Silverfiddle still gets it right…!

Our retired blog owner great friend and amazing thinker/writer, SILVERFIDDLE, linked this at AOW’s blog the other day.   I just saw it yesterday.

It’s a really good overview of what a workable, good healthcare plan should include.  Since we’ve been talking about healthcare, I thought I’d publish it today and let you read it and comment.


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41 Responses to Silverfiddle still gets it right…!

  1. bocopro says:

    Always thoughtful, that SF.

    Partic’larly like #7 on the list — been garblin about that for years, but nobody seems to get it. Maybe it’s ’cause I’ve always tended to lump defensive medicine under the tort reform umbrella, which makes people’s eyes glaze over and their ears to pick up on other voices from across the room.

  2. The concept of the Affordable Care Act or Obamacare as it is known, and reduced healthcare costs as The Silver fiddle article refers to, are two different topics.
    One is to control the society and economy while pretending to try and provide low cost health care through insurance and the other has little to do with insurance at all except in regards to lowering the cost of what the insurance is supposed to provide.
    Yes they are related, but you can have reduced Health Care Cost without insurance.
    Reduced healthcare costs may help the implementation of a national insurance program but in reality there should be no national insurance program.

  3. Ed,
    Reduced healthcare costs may help the implementation of a national insurance program.


    But the matter of the prices of various healthcare services is a big deal!

    It is only since the price of healthcare soared that more and more people actually needed health insurance.

    Sure, Medicaid is an option for many. But in most states, all assets have to be spent — or seized. If one member of a couple is still living, what is that person going to do? Live under a bridge?

    Medical bankruptcy occurs very often to those with health insurance — particularly if no assets for the spouse can somehow be sheltered. Many states don’t allow any such sheltering, and Virginia is one of those states. If Mr. AOW had ended in a nursing home on a permanent basis, all assets, including those I inherited, would have been seized by the state to pay for his care. Medicare doesn’t pay for nursing home residence; only Medicaid does.

  4. Just way the explanation of benefits for my CT scan of March 3. Charge = $1700. Allowed Medicare amount = $80, and facility takes Medicare assignment. I owe nothing.

    How is that facility going to pay for that expensive CT machine if most patients scanned are Medicare patients?

  5. Forgot to say in my next-to-last comment above…some 80% of nursing home residents are Medicaid patients. Most entered as paying patients; then, once all assets were consumed by the bills for care, the patients were converted to Medicaid.

  6. FB says:

    A national program will increase healthcare costs. In France it has been proven that it was unable to control costs despite everything that’s said. And on top of that it limits medical innovation.

    I don’t like this article. It doesn’t address immediate problems. It’s a bunch of good ideas in terms of administrative costs but it doesn’t address:
    – cash system to pay for healthcare spendings
    – insurance across state lines
    – tort reform

    As far as older people, it’s a tough one I must say. But one of the solutions is maybe to reinvigorate family values. Instead we let people think the state needs to pay for everything.

  7. Kid says:

    I also especially like #7. That could be done with legislation regardless whatever else is done.

  8. geeez2014 says:

    A healthy healthcare plan must include ideas like this…there are no two ways about it.

    Something I find important is that we are NEVER EVER going to turn back the time and have no national healthcare program. It’s WRONG, it’s STUPID, it’s EXPENSIVE, it’s just plain BAD but it’s HERE. As all of us have mentioned “taking goodies away isn’t going to ever happen anymore”.

    Let’s go from here; What can a new health care bill INCLUDE that makes it better, like the things I posted in this article, which would be very helpful, as AOW suggests.

    OR: Tell us how you feel we can yank every fragment of a healthcare plan away…
    1. what then?
    2. how do we ever get elected again?

    A LOT of us are indignant, puffed up in our certainties, and talking about things that aren’t realistic….or are they? Tell us HOW.

  9. geeez2014 says:

    Here’s an article I just ran across that’s appropriate for our discussion. Haven’t had time to read it all, have to leave, but will be back soon. Take a look, everybody!

  10. bunkerville says:

    AOW was on the right track. Tort Reform Tort Reform.. Our hospital a few years ago paid over $300,000 per Neurosurgeon and OB Doc for Malpractice insurance with a $3 Million dollar deductible. But no one wants to talk about the Holy Grail except Texas which has seen Docs flooding into their state since their tort reform.. Get rid of bad Docs… they are out there aplenty and no one is doing much about it. The State rarely lifts their license and if they do, they simply move on to another State.

  11. geeez2014 says:

    Before I take off for a couple of hours, I have OUTNUMBERED On….O’Reilly’s SO right when he says that America didn’t vote for the Republican party, necessarily, they voted for the populist, Trump. Lots to talk about about that concept.

  12. Kid says:

    What Bunkerville said.

    We did not vote for the republican party that’s for sure. If anyone than Trump would have been the candidate (ex maybe Ted Cruz), clinton would be in the white house. Thank God for Trump.

  13. Mal says:

    All very good points. Health and medicine is totally out of control As he pointed out, we’d be better off only paying for those that can’t afford it, which is really what we had pre-Obamacare. I mean, was anyone denied medical treatment or surgery before Obamacare, including illegals who were treated? No! It had to be cheaper than what this is costing today.
    Also, I’d like to make another point. I have sleep apnea and use a CPAP machine when sleeping at night. I frequently get calls and emails trying me to reorder new supplies, and when I tell them, for example, I only need a new mask once a year, they say Medicare will okay one every 3 months. They are only looking to sell more supplies and don’t care if it costs Medicare. AND……….when I order, for example, a chin strap, my co-pay is $18, meaning they are charging Medicare $90 ’cause my $18 represents 20%. Here’s the kicker……….I can go online and buy the strap on the outside for $18, plus shipping. Is anyone paying attention to ACTUAL COSTS OF THINGS?

  14. Kid says:

    MAL, There is an incredible amount of fraud. IBM offered obama free software to put a stop to medicare fraud and the magic negro said no thanks.

  15. John M. Berger says:

    As I commented on AOW yesterday; I especially like #7.

  16. geeez2014 says:

    A friend emailed me this and I thought it worth discussing:

    “Trump is looking like a drunken blind man with a shotgun. He’s blasting away and every once in a while he hits something that needs to be killed and also does more damage than good. At least I hope that’s what’s going on because it’s beginning to look as though it might be something much more sinister. Why is Reince Priebus, who was the head of the Republican National Committee since 2011 and a close personal friend of Paul Ryan, Trump’s choice to be Chief of Staff? Why is the House Conservative Caucus the recipient of Trump’s blame for the continuation of Obamacare when the Conservative Caucus was not permitted to participate in the drafting of the Ryancare bill. Why?
    The Republican Party doesn’t seem to be interested in making any changes to reduce the size of government. Ryancare sure didn’t eliminate government’s control of healthcare. Assuming, and there is no evidence to think we can do better than assume, that Trump really wants to ‘drain the swamp’, what evidence is there the Republican party majority is going to support that? Trump says ‘onward to tax reform’. I predict a repeat disaster for tax reform, essentially it will be like assigning new priorities for the lifeboats on the Titanic; the ship will sink but there will be different survivors. Too late to save the ship? I hope not but the signs aren’t very encouraging.

    I hope I’m wrong.”

  17. geeez2014 says:


    It doesn’t matter WHAT we think here….America is getting such horrible messages…..MANY of us get it; you read the headline and it sometimes has nothing to do with the article, the point is not nearly as sinister as the headlines suggest, but…..MOST? BAD BAD BAD.

    Without stopping this, and that mentality of UTTER HATE that creates them, we haven’t a chance….nor does Trump.

    Schumer actually came screaming out of a restaurant the other night ( ACCUSING a woman .”SHE VOTED FOR TRUMP!” On the street..he’s yelling that…..
    the country has gone insane.

  18. FB says:

    Last post is worrisome. I watched Mark Levin TV last night on CRTV and his episode showed clips of Ryan talking about Obamacare to the people, with a big grin on his face. When you see those videos you definitely think we’re part of a bigger scam. This guy’s a real fraud or a puppet.

  19. Kid says:

    Trump is in the position of having to fight the dems, the media, more RINO republicans than most imagine are out there and a great many federal obama/democrat loyal federal employees. How many republicans speak up for Trump? I can think of two – Gowdy and Cruz.

    The reason for this is the republicans are corrupt politicians bought and paid for. They are part of a very large swamp and they likely want to see Trump gone so they can get back to business as usual.

    This is why Trump got elected. He is an outsider and the swamp seems to prove he is not part of the swamp.

  20. What Kid said at March 28, 2017 at 11:35 am!

  21. Z,
    Schumer actually came screaming out of a restaurant the other night


    This is what the Left is like when the mask drops.

    What scum!

  22. Z,
    I’m looking around websites, home pages, etc., and EVERY SINGLE ONE has almost nothing but HATE TRUMP STORIES

    This is the way it’s going to be for the next 4-8 years — and maybe beyond.

    We all need to curtail our exposure to the mainstream news media. The Enemedia in all the various forms is toxic. And so is academia.

  23. geeez2014 says:

    FB, you said “Ryan talking about Obamacare to the people, with a big grin on his face. When you see those videos you definitely think we’re part of a bigger scam.” In what context was he talking about Obamacare?
    You don’t really think Ryan’s going to repeal Obamacare and have nothing to substitute, do you? As you can see in some of the comments above, we ALL know there is NO WAY that this administration can take parts of Obamacare away……we are VERY SADLY in national healthcare at this point and NOBODY can take that away if they EVER want to be reelected..>EVER

    AOW…we MUST curtail our exposure. One of my dearest friends, whose best friend’s husband works in the WH with Pence and Trump very closely, was SO pro Trump it was NUTS during the election….we had lunch today and she is SO disappointed..disheartened. She can’t watch news because it’s too horrible, as I mentioned above, and it was really hard for me to see even SHE is tired of his Tweets, etc.

    EVERYONE: pertaining to my comment to AOW just above this, my friend said EVERYONE who meets Trump likes him and says so…they’re surprised. I have to admit I can’t tell you the name of the guy working so closely at the WH BUT he hated Trump (he worked for Pence during the campaign) and now likes him very much as a person.

    THe bad thing is NOBODY IS STANDING UP FOR TRUMP IN THE MEDIA…Nobody really is showing the truth behind horrid headlines, nobody………’s all HATE HATE HATE. ALl day, all night,e very day, every night.

  24. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, excellent point. Even most Republicans aren’t speaking up for Trump….Cruz, Gowdy….I think Ryan’s been pretty flattering lately…a few…..but NOT ENOUGH


    The PROBLEM is, as my friend and I discussed today, it’s VERY hard to stand up for him because he’s oftentimes hard to defend. This gal’s a working actress and told me all she hears from others in that business is horrible anti-Trump stuff and the word “impeachment” CONSTANTLY.

    THis is the goal, folks…IMPEACHMENT. And not many , even within the WH, can get it TOGETHER enough to help him look good. They have Sean Spicer but he was doing two jobs…so, they found another guy to represent the WH but I haven’t heard word ONE from him since I heard they hired him!! DID HE QUIT?

    The White House MUST get it together…I know most of you think they’re doing JUST FINE and it’s only the lib press that doesn’t see it, but…………………….really?

  25. Kid says:

    Z, that was my point. No one is standing up for Trump anywhere. Except for Gowdy and Cruz. I’d say Trump is doing FANTASTIC dealing with this. he is calm, he smiles a lot and he is forging ahead. He is the best president we’ve had in a long long time.

    I see many comments on conservative sites that we can simply Repeal obamacare. I agree. People din’t have ins pre-ocare and people don’t have coverage now, and people were not denied healthcare and everything was a lot cheaper. The repubs could throttle the lawyers and save 650 Billion a year. That would fix HC all by itself. Malpractice? Create legislation that when a doctor commits a level x malpractice offence they are Out. ANd they can’t move to another state and just start over.
    Mind boggline. this would be so easy to fix.

    Ryan is a sell out. I know you like him, but he has yet to show me anything to pull me in.

  26. Kid says:

    Z, If people are going to sit around and think that if you want the truth you have to watch CNN…. ? Those people will never be on board. Simple as that. This is war. If anything, I’d say send letters to your republican representatives and tell them unless they get behind Trump that you are going to vote against them as well as try to influence others to do the same.
    It’s the only thing that moves the needle with those &%%^%’s

  27. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, you’re right….CNN has absolutely nothing lately but panels dissecting Trump…all negative with some stalwart blonde Pro Trump gal whose name is Kayleigh McEnany. She ROCKS, never gives up, keeps fighting the incredible insults, etc., but it’s sometimes hard to defend.

    I’m VERY VERY glad you feel so optimistic about Trump. Sadly, as I described above, the ugliness is wearing a LOT of people down and this is precisely what the WH has to at least try to counteract. Some of you think public opinion isn’t important; I have always found it intensely important.
    As I also said above, to repeal Obamacare with nothing to take over but what we had is a fabulous idea but will NEVER HAPPEN so we have to be smart and deal with fixing things as best we can; that’s the problem Ryan’s facing. he knows no party which snatches healthcare away (and people WILL be told that’s what’s happening) will get elected for years and we MUST THINK ABOUT THE SUPREME COURT and other things we have to keep in power for.

    It’s very complicated…See, with Reagan, as conservative as he was, people slammed him a lot but Republicans could defend him at parties, at the workplace…a fine, upstanding man who is dignified, civil, ….no baggage.
    not so easy these days. CLEARLY, that’s partly because the media didn’t hate him QUITE as much, the stinking Leftwingers like Maxine and Chuck and Nancy didn’t insult him QUITE so much….but…………



  28. Fantastic article. I agree completely!

  29. Kid says:

    My basic thought is “Haters will hate” Translation – Nothing you can do with them and I think it is counterproductive to try.

    Your last paragraph… I think Spicer is doing a fantastic job from what I’ve seen so far, meaning he only addresses what the vampires press during the conference. I would reach into things that are not brought up by the attendees and try to defend against any of that. I think it makes one look weak. (like I see media A is trying to dress down Kellyanne and bla bla bla) If Spicer and the rest of them simply ignore such things it removes their potential weight. If Spicer was to address some adhoc attack that the attendees didn’t bring up, it would Give weight to whatever the subject was.
    So, I would never approve of Spicer saying The NY Times said bla, unless someone stuffed in his face in the presser. Trump tweeting about it is another matter tho. Trump doesn’t have one on one pressers like Spicer so that is his only way to defend himself in a contrained subject material way. Like when he mentioned that Podesta received many millions of dollars from Russia During the clinton campaign. and that the clintons were instrumental in moving 20% of American uranium to Russia, and money that the clintons received from Russia. You have to tweet that becuase it is not going to come up in conversation.

  30. Kid says:

    Damn. I would NOT reach into things that are not brought up.

  31. geeez2014 says:

    And now Mrs. Romney is vowing to fight, vowing to lobby against WH cuts to the NIH ….. ‘Thanks, Mrs. Romney”! JUST what we needed 😦
    Not sure she’s 100% wrong….but OH, doesn’t this look terrible? !!
    “So it’s not wasted spending as our administration is saying”….asks the interviewer.
    “Medical research will STOP!” says Mrs. Romney….
    Mrs. Romney is also pushing her Center and her new book, by the way.

  32. bocopro says:

    My solution is quite simple: I just ignore it all as much as possible and don’t let it get to me.

    See . . . we KNEW it was gonna be a bumpy ride with DJT as long ago as the 9th of November. Personally, I don’t want him to change, at all. I would like to see someone box his ears when somethin gets under his skin and triggers a testosterone spill. But the last thing we need is another RINO wimp politician in the Oval Office.

    He’s doin some good stuff, and tryin to do some more. I agree with many of his EO reversals of his predecessor’s EOs and like very much which way his appointees have been going at State, UN, AttyGen, and EPA.

    Now for some slicin and dicin on the tax code and whatever it takes to get Gorsuch onto the court. With those in place and ANY noticeable pickup in GDP next year, even Maxine Waters will hafta admit he’s not as much of a danger to the nation than DingleBarry.

    No, I don’t want Trump to back down too much. He needs to do a little compromisin now and then . . . you know — art of the deal and all that . . . but I WANT him to write down names and strike heavy black lines through ’em. I WANT him to whittle away at the restrictions on trade and manufacturing and all that. I WANT him to get rid of duplication and overlap in gummint, and I WANT him to avoid becoming a Washington insider.

    Failing that, the only remaining alternative is Rev II and martial law for a while to allow patriots, not politicians, to sort through the morass of bothersome details about which bathroom people should use and how long someone should spend in jail for hurting some liberal’s F-E-E-E-E-L-ings and figure out how to resurrect some sense of personal accountability and common sense in D.C.

    Or maybe move the capital to someplace like Kansas, or Nebraska, or Wyoming where the water isn’t contaminated with the greed virus, the party loyalty pathogen, and the tax-and-spend bacterium.

  33. geeez2014 says:

    Bocopro and others; I think the difference is many of you don’t care at all about what others think about Trump, etc., and I DO. I’m worried about 2018 and 2020 elections and can only see utter and complete disaster due to the leftwing liar media.

    Kid, I said it can’t be Spicer; where IS this guy the WH supposedly hired about 3 weeks ago to not do what Spicer’s supposed to do (Spicer was doing both jobs) but to handle WH communications in other way.
    No, Spicer can’t do or say certain things…and I wouldn’t say he’s been fantastic, you have to watch to see….he’s been fine, usually. He’s a great guy and means VERy well and isn’t stupid but he’d admit he’s done some questionable things…he told some guy today to stop shaking his head when he was answering him…like “no way…you’re wrong”.. Spicer needs to get thicker skinned, too. One NEVER hears people in his position who emotion or frustration.
    never Ari Fleischer, NEVER that jerk Josh Ernest and never Dana Perino….
    And they were pushed hard (except Ernest, of course)

  34. Kid says:

    Z. Polarization. People either get it or they don’t. The ones who don’t never will. Let’s see where the chips fall in 2018 and 2020. It is all there is.

  35. Kid says:

    Z, 98% of the population Never watches Spicer.

  36. Kid says:

    Hell, I’ve even stopped watching Spicer.

  37. FB says:

    Why watch Spicer? Whether it’s a R or a D it still is “propaganda” and it’s useless. We still need to maintain our president accountable according to what we want he/she to achieve.

  38. FB says:

    Z, watch Mark Levin TV if you can find it. He exposed Ryan’s video in January saying the GOP could now repeal Obamacare. We’ve all been played and if you want to accept being played, that’s fine. It enrages me personally. I truly believe that at some point we’ll need a revolution to really drain the swamp and to kick all those DC crooks out.

  39. geeez2014 says:

    FB…I wish it were that simple.

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