Mustang’s Crazies:

The Crazies

by Mustang

When flake Tony Blair became Prime Minister, he brought with him to Downing Street Dr. Sir David King, another of Blair’s ilk) to advise him in matters of science.  King was convinced that emissions from gasoline powered vehicles would soon bring the world to an end.  Accordingly, King urged Blair to accept the notion that diesel powered engines would save the United Kingdom and the world from toxic pollutants.  He must never have seen an American city bus mere seconds following acceleration, but in any case, the government began to urge citizens to purchase diesel powered automobiles.

Fast forward to the present, British citizens who purchased diesel powered automobiles now find themselves being charged £24 ($31.00) per day to operate their smog-belching vehicles inside the City of London.  Even better, thirty-five additional cities in the United Kingdom have decided to impose similar penalties.

The British people are not pleased—but this is what happens when citizens blindly trust anything the government tells them.  Tony Blair finally went away, but his government was replaced with equally idiotic members of parliament determined to maintain Blair’s legacy.

According to British writer Christopher Booker, environmental crazies and half-baked politicians have created every disaster —from diesel fumes to ruinous floods—suffered by the British people.  These people are costing the British billions of pounds; it is a folly of epic proportions.  Mr. Booker has written extensively on the role of bureaucratic regulation in British life and the European Union.  His works have included Mad Officials: How the Bureaucracies are Strangling Britain, Castle of Lies, The Great Deception, A Critical History of the European Union, and Scared to Death: a study of the part played by the scare phenomenon in Western society.  Booker’s criticism and warnings are equal to those offered by American writer Michael Crichton in State of Fear, arguing that the science behind global warming is incomplete and speculative.  Both writers ask the question: should we waste limited national resources on junk science?

Mr. Booker recently reminded his readers that nine years ago, leftists in parliament voted almost unanimously to force the United Kingdom to reduce carbon emissions by eighty percent in forty years.  Not one of those “crazies” considered how such absurd programs could be met —which today has Her Majesty’s government adopting one bizarre green scheme after another.  As but one example, Parliament has demanded that the British taxpayer fund $40 billion to create six large tidal lagoons around Britain’s seacoasts.

Now add to this waste more than £13 billion paid out in foreign aid at a time when British citizens are denied access to medical treatment under the National Health —a near genius level cost-cutting measure.  British citizens cannot access health care, but the British government imagines that it can afford wasting money on “suitable training for tribal chieftains” in such fourth-world cesspools as Cameroon.  It makes the term “NHS Trust” laughable —and makes me wonder how anyone with an ounce of brains can admit to having faith in government —theirs, or ours.

Our past election seems to suggest that the American people are fed up with corrupt government … which I define as any government that knowingly and willfully ignores the will of the people.  The French may get their opportunity in the upcoming months, but I doubt if the British will ever reconcile themselves to tossing the bastards out.  With a waffling chief executive and the likes of Paul Ryan in the House of Representatives, I’m not gloating.    *****  By Mustang, your old pal who’s traveling the world these days!

Thanks, Mustang…I was very happy to print your piece….although I’m not in total agreement with your last sentence!

I’m sure Mustang will be even more eager than I to hear your reactions, so let’em rip!


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18 Responses to Mustang’s Crazies:

  1. bunkerville says:

    It is a relief to learn that the acquired virus of ignorance is not limited to our shores. A small comfort on an otherwise gloomy outlook for a once magnificent kingdom that ruled the world. I agree with your remark regarding Ryan. His declaration that the money for the border wall with Mexico will not be included in the forthcoming budget says it all.


  2. jerrydablade says:

    Excellent thought piece, Mustang. Junk Science and Junk Government make a very destructive couple. Many Americans are fed up, and vote and vote… but sometimes it feels like trying to paddle a canoe up a raging river against the current.


  3. Mustang has returned? WOOT!


  4. Kid says:

    I believe what environmentalists say far less than what politicians say, so you can imagine.

    I believe the global warming scam is meant as a stealth tax and a gigantic push to globalism. The former head of the UN’s IPCC stated that the [scam] was meant to destroy capitalism. Misery loves company. Take the EU.

    Man if you google problems with NHS… I recently read a story where junior doctors (can still be junior with 14 years experience) had to take a pay cut and quoted one as saying she would no longer be able to afford an apartment in London. Imagine! – Then a goal to get into a non-emergency hospital bed in 18 weeks. And all these idiots want that here.

    Ryan still hasn’t impressed me as someone who hasn’t sold himself to the lobbyists.


  5. I used to believe in Paul Ryan, but I don’t anymore. His stand against the border wall is the final straw for me.

    We should ask ourselves, “Exactly why is Paul Ryan in opposition to that border wall?”

    There must be some kind of money trail showing that open borders benefit Ryan and his buddies, IMO. Crony capitalism?


  6. You would think that we would have learned from the Revolution not to trust the British and their fantastic government. The bigger the government the sillier it is. We just got a government mandate from the Feds saying beginning on July 1st, 2017, all snacks given out to students by teachers must meet Gov standards for healthy snacks. Can’t have anymore cupcakes for children’s birthdays! It’s good we don’t have a drug problem in this country or anything else that’s important.


  7. geeez2014 says:

    Re Ryan, anybody think he and Trump are planning (hoping?) to get the money in other ways? Some have been discussed.

    bunkerville, more than this issue Mustang’s reminded us and better informed us on than most of us knew, I worry for England and it’s ridiculous acceptance of No-Go Zones, etc….Muslim mayor of LONDON? they’re done.

    Jerry…it certainly does feel like swimming upstream against salmon.

    AOW…yes, he has, in a way 🙂 I hope he returns.

    Kid, the guy I heard on the radio the other night who discussed the One World Order, stressed that this climate change thing was a big part of it…you said “I believe the global warming scam is meant as a stealth tax and a gigantic push to globalism.” Yup

    L&O….so true about the healthy snacks. I think I’ve actually SAID to friends “imagine when kids can’t have cupcakes? The world’s over.” Remember how Michelle Obama talked about healthy cafeteria food and all administrations found were trash cans FULL of broccoli and carrot sticks kids dumped? So STUPID.
    Odd…I flew up north and back the other day and they SERVED PEANUTS! I’d been told, and seen in the past, NO peanuts allowed. The snotty fliight attendant, when I said “Oh, you’re serving peanuts, I’d thought they’d had to stop that for allergies” said condescendingly “Ma’am the allergy isn’t airborn”. But, of course, I have friends who know kids who can’t be within feet of peanuts or they can inhale and die.


  8. geeez2014 says:



  9. Mustang says:

    @ LOT … seems to me that the only respite for the British (given their tendency to do as they are told), now as before, is to migrate to another continent. Several years ago I met a Englishman in Florida who migrated to the US because his country is being taken over by Moslems and government regulations hold non-native British to a much-lower standard than whites. In order to secure his visa, he had to post a $750,000 bond even though he had a 25 year track record as a successful businessman. Meanwhile, those with no western cultural identity whatsoever can come to our shores unimpeded. It is impossible for me to understand this. I have seen no evidence that Rex Tillerson is making much-needed changes in the Department of State.


  10. geeez2014 says:

    Mustang, I think the team needs more than 3 months to make all the changes they might want to make. I’m for what you describe; our relatives had to prove someone would support them if they didn’t find jobs. Not these days, at least not if you’re illegal, then you can do anything you want because, after all, it’s only KIND to do that for them, right?
    SO much KINDNESS to everyone but our own citizens.

    I know a Mexican young woman who has 3 children and whose husband started drinking and using drugs… he could afford those drugs on her house-cleaning and his job’s pay is beyond me. SO, the gov’t took him into a rehab place for 3 months. He paid ZIP. We paid it ALL. He’s out now and using again, on a lesser level, but how long will that last?
    If my neighbor’s grown son had drinking and using problems, he’d be screwed….they’d have to pay or he would. Not the government…not for those BORN HERE.

    Good point about the Brits; imagine ever wanting to leave England….”there will always be an England”? Maybe, but it’ll be a MUSLIM ENGLAND. horrifying…and the people simple do NOT see it. (Thanks, media)


  11. geeez2014 says:

    Gosh, the Left just HATES it when the bad guys die and patriotism is show, don’t they?


  12. Mal says:

    Judging from history, it looks like we go through this Christian to Muslim, back to Christian thing every thousand years or so. If we are becoming a Muslim world again, we may have to wait till 3,000 AD before we get it back via The Crusades ll.
    Like Gump said, “stupid is as stupid does”.


  13. Baysider says:

    Excellent post and SO wonderful to see Mustang again! I wondered when we went through our own dance with diesel in the 70’s why anyone would want to have a smoke belcher like many were then.

    And what jerry said.


  14. At one time, diesel fuel was lower in cost than gasoline.
    Diesel engines tend to last longer.
    Emission regs treated diesel easier due to being primarily used in trucks.
    Diesels can burn uaed fryer fat making the fuel almost free until laws were passed to forbid the use since road taxes were not being paid.
    None of this applies anymore, of course since the price of gasoline has dropped so much.


  15. Baysider says:

    Ed, you mean you CAN’T run diesels on used cooking oil any more?


  16. I guess I was running on old news.

    I remember that government was opposed to fat fuel because road taxes were being avoided.


  17. Mal says:

    Ed, my grandson drives a Dodge Diesel and he and a buddy made their own fuel once by getting used cooking oil from McDonalds, then found it was easier to just tank up a local station!


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