Trump Care

“”GOP” stands for Get Old People…THAT’s what Republicans are going to vote for today!!”    This is what one rather female haggish Democrat yelled on Capitol Hill yesterday!   That’s the rhetoric.  A Democrat, also a woman, accused Republicans of being in charge of the microphones and lowering the sound of Democrats as they debated in chambers last night so people couldn’t hear them as well as they could hear Democrats.  Man, they are trying ANYTHING they can.

Trump’s rhetoric is including “How ironic that Freedom Caucus Conservatives don’t like abortion but they’re not going to vote out Planned Parenthood funding if they don’t vote for our bill”  and “You know, this IS the last chance you have to get rid of Obama Care”.  ugh.  (I paraphrase, but…that’s the message).  SO….kind of thuggish himself, in my opinion.

This morning, I watched Tom Price dance around Alyson Camarata questions….He did a pretty good job.   Then Chris Cuomo introduced Debbie Wasserperson Schultz who he said was coming on to “show how what you just heard is lies.”    (I swear that’s what he said), Not “will give her opinion of what you just heard,”…oh, no.

SO!  Talk to me about what you think.




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64 Responses to Trump Care

  1. Kid says:

    I don’t favor government being involved in health care at all. If they are, it will eventually morph into single payer non-healthcare – probably during the net democrat administration. All healthcare needs is tort reform and major medical policies for relatively healthy people.


  2. geeez2014 says:

    Kid “major medical policies for relatively healthy people.” Private policies, you mean?


    uM……..anybody remember Republicans being involved in ObamaCare writing? 🙂


  3. Kid says:

    Z, No, I’m saying I’ll pay out of pocket for routine doctor visits and prescriptions if I have a chance of paying a small amount to cover me in the unexpected event I need major medical care for some reason. Break a bone, get hit by a truck, etc. This would benefit doctors a bunch too by eliminating tons of paperwork and waiting to get paid, etc. Maybe they could ahve actual nurses in their office again instead of paper pushers.


  4. bocopro says:

    Hard not to be aware of what’s goin on with all this even though I refuse to watch any of it on TV.

    Thought it all over a day or so ago while luxuriating in a cocoon I formed with my bedspread after a nice lunch of somethin I didn’t quite recognize but tasted really good. Bottom line is this:

    No way to fix the ACA. Can’t be done until pharmaceutical companies, greedy lawyers, malpractice suits, fraud, and system abuse are corrected. Not any easy fix in ANY case. So . . . shut off its water and fertilizer and let it die on the vine. I mean, they SHOOT horses, don’t they?

    DJT knows enough about negotiations to understand that at some point you gotta fold your hand and go to another table. If this vote goes against him, so what? All he has to do is say, “Hey, I tried, but les entrenched merdistes wouldn’t let me.”

    You can’t win ’em all, especially when you’re dealing with career politicians who are always looking forward to the next election. Some of ’em can’t afford to let ACA be reversed because too many MedicAiders would be OTL.

    When you got a pair of sixes and nines and you’re lookin at an obvious straight, an almost sure-thing flush, and a pair of kings UP, maybe you need to reconsider the possibility of betting the farm on that fifth six for the ‘boat.

    If he can get two conservatives onto the high court, fix the holes in the entitlements spillway, simplify the tax code, and keep terrorist attacks to a minimum, he’ll STILL be a success.


  5. Imp says:

    Once more Republicans holding onto power surrender and shoot themselves in their feet….victory was in their hands and they once more are proven losers.The DemRats are gleeful.They’re the only ones that line up behind anything they do and consistently win…even if they fail to hold the Congress and the WH. We gave them power in 2010, 2012 , 2014 and 2016 …and again they’ve squandered it with their selfish squabbling and incompetence. Hemorrhoids like McPain and Graham are two of the reasons.


  6. Kid says:

    IMP, yea the dems are evil, but the repubs are useless and just as corrupt.


  7. bocopro says:

    What troubles me is what kind of deal Schumer et al. have dreamt up to give Gorsuch a pass. Betcha there IS one.


  8. skudrunner says:

    The republicans made a huge error with what they are doing. They made the bill available for debate and they could actually see it. They should have taken the blind mice approach and twist arms and demand you vote for it and then you can see it.
    Whichever party controls healthcare looses. The democrats can’t wait to get out from under obamacare because they know it cost them the presidency.


  9. Kid says:

    There has to be a deal I would think.

    I’d have taken even 1 conservative judge on Nov 6th, so no crying here assuming that happens and 2 would be just wonderful.

    But no repeal, then no tax cuts and likely no Trump after 2020, maybe not even a republican majority. And I don’t think the repubs in congress care. In fact maybe they’re able to steal even more when the dems are in control.


  10. Bob says:

    Time to put up or shut up. Trump is doing the right thing. A bunch of GOP grandstanders are just looking for camera time.


  11. geeez2014 says:

    Bocopro, I wish Trump’s losing on this was just a “so what?”
    You guys miss a lot because you don’t watch regular media…I find it very important to know what Americans are hearing because they’ll be the ones voting Republicans OUT in 2018 if things continue to go like this 😦

    Kid, I agree about ‘out of pocket’..heck, it’d be cheaper for most of us to pay ‘out of pocket’ than it is to pay ins. premiums! Do you still believe employers should cover our insurance?
    “But no repeal, then no tax cuts and likely no Trump after 2020, maybe not even a republican majority. And I don’t think the repubs in congress care. In fact maybe they’re able to steal even more when the dems are in control.”
    I still don’t believe most Republicans are stealing but I agree with everything else you said…this is IT for the Republicans. Buried alive. God, we had such high hopes, too

    Imp: I totally agree with you…as I’ve often said here “Republicans eat their young” and here we go Again.

    Skudrunner…You don’t think they should have even let their “Freedom Caucus” see the bill?


  12. geeez2014 says:

    But Bob! Trump can’t twang his magic twanger and get healthcare passed! HE NEEDS VOTES! How do you mean what you wrote?


  13. Kid says:

    Z, the CEO of our place drives a 200k 4 door Porche and lives in a million $ house, so yea, I think employers ought to kick in on health care costs as a benefit.

    Well, they have til 2018 to get it done. If so all will be well.

    Many of them are threatened by Trump’s drain the samp call. McConnell for one imo.

    I heard that one of he repubs said We Have to Pass This Bill to Find Out What’s In It, and the dems didn’t appreciate it. Funny.


  14. Mal says:

    If repeal fails, Trump can’t and won’t be blamed because everyone knows he tried. So what happens next? It self implodes, as it has been since its inception. As more and more companies drop out, Trump will be vindicated and all the nay-sayers will be exposed for being so stubborn.


  15. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, that IS funny. By the way, I’m an enormous proponent of profit sharing…I think all companies should do it. And I don’t begrudge Porsche drives in big houses…but think they need to help if they got to that point!

    Mal, I think Trump will be blamed by everybody but his fans, sadly. But, yes, though the polls the other days showed more Americans approve of Obama Care, by a small percentage, I think it is going to implode. WHich will be catastrophic for a lot of people, sadly.


  16. Kid says:

    Z, Would that be a CNN Poll? 🙂


  17. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, Monmouth University poll.
    And yes, CNN is having a BLAST..Gloria Borger can hardly restrain her glee…it’s like election night finally gone good for them. It’s sickening. Plus, they’re all reading texts from Republicans blaming everybody, including Trump.
    Man…healthcare tanks, he didn’t stop the Iran nuke deal as promised, we probably can’t do tax reform because they needed money from the healthcare situation, the wall’s gone flat, and the FBI’s investigating Trump and friends.

    FOX coverage is more even handed, of course, but bleak………Trump said he can get things done and the first big test didn’t fly. How they can blame Trump is ridiculous, in my opinion….

    Kellyann Conway’s saying “This is Ryan’s bill”…just to protect Trump. What was Ryan to do? he was NEVER going to please every Conservative..NEVER.


  18. geeez2014 says:

    Ryan’s talking now “we’re feeling growing pains….” “we came really close”
    “I will not sugar coat this…this is a very disappointing day for us.” “We need time to reflect on what we could have done to do it better, but the choice is ARE ALL OF US WILLING TO GIVE A LITTLE TO GET SOMETHING DONE, EVEN IF IT’S NOT PERFECT?”
    He’s right. It’s the Freedom Caucus which Screwed this over. But they think they’ll keep their jobs…


  19. geeez2014 says:

    Ryan’s doing a very good job….he’s getting lots of tough questions and answering with a lot of class and dignity and respect…. CNN’s B*** Dana Bash asked,.”what are you going to say to your constituents… ‘We just can’t figure it out, sorry folks!??’ ”
    Oh, CNN is absolutely DEEEEEEEEEEEEELIGHTED! I can’t turn MSNBC on…to see those jerks popping champagne bottles would be FAR too much for me.

    OUCH! Ryan does say this loss makes tax reform more difficult. That was SO important.
    I could wring the necks of the “Freedom” Caucus, which fought so hard 2 years ago, closing down the government, to protest Obama Care. JERKS>


  20. geeez2014 says:

    you’ve gotta love that dope Jake Tapper (he used to be SO centrist) when he just said “Ryan DID, however, acknowledge that Obamacare is still the law of the land”
    What the hell did Tapper expect? Who says it isn’t still the law? Gad.

    Democrats are saying “millions of Americans are thrilled tonight, that their healthcare is safe!”

    this is laughable.


  21. geeez2014 says:

    OH! “Freedom Caucus doesn’t want to repeal, they just want Obamacare GONE!”

    WHAT?? time to change the channel!


  22. Republicans do what they always do, fight over how to manage leftist policies……rather than kill them with fire.


  23. geeez2014 says:

    SHEPARD SMITH STORY: unreal The withering insults throughout are worth looking at…but I know a lot of you don’t like to know it! It makes me laugh at its bias.


  24. geeez2014 says:

    CI, that’s a good way to put it. Time to STOP DOING THAT.

    Pelosi’s now talking about the crashing of the health care bill today; got to change the channel now! Oh, “today’s a great day for our country…a victory for the American people…”

    BITE ME. She is so happy and SO FREAKIN’ INSULTING.


  25. Mal says:

    Yes, Z, it might be catastrophic if (when) it fails, but I can’t see how Trump would then be blamed. There’s been too much coverage by both sides in the media to change the facts. Trump ran on repeal and everyone will remember that.
    The left apparently isn’t going to ease up and will continue trying to block everything DJT tries to accomplish because they can. Our system allows them to and they most certainly will. If only they would fold like the republican controlled congress did with Obama.


  26. bocopro says:

    “Bocopro, I wish Trump’s losing on this was just a “so what?”
    You guys miss a lot because you don’t watch regular media…I find it very important to know what Americans are hearing because they’ll be the ones voting Republicans OUT in 2018 if things continue to go like this 😦”

    Oh, but he MUST make it a “so-what” or he’ll never accomplish another thing in his one-and-done.

    And I doubt I miss much since I catch up at least once a day with OAN (where items get repeated a lot) as well as reading FNC and CNN on-line. I just can’t stand to listen to mantra-chanting “journalists” with dangerous port lists on the alphabet networks, and I WON’T listen to the likes of Shep Smith, who considers his opinion divine, self-evident, and final.

    And I definitely get a readout from the blogs I visit daily, although much of it is pretty closed-minded and snotty.

    It’s gonna take some rill gud argymint to convince me that allowing ObamaCare to die ignominiously as a poorly conceived and genetically flawed misconception is a bad thing. Nobody but deadbeats on MediCare get any benefits from it, and sooner or later it will simply suffocate under its own weight, leaving NOBODY except the very rich and Congress with affordable health care.

    Now dispute me no more or I shall contradict you a second time.


  27. geeez2014 says:

    Bocopro…Trump spoke about an hour ago and he was WAY more “so what” than I thought he’d be. He was actually rather reasoned and calm headed…even said he doesn’t blame the Freedom Caucus “we’re friends,” etc. I was pretty surprised. I think it was a GREAT MOVE for him to NOT act angry and, hopefully, he hasn’t tweeted anything untoward!
    I hope I didn’t give you the impression I find you uninformed, or NOT well-read on these subjects. FAR FROM IT.

    Mal, I don’t know….I wish it had passed, then I hear it could have had big financial problems itself in two years…too much spending, etc.

    I’m confused; I only know that this had been a good bill and Trump had won.

    How can there be a really good bill, however, when we know we’re broke and ANY bill means “SPENDING WAY TOO MUCH MONEY?”

    EVERYBODY (Kid, particularly):


    AM I MAKING SENSE? Did I describe that right?


  28. geeez2014 says:

    CI…I realized today I hadn’t put you on my blog roll…it’s on now.


  29. Kid says:

    Z, I’d like to see Ryan and McConnel replaced by Gowdy and Cruz. And mccain and graham replaced with cherleaders in skimy outfits.

    You said…


    AM I MAKING SENSE? Did I describe that right?”

    You are making sense. Yes, absolutely there are VERY good solutions for healthcare. Tort reform too for the 150th time. Ryans bill didn’t get anywhewre near any of thopse solutions. Yes, I wouldn’t spend anywhere near 900/mo paying for checkups and the 2 prescriptions I have (Prozac and LSD)…

    obamacare is pure evil when the insurers keep checking out. In the end, the people who like it will be those getting it free – medicaid, and thos who hate it if they don’t already will be those living and paying for their lives. If Trump can bring jobs back, and deport a lot of freeloaders, those getting it free will be a small enough number to deal with. Random thought.


  30. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, “(Prozac and LSD)…” You make me laugh a LOT but I laughed harder at that than I ever had! HILARIOUS!!!
    Very good ‘random thought’.
    Explain how TORT REFORM will help….


  31. bocopro says:

    Tort reform in se would have a minimal direct effect on health-care costs in the US, maybe only as much as 2 or 3%.

    The indirect effect would very likely be much greater, however. Basically what’s happening is that doctors and hospitals and HMOs have had to equip themselves with very expensive equipment and laboratories and then hire greater numbers of specialists to run the stuff.

    Somebody has to pay for all that, and the influx of MedicAid and indigent patients means overbilling to insurance companies, who are in the arena for profit, not out of any sense of duty or humanity.

    Fear of malpractice or frivolous lawsuits, plus increase equipment inventories and growing staffs, cause doctors to overtest, overmedicate, and overtreat patients. And unscrupulous doctors trying to pay off their Mercedes and student loans keep otherwise healthy people on a string for the repeat fees, often ordering completely unnecessary tests and excessive care for their own benefit, including the good-ol’-boy kickback system.

    In fact, when I retired from the military and was offered the option of going to a civilian family practice or to the Navy Hospital Internal Medicine Clinic, I chose the Navy clinic because the doctors there don’t really care if you ever come back once they’ve given you corrective treatment for some condition or illness. In fact, they’d rather you didn’t; they’re not trying to build a practice since they rotate in change of assignments every 2 or 3 years.

    Basically I believe that removing the defensive medicine mindset from doctors fearing lawsuits could reduce not only the excessive testing and treatment problem but the overmedication problem as well. My guess . . . the overall reduction could be as high as 20 to 25% over time, say 10 years or so.

    Doctors who botch a surgery because of carelessness or incompetence SHOULD be held to account, and who knows the monetary value of a limb or foot or hand or eye lost because some dummy did surgery on the wrong one. I sure don’t.

    Still, both sides of the aisle agree that tort reform and caps on punitive damage lawsuits could definitely impact health-care costs for private practice, HMOs, and hospitals.

    Problem is that if you try to research this for yourself, you run into a morass of contradictory opinions, facts, and figures . . . as well as politics. Where big bucks are concerned, you can bet high-priced lawyers are lurking.


  32. Kid says:

    Tort Reform.

    Years ago, on dark and stormy nights and all others, a hospital in Texas was shelling out 100 mil just defending themselves from the vampire lawyers, not payouts, just in litigation to their own legal staff. Texas passed a law that prohibited or put deep restrictions on frivilous lawsuits. Their costs went down to 2 mil a year. 98% reducation. Imagine that alone across America. Then add doctors and pharma and all medical staff for that matter.

    Seems you couldaccomplish as much just by having losers in such cases pay a cost to the defendants they lost to. But that would be innocent until proven guilty and we can’t have that.

    I look at it this way. Your loved on is killed in a plane crash, there is a limit on the financial compensation that the airline or plane manufacturer is responsible for. Why not medical?
    Your loved one i Dead. Medical lawsuits more often involve living patients, granted with some disability as a result of a bothed operation, but still. Regulate caps for all of the various things some doc can do to you. Cut off wrong arm. blinded you. turned you into chelsea manning while you were sleeping and committing treasonous acts….

    This is big money we are talking about.


  33. Mal says:

    You pay that much, Z? We pay nothing. Basic Medicare, and w/o part “D” (drugs) because we use little or none and it saves us around $70/mo (around $35 ea). It works for us, anyway.


  34. Mal says:

    I might add when I fill out the form at the docs. office and tell them no secondary insurance and no part D because its too expensive, it helps, too.


  35. geeez2014 says:

    Bocopro! Are you a medical doctor? How’d I miss that?
    And, after all that schooling and interning/residency, etc., I don’t begrudge someone wanting his school loans paid ASAP and driving a Mercedes 🙂
    What med school did you go to?
    Your description of navy hospital docs reminds me very much of Kaiser…I’m not sure Kaiser is national?…anyway, it’s big here and really good docs are going there instead of private practice because they’re 9-5, and insurance is paid for, etc. They like it very much, though Kaiser used to have a very bad’s really improved.
    I think you’re right on much of what you said…I will, however, say that it’s my experience that young doctors over prescribe and over test because they’re afraid they might miss something …I find the older doctors get, the more experience they have under their belts, they prescribe less and test less….and are usually right!

    Mal, I need to look into it because I was stunned to realize my supplementary insurance had risen so high in only ONE YEAR…got to check on that and will probably get out of it. I don’t know how anybody could pay nothing for Medicare, though I do have D because I do have drugs I take….Still, I think they don’t add up to much more than what I pay Medicare 🙂
    The supplementary ins is more. You don’t have that? So you pay 20% of everything over what Medicare pays? I hope you never have anything catastrophic, your 20% could be in the hundreds of thousands.


  36. Kid says:

    Z, my doc is mod 40’s says he had to do 8500 hours before he could hang his shingle and said that doc today only do 5300. Not good.

    Find someone over 45.


  37. bocopro says:

    “What med school did you go to?”

    Hey, I toldja, I read a lot. And my Navy enlisted career was in electronics/communications. Later I got a gold chinstrap and became a desk pilot and ship driver. My MA is in English.

    But as a young man, I DID read nearly everything Isaac Asimov wrote on biology, chemistry, physics, and other general knowledge, one of which I remember was titled The Human Body. Nice thing about Asimov was that he could explain things so that anybody could understand it without boring the eggheads.

    Also read a lot of Heinlein, which gives one a good feel for how the world, especially government and other large institutions, operate.


  38. bocopro says:

    KId — I get a new PCM about every two years at the Navy hospital. All Navy hospitals are teaching hospitals. Haven’t been assigned a PCM over 35 in the past 20 years. Doc I have right now is a very cute little Persian lady named Samira (first name — her family name is Iranian, too). Pretty good at what she does. Maybe 28 or 29 years old. Totally Murkan, ‘cept for the name.

    I have absolutely no complaints about the treatment I’ve received from that Hospital since about 1998. It’s not perfect, but what the hell is. The doc who did my bilateral inguinal about 10 years ago was a Navy 0-6 about 50 years old, no-nonsense country girl about 5-foot nothin with a very matter-of-fact approach to medicine.

    The surgical team had 7 members, 6 of which were women. Only guy was this tall, lanky anaesthesiologist who went out of his way to thank me for not being fat and and for having “good muscle tone for a guy your age.” I guess most of the retired guys he encountered in their late 60s were potbellied and soft.


  39. bocopro says:

    Y’know . . . lookin back on it, over the past 25 years or so I’ve had only 2 male PCMs; 7 were female. And as I recall, when I went in for my colonoscopy when I turned 55, every person involved in the procedure was female, even the radiologist who explained the report to me later. No idea why a radiologist was needed for that procedure. She was a pro, tho. Even was familiar with my career and that I had taught at the university. Reassuring to me that she’d go to that trouble.


  40. geeez2014 says:

    Bocopro, you said “In fact, when I retired from the military and was offered the option of going to a civilian family practice or to the Navy Hospital Internal Medicine Clinic, I chose the Navy clinic because the doctors there don’t really care if you ever come back once they’ve given you corrective treatment for some condition or illness.”
    I thought you meant joining the practice or the hospital! I get what you meant now.
    I didn’t remember you were a doc!

    Also, I try not to go to women docs…I find them less empathetic than men a girfriend/dermatologist told me years ago “when you’re a woman in med school, you give up nail polish” She meant that metaphorically. I find them closed off and sometimes abrasive in their desire not to be ‘too womany, but more doctorish”…

    Kid, I’m the one who said that above! I don’t go to very young docs, though my internist was only about 35 when Mr. Z and I first went to him!!!! He’s 42 now. He was so highly recommended, and he’s a very conservative doc….holds back on tests, etc…till he really feels you need it.
    When we were going thru the diagnoses for Mr. Z, he’d call Mr. Z with the latest test results or report from a specialist, then he’d call ME on my cell to make sure I heard it from him…(men don’t always do a good job translating what a doc told them!) When we knew Mr. Z was in really bad shape, my doc gave me his private cell phone…I called him the night before the funeral and he talked me off the ledge for about 30 minutes….amazing guy. Tho YOUNG! Usually, I WILL not go to a young doc for the reasons I listed above.

    I’m not sure what some of you’ve mean by implying docs get kickback…they don’t. And, if they do, it’s illegal BIG TIME.


  41. geeez2014 says:

    A group of friends, a group of small businessmen, a community of businesses….could work!!
    Rand Paul must read my blog, right? (Smile)!!!


  42. I published what I think at my blog.


  43. Kid says:

    bocoporo, I would trust any Navy doc. I’ve known a couple. I’ve had 3 or 4 colonoscopies now and ther was never a radiologist… Just the guy with the snake, an anestesiologist and a nurse to keep the two of them in line.

    Z, yes, nothing is all encompassing. I’m glad you had somone you appreciated that much in that part of your life….


  44. bocopro says:

    “I’m not sure what some of you’ve mean by implying docs get kickback…they don’t. And, if they do, it’s illegal BIG TIME.”

    My dental hygienist a few years back, knowing that I’d had an Efudex skin peel for keratosis, asked me if I could recommend a dermatologist. Hers had been deeply involved in a kickback scheme in which the doc would take unnecessary biopsy samples to send to a lab and then split the insurance payments they got for it.

    Long story, but it ended with a revoked license. Not uncommon. Radix malorum cupiditas est.


  45. geeez2014 says:

    Bocopro..yup…revoked license. Nobody takes kindly to that.
    I used to do interior design for upscale medical suites and hospitals..for years, the company I worked for gave some money to the docs renting space in their medical suites next to their hospitals , we called it Medical Suite Improvements $$$. The gov’t very suddenly put an end to it when some new law went into effect.

    You’ll love this: My girlfriend Nancy was the leasing coordinator for the large company I worked for and I was their interior design coordinator so we’d meet with the docs …she’d go over their leases, I’d talk to them about what kind of suite they wanted. one shrink who was a pain in the NECK suddenly says to Nancy “Are you telling me you’ll pay for half the toilet?” In a very nasty tone…she said “Yes, it’s for you and your HALF ASSED PATIENTS!”
    I nearly ducked under the conference table but he treated us so much friendlier after that 🙂

    Kid…yes, there are no hard and fast rules, are there.

    No radiologists at my colos, either….the doc reads the ultrasound as they ‘move through’! (so to speak!!)


  46. Kid says:

    I can’t remember any specific situations right now (as I’ve just taken my does of Prozac and LSD just 37 minutes ago- I can’t remember if I should take them together…) but I’m aware of situations of totally unnecessarily surgeries and recommended surgeries over the years.
    I get pains in my knees sometimes, or other odd and semi-serious feelings here and there and I just ignore them, but if I went off a doc and said “Gee, my right knee has this sharp pain in it right now” I feel very confident I’d be on an operating table poste haste.
    No thankya.


  47. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, you’re probably right with MANY doctors….
    Funny, a friend called from Seattle today and she’s 72 and has aches here and pains there….she had a doctor tell her that he wouldn’t recommend neck surgery because everyone he’s seen have it has to have another one after it. There are SOME good docs and he’s apparently one. Sent her to physical therapy and she’s WAY better.

    One of my Bro-in-Laws is a shrink who deals in pain control….worked for a time with ortho surgeons none of whom recommended surgery! BACK DOCS that DON’T recommend it!? Obviously, they did them when absolutely necessary, but………….. Bill’s dealt with this kind of medicine for years and If you ask Bill about back surgery, he’d say “When? NEVER”


  48. Kid says:

    Z, Since you bring it up. I’ve known Three people who have had this surgery to fuse a couple vertebrae segments in their neck – based on the idea that they were so weak that a minor car accident could break their neck and leave them paralyzed. Horrible operation. They go through the front of your neck and have to bind your esophegous off to the side the whole operation. Afterwards you can maybe do popcicles for a couple months, then spend another 6 months learing how to eat again. Damn.


  49. Kid says:

    Back surgery? NYET !


  50. Kid says:

    I recently had cataract surgery. Much easier to deal with than I ever imagined and my surgeon only used ‘numbing drops’. You put yourself into a mental zone and you get through it. The neck thing? No mental zone available.


  51. Z said:”He’s right. It’s the Freedom Caucus which Screwed this over. But they think they’ll keep their jobs…”
    This bill sucked. and pundits who agreed it sucked wanted it passed so that the senate could clean it up and Trump would not “loose”.
    That’s not what reps were voted in to do.


  52. Kid says:

    Ed, the bill sucked. Now, was Trump playing it so that the pure evil of obammycare could be revealed over the next couple years with a constant drumbeat of here is what the democrats gave you? Will it matter? How many will notice? Will Cynthia finally have sex with the trangendered female Charles and will they get married? WIll they have children or will they adopt and have transsexual children of their own….


  53. geeez2014 says:

    Ed, I don’t disagree 100% but I don’t think those reps were as noble as you suggest.


  54. Let’s remember that employee insurance was a union benefit sold as a way to maintain a healthy stable workforce. Makes sense.
    Then let their families in so they wouldn’t have to worry about them.
    Of course the union leaders, like the Reuthers, were socialists.
    After awhile, non-employees thought they should have it as good.
    That it’s a right.


  55. geeez2014 says:

    The fun never really stops on the Left. I wish I was a Leftwing journalist and found things like this important enough to print it. Oh, I forgot! Pardon me. It needn’t be important, it just needs to make Conservatives look bad. SCORE!!!


  56. Well, noble or not, I think they have principles of conservatism.
    Some are obviously libertarian, and hold to that set of principles.
    I just think the three phase idea is a pipe dream.
    We don’t need reconciliation, or Price making new rules, or dems buying in later.
    We need a good plan, up front, no hodge podge and nuke it through.


  57. Kid, I think Trump wanted a “deal”. Didn’t really care about the contents, just a win in his column.


  58. Kid says:

    Ed, Possible.


  59. Friends,
    I have so many questions about the demise of the AHCA. Please weigh in.


  60. Some items I’ve gleaned from Facebook. All information about these lobby contributions has substantiating links from

    Rand Paul:
    #2–Health Professionals

    Tom Price:
    #1–Health Professionals
    #2–Pharmaceuticals/Health Products
    #6–Health Services/HMOs
    #10-Hospitals/Nursing Homes

    Paul Ryan:
    #8–Healthcare Professionals
    #11–Pharmaceuticals/Health Products
    #13–Hospitals/Nursing Homes

    Looks like crony capitalism to me!


  61. FB says:

    Let Obamacare tank so it is called Obamacare for ever. Then redo. Remember “don’t let a crisis go to waste.” Let’s wait for the actual crisis to happen to scrape the whole thing.


  62. FB says:

    The bill was terrible. Without mandate the whole thing is even worse. I can’t believe the Republicans and Trump were that dumb. I’m losing patience with them overall.


  63. FB says:

    Good thing about this, though, is that Ryan was exposed as a conservative fraud. From the Tea Party to being ok with a bill that was just a copy of Obamacare. I truly hope he gets the boot next time.


  64. Mal says:

    Yes, Z, I’ve been paying the 20% for both of us and its worked out fine. As I said earlier, when they see you don’t have secondary insurance “because its too expensive”, I believe it helps. Sure, we’re taking a chance, but its worked so far. It’s a self-insure thing. I do the same when buying an appliance, for example, when they offer to extend a warranty for an additional 3 years or whatever, for “only $129”. I put all those “fees” in a hypothetical account and self-insure, plus I don’t have to find paperwork to prove anything, and the time period never runs out. Consider also, most problems with new equipment, be it an appliance or an auto, appear within the first year. Another reason I have rarely bought new cars, preferring 1 to 2 year old models at half the price (at wholesale), and most problems have already been taken care of. I do keep a pretty healthy cash reserve, paid for by all the above savings.


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