Heather MacDonald…Beyonce and Trump Exposed (so to speak)

I was lucky enough to have lunch with Heather MacDonald yesterday here in Los Angeles. Her stepmom is a friend of mine and I got invited along for lunch since Heather, from NYC, was in town and her stepmom knows I’m a conservative.  She is SO bright, SO well spoken, great command of the language, wonderful values….everything I’d thought she’d be.  I really like her.    She and I discussed a lot of political things, one being how Trump was caught, 11 years or so, commenting on good looking women and how outraged the Left was about this and what utter hypocrites they are since they’re the first to champion the kind of sexual language Beyonce uses (Mrs. Obama famously denounced Trump for his word, but says she’s pleased her daughters use people like Beyonce as role models!!).

Heather wrote an article on this subject which she said I’d probably like and I thought you would, too:  HERE IS THE LINK. I think you’ll appreciate it.   Sorry for the language, but…it is what it is.


Heather is on the West Coast speaking at Berkeley and UCLA and Claremont College about her latest book, The War on Cops.  She’s anticipating with some worry the protests she’s been told she’ll be having to get through to speak.



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13 Responses to Heather MacDonald…Beyonce and Trump Exposed (so to speak)

  1. Adrienne says:

    Heather speaks for me in her article. I remember long ago being dragged to a Prince concert by my commie ex-brother. At one point in the show Prince pretended to masturbate his guitar accompanied by something squirting out of the top of the guitar neck. I kid you not! I’m a fairly worldly person, but that shocked me to no end. This is the same ex-brother who thinks Trump is crude. Duh!


  2. Lucky you, Z. I’ve seen Heather MacDonald’s interviews on Fox News. She’s wonderful! What an articulate & intelligent woman. I actually had already read this column but I enjoyed reading it again!

    The hypocrisy of the Left! They are not true believers of anything they peddle. It’s all calculated claptrap used to manipulate everybody. I’m so glad Donald Trump’s crude conversation was forgiven & he won.

    What did you have for lunch? I am happy for you, Z. Hobnobbing with high profile Conservatives! Good for you!


  3. The Left’s hypocrisy is astounding. Really over the top the past year or so. Sheesh.


  4. geeez2014 says:

    FairestWitness….well, I just got lucky that a dear elderly friend of mine is Heather’s stepmom and Courtney knew I admire Heather..so, voila! She was coming to L.A. and lunch was set up at The Beach Club….right on the ocean. I had a Caesar’s Salad with extra anchovies 🙂 and she had that AND ‘well cooked vegetables, please’…something else she and I agreed on is how much better we think broccoli is when it’s cooked more than restaurants do it today !! HA!! It was a very nice conversation. She’s lovely and SO SO articulate…

    AOW…it truly is astounding….the way they’re coloring EVER subject negatively. I watched a little of Fox and Friends this morning and Abby Huntsman was in a small town in NC and there were 2 Black Americans (I mention their color because they were obviously SO anti Obama, which is refreshing) and 1 White….and all 3 said they voted for Trump “for change…and we’re TIRED of the constant inability for Trump to do anything because of the Democrats!” I was practically cheering.

    A LOT of us have talked about how we think the negativity from the media and all other Dems is hurting Trump’s goals and we’ve HOPED Americans are catching on; Well, it looks like Trump supporters are NOT losing heart, they’re understanding what’s happening and do NOT LIKE IT.

    Adrienne!!! I have heard of REALLY GROSS stuff but THAT really takes the cake. MY GOSH! I was in Vegas for Ike and Tiny Turner and she treated the microphone as if it were a….well, let’s say ice cream cone!? (smile)….and this was 40 years ago!!!


  5. bunkerville says:

    Good luck with her speaking tour… There will no protests??


  6. I’m jealous of you. I’ve read many articles and books from her and I just read “The War on Cops.” I teach a class titled “The Role of the Police in a Democracy.” We recently made a trip to the police academy I attended and the students were able to tour the academy, talk with the instructors, and see all the SWAT equipment. The commander set-up a display in the firing range of weapons, both fakes and real guns. He had the students look at them and try to decide which were real. They failed miserably, which gave them a good idea of what officers face on the street in live threatening situations. One of my students came to my room yesterday to tell me about a debate in another class about the police and their use of force. He made a point of telling the other students about the display he saw at the academy and told the other students how dangerous it was for officers on the street. Some of the students were convinced that the police were murderers. The student said he told them based on what he saw the police were not wrong in many of the situations on the news. He also told them to take my class so they could find out what the police were faced with on the streets. Oh, by the way, the student was an African-American young man who argued vehemently for the police. That did my heart good.


  7. Mal says:

    My take is this kind of activity shouldn’t be done by the right because we are suppose to be conservative, while the left is not and is allowed……..nay….. EXPECTED to shock everyone. For this reason they get a free pass and can do whatever they please with impunity.


  8. Baysider says:

    Lucky you! I am a fan of hers. I’ve heard her interviewed on the War on Cops. On my list.

    I once donated one of her books to the library in audio format. It was part of a large donation. Never made it to the shelves in the People’s Republic. AUDIO – they were begging for more. HUGE demand. Never saw the light of day. I’ve never donated another resource to that library since.


  9. geeez2014 says:

    Law and Order…I just sent this article to Heather and I’m sure she’ll read it….I actually sent it through our mutual friend so she’d see your comment! yes, I highlighted your comment in the email, so know Heather MacD will be reading it! It’s fabulous news…
    That that Black student feels that way is SO absolutely encouraging!

    Baysider, it was really nice…I guess we can’t be shocked at People’s Republic, but I admit I still am….How stupid of me to think America’s still a place of disparate, if oftentimes conflicting, ideas! GEEEEZZ!!

    Bunkerville…yes, as I put at the end of my article, she was definitely concerned about protests….maybe less ‘concerned’ and more amused? She didn’t seem scared, nothing like that…just on her toes. As she said “WHY is it when I’m going to speak in a town, it seems a Black child’s been killed only a day before? It doesn’t make my speech easier to give!” :=) (I paraphrase)


  10. I always enjoyed listening to her on Bennetts show.


  11. Kid says:

    No one on the vocal left is apparently the least bit concerned that bill clinton is a confirmed 3 times rapist…. Or that bawney fwank’s boyfriend ran a homosexual whorehouse using federal money… add another 1000 things. Personally I don’t feel they deserve the air time….. I want to someday read about nana pelosi living out of a food truck (roach coach) in the LA suburbs.


  12. geeez2014 says:


    Check this out…sad, isn’t it. Claremont went about as badly, a little worse.


  13. Zilla says:

    I’m so happy for you that you got to meet her, I think she is brilliant. As soon as I heard about those rioting lunatics who shut down her speech, I immediately thought of you because I knew you were meeting her beforehand. I’m grateful to Adrienne for putting up a link to your place – I have you bookmarked now, and I am honored that you came to see me at my blog too!
    I am sick of violent leftists but I am encouraged by the fact that a lot of people are pushing back now, and some are giving the goons the whoopin’s that they so richly deserve. Look up “based stick man” and “bikers vs antifa” for examples if you haven’t had a chance to see violent leftist thugs get tastes of their own medicine.


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