Oh! O’Reilly!!

Do you think O’Reilly will have to leave FOX?    Do you think this is legitimate or political?
Do you find it odd that about 22 companies have pulled their advertising from FOX due to the allegations about O’Reilly when they haven’t been proven yet?

My gosh,  I’m glad CNN and MSNBC never have any of their male employees hitting on any women at their stations, right? I guess only Conservatives do this?  (Of course not, which is why I think most of this is political…whether they discover he’s harassed women or not, it can’t be just FOX).

What do you think?  Yes, I  know a lot of you don’t like O’Reilly……he’s pompous, he’s sometimes more Centrist than you’d like, but his stories have been very important and his show is one which Conservatives watch in droves and I’m hoping our comments won’t be aimed at him but about him, please? …His loss would be a blow to a lot of viewers and a big win for CNN, in my opinion.  And I believe that’s behind these sexual accusations.

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25 Responses to Oh! O’Reilly!!

  1. bocopro says:

    What bothers me about people attacking public figures is the selective blindness. Though O’Reilly is not high on my list of favorite personalities, it’s hard to see how he’s done anything to compare with the antics of JFK or LBJ or Slick in the testosterone sweepstakes.

    And how is what he’s accused of doing even in the same LEAGUE with what Susan Rice or John Podesta or HRC or Jacques Fargin Querrie have done to the entire country? Why can’t CNN attack those lying, hypocritical, closed-minded political hacks? Sorry, lost my head: agenda.

    Well . . . O’Reilly is a cash cow, and when men — especially men — acquire power, their appetites often splash over into other tangents. The only men occupying the Oval Office since the Great Depression who didn’t succumb to their carnal callings were HST, RWR, guys named Bush, and JEC. And the only reason Carter didn’t is that he’s a wimp.

    Frankly, we need a person behind the Resolute Desk with strength, and if a bit of that spills over now and then into libido, hey — how is that different from what happens in France, or Italy, or just about any other nation on the planet . . . even clergy.

    Leave us nae fergit — our most powerful instinct is survival. And our most powerful motivator is sex. And some guys are just self-possessed jerks. Does anybody consider HRC a better public figure than Mr. O.? Is Shep Smith more endearing? Does Liz Warren measure up to pay equity for women?

    I liked things better when the news reported what was going on in the world without reference to people’s bathroom habit and not what was going on behind closed doors, which genders were involved, whose boots were under whose bed, and what style of underwear PotUS wears. Prurience and scatology are of little interest to me.


  2. I don’t care for O’Reilly one bit. He’s a bloviating sock puppet with a transparent “I’m for the folks” shtick. And he’s a gun control proponent. I’ve seen no substantiation for allegations that these charges are politically motivated. Sometimes people are simply dicks.


  3. CI said it well.
    I also do not see O’Reilly as a “conservative”, just more conservative than most on tv.
    He often says stuff that makes no sense consistent with a conservative position,
    Like a lot of people.
    I have no influence whether he stays or goes. I watch or don’t watch him depending on Watters.
    I am not a jury member, and have not had evidence presented to me.
    I hope he stays, for fear of what will replace him.
    If he goes and United remains an airline, there is no justice.


  4. Linda says:

    I think O’Reilly is okay. We do watch his a couple of times a week, when there is nothing but those stupid ‘situation comedies’ on. The companies that pulled their advertising are cutting of their noses to spite their faces. Look at what happened to the stores that pulled Ivanka’s brand! We like Jesse Waters, too, and he sure does interview a lot of stupid people!


  5. Kid says:

    As you know I don’t watch.
    I think he did harrass some women, which is odd. Why not put yourself out there like a fishing lure and see what bites. Why did clinton rape a few women and harrass many more? The wife of a guy I work with has a girlfriend that couldn’t Wait for clinton to show up in Cincinnati early 2000’s after he was out of office because she really wanted to give him a bj. I think there were/are 1000’s of women in that category even still today, why rape?


  6. Imp says:

    CI…. you owe me a new keyboard…. ILMAO so hard it launched my coffee!
    Yes…. O’Really is an arrogant, condescending, patronizing, rude, interruptive DICK!
    Yet…. I truly believe he knows it’s time for him and his sctick to hit the road. He’s only on 4 weekdays now…. @ 20,000,000 per year FNC might be looking st their cost profit ratio about now. And seeing as how they’re obviously giving Waters more face time, his own show….he’s the new heir apparent I think.


  7. geeez2014 says:

    bocopro; Fabulous thinking/writing, AS USUAL. I agree with you…. SO much!

    CI…it’s a blog, it’s conjecture, for the sake of conversation. And it’s definitely not normal for 22 companies to take ads out before proof is shown of allegations!
    A good question is why we don’t hear much about liberal sexually roving….that goes a long way to making my point.

    Ed, actually, he’s oceans more conservative, and has done great things for children’s causes, than anybody at CNN or any other network….He’s a force for good on many subjects, whether we like him or not, whether we’re judging “I’m MORE conservative than HE IS!” or not…and it’d be a loss to have him shamed off FOX.

    Linda, I totally agree with you. And I suppose you agree that they’ve been grooming Jesse Watters for O’Reilly’s seat when he’s tired of his gig.

    Kid, there’s NO DOUBT he probably DID harass at least some of the women, but your reasoning on why he probably didn’t do much of it, is my thinking, too. WHY BOTHER? It’s going to come to him just for attention and money. With his wallet, I can only imagine women throw themselves at him, anyway.

    Imp…yes, I’ve been thinking Watters is HEIR APPARENT for a few months now…he’s getting more and more face time, etc.

    I’m not a big O’Reilly fan….even heard some inside info from a journalist who appears on his show from time to time that turned me off a bit more….but there is NO DOUBT he’s covered important stories NOBODY else is and….he’s been effective in getting change from time to time.


  8. bocopro says:

    O’Reilly doesn’t need my support or defense. Prob’ly doesn’t need anyone’s. I wouldn’t offer mine even if he did or I could, mostly because I’m suspicious of his sainthood. But by their very nature, controversies and accusations tend to have more than one facet.

    Believing that all women are ethical, honorable, and moral is not only naïve but foolish and potentially dangerous. Women can be as brutal and savage and greedy as men. My wife and two daughters have clarified that for me over the years. And my Scots-Irish mother was entirely unafraid to be startlingly earthy when the situation warranted.

    Any guy who’s ever had a power position knows about the subtle hints, the sly innuendos, the overt offers. I learned a long time ago never to close my office door when interviewing a woman whom I was about to toss out of the school I was director of in the Navy. Closing that door just sets up the trap of he-said/she-said, and a gold chinstrap was no assurance of rectitude in cases bordering on fraternization or exploitation.

    Ditto for office hours at the university when female students came in to discuss their overdue assignments or failing grades. I’ve had threats, bribe feelers, and blatant offers from women on the GPA cusp of failure, extracurricular activities eligibility, or acceptance to grad programs.

    I still have a small reservoir of the water that ladies used to walk on back when I was a young hopeless romantic, but these days I use it for rinsing my hands and brushing my teeth.

    Generally speaking, tho, I tend to believe my daughters and my wife if and when they accuse certain kinds of men of gender harassment or lewd comments. Anyway, the saltcellar is always handy.


  9. “22 companies have pulled their advertising from FOX ”
    Good, fewer commercials to endure (ha,ha)! I wonder if O’Reilly has lost any of his customary arrogance over this?


  10. Baysider says:

    I tend to go with CI. Since I don’t watch Fox News, and haven’t seen O’Reilly in maybe 20 years I have no idea But he is MALE and in a power position guys do that. Payouts only suggest an issue.
    I saw the ‘receiving’ end of an harassment suit at the company I worked for. Not sexual, just ‘harassment.’ They paid out PLENTY to make it go away, but THE SUER was the problem. SHE was the harasser who went after people in the company (including me – believe me, I know). They fired her for her behavior. Yet she walked away set for life.


  11. Mal says:

    Well, Bocopro comparing him to JFK, LBJ, or Slick shows we must be holding media pros to a higher standard than the POTUS! That’s how far we’ve come…….or gone.


  12. O’Reilly has denied that there is any merit to the allegations against him. He hired crisis communications expert Mark Fabiani, who released a statement to the Times on behalf of his client.

    “Just like other prominent and controversial people, I’m vulnerable to lawsuits from individuals who want me to pay them to avoid negative publicity,” the statement said.

    O’Reilly is a kind of celeb, so this defense rings true to me. He could be the target of false allegations on the part of gold diggers and attention seekers.

    On the other hand, O’Reilly is egotistical in the extreme, so I can imagine that he thinks of himself as a Don Juan.


  13. Imp says:

    Mal….. perhaps now we realize that a POTUS is pretty much the same as any other man? Pants go on one leg st a time and so far in our times , have their zipper in front. Thank god for that this cycle! We’ve rid ourselves of one “man god”…. and personally I’d rather curse or praise a president and not pray to him?


  14. geeez2014 says:

    AOW…I totally agree with you. Nobody here is saying “there’s NO WAY O’Reilly did any of this”…But he’d have been a total IDIOT to have done this…he’s not ugly, he’s richer than most people on the planet, he’s a celeb, most women would go out with him and most women will put out for free with hopes of reeling him in $$$$
    He’s a total egotist but we can never judge a man’s view of his sexual prowess on that….


    Imp; the Left practically DID pray to Obama, didn’t they. The scum.

    JMB; great point about LESS COMMERCIALS!!! ::)


  15. bunkerville says:

    No doubt he is a target… that said I would prefer Tucker move up to 8… purely self interest on my part!


  16. geeez2014 says:

    as an aside; I have been putting together Easter emails for my Bible study group, for friends, etc., and have looked at Easter IMAGES on Google….I’d say half are ‘DANGEROUS’….I click on an image and it’s a big red warning. I haven’t had this on serious political subject images but EASTER, the Christian holiday? Nearly every one I clicked on was unusable and possibly dangerous to my computer. Nice, huh? (sarc)


  17. FB says:

    I guess he can write a new book called “Killing O’Reilly”. Money making machine this guy is.


  18. geeez2014 says:

    FB, good point; I think the sudden number of FOX ‘bigwig men’ who are suddenly in scandalous situations is more about KILLING FOX.
    Wouldn’t that be a welcome change for Soros and others involved in the global order? Got to get rid of FOX, BIG TIME.


  19. I’m with Bunkerville.


  20. geeez2014 says:

    I saw O’Reilly mention that it was the Easter week “and it’s not uncommon to take time off during this week, so I am……..”
    People are suggesting this is to get off the air for a while….How that’s going to help these situation is beyond ME 🙂


  21. geeez2014 says:

    Tonight, O’Reilly TOTALLY lost me. Did you hear the segment on a little girl being RAPED by 3 Middle Eastern immigrants? they were 14, 10 and 8, or something like that! THEY RAPED HER! I think it was in Idaho or something like that………
    He said it wasn’t right to blame this on their Middle Eastern roots…it had to have happened because “Who was watching after them?”
    IS HE KIDDING? A bad babysitter not paying attention made them RAPE A LITTLE GIRL of about 5 years old? ? What’s a damned 8 yr old boy know about RAPING?
    What the??????????????????????? BABYSITTER? “Mommy wasn’t watching?” WHAT??


  22. Kid says:

    o’reilly can go ………………..


  23. Yes I saw that. Lise Boothe had it right.


  24. geeez2014 says:

    Ed, were you as angry as I was when I heard O’Reilly say THAT? It was almost impossible to comprehend that he’d think that way!!



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