Marine Le Pen…….No Skinhead.

I SO HOPE SHE WINS.   She wants to get rid of the huge numbers of illegal ‘refugees,’ pull a “FREXIT” like Britain did and keep France French.  AND she attracts skin head types, as the linked article discusses.

Please read the article…….it’s a good one and prompts some discussion:

Trump, too, got accusations of White Supremacists liking him so, therefore, he must be a supremacist or agrees with them, right?   Ridiculous.  And any breathing human but a far leftwinger knows that.  Germans have it rough because if they speak out against immigration there are those, including leftwing Germans, who immediately scream “HOLOCAUST”!     Ridiculous.

How DO politicians avoid these types of assumptions just because there are some who follow them who might not be too savory?  I personally think some feminists and abortion fanatics are as unsavory as skinheads but, of course, the media considers them mainstream, so…

Thoughts?  Feelings about Marine Le Pen?


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32 Responses to Marine Le Pen…….No Skinhead.

  1. “A self-described patriot, Le Pen hopes to extract France from the European Union and do away with France’s membership in the shared euro currency. She pounds away on the disadvantages of “massive immigration” like a drum major.”
    What’s not to like?


  2. cube says:

    The way I see it, she’s the French equivalent of Trump. A person who doesn’t need the political hassle in their lives, but is willing to do the job because someone has to do the job in order to ensure that the rule of law be enforced in their country.


  3. Marine Le Pen is extremely anti-Globalist. Her truthful, gutsy criticism of their massive corruption & disrespect is just plain truth spoken to the jerks in power in the EU! I am so hoping she wins!


  4. Marine Le Pen is not the French equivalent of Trump. She has worked hard to soften her party’s skinhead reputation (which is deserved — her father and predecessor holds half a dozen convictions for inciting racial hatred, considered Saddam Hussein a friend and literally denied the holocaust), whereas Trump is much rougher than his party would like to present itself as.
    But le Front National is reliable pro-Russioan, has frequent contact with the Putin admin and accepted a large loan from the FCRB in 2014, so there are some similarities.


  5. I don’t quite know what I think of Marine Le Pen — other than to say that she speaks to the valid concerns about non-Western immigrants overwhelming France.

    How many here have read The Camp of the Saints? Many in France have read that dystopian novel and see France’s future if the globalist agenda continues in the direction it has been going. IMO, it will take strong nativism to combat that agenda. The pendulum must swing before it comes back closer to center.


  6. Kid says:

    liberals cannot think beyond insulting their enemies AKA: Sane people.

    PS: What FW said and What you and Ed said as well Z.


  7. Le Pen is getting more traction as each day goes by, and she speaks to a number of popular issues. The NF is a good balance to the current crop of Republicans [their label]. The party does have a recent, sordid past to move beyond, and Le Pen has to ramp up the appeal among women voter to be competitive. I’d vote for her over the alternatives, were I a beret-wearing, wine-swilling Pepe le Pew [I jest on that part of course….]


  8. geeez2014 says:

    OOOH! Trump just said THE TRUTH at the CEO meeting he’s speaking at at this moment….something I’ve WISHED someone’d say “Where did the infrastructure Obama promised go? I haven’t seen it….it went to social programs, not to building what we need.” Hallelujah.
    “If you don’t have a job you’re starting within 90 days, we’re not giving you the money until you’re ready.” HURRAH.


  9. geeez2014 says:

    Ed, indeed..hence, my post. How could sane Frenchmen NOT agree??!

    Cube and FairestWitness…absolutely true. She doesn’t need this hassle AND she speaks truth to the EU…good stuff

    Convergentsum; So what about the Russia/French connection? Chacun a son gout….Marine knows much more than we do about any connection….it’s not like she’s a communist; far from it.
    I believe she IS more like Trump than we might think ….Her father started the ball rolling, woke up the French to the concept of, again, protecting FRANCE; the French are extremely nationalistic and proud of their gorgeous culture and I’m hoping Marine can heal France.

    AOW…there isn’t more nativism than the French! You make an excellent point with that word because, suddenly, a country is shamed for nativism.

    I hate GLOBALISM and hope that France gets a grip.

    Kid, glad you agree ….Not surprised, of course!

    CI, the NF is more extreme than most Republicans but you’re right, her father has a sordid past and the media are in overdrive connecting her to him constantly. And I’m hoping Marine’s emphasis on keeping France SAFE will finally appeal to the women’s vote. Trump finally did much better with women’s votes than the media’d predicted. (I almost wrote “Trump finally did much better with women.” but figured it could be taken wrong 🙂

    I’d do about ANYTHING to be back in Paris enjoying everything about that amazing country.


  10. Z – I’ll take Strasbourg…but YMMV!


  11. Hi Z,

    “Trump just said THE TRUTH at the CEO meeting he’s speaking at at this moment….something I’ve WISHED someone’d say “Where did the infrastructure Obama promised go?”

    Here’s the thing most people don’t know about the Stimulus Plan (The American Recovery & Reinvestment Act of 2009); that TRILLION dollars in additional federal spending was spent every year. again and again, for the remainder of the Obama Presidency because there was no budget in place. Congress used Continuing Resolutions and Baseline Budgeting.

    “Baseline budgeting is one of those Washington terms that sounds very dry and boring. In reality, baseline budgeting is one of the most sinister ways that politicians claim to cut spending when they are actually increasing spending.”

    “Baseline budgeting uses CURRENT SPENDING LEVELS as the “baseline” for establishing future funding requirements and assumes future budgets will equal the current budget times the inflation rate times the population growth rate. Twice a year—generally in January and August—CBO prepares baseline projections of federal revenues, outlays, and the surplus or deficit. Those projections are designed to show what would happen if current budgetary policies were continued as is—that is, they serve as a benchmark for assessing possible changes in policy. They are not forecasts of actual budget outcomes, since the Congress will undoubtedly enact legislation that will change revenues and outlays. Similarly, they are not intended to represent the appropriate or desirable levels of federal taxes and spending.”

    So we are talking TRILLIONS of federal taxpayer money that was more than enough to rebuild schools, roads, bridges, electrical grids, airports, courthouses, prisons…. you name it. But almost NOTHING got done. Where did all those trillions of tax dollars go?


  12. Mal says:

    “They’re holding sausage and wine fetes……” to be in the face of the Muslims. I hope the girls are dressed in skimpy bikinis, too. The skimpier, the better!


  13. That’s a whole lot of sausage and wine, Mal.


  14. Kid says:

    FW – “Where did all those trillions of tax dollars go?”

    That’s been my question all along. Whole lot of stealing going on is my guess. All those tax dollars and 10 trillion of new debt. Nothing getting done, Military spending decimated. I think the truth would even shock Me.


  15. geeez2014 says:


    CI..Strasbourg’s very nice, too. YMMV…You Make Me Vomit? NAAA! I know….yes, as much as I’ve been around and like Strasbourg, I’d kill for one day at the Englisher Garten in Munich at a bier garten or sitting with my back to the wall in Paris at a small table with a friend…a cigarette and wine…watching the world go by, remembering I AM IN PARIS.
    I took a bus to French class, about 35 minutes, then a 15 minute walk to class every morning….we’d cross the Seine…blue skies, white puffy clouds, gorgeous architecture all around, and I’d think “My friends in LA are just going to bed now and I’m CROSSING THE SEINE!’ Didn’t get better than that..
    Ever. I should write a book of my amazing memories…like lunch sitting next to Charles DeGaulle’s grandson and having quite a talk with him, or chatting with Oscar de la Renta, or a MILLION wonderful things…


  16. Kid says:

    Z, that sounds like great blog post material.

    And th Rice thing is just like watergate only 1000 times worse and CNN calls it “fake scandal”.

    But the liberals are in an Outrage of Melania’s offial FLOTUS pic. Now that I actually lauighed at. If that’s not proof positive the liberalism is a mental disease I don’t know what is.


  17. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, oh YA>…I saw the news come out on FOX and thought “FINALLY, THEY GOT OBAMA”…quick turned to CNN to see them weeping and it’s ALL “SO the story tonight is Susan Rice is the person who unmasked, but that’s exactly what someone in her position does, and this is absolutely no offense, it’s just Trump AGAIN trying to deflect from Russia”

    Honestly, I think Gloria Borger, Dana Bash, etc etc are so thrilled with THEIR FAKE NEWS.


  18. Hah! YMMV = You’re Mileage May Vary.


  19. Kid says:

    While they still have no Russia evidence. Plenty on Podesta though. CNN is like having that crazy fat kid in N Korea in your back yard.


  20. geeez2014 says:

    “Michelle Obama’s hair is our favorite thing on the internet” Yes, that’s how some regard today’s news…she’s now wearing her hair more ‘au naturel’ so people ARE SO HAPPY! Don’t worry about N Korea, or China or Susan Rice or anything..Michelle’s wearing her hair cool now…be happy! (omg)

    And we think we have PROBLEMS? 🙂


  21. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, this is So clever “CNN is like having that crazy fat kid in N Korea in your back yard.” Well said!

    CI, I actually Googled YMMV because I’d never ever seen it…and the vomit one is one definition but I figured that’s not what you meant…or at least I hope not 🙂


  22. cube says:

    For whatever its worth, she got my vote..


  23. fredd says:

    Trump, Le Pen, Geert Wilders, all of their popularity is spawned by the failure of the concept of ‘One World Order,’ globalism, whatever you want to call it, that has been tried and has failed spectacularly over the last 30 years or thereabouts. The failure is predominantly fueled by the over reach of Islamists and their desire to spread sharia everywhere like manure on a farmer’s field. Most patriots of all Western cultures don’t like the stench….

    We’ll see more of leaders like Le Pen pop us.. Lots more of them. French people want to remain French (such as they are), the Dutch want to remain Dutch and Americans want to remain Americans. It’s not all that hard to understand. At least for me it’s not, and I can be dumber than a bag of hammers from time to time.


  24. Kid says:

    As soon as enough people fear the loss of their culture more than being called ‘Raciss’, the world will start making a little sense.


  25. geeez2014 says:

    Some of you quote from the International Business Times as if you like it and it’s ALWAYS got THE most LIBERAL stuff in it that it’s surprised me. Most BUSINESS sites/papers, etc., are more conservative but the IBT has gone WHACKO, or was it always far left? …nearly every day there are very anti Trump things… Like this: TRUMP WILL BE IMPEACHED OR RESIGN..OR BOTH!~ ???

    “A combination of controversy, scandal and low polling numbers have prompted oddsmakers at a U.K. betting house to predict President Donald Trump would likely either be impeached or resign – or both – before the upstart politician’s first term in the White House officially comes to an end in 2020, according to a new report. The odds for an impeachment to happen were given a 4/5 chance of happening as of Friday, according to Inverse, a website that describes itself in part by asking “ What could happen next? ””


  26. Kid says:

    Z, Nothing like libtards losing money, and yes, the IBT is very left.


  27. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, I didn’t know the IBT was so left…I believe Baysider links articles from it frequently but I must be mistaken. Thanks.


  28. geeez2014 says:

    headlining on homepages….sounds like he hates Trump and Trump was apparently an idiot, right? Except if you read the article, he only says he’d think twice because of the vicious backlash he got from people.

    Another TYPICAL leftwing ‘journalists’ BS


  29. Kid says:

    I dunno Z. I will say it has been farly recent that I noticed how leftie they are. Maybe they are motivated to guide their content based on who is paying them?


  30. geeez2014 says:

    That’s what I thought….they must have gone left recently. WHO IS PAYING THEM!!??


  31. cube says:

    I was ready to go and swat Rory up the side of his head with my driver… until I read the article. Then I calmed down.


  32. I happen to disapprove of much of what goes on in the political sphere in Moscow, but I mentioned it only as a point of similarity between Le Pen and Trump. In general, I think they are very dissimilar. If the Front National is the pig, she is the lipstick; whereas Trump is just a pig.


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