Trump and GOALS….

WHY NOT?   Do you have any reasons, excuses, conjecturing on what’s going ON?

Please ignore that a Yahoo author wrote this…we all know they hate Trump but it makes more sense to remember his facts are right.   Or do you think they are not?



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88 Responses to Trump and GOALS….

  1. Kid says:

    And as far as the ME – what bocopro said the other day. We don’t understand islam or the ME. Wahabbis vs shi-ites vs sunni’s have been blowing each other up for 1500 years and will continue to do so for another million years. If we were nice, we’d nuke every single one of them and burn every single koran. Imagine the future suffering by women mainly and others simply becuase they were born to some moslem vermin.


  2. geeez2014 says:

    Imp…if I ‘agree’ it’s always the last comment 🙂 Though I’m in agreement with all!

    Kid, there’s an excellent book on N Korea, a novel called THE ORPHAN MASTER’S SON, and it’s set in truth about what North Korea does to innocent people just for’s HIDEOUS. It’s beyond incredible…lobotomies, etc. NIGHTMARISH…yes, they’d be better to be in the blast area, poor things.

    the whole world seems like it’s in a mess and I feel SO GOOD that our army dropped that bomb and is sending SUCH a message!


  3. Kid says:

    Z, Even moreso that the impression is that the rules of engagement have changed such that the military no longer has to check with madeline notsobright before they take care of some business.

    The ROE has been stifling.

    Like lbj managing the Vietnam war. Those who were there will tell you we won, then the democrats renigged on the hardware support they promised S Vietnam so it was painted as a loss. I hate them so much but still not as much as the media.

    I was on today and saw an article where Lavrov and Tillerson had just sat down at a table and were about to make a press release and Andrea Mitchell started shouting questions. Lavrov asked her where she was taught her manners. I couldn’t resist. I tweeted this to her:

    Replying to @mitchellreports @McFaul @MSNBC
    Another self important media person who thinks too highly of herself

    They So think they are above everyone else. What scum they are.

    Here is the article –


  4. geeez2014 says:

    Hi, Kid…I had heard what Lavrov said but didn’t know it was to Andrea Mitchell….Now I’m really thrilled. Your Tweet to her is perfect. Had she others that you saw?

    Yes, I have heard exactly what you say …soldiers who were there said we HAD WON..UNTIL….. and that which was painted as a loss made our own country look bad and caused our idiot hippies at the time to start slamming America…….that ‘loss’ started horrible things in America. I really believe Nam was pivotal in the anti-American hate within our country even today; it got the ball rolling……….

    I can’t even tell you how happy I am that our rules of engagement have been LEFT TO THE MILITARY…finally!
    I’d be happier but my Chinese student is leaving tomorrow and he just cried in my arms….and asked “can I hug you?” I’m going to miss him SOOO much 😦 I’m going to cry!


  5. Kid says:

    Z, Incredible. Not sure what you ask, but I have not gotten a response and don’t expect one.

    Was your roomie crying becuase he was leaving or because of the current political climate?

    New chapters often start off painfully don’t they….

    Absolutely agree on the hippies. In fact, many accounts say that the NVA was ready to give up but held on because of the American opposition. jane fonda et al. That seems to ring true to me.

    I was never a hippie.


  6. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, crying that he’s leaving. He’s not political!

    I asked if Mitchell had other tweets from people …like yours!?


  7. Kid says:

    Don’t know if mitchell had other tweets. I’d put a grand on it that she did though. Lots of conservatives read because they report a lot of stuff the clickbait MSM doesn’t, and could you imagine American media reporting THIS mitchell thing?


  8. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, I did hear it mentioned but I swear that either I missed it, or they didn’t report WHO Lavrov said that to. Typical, right?


  9. I’d offer re: Vietnam, etc…that no conflict is winnable without a legitimate and responsive host government. The South Vietnamese regime was incredibly corrupt and malignant…so much so, that while the battlefield had stabilized somewhat…..our departure left a vacuum of responsible governance. Same with Iraq. Same will be with Afghanistan. We keep backing “allies” who is reality are no better than the adversaries.

    ……and could you imagine American media reporting THIS mitchell thing?

    But they did, no?


  10. Kid says:

    I see the mitchell thing reported by nypost and fox as the only MSM outlets. I read it on It is on some of the non-MSM like dailycaller, etc.


  11. geeez2014 says:

    CI…as I said, what news I saw that covered this did not say who the reporter he scolded was. This was quite a story, no it wasn’t covered as it could have been. Andrea’s their hero.

    There’s a lot of discussion about our having never gone over there…..I suppose we must wonder if their build-up of islamist radicals would have been quicker.
    We’re told Afghanistan has plenty of soldiers fighting with us, etc.; will that help the kind of situation you describe?
    Nobody can honestly believe they hit US on 9/11 because they’re mad at us…I think we all realize today that this muslim attempt to move into Western countries was planned a long time back. Was this planning slowed by our interference in those countries?
    Was this all planned by One World Order people who wanted to see us weakened in our attempts, financially and reputation-wise?

    Kid, sure the cons. have it; Post and FOX… I just Googled the line with NYTimes and nothing….
    Of course, the Daily Mail had it…..I’m depending on England for my news now. Sad.


  12. Kid says:

    I thought I heard shortly after 2001 that this was bin ladens plan. Get us into the ME and bust it wide open. And I’ll continue to say I think obama worked at having this worldwide moslem infestation ramp up the way it has too.


  13. Z – Kid touches on the strategic aspect of the original AQ goal. The wide-eyed dreamers of the ‘caliphate’ don’t necessarily want to take over western nations, at least as a primary and near term goal….what they wanted is generally what they’ve gotten…..and that is to entangle us in middle eastern regime change and nation building, in select locations, to utterly sap our will and resources to oppose them in establishing their ‘caliphate’ writ large. Now, ISIS came along and essentially accelerated the timeline….which was stunningly counter-productive to the original vision.

    The Afghan military [much like the Iraqi] is rife with corruption and desertion, excepting their Special Operations units, and as such…in Afghanistan, the offensive capability and the scope of Afghan governance, has fallen precipitously. Afghanistan is a loss. We need to accept that and husband our resources in order to facilitate responsive and wide ranging strikes against terrorist cells worldwide.


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