CIA knew earlier about Russia

SO….if THIS IS TRUE, why didn’t they come forward?  What am I missing?


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23 Responses to CIA knew earlier about Russia

  1. GOODSTUFF says:

    Citing former government officials…

    FBI senior officials

    I say this is more fake news by the anti American liberal media


  2. FB says:

    Plus there’s a different between backing and hacking voting machines. Can we stop the hysteria?


  3. geeez2014 says:

    GOODSTUFF….not sure that’s correct but there will NEVER be any way to get to truth in our country anymore, I sad to say.

    FB….my point being not to reopen all this backing/hacking stuff, but how stupid they look if they KNEW and didn’t say anything. How’s that reflect on them? Who’d admit this? And why isn’t anybody else asking my question?

    I’m afraid every single movement in our government soon will be accompanied by lie detectors…because who can we trust?

    The LAST PLACE anybody learns anything are SENATE HEARINGS because what’s EVER been found that brought on righteous repercussions? Does anybody really think Susan Rice or Comey or ANYBODY is telling the whole TRUTH? Why should they? And who knows they are or aren’t? WHY BOTHER WITH HEARINGS!??


  4. FB says:

    Why would someone trust the CIA and intelligence community after the Iraq war blunder.


  5. bunkerville says:

    From the NY Times… all the news that is unfit to print…..


  6. Mal says:

    All the distrust has been growing for decades. Although it didn’t start with Obama, he certainly compounded it. As to the Russians? Who knows? There is so much going on behind the scenes, and I keep reminding us about the secret conversation between Obama and Putin’s representative shortly before the 2012 election. I would imagine these kind of contacts have always gone on and will continue to in the future.
    Secret meetings went on during WW ll, also, but unlike today, we trusted our government.


  7. FB – Leaving aside my disagreement, what would your alternative be? Posture our national security off of the MSM?


  8. Bob says:

    If it is true then Trump’s claim that he had been wiretapped is true. Period. I agree that if the CIA knew this was going on, why did they not warn the DNC about it? They probably did through the FBI, and the DNC told the FBI to go away, that they could take care of themselves. All the time, Podesta’s password was “password”.

    This is ironic in that the government knew that the Russians were hacking the Dems, and yet the government didn’t stop anything. Am I the only one that can see the Obama government in a conspiracy to bring Hillary down?


  9. geeez2014 says:

    CI, that’s my response to FB, too. What else?

    BOB…I thought I was nuts because nobody’s brought this question up that I’ve found….I’m glad you agree….If you KNEW it, THEN…..???
    I wonder if Obama hated Hillary THAT MUCH that he’d rather a Republican was in office? Of course, he knew then that whatever Republican was in, he’d do his best to bring him down.

    Mal…secret meetings were good things when we trusted; I’m all for secrets among big boys who have knowledge and put our country FIRST, right?


  10. geeez2014 says:

    Now Obama people are saying they’d proposed doing this to Syrian air bases but Republicans said ‘no’…you just can’t give the Obama folks enough credit for always coming thru, can you? (Smile)


  11. Bob says:

    Oh, how Clintonian these words are: “they’d proposed doing this to Syrian air bases “. So, here we had a powerful President that never had any hesitation side-stepping the Congress, and his toadies are blaming Congress that the President did nothing. How convenient and like Bill Clinton this whole thing is.

    Obama knew the Republicans would oppose his plans, and then used the Repubs as an excuse to do nothing. Congress never stopped him from sending drones after bad guys in Yemen and other countries. What we have here is typically Obama leading from the rear, and from the past. It seems that he retroactively wanted to punish the Syrians for crossing the red line that didn’t exist.


  12. Kid says:

    This is the left trying to make something out of nothing. And if this is all they’ve got, I’m feeling better by the day.

    Let’s say people in Trump’s inner circle had talked to the Russians. About What? 99.99999% of everyone concedes there was no voting machine hacking. Brought people to vote differently becuase of Podesta emails? I doubt few people even read through them or would have changed their vote if they did. The latest thing from the hildebeast is Misogeny caused it. If there was hay to be made off the Russian thing whatever it was, the beast would be hot on that trail.

    If they could do something with this fake news they sure would have done it prior to Gorsuch being confirmed.

    We know Flynn talked to the Russians. It was part of his job. Flynn was ousted becuase he lied to the VP.

    The left get more pathetic by the minute.


  13. Mal says:

    Good point, Bob. That would be the first time I ever heard of anybody stopping Obama from doing what he wanted. “Executive Privilege”.


  14. Flynn was ousted becuase he lied to the VP.

    He should have been ousted anyway, since he was an unregistered, paid agent of at least one foreign government.


  15. I’m confused.
    I thought I’d seen intelligence chiefs admit there was no collusion.
    If there was no collusion and the story is only that Russia tried to sway our election, and that’s how so much truth came out about Clinton that she became unelectable, I only have one thing to say.
    Okay, one more thing. I’m glad this country never tried to sway political results in any other country. Including assassination.
    That would be horrible.


  16. I see what you did there, Ed!


  17. geeez2014 says:

    Bob….you said “Obama knew the Republicans would oppose his plans, and then used the Repubs as an excuse to do nothing.” Ya, so Obama looks righteously tough but doesn’t really WANT to be tough on the Muslims so he sets this up. Typical. And now he uses it against the Republicans. swine.

    Kid, they really are getting more and more pathetic…good comment.

    CI…want to tell us what foreign country you honestly think Flynn was being used by? links, please.

    Ed, “Thanks” is RIGHT!!!


  18. geeez2014 says:

    By the way, I thought it was perfectly charming to have Ivanka’s daughter sing in Chinese for the Chinese bigwig….teaches the little girl manners, that we like to make our guests feel welcomed and at home, and showed warmth in the family…..And yes, I sometimes had to play piano for guests when I was little …and hated it! But it was a great way to grow in confidence and many other things.


  19. Kid says:

    The media will present nothing good


  20. FB says:

    Regarding the CIA, it’s not because they’ve been incompetent or dishonest that you get rid of them. But it seems to be they’ve been highly politicized. And that needs to be fixed. We have a rogue state. Comey, NSA, CIA, FBI don’t seem to be working for the American people at times.


  21. As to Carson’s IG, I did read that somewhere, but probably on FaceBook.


  22. Z – Flynn was a paid agent of the Turkish government. This is well known and well documented. He also filed to register under the FARA, until March. There are numerous links, but here’s a pretty GOP friendly one:


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