Media: more dangerous than nasty?

We all know the mainstream media hates Republicans, hates Conservatism, etc.  But, lately, it’s occurred to me that, more than nasty, it’s dangerous.

I have heard rhetoric out of Russia, N Korea, China, and some European countries which seems to play on the Leftwing media’s rhetoric.  It’s almost like the ‘meme’ thing we notice when all leftwing channels literally use the same word suddenly and within a couple of days, like “chaos,” “delusional,”  “liar,”…you know the words that suddenly pop up like everyone got a memo and everyone then jumps on using the word, then stops when a new word is given them?

The Left is so ugly (watch CNN for 3 minutes any time of day or night…if Hurricane Katrina was happening, they’d still have a panel of five liberals finding ways to insult Trump, believe me) that I’m afraid it’s telling the world TRUMP IS HIDEOUS…and I’m thinking that’s dangerous.

Sure, we slammed Obama….FOX did it, usually more subtly than MSNBC or CNN toward Trump, but FOX did do it.  It’s any news station’s job to be critical.  Editorial shows have a right to go a little farther than simple constructive criticism.  Still, the level of insults now is waaaay over the top.   CNN’s Dana Bash’s favorite is “Trump’s tweet, another lie…”  or “Trump, who said (this), which is clearly  untrue..”  ….Fine, she hates him and wants to run him down 24/7, but what’s that tell the world?  And, yes, make no mistake about it, CNN is on around the world.  And, by the way, having watched CNN International for years while living in Europe, I can tell you that’s more liberal even than our CNN, though I think since this election, it’s probably neck and neck now.

Do I think CNN needs to stop criticism of any president?  No.   But this level, this inability to bring themselves to have a Conservative on at least half the time for some balance (they do have a couple of stalwarts, like Jeffrey Lord and Kayleigh McEnany, who should get combat pay) is stupid and shows a lack of curiosity and intellectual honesty that’s very sad in our country today.  I’m not sure I’ve seen more than 2 panels a day on FOX that didn’t have really sharp Liberals on it.  Those  on CNN are mediocre…they’d never invite Ann Coulter or Heather MacDonald or Charles Krauthammer on their show!!!!

Can something be done short of censorship that would encourage the liberal channels to go back to the normal criticism?  I mean, they’re all OVER Trump for cozying up to Russia, but then all they do is insult Trump, which plays right into Russia’s hands!

For those countries which hate us the most, it’s  ‘America hates him, why should WE have to put up with him?’….or not?  What do you think?

Loved this one!!!  You can’t make it up…


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52 Responses to Media: more dangerous than nasty?

  1. I think it’s fair to say that CNN has been overly critical of Trump. Ratings are the name of the game, and when you have a pathological liar in the White House, it’s far too easy to shift from reporting the news, and the facts….to the red meat editorializing and characterizing them.

    Now, Trump gets no added sympathy from me, due to said lying, as well as his campaign of incitement against select news outlets…his characterization of them, his pursuit of faux ‘victim status’…..and his absurd, repeated calls for loosening libel standards.

    The American news media has become nothing more than infotainment….to the point that I’m not really sure complaining about it is anything more than an academic exercise in perceptions, bias and bias confirmation.


  2. Mustang says:

    The US doesn’t have any news organizations. It is no more than political propaganda.


  3. Z, there’s nothing that can be done to force the news media to change their biased reporting. They are almost all left wing. We’ve known this for our entire lives. Remember this old “meme?”

    “Politics ends at the water’s edge.”

    Our country is filled with foreigners, millions & millions of them, who don’t believe in our way of life, They want to install the very way of life they fled to come. It’s absurd & dangerous.

    U.S. Cogresswoman Maxine Waters spoke at an Islamic meeting in 2012 & spent several minutes standing up for & defending, of all things, Sharia law. And vilifying American citizens (Republicans) who are enacting legislation in their states to specifically outlaw Sharia law & impose strict penalties on those Muslims who impose it in their states. Sharia law cannot be in the USA, it’s anathema to everything we stand for.

    Where was the media coverage on that outrageous speech she gave? Oh… yeah right, Maxine Waters is a Democrat, they’re not going to show the truth about her. The video of that speech has been circulating on Facebook recently because she’s been spewing such vile venom at the President. Can you believe she’s been reelected 3 times since giving that speech?

    Can you imagine the coverage if President Trump had said any of what she said?


  4. Kid says:

    The media is all clickbait. Just like sports theme radio, it is meant to incite people, get them calling and writing in for the pupose of increasing their ratings/ad revenue. What better way to do that than have politic themed presentation.

    FW, I see for the first time we are finally prosecuting someone for performing FGM.


  5. John M. Berger says:


    “U.S. Cogresswoman Maxine Waters spoke at an Islamic meeting in 2012 & spent several minutes standing up for & defending, of all things, Sharia law”

    While I couldn’t stand to endure >12 minutes of Maxine Waters, I wish that we could just exile her to a “Sharia Law” country where she would get stoned for opening her stupid mouth, once she found out what it is really like!

    Yes the MSM is dangerous but no more so than those who watch it and take it seriously.


  6. geeez2014 says:

    Hoping to get responses from you about how this extraordinarily hateful and critical media is helping leaders around the world, how our news is feeding enemies with rhetoric which plays to the people of THOSE countries AND feeds OUR American self-hatred when we hear it parroted “See! They feel that way, too!” . I’m not sure it’s wise to have ISIS see in what nasty disarray our country is in, arguments about what to bomb and when, etc… and I dare say that it wasn’t THIS bad no matter what rhetoric anti-Obama conservative venues said….

    We all remember Obama’s unrelenting and obvious hatred for FOX and its press corps…. those remarks made me cringe and, let’s face it, he really started the truly nasty rhetoric. (although I have to admit I was in tears once on an afternoon in Paris watching, LIVE, the LABOR convention speeches in Britain…when Bill Clinton was slamming Bush so badly…even Tony Blair, sitting behind Clinton the stage, was pale with surprise, not smiling at the ugly ‘jokes,’ as surprised as I was…and I was SO embarrassed for America that a past president would be that insulting in Europe. Nothing about that on American news, I searched everywhere on the internet…I was so horrified, it hurt a sensibility inside me more than I’d have thought….I’m not naive but I hadn’t heard a past president that insulting to a sitting pres. before…and it stunned me.)

    OBVIOUSLY, news is there to tell the news…but it doesn’t do only that anymore, it doesn’t even really DO that anymore; News today is pretty much given to support a point of view and that’s how the news producers and news readers present it.
    How I wish we could just GET NEWS. Hear just the facts about what HAPPENED, not the truly AWFUL insults we hear today. Not OPINIONS unless it’s an opinion show, then we have our right to watch them or not.

    JMB and FW, I believe Walters should be stripped of her position for supporting Sharia Law. No question about it. That’s not American…she’s promised to defend US…not THEM.

    Kid, yes, FGM is being done here and we’re FINALLY figuring that out and trying to prosecute…let’s see what CAIR does…

    CI, I hope you were as critical of Obama and his insults to FOX.

    And YES< ABSOLUTELY…AS I HAVE SAID COUNTLESS TIMES HERE, TRUMP ABSOLUTELY BRINGS A LOT OF THIS ON HIMSELF. He would have avoided quite a bit of this criticism, the ugly nature of it (maybe not the subjects, but the utter disdain for him) had he gone easier on the insults of the news, no matter how much they deserve it. It's unpresidential and provocative ….he doesn't seem to realize what he can or cannot do, that dignity is important.


  7. geeez2014 says:

    What we all must remember is that we have news people who believe we will defeat ISIS ‘with love and jobs’…


  8. Mal says:

    I don’t believe you are giving enough credit to the intelligence of people from other countries. Sure, they have gullible ones like we do, but I want to believe there is enough evidence from the good Trump is doing. After all, they really need us and our former leader really abandoned them so I believe there is optimism from our allies. At least I would HOPE so!


  9. Z – Even though they didn’t rise to the same level as Trump’s [in number or scope]. I thought Obama’s jabs against Fox were petty and unprofessional.


  10. geeez2014 says:

    Mal, our ‘allies’ like that we’re fighting their wars, protecting them, etc., but what we Americans don’t know is there is VERY little conservatives news, and no talk radio, etc., in Europe. At least there wasn’t 15 years ago and I haven’t heard anything change. Nope….and I’ve read German and French articles that are printed IN those languages but only pretty much translated from our leftwing better-known journalists…You don’t see Thomas Sowell translated, etc. Never.
    I’m not saying there aren’t conservative journalists in Europe but they’re even rarer than here.

    They do NOT like powerful Americans throwing bombs around…they despised Bush, believe me…it was hard to live there listening to their complaints….and Trump is looked upon as a TOTAL NUT, a rich ugly American with no experience.
    Sure, our former leader abandoned Israel, but Israel’s mostly pro America anyway….even in spite of Obama’s hate.

    The Eastern European countries…Poland, Estonia, Lithuania, those countries are hanging tough against illegal refugees so they MAY admire what Trump’s been doing but other countries? NO WAY. I hear from good German friends that he’s thought to be an idiot there by most people..


  11. geeez2014 says:

    CI, Obama didn’t have nearly the provocation to get as nasty as Trump’s been, which I’ve said I don’t admire AT ALL.


  12. geeez2014 says:

    Obama is far worse because he finally crossed a red line…but a bad one…..something most president’s didn’t do, insulting only certain venues…he unleashed something so bad that we’ll probably never get back to decency between the media and a sitting president…not until a president can show enough dignity and class to SHUT UP…just take it, and SHUT UP…..which I BELIEVE speaks far louder than ANY of Trump’s anti-media tweets.


  13. geeez2014 says:

    Funny, since early this morning, Yahoo News has the headline of STUDY SAYS AMERICAN FAMILIES ARE SURPRISINGLY OPEN TO POT…

    It’s still up, which never happens for more than 10 minutes…I guess this, is something Yahoo finds more important than most other news stories… 🙂

    I love what our enemies must think “Only a little longer, and we’ll have their kids loaded, glassy eyed and stupid”

    They’re close.


  14. Kid says:

    I love what our enemies must think “Only a little longer, and we’ll have their kids loaded, glassy eyed and stupid”

    Too late.


  15. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, I know too many kids who wouldn’t touch the stuff. Thankfully.

    But when we’ve got a university like Notre Dame whose kids are saying today that “We can’t have PENCE speak at our graduation….we wouldn’t feel SAFE!” you know marijuana isn’t the problem; leftwing idiot profs ARE. (by the way, American presidents always speak at Notre Dame but they didn’t dare ask Trump…so they got Pence and now people are feeling scared….MY GOD, Pence is the one who should feel fearful of those poor little snowflakes)

    Spoke to a Prof of Mid Eastern Studies/Theology from UCLA last night at our Easter dinner with family….he and I spoke of the leftwing bias and he is a centrist who leans definitely RIGHT…but said he doesn’t see what I described…that the profs HE knows want all sides presented…He said that, time and time again, we hear of liberal university uprisings against Conservatives and that it’s not the whole college but it’s always a small group of nutty leftwing advocates….not even nearly the whole school.

    Considering how college kids VOTE, I’d say he’s living in an insulated pocket of college life/info…but it WAS nice to hear.


  16. geeez2014 says:–politics.html

    At first, I thought WHY WOULD TILLERSON TELL THE WORLD HE’S TALKING TO CHINA ABOUT NO.KOREA? Then I thought..”NOT a bad idea as far as letting No Korea hear about this”..


  17. Kid says:

    Z. I was speaking more to the glassy eyed and stupid than the loaded. I’ll bet there is no ne under 40 who doen’t just blindly accept man made global warming.

    I would add that they’re mutilating their bodies at ever increasing percentages as well. I saw some ‘people’ this weekend. Oofta as they say in N Dakota…
    Even nice looking kids with lots of exposed tattoos. The other stuff you can grow out of.


  18. Obama is far worse…..something most president’s didn’t do, insulting only certain venues….

    Doing something the first time is far worse than doing the same thing repeatedly? I’m not trying to be argumentative, but perceptions of media bias fascinates me. If my Masters were not in a completely different field, I’d have to find a way to do my thesis on the topic [not that it’s not well trod ground].


  19. John M. Berger says:

    Germany: “Trump is looked upon as a TOTAL NUT”

    WOW and they have Angela Merkel! I’m going to change my last name.


  20. geeez2014 says:

    CI…Oh, yes, indeed!! No doubt about it…Doing something for the first time opens the gates to continue and to facilitate it for others……Not a big jump for Obama to do it once Clinton did it. Bush never did that I remember or ever heard of…neither Bush, so it slowed that down from the WH, at least, but perhaps the contrast of Bush’s dignity v Obama’s words made Obama’s terrible insults to FOX News and anything else conservative he felt like jumping on seem even more undignified. The guffaw he used about “Fox NEWS” was hard to take, particularly when it’s FOX which has FAR more liberals on their panels than liberal channels would dream of, and far smarter ones. CNN and MSNBC have quite weak Republicans on and wouldn’t dare have Coulter or Sowell or Krauthammer! Even MSNBC sometimes has more articulate Cons than CNN will allow itself.

    Your perception of our media feelings seems to be ‘everybody does it exactly the same and Republicans think it’s far worse for them’ I think your research on the subject for a thesis would show you quite differently. I with you could do it. Honestly, CI, you’ll deny you think this way, but I often wonder that you seem to actually think the bias is pretty equal on both sides….

    or don’t you mean that in most of your comments on media bias?.

    JMB…very true. And don’t believe our media; MANY Germans today, in polls there, say they WOULD vote Merkel again. Heck, there are Germans on record, some politicians who are saying “We’ve been a strong country long enough, we’re nothing special, let the refugees move in and let’s see the beautiful changes we might have in Germany.”
    John, I’d change MY name if I WERE YOU! MY married last name is quite German, too…!!!

    Kid…great points…I often wonder when those tattooed wonders are grown and thinking “WHAT DID I DO TO MYSELF? ” I’m not a big hater of tattoos, even contemplated some private little butterfly somewhere or something, for years (never did it) , but the WHOLE ARMS, the WHOLE CHEST….ugh. I know you disagree because we’ve emailed about this, but when I see chefs on FOOD CHANNEL cooking with their bodies covered in tats, I revile like their arms loook DIRTY, knowing full well tats are NOT DIRTY…I can’t help it….!


  21. Z – I’ve been a close follower of perception bias in the media ever since I got my Fox Fan coffee mug in the mail in the late 90’s. My continuing interest has formed my analysis [ranging from MM to MRC]… it’s doubtful that any paper I’d write would yield game changing revelations.

    I’d rather you didn’t try to tell me what I’d deny or not…I’m pretty sure I don’t pull that with you. Likewise, I don’t believe that I’ve ever alleged blanket parity. What fascinates me is the verified number and scope of incitements [edging on violence no less] from one reviled POTUS…to the current admired POTUS. Whatever biases I may have….I’m not a strident partisan in the Democrat v. Republican charade, unlike yourself and others here. But like other instances that I’ve brought up and you have confirmed……when the next Democrat POTUS incites crowds against right wing media…..what can your morally justified reaction possibly be? Still blame Obama?? I’ll not puff my chest and proclaim utter objectivity….but why would your biases be any more factually justified than mine?


  22. I’m a firm believer that folks with tats and piercings are going to have a distinct moment of regret, either earlier the they attempt to obtain a respectable job……or later when their physical frame does not lend itself well to the ‘artwork’. Being military, since 9/11, tattoos have gone from the occasional Airborne wings or Sailor ink……to full sleeves, backs and legs. I think a big part of this for many, is a way to cope and express what they’ve endured. It never appealed to me….but I know legions of friends and colleagues who have turned their bodies into canvases.


  23. Kid says:

    I don’t disagree about the chefs at all Z. I think the same of them. And they’re probably chefs becuase they can’t work in jobs exposed to the public – another reason to question these people’s mental capacity.

    I remember one guy had a tattoo of Guy Ferrir on the front of his thigh. Guy’s whole body. Imagine seeing that everytime you take a shower or imagine his partner whomever that might or not be.


  24. Kid says:

    CI, Just for fun let me say a couple things. I don’t believe there is any right wing media that is a major outlet. You haveDruge, theBlaze but that stuff isn’t poured out for people on the nightly “news”. On line, washingtontimes is about as right as I can find. As an aside, it is actualy noticable how pathetic the comments are that come in from the anti-right people there. I block them because otherwise it is just wading through crap.

    I will call myself partisan for sure because I believe all of the irreversible life sucking problems we find ourselves with today came from the democrats:
    -all the anti-black legislation
    -dept of Ed [aka: liberal propaganda]
    -welfare/WIC [modern day slavery]
    -importation of massive numbers of people who will add zero positive to America and will no dobt add much negative. (Both parties can claim this one, but it still leans democrat)
    Lots more but this is the stuff that knocks on our front doors every single day.
    The democrats morphed into one seriously evil contraption circa LBJ.


  25. Kid says:

    I don’t consider Fox right wing. Not from a ‘conservative’ standpoint. Too wishy-washy. At least the others stake a major claim to their liberal/progressive bias.

    I would conider Michael Savage right wing but he’s not on TV and not even on the radio here, but you can find him on the net. Again, not being pushed out to the masses so not in the conversation.


  26. Kid says:

    I would consider William F Buckley right wing, but he no longer is heard.


  27. I suffer much the same, excepting The Independents and Reason, there’s really no wide outlet that caters my political philosophies…….thus, I stick with BBC and AFP mostly.


  28. Kid says:

    Foreign news is by far much better. As you know I like RT. The commentors are out of their minds though, almost to being funny. Everything that happens they blame on the USA and the Jewish. They do seem to have their eye on the moslem situation though.
    As a footnote, I don’t see the republicans as being on the right generally speaking. Tea party but that that remains to be seen. It just occurs to me then with this thought, that the vast majority of media are going to play to the vast majority of America – dems who are far left, and republicans who are left leaning. We’re not a big enough audience to cater to. I think that calarifies the whole thing at least for me. Some of you guys may have had that figured out already.


  29. RT is interesting to watch, I agree. You’ve explained well how you see political partisanship and it’s portrayal in the media, thank you.


  30. Mal says:

    I understand, Z, that papers like Le Figaro in France are liberal, but they all still have the internet and TV news to see what is going on.

    OH! On another note. Remember about a week back we were discussing Medicare supplements and I said we don’t have one? I just got the Medicare Summary Notice for Joni. There are 3 pages of services listed including a CT Scan of her brain ($4,686) for which the total is $11,224 and Medicare approved that amount, but paid just $740.05. Our part? $188.80. See what I mean?


  31. geeez2014 says:

    Mal, TV news is almost all liberal in Europe…. Believe me, almost ALL European papers of any readership are liberal. I know this for sure. The best thing about the French and German news is they still actually GIVE NEWS, not all opinions like ours has become on the cables……and even some networks. Otherwise, there is very little balance to the leftwing news they get FROM US.

    That’s AMAZING re the Medicare….So you don’t pay for Medical Supplemental insurance but are only payint $188.80? Heck, that’s about what I pay for my supplemental 🙂 You may be on to something here, unless there’s a catastrophic price, God forbid, of hundreds of thousands, which can happen FAST in any hospital situation that’s life-threatening.

    CI…Of course I added that sentence about what you’d deny because you very nearly always do.
    Rubbish. Sadly, there’s good reason I have to throw that in quite often. I won’t say more than that.
    Allow me to remind you this president is largely NOT admired by this blog, not by ME, anyway, and I very often talk about that in varying forms…particularly his comments to the media and at events. My blog is probably more centrist than 90% of the bloggers in our corner of the blogosphere…I watch ALL news and read MOST venues. I’m not even as partisan as you enjoy saying I am….
    Please don’t lecture me on how I’ll feel when whatever president is in office and inciting…I could barely understand your paragraph up there regarding that subject so I can’t clearly respond … but I am fair …I found Obama’s comments and guffawing disgusting, I found Clinton’s comments in Europe horrifying and humiliating to America, and I find Trump repulsive in how he’s addressed the media and never hesitate to say so.

    And yes, I am a very proud partisan and don’t find that wrong at ALL….an extremely open minded partisan Republican.


  32. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, I’m sorry! I was sure you emailed me that the tats didn’t bother you while they cooked…glad to hear I misunderstood you 🙂


  33. geeez2014 says:

    I wish some of you would address my main point of the post…that I believe the media bias being so hateful toward the new president and our country, basically, is only feeding our enemies….


  34. I don’t think the state of American media has any tangible effect on the strategy of our adversaries. Indigenous adversarial media doesn’t have an effect on our actions.


  35. Kid says:

    media – democrat propaganda machine. Emotionally and financially invested in dems and liberal progressive. What else can someone ad?

    The only counter answer is to educate people more better 🙂 then the left media will fade into obscurity. Like Yuri Brezmanov tells us – we need at least 2 or 3 generations of critically minded patriotic Americans to begin to turn the tide. It all starts in K12.

    Without that, forget all the rest.


  36. Kid says:

    Agree with CI. Most foreign enemies have had us figured out for a long time. No doubt consider American media as their friends.


  37. Mal says:

    Z, those that accept Medicare are called “assigned providers” meaning they will accept whatever Medicare says is reasonable and pays 80%, leaving the remaining 20% to us. You can see what the huge difference is between the two. If you’re not on Medicare, you get screwed!


  38. 1) I don’t think the state of American media has any tangible effect on the strategy of our adversaries, either.
    2) I determined when I embarked on a previous career to never mark my body with any identifying and incriminating marks. I still hold that view.
    Besides, God made me so good looking, why would I think I could improve on that with more than a good suit and a hat?


  39. geeez2014 says:

    CI, No, not strategy, tho now that you mention it, I think it might a bit. For instance, while I know Kim Jung Un is crazy, it has to pump him up to see Leftwing media here SO nasty toward our own gov’t. I think the rhetoric I’ve heard from time to time, Europe and Asia literally throwing back at us what the leftwing media’s said, is pertinent….I’ve seen it a lot and find it corrosive to our standing and possible future decisions of other countries. I hope you’re right…

    Kid, that’s my point…enemies must consider our media their friends…

    Mal, I’m afraid I thought I was following your point and now I’m lost! I am well aware of the 80/20 split and thought you’re suggesting not buying supplemental insurance works for you…hasn’t cost that much out of your pocket.

    Ed, very funny!!

    EVERYBODY: STRATEGY wasn’t my point as much as the ‘mood’ of enemies…watching our media so utterly disdainful of Trump and his cabinet, etc. But I suppose some of you are right in suggesting strategy could come from what we see here…enemy countries MIGHT think America’s weak enough in hating its president that we’re more vulnerable and, therefore, strategies of others might be more bold…


  40. I would suppose that the mood of a country towards America might sway based on their perception of Trump in our (or their) media.
    But their intelligence services would know different.


  41. Kid says:

    Couple related thoughts.

    I’ve heard many times that N Vietnam would have surrendered had it not been for American resistence to the war. Millions of hippies and jane fonda types..

    Same deal with N Korea? Kim Jong did consider oblama bes Plesident in hole why whirl.

    Medical. The doctor who did my recent cateract surgery devotes every Thursday to taking care of people’s eyes who have absolutely no way to pay for the service. I’m going the MAL route. I am not going to spend all my money on medical insurance in a soon to be retirement. If I die because the medical industry gave me the middle finger salute – so be it. I will go out like a Cherokee, lost in my own thoughts on a moonless night in Canyon De Chelly without a doctor within a thousand miles. (Pronounced Canyon De Sha) Hopefully there will be some peyote on hand.


  42. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, you will get Medicare, right? But no supplement? You’re right, if anything catastrophic comes up, the middle finger salute will be used…..but not by YOU! 😦
    And yes, I didn’t think of that, but the Vietnam situation does reflect my point…thanks.

    Ed, not so sure most of their intel is that intelligent! 🙂


  43. Kid says:

    Z, yea, I’ll get medicare. I think insurance is for most a big ponzi scheme. I wish I could have all the money back I paid into various insurance – mainly auto (no accidents) and home (no claims)
    They are cleaning up. No wonder Buffet’s favorite businesses to buy are insurance comapnies.


  44. geeez2014 says:

    anybody read the Streisand quote at the bottom of my post? HA!!

    So, you won’t buy Supplemental, Kid?


  45. Kid says:

    No, I won’t and I thank MAL for the advice.

    Streisand? I’d rather (fill in the blank so I don’t make people puke)


  46. geeez2014 says:

    Yes, Mal’s advice is good unless you don’t feel like dying and owe the 20% which numbers in the hundreds of thousands! Still, I think he has an excellent point.

    Ya, on Streisand..Mr. Z used to love her singing…until her politics, then he couldn’t hear her name.


  47. Mal says:

    I’m not advising anybody what to do; only that it worked for both my parents as well as for us. My late mother had 17 major surgeries during her lifetime and died at age 84, while my father died at 94. Both were on Medicare with no supplements. Again, being on Medicare protects you from gouging by hospitals and doctors because they’ve agreed to Medicare’s fee schedule (assigned).


  48. Kid says:

    Noted MAL, but it sounds like a good idea for me. If I feel my knees starting to go out, maybe I’ll pick up a policy and bear it for a while.


  49. geeez2014 says:

    I’m SO confused on Mal and the Medicare situation..
    Mal, YOU DO HAVE MEDICARE, right? That costs so little and generally comes right out of your social security check.
    I thought it was only SUPPLEMENTAL that Mal’s NOT PAYING? that other 20% he pays out of pocket?


  50. Mal says:

    Your assumption is correct, Z. We both DO have Medicare, but that’s it. NO supplements. Like was pointed out above, the insurance companies are making a killing with them. Why do you think they keep bugging us, and even offer meals to come and here their spiel?


  51. Mal says:

    (that should be ‘HEAR”. not here! ;o(


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