsum, at least they were calling it a terror attack within an hour or so!
    And no, he’s not an imam, as far as the news releases…unless I missed something.

    You ask if we should lock up every muslim who’s been investigated. Not sure.. I think all our families deserve safety and this isn’t safe.

    I heard an astonishing woman named Katie Hopkins, who rights for the Daily Mail in England…Her quote was “liberals seem to think multiculturalism means we all die together.”
    She said what I think “Stop the candles and flower vigils…stop lying to ourselves…multiculturalism is ridiculous and London has many areas of different cultures which are breeding terrorism, which don’t get along with anybody else, much less the British.” I’m going to look into her writings when I get back later today.

    CI…in total agreement.

    Jerry, YOU are to BLAME 🙂

    Ed, where’d you hear he’s a radical imam? Whether he is or not, he’s radical, a killer, and the rest of your statement is absolutely correct. I’m wondering, now that I think of it, if that cop wasn’t carrying because those very close to Parliament ARE armed. Was the cop who was killed on the bridge or in Westminster’s area?

    Bocopro…the Hagar story is fascinating and extremely puzzling, I don’t care what excuse is given! Also, it’s these stories which make me believe even stronger in the Word of the Bible because who’d WRITE this stuff that casts doubt on the Christian faith in order to prove Christian faith? There are many stories like that…..makes me feel stronger. (usually)!!


  8. Bob says:

    I will never again be able to look at salami, again, without wondering if some it were the product of work place violence.

    Bocopro: I have tried three times in my adult life to read Moby Dick. I just can’t get through more than a couple of chapters without putting it down. I just cannot get into the story. Likewise, War and Peace. This from a guy that loves to read.


  9. bocopro says:

    Moby Dick is indeed a difficult read for us today with its heavy, murky symbolism and even heavier and murkier style. It’s a case study into the dark recesses of obsession. I was forced to read it, along with several other “classics” I wish had never soiled innocent paper. For example, I’ve never made it through Middlemarch, and I’m no great fan of Wuthering Heights.

    And Z — you DO recognize, of course, that all those allusions up there are satire. If you had a whole afternoon to waste, a nice breezy veranda, a big bowl of garlicked peanuts, a bowl of chicharon, a bowl of cracked ice, and a bowl of sweet tea, I’d give you my take on all the stories from Adam and Eve up through Muhammadm including Abram, Sarai, and Yshmael . . . IF, that is, you would accept the short version.


  10. Imp says:

    Z…”Her quote was “liberals seem to think multiculturalism means we all die together.”

    Was that the woman that Tucker intervied last nigh along with Farage…who made some very bold brave and very non PC statements about their is-slimes infestation, threats and the cause of their societies disease? One called it a 5th column dedicated to destroy The Kingdom? Lock up / detain all mooslems? Not yet. Just the ones who are here in mosques preaching jihad, war and hate from their “holy” war rooms. Then maybe we’l see who comes out from cult and praises or condemns keeping us safe. Trump is now doubly right….we don’t need or want them here. MAGA.


  11. Imp says:

    Bocopro…”If you had a whole afternoon to waste…”

    That IMO would be a great afternoon.


  12. “this isn’t safe”.
    The draconian things the state would have to do with entirely remove the threat of a terror attack are unacceptable to either of us, since we both cherish liberty. So we have to be grown up about these things and talk about what level of risk is acceptable. At the moment, risk of terrorism is not high — it is far from the greatest threat we face daily.

    Katie Hopkins is a troll.


  13. Imp says:

    “since we both cherish liberty..”

    And terrorists, as well as their enablers who stoke their fury should be denied liberty too…because we do not have true liberty if they are among us. That’s the goal of terrorism…to force us to live in fear. hide and not be free to move about and live our lives.


  14. Convergentsum- well said. Overreaction to threats in our past, have been some of the most shameful periods of our history, and for no gain of net safety.


  15. Kid says:

    The number one goal and strrategy of moslems is to breed you and your culture out of existence and replace it with sharia. They’re calling for all moslsm women to have at least 5 kids and there are plenty of multi-wife situations there.

    Won’t happen in our lifetime, certainly not here except in spots here and there around the country, but it will happen if we continue to refuse to realize as a nation what islam is.

    Accountabiliy – I think most people take the path of least resistence.


  16. Kid says:

    Was talking about the EU and the 5 kids call.


  17. John M. Berger says:

    “We don’t generally teach responsibility and accountability anymore. We don’t teach anything that could lower our precious self esteem.”
    Yeah, I wonder how Maslow would view this?


  18. geeez2014 says:

    convergentsum…Hopkins was brilliant and honest the short interview I saw and I’m eager to read her stuff. MUCH better comes from British papers about America now, anyway.

    Sadly, it’s not we but Islam which has put us in this awful situation where liberty-loving people are torn between their families being safe and getting rid of anybody who could hurt them.
    I have to go on the family side..Americans mean more to me than Arabs, frankly.
    When Muslims start marching in the streets against Radical Islam I might change my mind…actually, I’d certainly change my mind and feel much less highly valid concern.

    You are short changing what radicals could do to our country…..We try so hard to eliminate collateral damage, and Islam only goes for as much collateral damage as possible. Let’s not be too naive.

    KID>..that five kid thing is growing in Germany…guess who pays for them ALL? the German people…it’s a nightmare there and many Americans just don’t quite understand the threat.

    Bocopro…sorry, I was addressing Sarah and Hagar and you actually hit on pretty much exactly the result of it. Not sure what sarcasm you’re referring to. I know you weren’t being 100% Biblical, but you were very close.

    The English teacher at the Christian high school I’m associated with uses Moby Dick every year for, I believe, the Sophs or Freshmen. I think it’s the worst possible choice but she’s a fantastic teacher. She uses The Odyssey for Seniors…..she gives them amazing assignments like asking them to write a children’s book on various parts of the Odyssey…or having them read parts of it, memorized, to the class, with accompanying music that fits the text, etc. She’s amazing and I’ve heard seniors tell me “If yoiu want to learn to write, go into Mrs. K’s class…she’s fabulous” I can’t stand either book but she gets a lot of good stuff from the kids who study them.

    Bob…WAR AND PEACE……who can keep the people straight? I loved Crime and Punishment…do you like Dostoevsky at all?


  19. Maslow would note that we as a species should pursue needs, as opposed to emotionally generated wants.


  20. geeez2014 says:

    CI…what wants are so emotionally generated in this case?


  21. geeez2014 says:
    Just found out I’m having lunch with Conservative writer Heather MacDonald, who I admire a lot. She’s a friend’s stepdaughter and we’re having lunch in early April. REALLY interested to talk with her on her criticism of Black Lives Matter and Criminal Justice Reform….fantastic thinker.


  22. Heather is also an atheist. Have fun.


  23. Z – The want to be liked, accepted, “validated”, entertained, satisfied……

    I like McDonald. She’s a Conservative, but not a mindless, dogmatic ‘bot.


  24. Imp says:

    “When Muslims start marching in the streets against Radical Islam I might change my mind…”

    Yea…right. And when the moon and sun rise in the west…maybe it’ll get their attention when their butts are facing the wrong direction…which the entire bloody murdering cult has demon-strated for their entire existence. How many more years are we going to wait for an apology from the entire mooslem world? Given their success record so far, why would they? They have a compliant sheepish, fearful response from their western enemies who prefer to live under a comfy pillow rather than SENDING B52’s OR A B1 BOMBER OVER MECCAA AND DO A ONE TIIME FLY BY.
    Thousands of people have been killed here, there and everywhere and long before and now, long after 911…and we’re still waiting, apologizing, looking for those masses of “peace loving mooslems” waving American flags and singing…Allah Bless America? Calling it a “religion” of peace? Calling it a “religion” has to be addressed first and foremost. A 7th Century murderous, political ideology in the 21st Century…can only be called accurately what it really is…The new refined Nazism of the 20th Century. Revitalized, fresh and goals stated and defined and carried out with impunity. Europe if one disses Is-slime…they get jailed for “hate” speech”?Jesus what a scam…what a putrid response to our enemy.

    Last century all of Europe faced that scourge on mankind. Did they sit or we sit on our asses and let Hitler have all of Europe…for his own “caliphate”? No…we killed Germans, civilians and soldiers alike. We won…we saved Europe once again. When by God…will we stop the suicidal political PC nonsense and get on with what we need to do? I hate Islam and all it stands for…all of it is rotten to the core. How many Geert Wilders or Ali what’s-her name do we need to keep warning us? Now our own borders are being penetrated, challenged, breached and we find that in every state…are mooslem training camps financed by our enemies and allowed to exist? That the very city I live in is on an FBI watch list for terrorism?

    I’m done. And not one bit sorry for my rant…I must be wrong somewhere in my lack of “tolerance”. though. So..flame me.


  25. Kid says:

    IMP, In hindsight, our response to 9-11 should have been to nuke Mecca when the largest number of moslems were there with their butts in the air. Then a JFK type announcement – We will regard any terrorist attack in any non-moslem country to be a direct attack on the USA and we will respond with the total destruction of a major middle eastern moslem inhabited city at the time of our choosing.

    So bring it on you long hair and a beard 7th century *’s
    That’s what I’d do.

    I’d also close al the mosques and declare islam a non-religion.


  26. Imp says:

    “WASHINGTON, D.C. – The top U.S. military commander in Europe said Thursday at a Senate hearing that the terrorist threat is higher in Europe than anywhere on the globe, with the exception of current war zones.
    “The number of threat streams that we have of this type within Europe, it’s probably higher in Europe than in any other part of the globe with the exception of the places where we’re actually physically fighting in, like Syria and Afghanistan and Iraq,” said U.S. Army Gen. Curtis Scaparrotti.

    The four-star Army general told senators on the Senate Armed Services Committee that a terrorist attack in London the day before underscores “the dynamic environment in Europe.”

    “Europe is challenged by both the flow of terrorists returning from Syria and other places. They’re challenged by an internal threat by those inspired by ISIS or directed by ISIS and this is another, an example of the attacks that we’ve seen in Europe in the past year. It’s a difficult challenge.”

    Yea…let’s open our doors real wide for the Chuckles Schumer, Pelousy’s and the Maxine Waters and Elijah Cummings of this pitiful country. So we can all celebrate DIE-versity and not be “racist” towards murdering mooslems.


  27. Kid says:

    islam will use our liberties to their highest advantage and win. There can be no question about this.

    Anyone who thinks muslim activity can be compared to Japanese internment camps doesn’t understand the situation.


  28. Kid says:

    Honestly who is not getting this. One dipstick with a truck can kill a hundred innocents by mowing them down anytime they want. Honestly, shakin my head.


  29. Kid says:

    And there are hundreds of other ways they can kill you with every day items that even the libtard politicians have no conrol over.


  30. I don’t go anywhere unarmed.
    If every citizen took that stance, any terrorist would think like Yamamoto did.


  31. Imp says:

    Kid….we’re just sitting by waiting for it again…and as I live end will happen here again. If these asshats we’re going to”impeach” Trump..then it better be for nuking Mecca and Iran and Somalia and Yemen and Saudi Arabia. And the country would clap…and make him President for life. The lousy corrupt Demrats would have to register as enemies of the state….this state..the USA.


  32. Imp says:

    “any terrorist would think like Yamamoto did.”

    We’d have to prove that ED. By action…not by empty “line in the sand ” threats…( like the jug eared skinny lawn jockey did ) they’ll come first and then action MUST follow.


  33. I too, carry everywhere that I can [can’t at work, and won’t risk my security clearance to carry in DC]. But I also see nothing good from spreading radiation across the globe in a attempt to control what people believe. Nobody here would cease believing in Christianity based on a government or military edict…because thought can’t be controlled. No different with Islam.


  34. Kid says:

    IMP, Yea. It will happen again and again and again. and again.

    And I make no distinction between radical islam and islam. None of it aligns with a civilized society, especially one focused on human rights.


  35. Kid says:

    CI, We must have weapons that don’t subject the rest of us to fallout. Nuke is just a generic term to get my point across fwiw. Daisy cutter and moab the place with extreme prejudice… Or Neutron bomb? Or unknown weapon?


  36. Kid says:

    Control what people believe? I have no problem correcting what people believe when what they believe means they are focused on my death.


  37. Kid – Not really, and the point remains the same. While you may not draw a distinction amongst Muslims……Muslims do. And if you want to immediately turn the Muslim forces fighting ISIS against us….you certainly have the plan to do so.


  38. Once again, consider my point. Would you submit to such threats and destruction….or would you rise and fight?


  39. Imp says:

    “[can’t at work, and won’t risk my security clearance to carry in DC]

    And that’s the exact place and reason why one should carry in DC…cause if it can happen near Parliament or Brussels….it happened at the Pentagon and outside the CIA…it will happen at the Capitol or the WH next. Imagine if you will…a truck plowing into a few dozen tourists milling about the fences outside of the WH and a mooslem truck driving savage decides to do what they’ve done in Nice or London?


  40. Kid says:

    CI, Ok, works for me. I’ve decided that there is nothing good about a slow moving cancer vs a fast moving cancer. Just like the Israeli peace plan du jour that will go on forever, I have settled on the fact that entertaining the idea that there are muslims who will never do us harm is just a fantasy. islam is a cancer that at the minimum will breed you out and impose sharia whether it takes 50 years or 1500 if you allow it to exist.


  41. I do not advocate nuking Mecca, but nuking the Japanese homeland convinced them of the futility of their national religion (Shinto) that drove their war-making.
    It drove them into the 20th century.


  42. You don’t have to convince me of wanting to carry in DC…..but I risk my clearance, and this my profession, and the ability to provide for my family. Fortunately, I only go into the city occasionally.


  43. Kid says:

    Ed, DId you just make my point?

    I have to say or think (wrongly?) that the japanese did not go to war based upon their religion.


  44. Ed – Yep, but they were defending a national homeland; a boundaries place of ancestry and honor. Japan was also a fairly westernized [in a fashion], industrialized nation. Those same dynamics don’t exist within most of Islam.


  45. Imp says:

    “islam is a cancer that at the minimum will breed you out and impose sharia whether it takes 50 years or 1500 if you allow it to exist.”

    And nibbling at the edges with an aspirin can’t eradicate it. My cancer was cured with focused beam radiation. Once a day…for 5 weeks. It’s a good formula and worked. Once a day….until each one of those hellholes that sponsor and finance and plan our demise disappears or fades into oblivion. And oil? Please…it’s already clear we don’t need one more damn drop of it from them. Oil has just gone down below $50 a barrel. Despite their efforts to reduce production…ours has gone up dramatically. So..OPEC it and wither away.


  46. Kid says:

    And look what Japan is doing today. Products of all sorts being shipped arounf the globe that other nations value. Moslems? Oil. They have no world demanding product and given our lust for clean energy (Which we should have as pollution is not a good thing..) what will they have to sustain themselves? They are starting to grapple with that now. What happens when they plunge into a zero GDP environment? I’m thinking great violence.


  47. Kid says:

    IMP, I’ve read some stuff recently on eliminating sugar and carbs and other food elements that result in killing cancer. fwiw. Pleny of references on the web.


  48. Kid: I may be making your point, but I’m not advocating it.
    Too many “innocents” and we are not at war with the House of Saud.


  49. Imp says:

    “Those same dynamics don’t exist within most of Islam.”

    One thing does though CI..with all due respect….Mecca is the core of their fanaticism. If they can destroy all remnants of ancient Christianity…all the artifacts and historical, ancient structures and monuments….what’s the difference if we send their rock into the stratosphere? Mecca…is their God… Emperor as it was Tokyo’s…and the Japanese. I say we threaten to strike it like Truman did in 1945…and if they don’t take the warning seriously….it’s on them. Then we’ll see some dancing he streets….our dancing by a margin of 10 to1. I’d hand out candy…but tHEN…I’m a deplorable savage red neck.


  50. Imp says:

    “eliminating sugar and carbs and other food elements that result in killing cancer..”

    YEA…I’m Gouging onTootsie rolls, hershey bars and kit kats now…and Bazooka bubble gum.


  51. Kid says:

    Ed, I wonder why. Every Saudi Arabian child old enough to undertand language is taught that America is the great satan. Why we treat them with such royal status has been a head scratcher for a long time.

    Innocents… Imagine if you will that Harry Truman would have used the nuke on N Korea in the early 50’s. How many innocents would have died versus how many innocents between 1952 and 2016 and beyond (how much longer) would not be suffering under the rule of those jong *******’s.
    Wouold you have asked a couple in 1952 if they’d be willing to be vaporized versus having 4 generations of their descendnts suffer under the rule of the jongs, what would they have said?


  52. Kid says:

    IMP, Then again, theere is the quality of life issue 🙂


  53. Kid says:

    ED, I would grieve the cats and dogs and other wildlife. The rest of them? Not so much. I view them as cancer cells.


  54. Kid says:

    Bottom line is nothing like what I propose will ever happen, and islam being the violent street gang amidst a heavy sheep population will eventually prevail. I can’t see any other outcome.


  55. Imp says:

    “Bottom line is nothing like what I propose will ever happen, and islam being the violent street gang amidst a heavy sheep population will eventually prevail. I can’t see any other outcome.”

    Bingo…unless something so catastrophic like a small nuke place by Columbus Circle and 5th Avenue that renders 5 square miles uninhabitable for 1000 years happens? Do you think Trump would sit idly by when his assets and his city are rendered radiated war zone? In my heart…I know he despises and hates is-slime as much as we do . But Trump is not going to stand on a pile of smoking ruins and say “we hear you” and invade a piece of shit rock when the assassins were 15 of the 19 from the place that is home to their pagan “religion: and ideology. This man will go to the source…and CAIR and the MB and every lying Taqiya spouting mooslem will be deported and expelled form our shores. Let FEMA sort them out. And invoke martial law. Cause we will finally be at a declared war.


  56. Imp says:

    Jesus…there they go in London…lighting silly frigging candles and making twitter #hearts with their stupid hands and laying flowers? A 1500 hundred year old democracy under a mooslem mayor that says…basically…too bad…get used to it.


  57. Kid says:

    IMP, If Trump did that, lindsey graham and john mclame would have him impeached for racism.


  58. Kid says:

    IMP, stuffed toys too ?


  59. Kid says:

    IMP, America – Wolverines the movie is the only solution. The government will never take this on.


  60. Imp says:

    Kid….90% of the country thinks they’re joined at their pelvis….anyway. Two silly old frauds and true asshats with their own careers as more important than the rest of us. look at what McPain has allowed to happen oArizona alone?


  61. Kid says:

    So much damage form mccain.


  62. Imp says:

    “IMP, stuffed toys too ?”

    Of course…and then on to a pub and singing jolly old allegiance to the Queen, the Empire and the once great monarchy. Rather than climbing into “Spitfires” and kicking the shit out of Choundry and ilk like him or arresting their imams and slamming the doors of the mosque this latest savage attended and got his orders from.

    Europe is well on the way to becoming a war zone…again.


  63. Kid says:

    IMP. War zone? Naw, I think mostly a sheeple on their knees submitting zone.


  64. Imp says:

    Prime Minister Theresa May is terribly mistaken in regarding any military age mosque-going muslim male as a “peripheral figure.” They are all soldiers for Allah and must be regarded as such.


  65. Kid says:

    Sweden’s government has already told their citizens to ‘integrate’ with the moslem vermin.


    They need to arm themselves, remove the Swedish government, then move on to the rat infestation.


  66. geeez2014 says:

    Ed, I know that…and she’s a very nice person. We won’t talk faith. I’m thrilled to pick her brain about POLITICS.
    Her stepmother is a wonderful Christian.

    Imp; not sure when we’ll stop this geopolitical suicide…but not soon enough…if ever.
    That flowers/candles vigil crap is just that…>CRAP. As Heather Katie Hopkins says “time to STOP that and actually do something effective”
    group hug, everybody? RUBBISH

    Kid, I thought we should bomb Mecca THEN. And I think we should hit more ME villages, etc….as I’ve said before “if we do that, perhaps Muslim families will say to the radicals amongst them ‘enough! stop the terror….they’re hitting US NOW!” We can hope.
    Don’t worry, the Arabs in Sweden are ‘integrating’ with Swedish girls..raping them, etc…
    As they are in Germany, where young women can’t walk the streets at night anymore. Literally…in the cleanest, safest country EVER when I first visited in 1988…or close to that. SO SAD


  67. “if we do that, perhaps Muslim families will say to the radicals amongst them ‘enough! stop the terror….they’re hitting US NOW!”

    I don’t think the psychology works that way. What effect to you think eg. the London Blitz had on British resolve in WW2? Strengthen, weaken, or none at all?


  68. geeez2014 says:

    are you kidding? HUGE effect on British resolve.


  69. Imp says:

    “What effect to you think eg. the London Blitz had on British resolve in WW2? Strengthen, weaken, or none at all?”

    Jesus…are you serious? Who sent up a 1000 Spitfires in the Battle of Britain? Who kicked Erwin Rommel’s Panzers out Africa and sent him home? Who dug out of the ruble and raised their middle finger to the skies each night? Queen Elizabeth herself worked in the war effort. Winston Churchill was a rock in defiance of Hitlers aerial assault. Remember…in Berlin there was an occupied force of Brits, Americans and Russians….once an ally then…..and should be an ally against the current scourge…Iz-slime. London was never occupied by the Nazi’s as was France…who chose to surrender…..again and now…again. London needs to remember that and Tony Blair should be jailed for his crimes. Learn your history friend.


  70. Imp, right. That’s what I think too — ie blitzkrieg had, if anything, the opposite effect of what the nazi’s hoped. My question to geeez is, why would it have a different effect on middle-easterners?


  71. geeez2014 says:

    What? I’m saying that if WE BOMBED SYRIAN VILLAGES, for example, the innocents there would get on their radicals and tell them STOP THE TERROR IN THE WEST…they’re getting US NOW!
    What you’re saying is the NAZI’s hoped to vanquish and cow the Brits….and it did the opposite…
    I think what I’m suggesting would vanquish and cow the people of the ME and the citizens would rise up against against the terrorists in fear of US. I’m talking to the point that terrorists would be forced to stop because of their families back home. Sadly, much of Islam regards dying for Mohammed a GOOD thing…like Kamakaze’s…so maybe this isn’t such a good suggestion?
    Does that make sense?


  72. Kid says:

    Z, I don’t think any of the middle easterners care about any of the others. I think if we bombed 90% of them, the only thought that the remaining 10% would have would be something like – Gee how are we going to breed out the rest of the world now….
    I really don’t believe any given moslem gives a rats ass about any other given moslem. Life is dirt cheap there. Maybe cheaper.


  73. Baysider says:

    One thing’s for certain: if Vlad the Impaler were Lord Mayor of London this would all “go away.”


  74. Z, I understand what you’re saying, but I don’t know why you think Syrians would react to bombing differently than Londoners did in the ’40s. My view of history (which is very limited: there may have been cases where civilians reacted as you predict, but I don’t know them) suggests that there’s a precedent for your tactics working against your aims.


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